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[10:03:55] <FatPhil> Awww, I miss cranky, I'd love to see him lose his shit about what's presented here: https://michaeljlindell.com
[10:03:56] <systemd> ^ 03Absolute Proof
[10:07:29] <FatPhil> For reference - it's number salad that proves precisely nothing, and is even self-contradictory!
[10:08:10] <FatPhil> e.g. he claims that attacks that *weren't successful* somehow managed to significantly change trump's vote tally.
[10:10:12] <FatPhil> he (well, she, as he brings in a female "expert") seems to think that "firewall" and "credentials" are both methods of "intrusion".
[10:13:24] <FatPhil> He list the IP address of the attack, but doesn't mention which port/service was being attacked.
[10:46:13] <chromas> I ain't never need no ports or services mentioned on the CSI
[10:46:34] <chromas> But they sure can whip up a gooey interface in the visual basic to track the IP
[11:04:36] <FatPhil> But they didn't load the Enhance(tm) module, they'll regret that later