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[07:37:48] <FatPhil> "However, some people took note of the fact that Biden was boarding an airplane that resembled the C-32, a modified Boeing 757, commonly used by the Vice President as Air Force Two, instead of the VC-25A, a modified Boeing 747. Some Trump supporters even went as far as claiming that the reason for this was because Donald Trump was still in control of the presidency so he was still in possesion of the
[07:37:54] <FatPhil> original Air Force One, forcing Biden to use a decoy airplane."
[07:38:45] <FatPhil> Why do I hear in my head sounds of springs going "boioioioing" whenever I read stories about trumpaloons?
[08:46:53] <chromas> that's the sound of diving off the deep end
[09:08:31] <FatPhil> into a rabbit hole?
[09:09:02] <chromas> boioioioiingo
[09:12:55] <FatPhil> Given that it's just a call sign, rather than an actual plane identifier, and it depends on what service he uses, Biden could be the first president to fly on "Space Force One".
[09:13:30] <FatPhil> Dear Americans - make sure that message gets to the Whitehouse somehow.
[09:17:19] <FatPhil> Has any president ever flown on Coast Guard One?