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[00:30:02] <tedious_> So there isn't any violence or anything happening today right?
[00:31:24] <requerdanos> doesn't seem to be.
[00:31:48] <tedious_> I hope it stays that way.
[00:32:06] <requerdanos> me too.
[00:46:02] <pinchy> https://i.4cdn.org
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[07:39:52] <chromas> https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net
[07:45:49] <chromas> https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net
[08:29:45] <c0lo> those are #shitlords material, chromas
[08:33:03] <chromas> nah
[08:33:11] <chromas> presidential memes go here ;)
[08:38:50] <c0lo> Move'em to #politics, the election's oaver.
[08:39:26] <janrinok> .... if only I could believe that to be true
[08:39:42] <c0lo> this one is a "be civil" #
[08:40:41] <chromas> lol hahahaha
[08:41:27] <c0lo> adrenaln level will go down shortly on US_election. There'll be more excitement and cursing on #Brexit
[08:42:29] <janrinok> just like the election, Brexit is over. The UK left the EU over a year ago.
[08:42:31] <c0lo> chromas, this is how it's topic-ed
[08:42:56] <c0lo> yes, but the fish is still rotting.
[08:43:18] <c0lo> s/yes/yes janrinok/
[08:43:19] <cron> <c0lo> yes janrinok, but the fish is still rotting.
[08:43:21] <janrinok> and Trump still hasn't accepted defeat, so your point is?
[08:44:31] <c0lo> Trump is irelevant nowadays. Conceding was and act of courtesy, not required by any legal stuff.
[08:45:09] <c0lo> The stinking fish and loss income is still on Downing street.
[08:45:17] <janrinok> Brexit is over, what is now required are trade agreements
[08:46:53] <c0lo> New trade agreements you say. That's like the lame duck period between Trump losing election and biden taking over. 'Twas an intersting period
[08:47:32] <c0lo> Betcha UK interregnum will be equally intersting.
[08:50:37] <janrinok> The UK wasn't able to do much on the trade agreements front because of 2 major reasons. The EU rules in force during the transition period and the minor problem of a global pandemic. I find it interesting that people asked why so much time was being spent discussing fishing rights for a business that accounts for such a small amount of the UK income, yet now seem to suggest that it is the biggest calamity since WW2.
[08:50:48] <c0lo> A bit of fine spatting for an aperitif https://apnews.com
[08:52:14] <janrinok> Yeah, I saw than on the news yesterday. TM doesn't like BJ - nothing new there. And BJ wasn't actually mentioned by name. She complained about world leaders in general, which was equally directed to Trump, Putin, and Macron.
[08:53:02] <janrinok> gtg
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[08:54:25] <c0lo> Well, the main course will be prolly late in NI, some blame Brexit https://www.bbc.com
[08:54:26] <systemd> ^ 03Food supply problems in NI clearly a Brexit issue - Coveney
[08:57:15] <c0lo> No more cheap labour East European hands, wean those brits off the Uni degrees, somebody will need to take dirty jobs https://www.bbc.com
[08:57:16] <systemd> ^ 03Universities degree 'not the only route to success'
[08:58:58] <c0lo> You sure chromas you don't want a special channel to mock those Poms?
[08:59:40] <chromas> that's what #soylent is for :)
[09:02:02] <c0lo> Yea, naaaah... that's too centered on zumi+ari vs runaway+tmb topics, the Poms need their own space to savour mocking.
[09:03:30] <chromas> perhaps we just need a channel for them
[09:03:42] <chromas> #QuarantineLoveTriangles
[09:14:35] <c0lo> Can we join them automatically to that channel?
[09:27:54] <FatPhil> Can I be the captain of the mocking team?
[09:28:40] <FatPhil> I'm an insider, a defector, I reckon I know what their weak spots are
[09:28:51] * c0lo takes a gracious bow for FatPhil
[09:30:32] <c0lo> What #yard shall we use to corner them?
[09:34:09] <c0lo> janrinok, lengthy trade negotiations over trifles like fishing rights is somet... umm, much ado about nothing. Rotting fish is a public health concern, right?
[09:38:56] <c0lo> Because people on living wages buy more marmite and marmalade ... https://www.bbc.com
[09:38:58] <systemd> ^ 03Marmite maker Unilever to insist suppliers pay 'living wage'
[09:40:07] <FatPhil> So unilever supports UBI?
[09:40:19] <FatPhil> Because under UBI, all wages are living wages.
[09:42:20] <c0lo> gonna move my wares on #soylent
[09:43:24] <FatPhil> #soylent's just join/part noise!
[09:43:50] <janrinok> FatPhil, you seem to forget that I am also a 'defector' - I am quite happily living in France :)
[09:44:33] <chromas> c0lo: not #yard but #metre
[09:44:58] <c0lo> #court but not #court-of-law
[09:45:01] <janrinok> mock away, I don't think that the UK is covering itself in glory, but I do understand why they wanted to not be controlled by a federation that they never joined. When the UK joined it was a trading partnership
[09:46:09] <janrinok> Funny thing, there are even French people complaining about how Brussels has too much influence on French matters.
[09:46:26] <c0lo> And DeGaulle didn't want them there, but they insistently begged for years.
[09:46:44] <c0lo> s/them/brits/
[09:46:44] <cron> <c0lo> And DeGaulle didn't want brits there, but they insistently begged for years.
[09:47:02] <janrinok> because of the trading partnership. The EU goalposts have moved quite a bit since then.
[09:48:24] <janrinok> And another thing I have noticed is that there is a shortage of some fish in the local fishmongers - because it used to be supplied by the UK. Much grumpiness about that.
[09:49:09] <c0lo> Interesting, ain't it?
[09:49:38] <c0lo> I bet it'll keep for longer than the US lame duck season.
[09:49:52] <janrinok> When France closed the borders around Christmas time, why didn't they do the same to Germany and the Netherlands who also had pockets of the same strain of CV. This was as much a political statement by Macron as it was a result of Brexit.
[09:50:39] <janrinok> and now that strain of CV is spreading over France from the East. Well, that plan didn't work too well did it?
[09:51:01] <chromas> it's US lame wabbit season now
[09:51:47] <c0lo> Because zee germans didn't play the national pride anthem the Poms did, so France+Germany were in it together. Plausible, innit?
[09:52:34] <c0lo> Pretty much the same nature of treatment as the one they served Trump.
[09:53:38] <c0lo> "now that strain of CV is spreading over France from the East" - et alors?
[09:54:19] <c0lo> You wanna say it would have been better to import it in bulk from UK?
[09:55:06] <c0lo> s/from UK/and earlier from UK/
[09:55:06] <cron> <c0lo> You wanna say it would have been better to import it in bulk and earlier from UK?
[09:55:13] <janrinok> No, but the excuse given by the French doesn't hold up to close scrutiny - and the French press have realised too
[09:56:37] <janrinok> The Schengen agreement doesn't help control pandemics.
[09:56:51] <c0lo> janrinok, you should be senior enough not to await fairness in this life. Especially when you gave former partners extra headaches and cold shoulders.
[09:58:09] <janrinok> I'm not taking sides nor am I surprised. I am saying I can understand both points of view and, depending on what you want out of life, both are equally valid but not mutually compatible.
[09:59:03] <janrinok> The importing of fish will be resolved because it is in the interests of both the UK and the French to get it resolved. All we have to do is wait for the posturing to die down.
[10:00:18] <janrinok> Would you let China dictate how you must behave?
[10:01:38] <chromas> All Hunny redirects to China
[10:02:11] <c0lo> (sorry, in a zoom meeting. With Ireland)
[10:14:27] <c0lo> "All we have to do is wait for the posturing to die down." but of course, janrinok, it won't last forever. Just like awaiting for Trump antics to run out of time.
[10:15:09] <c0lo> "Would you let China dictate how you must behave?" we already did for a while. Until they stretched it too much.
[10:16:03] <FatPhil> "< janrinok> Funny thing, there are even French people complaining about how Brussels has too much influence on French matters." - have you forgotten “Belgium is a country invented by the British to annoy the French.”
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[17:11:24] <pinchy> shut it down
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[23:10:20] <FatPhil> .op
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