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[00:21:12] <chromas> https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net
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[04:12:40] <omgwtf> hey guys i have a question
[04:12:48] <omgwtf> https://www.bitchute.com
[04:12:49] <systemd> ^ 03National Guard to assist in ‘Peaceful TRANSITION to MILITARY POWER’
[04:13:28] <omgwtf> when you listen to him does it sound like "transition to" or "transition of"?
[04:13:52] <omgwtf> he's not the best speaker ever
[04:15:57] <omgwtf> these useful idiot commies have been calling trump hitler for 4 years
[04:16:41] <omgwtf> if he goes full military coup and proves them right i'm never going to hear the end of it
[05:06:32] <omgwtf> looks like nothing is happening tonight and this chat is dead
[05:06:40] <omgwtf> oh well have a good night
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[06:59:04] <pinchy> hah all those guards to swear in a president
[07:30:34] <FatPhil> More importantly, what do "Algore Spiked Beer" and "2020 passing out" mean? https://cms.zerohedge.com
[08:35:07] <chromas> from the £MeToo dept
[08:37:38] <c0lo> =submit https://apnews.com
[08:37:40] <systemd> Submitting "Woman accused of theft from Pelosi's office during riot"...
[08:38:02] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Woman Accused of Theft From Pelosi's Office During Riot" (7p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[08:38:18] <c0lo> (no explanation for the "Algore spiked beer" tho')
[08:40:17] <chromas> Algore is Kavanaugh
[08:42:42] <c0lo> You mean https://www.youtube.com
[08:42:44] <systemd> ^ 03Here’s Brett Kavanaugh Mentioning Beer During His Senate Hearing
[08:45:32] <c0lo> Ozzies are fonder of https://www.youtube.com
[08:45:34] <systemd> ^ 03Get on the Beers (feat. Dan Andrews)
[08:46:34] <c0lo> =w Get on the Beers
[08:46:35] <systemd> &quot;Get on the Beers&quot; is a song by Australian duo Mashd N Kutcher featuring Elliot Loney or Daniel Andrews. The song is composed from comments made by the - https://en.wikipedia.org
[08:48:13] <c0lo> =yt 7hOK5JF5XGA
[08:48:14] <systemd> https://youtube.com - GET ON THE BEERS REMIX 🍺🤪 (03:08; 663,840 views; 👍13,944 👎202)
[10:54:03] <FatPhil> =yt bloke
[10:54:04] <systemd> https://youtube.com - Chris Franklin "Bloke" Official Video (04:23; 1,152,879 views; 👍7,707 👎336)
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[12:00:19] <FatPhil> https://poll.qu.edu
[12:00:20] <systemd> ^ 03QU Poll Release Detail
[12:17:48] <FatPhil> Damn, someone's got a flag fetish: https://ichef.bbci.co.uk
[12:55:55] <c0lo> That's beyond fetish, it's obssesive compulsion in a maniacal stage
[12:56:44] <requerdanos> I just want to announce that I am calling the election for Biden.
[12:57:17] <requerdanos> well, that, and to point out that I have been saying that since November.
[13:16:16] <FatPhil> you and your leftist numbers!
[13:17:12] <FatPhil> Was a flag importer (they're made in china, we both know that) a Dem doner?
[14:02:58] <progo> I heard each flag represents a dead Biden voter
[14:15:46] <FatPhil> OK, that was funny.
[15:48:37] <pinchy> who da winner? still dont know? el oh el
[16:50:28] <Runaway1956> The flags were put there to ensure that no demonstrators would show up. Real Americans respect the flag, so they won't trample on that field.
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[16:58:35] <FatPhil> theory approved
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[17:10:49] <FatPhil> let the uniting of the country begin: https://t.co
[17:10:50] <systemd> ^ 03https://twitter.com/donwinslow/status/1351326993342627840/video/1
[20:41:51] <Bytram> psgwsp: https://www.cnn.com
[20:41:54] <systemd> ^ 03Trump talked out of pardoning kids and Republican lawmakers
[20:51:12] <chromas> import Eric Swalwell
[21:18:26] <Bytram> https://twitter.com
[21:34:48] <pinchy> https://cdn.discordapp.com
[21:55:03] <FatPhil> Melania's great: "... we are forever in their depth"
[21:55:32] <FatPhil> Well, it started at "Fellow Americans" - yeah, right, fricking immigrant!
[22:09:41] <chromas> Sounds like xenophobia but ok
[22:10:37] <FatPhil> I would say "keep eastern europeans in eastern europe!" but she's not one of the useful ones, so you can have her!
[22:21:39] <Bytram> Upstaging the PoTUS on his last day in office? That would be *Tiffany* Trump: https://www.cnn.com
[22:21:42] <systemd> ^ 03Tiffany Trump announces engagement on her father's final full day in office
[22:21:53] <chromas> Who?
[22:22:47] <Bytram> https://edition.cnn.com
[22:22:51] <systemd> ^ 03McConnell says Capitol riot mob "provoked" by Trump, and claims inauguration will be "safe and successful"
[22:23:02] <chromas> Can't wait for the Twitter shutdown
[22:56:14] <pinchy> https://youtu.be
[22:56:16] <systemd> ^ 03President Trump's farewell address ( https://www.youtube.com )
[23:01:33] <chromas> has it been deleted yet?
[23:55:02] <FatPhil> still up
[23:56:40] * Runaway1956 thought FatPhil was a fricking immigrant?
[23:57:07] <FatPhil> HAve been for >40% of my life - Immigrants Rule!!!!!
[23:57:34] <FatPhil> g/f's been one for >50% of hers.
[23:57:43] <Runaway1956> Wetbacks aren't just Mexican, right?
[23:59:04] <Runaway1956> Everyone mentioned in Trump's farewell address will be investigated now . . .
[23:59:20] <FatPhil> nowadays, thanks to the disruption the US created in south and central america over the last 100+ years, yup, not just mexicans.