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[00:03:46] <Bytram> That's the VOA -- Voice Of America -- and that's the best "spin" they can put on it? Damn, it was worse than I thought!
[00:05:35] <c0lo> No, that was "Raoof Hasan, a special assistant to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan"
[00:07:08] <c0lo> VOA's just reporting on the international eggs in the face.
[00:08:05] <c0lo> https://www.reuters.com
[00:08:06] <systemd> ^ 03World shocked by Trump supporters' attack on U.S. democracy
[00:08:35] <c0lo> Russia - “The electoral system in the United States is archaic, it does not meet modern democratic standards, creating opportunities for numerous violations, and the American media have become an instrument of political struggle.”
[00:10:18] <c0lo> > China drew a comparison between the storming of the Capitol and often-violent pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong
[00:10:47] <c0lo> “Last year, President Trump extended painful economic sanctions placed on Zimbabwe, citing concerns about Zimbabwe’s democracy. Yesterday’s events showed that the U.S. has no moral right to punish another nation under the guise of upholding democracy.”
[00:12:34] <c0lo> LOL Mexico "We’re not going to intervene in these matters, which are up to the Americans to resolve ... "
[00:14:40] <c0lo> Other politicians show surprising capability to learn >>Prime Minister Andrej Babis removed an image of a red “Strong Czechia” hat inspired by Trump’s “Make America Great Again” cap from his social media accounts.<<
[00:17:47] <chromas> VOA is our BBC
[00:20:53] <c0lo> https://foreignpolicy.com
[00:20:54] <systemd> ^ 03America Can’t Promote Democracy Abroad. It Can’t Even Protect It at Home.
[00:36:01] <c0lo> https://www.smh.com.au
[00:36:02] <systemd> ^ 03Capitol Hill riots: Donald Trump blamed by Boris Johnson for violent siege
[00:39:32] <c0lo> https://in.reuters.com
[00:39:33] <systemd> ^ 03Sedition charges on table in Capitol rioting -U.S. Justice official
[00:47:47] <c0lo> =submit https://apnews.com
[00:47:49] <systemd> Submitting "Brazilian study says Sinovac coronavirus jab 78% effective"...
[00:48:10] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Brazilian Study Says Sinovac Coronavirus Jab 78% Effective" (22 paragraphs) -> https://soylentnews.org
[00:48:37] <FatPhil> not seen or heard anything that I'd count as sedition, yet.
[00:49:30] <FatPhil> but Donnie talks like a mafia don, he never asks for things in direct language.
[00:53:20] <c0lo> FatPhil "Seditious conspiracy charges as well as rioting and insurrection will be considered for those arrested in the breach of the U.S. Capitol, Justice Department officials said on Thursday"
[00:55:15] <c0lo> The cleanup and normalcy starts with small things https://apnews.com
[00:55:17] <systemd> ^ 03'What else could I do?' NJ Rep. Kim helps clean up Capitol
[00:57:25] <FatPhil> yup, rioters rioted, and those who entered the private property are guilty of terrorism. But those are just a handful of criminals, the only thing that matters is whether trump did a booboo
[01:02:11] <chromas> He posted a twitter so it's all on his shoulders
[01:12:59] <c0lo> https://apnews.com
[01:13:00] <systemd> ^ 03Several state lawmakers joined, observed US Capitol turmoil
[01:13:08] <FatPhil> to support and embolden the people who therein, but not to break and enter, at least from what I've read
[01:38:09] <omgwtf> https://www.youtube.com
[01:38:10] <systemd> ^ 03War Room: Pandemic Ep 638 - YouTube
[01:39:02] <omgwtf> how much you wanna bet those ballots get shredded
[01:43:10] <omgwtf> so even more twitter and facebook banning
[01:43:36] <omgwtf> https://bongino.com
[01:43:37] <systemd> ^ 03Twitter Locks Dan Bongino's Account for Sharing Message From President Trump
[01:43:47] <omgwtf> who even is this guy?
[01:44:46] <omgwtf> if they're going to ban every little account that even mentions trump how is this going to de-escalate the rage and violence?
[01:51:40] <omgwtf> https://www.businessinsider.com
[01:51:41] <systemd> ^ 03Pence opposes 25th Amendment effort to remove Trump, VP advisors say - Business Insider
[01:51:51] <omgwtf> i hope that's true
[01:52:10] <omgwtf> the last thing we need is raising the tensions
[02:08:00] <c0lo> There'll be no raising the tension any more. For this to happen, one needs coordination - Trump's reliance on Twitter fucked him up.
[02:08:03] <c0lo> https://www.reuters.com
[02:08:04] <systemd> ^ 03Fact check: Screenshot does not show President Trump’s official Parler account
[02:08:32] <c0lo> "As of this article’s publication, Trump does not have an official Parler account."
[02:08:56] <chromas> Does he have an unofficial one?
[02:09:41] <c0lo> Besides, Trump is not capable of coordination - would he be, you wouldn't see covid going unchecked in US.
[02:11:20] <c0lo> If he does have an unofficial one, will his followers unofficially follow it?
[02:11:52] <chromas> They're not officials, so yes
[02:12:21] <chromas> and they're unofficially inefficient
[02:14:07] <c0lo> Then that's that - unofficially inefficient tension not gonna cut it.
[02:15:53] <c0lo> Because unofficially inefficient tension is raisin; dried up, that is
[02:17:02] <c0lo> tis one of the reasons the "Patriot Party" will be going nowhere.
[02:22:37] <c0lo> Breaking: https://twitter.com
[02:25:02] <omgwtf> if trump can't even make a video that tells people to go home or concede the office without getting banned how does this get any better?
[02:25:26] <omgwtf> smh
[02:27:04] <omgwtf> or i should have said without his supporters like this bongino guy getting banned for sharing it
[02:27:48] <omgwtf> anyway i can't see this changing direction anytime soon and it's depressing af
[02:30:34] <c0lo> omgwtf - I just posted a link to the latest (<3h) Trump'd video on Twitter.
[02:30:42] <omgwtf> aww hell now people are saying that his last or maybe even both of his videos were deepfakes
[02:30:57] <omgwtf> i need a drink
[02:31:12] -!- omgwtf has quit [Quit: maybe 5]
[08:06:21] <FatPhil> c0lo: You're adopted aussie - why do people keep referring to the sydney morning herald all of the time, even when it has nothing to do with anything they've just said?
[08:13:03] <chromas> lol
[08:13:14] * c0lo I'm shaking my head in disbelief how many cite from that paper
[09:00:16] <FatPhil> Oooh, I was 67% right! I guessed 'm' in the middle was a 'my', as in 'fml'. Then a wsitd zeroed in on 'head'. All I could think of for 's' was 'shit', because swearing seems essential in all pithy phrases nowadays.
[09:01:04] <FatPhil> "A coup with no plot, no end to achieve, no plan but to pose. Thousands invaded the highest centers of power, and the first thing they did was take selfies and videos. They were making content as spoils to take back to the digital empires where they dwell, where that content is currency. "
[09:01:50] <FatPhil> https://www.buzzfeednews.com
[09:01:51] <systemd> ^ 03The Pro-Trump Mob Was Doing It For The Gram
[09:04:39] <FatPhil> "This is like the French revolution, except they're storming the Bastille to demanding the king stay and keep starving them."
[09:06:58] <chromas> If a tree falls in the woods and nobody posts it to the internet, did the whole bus really clap?
[09:07:39] <c0lo> "A coup with no plot, no end to achieve, no plan but to pose." The story of the orange clown's life.
[09:07:50] <FatPhil> Surely that shoudl be "If a tree falls on James Woods ..."
[09:08:12] <chromas> Is he still around?
[09:08:27] <FatPhil> unless he dies in the last month
[09:08:49] <FatPhil> we was trumping all over twitter until very recently
[09:11:52] <c0lo> "All I could think of for 's' was 'shit', because swearing seems essential in all pithy phrases nowadays." And you couldn't get from here to "shitting my heels"??!?
[09:18:32] <FatPhil> spunking my hairstyle, a la /There's Something About Mary/
[09:35:53] <c0lo> Wooo-hooo! 4 more years! https://twitter.com
[09:36:37] <c0lo> (in ghana. with photo ^^^)
[13:50:26] <Bytram> c0lo: thanks for the link ( https://twitter.com )
[13:51:02] <Bytram> would not ordinarily have been aware of it or would have watched it.
[13:51:44] <Bytram> break time