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[00:35:47] <FatPhil> are you forgetting the previous 400 times where there was "evidence of rigging" and it turned out to be "countig the votes"?
[00:40:35] <requerdanos> no, wait, there was a call with definite evidence of election tampering, let me find it
[00:41:15] <requerdanos> Here it is! https://news.yahoo.com
[00:41:26] <systemd> ^ 03'I just want to find 11,780 votes': Trump attacks Georgia officials as crucial runoffs approach
[00:42:27] <Runaway1956_> Funny how some people see tampering clearly, but only when it's they other side they suspect.
[00:42:51] <Runaway1956_> I hope you found the Sharpie votes!
[00:43:01] <requerdanos> observation, not suspicion, but thanks for playing :)
[00:43:46] <requerdanos> If I played my suspicions, I would have simply suspected Trump would have better sense. I was wrong, boy was I ever wrong, but in the face of that I have abandoned the false suspicions.
[00:46:12] <Bytram> somehow, when it's the PoTUS, one would like to believe that their behavior and example is above giving even the appearance of impropriety. Calling a state's top election official, and "talking" with him for an hour to try and persuade him to find 11,800 votes? Yep, that certainly is a quality I'd want in my country's Commander-in-Chief! :/
[00:46:50] <FatPhil> i've watched the vids you loonytunes have claimed is evidence of tampering, and shown you, in precise terms you are too ignorant to understand how they're not tampering.
[00:47:29] <requerdanos> No, I am pretty sure pressuring GA officials to "find" some votes is straight-up tampering
[00:47:52] <Bytram> requerdanos++
[00:47:54] <FatPhil> I've read the docs you claim are evidence of tampering and told you that clearly the "experts" who wrote them are too stupid to understand what they're even claiming, as it's so demonstrably stupid or false.
[00:48:11] <FatPhil> one of us has his head in the sand, and it ain't me.
[00:50:33] <FatPhil> Oh, and that audio is *actual* evidence, not hearsay, interpretation, or rumours, unlike most of the guff that you believe.
[00:50:34] <Runaway1956_> Uh-huh - yeah - I've read all that. And, I merely note that Trump hasn't given up yet - and the final say-so on the electoral votes hasn't been said yet.
[00:51:24] <Runaway1956_> Got it - video don't count. Like, the video of baskets of ballots being hidden under a table, until GOP observers have been chased from the building.
[00:51:29] <FatPhil> trump swows the same level of intelligence and wisoon that you do, which is probably why you have such a boner for him.
[00:51:53] <requerdanos> This argument sounds awfully familiar, like your previous spurious "The Electoral College hasn't voted yet" argument which was also nonsense...
[00:52:05] <FatPhil> that was debunked nearly 2 months ago, why do you persist in spouting it?
[00:52:07] <Runaway1956_> I wish you wouldn't stare at my boner all the time. I'm up here, try talking to me, instead of my boner.
[00:52:28] <FatPhil> oh, because you are as stupid as trump, yup, sorry, I forgot.
[00:52:51] <Runaway1956_> You're aware that the Senate has to approve the Electoral College vote? If they say "NO", then they have an alternative vote procedure laid out.
[00:53:21] <Runaway1956_> Let's wait a few more days, and see what happens.
[00:53:37] <requerdanos> Right, this is the argument that sounds awfully familiar, like that previous one.
[00:53:53] <FatPhil> previous 400
[00:53:58] <Runaway1956_> Well, you could research the election process for yourself, you know.
[00:54:05] <requerdanos> well, but to keep it simple, like that one
[00:54:06] <Runaway1956_> The election has not be finalized.
[00:54:17] <Runaway1956_> Won't be, until a president has been sworn in.
[00:54:43] <FatPhil> yes, we know you're in woo-woo land for 64 days, we've seen every single one so far
[00:54:46] <requerdanos> The election is over since November. What we are doing now is serving the will of the people revealed in the vote counts.
[00:55:27] <Runaway1956_> Uh-huh - and your own eyes are wide shut, it seems. There is still a possibility that Biden is NOT sworn in.
[00:55:59] <FatPhil> the fun thing is that there's enough ambiguity in the meaning of "the state" to give trumptards like rubaway hope that SCOTUS will save them.
[00:56:44] <FatPhil> Why do you wish that the will of the people is not enacted?
[00:57:06] <Runaway1956_> Two reasons: 1, I think the election was manipulated
[00:57:21] <Runaway1956_> 2. I despise the Dems and everything they seem to want for this country
[00:57:31] <FatPhil> 1. because you're stupid, yup, we know that bit
[00:57:44] <Runaway1956_> Well, fuck you very much FatPhil.
[00:57:52] <FatPhil> 2. because someone needs to call the wahbulance for you
[00:57:53] <requerdanos> It's not a binary, either the election was manipulated -or- no it wasn't; the question is, to what degree, and the answer is, after many allegations and much recounting and investigation, not much.
[00:58:24] <Runaway1956_> So, your subjective opinion settles the issue?
[00:59:24] <requerdanos> That's exactly the thing, opinion hasn't much effect on what happened (none in fact), only on what's going to happen.
[00:59:39] <requerdanos> Trump in la la land + trump fans calling for violence = bad, bad outcome
[01:00:00] <requerdanos> that's the consequences of poorly selected subjective opinions.
[01:00:19] <Runaway1956_> Funny - not many dems were complaining about the summer of violence staged by Antifa
[01:00:38] <requerdanos> a group of people who were also shamefully wrong, for similar reasons.
[01:01:39] <FatPhil> a group who had equal lack of respect for democracy as trumpaloons like rubaway.
[01:02:17] <Runaway1956_> Jan. 6 — Congress counts electoral votes
[01:02:17] <Runaway1956_> The House and Senate convene for a joint session on Jan. 6 to count electoral votes. Pence presides over the process as president of the Senate and announces the results. The candidate that receives at least 270 out of 538 electoral votes becomes the next president.
[01:02:17] <Runaway1956_> Any objections to the electoral votes must be submitted in writing and signed by at least one House and one Senate member. If an objection arises, the two chambers consider the objection separately.
[01:03:01] <requerdanos> the thing you are missing is that we already know what the votes say
[01:03:09] <Runaway1956_> Long story short: The Phat Lady hasn't sung yet.
[01:03:35] <Runaway1956_> No, you don't "know", you only think you know, for a variety of reasons
[01:03:39] <FatPhil> yes, but we've seen the whole songsheet
[01:03:47] <requerdanos> and before it was "The electoral college hasn't voted so the fat lady hasn't sung." super-familiar sounding arguemtn.
[01:04:06] <requerdanos> How many fat ladies you gonna call on to sing for you?
[01:04:16] <Runaway1956_> When the phat lady sings, then the phat lady will have sung. THAT will be inauguration day.
[01:04:27] <requerdanos> "Sure, biden got sworn in, but congress doesn't support him, so the fat lady hasn't sung"
[01:04:48] <requerdanos> "Sure, biden had four years as president, but he has to get re-elected, so the fat laDY HASN'
[01:04:49] <Runaway1956_> Nope, now you're squawking idiot noises at me
[01:04:51] <FatPhil> and before that it was "we've filed 60+ court cases disputing the counts, so the fat lady hasn't sung"
[01:04:57] <Runaway1956_> when he is sworn in, he is president
[01:05:02] <requerdanos> yes! squawking noise.
[01:05:03] <Runaway1956_> WHICHEVER one is sworn in.
[01:05:39] <requerdanos> And noise, like opinion, has very little effect on matters that are settled. Such as the election.
[01:06:02] <Runaway1956_> The inauguration is not settled. Study a little, alright?
[01:06:11] <requerdanos> "Yeah, biden served two terms, but how will history view him??? Huh??? FAT LADY"
[01:06:40] <FatPhil> Trump - the only president in history to lose the popular vote twice.
[01:06:51] <Runaway1956_> https://www.smithsonianmag.com
[01:06:52] <systemd> ^ 03Four Times the Results of a Presidential Election Were Contested
[01:07:34] <Runaway1956_> Should Trump refuse to concede, it wouldn’t be the first time turmoil and claims of fraud dominated the days and weeks after the elections.
[01:08:41] <requerdanos> How about a small wager.
[01:08:42] <FatPhil> the problem is that this time the claims of fraud are still being repeated weeks to months after they've been thoroughly debunked.
[01:09:09] <Runaway1956_> Wager? The hell with that - a fool and his money are soon parted
[01:09:33] <chromas> nuh uh, I still have my money
[01:09:36] <FatPhil> so you admit you'd be a fool to risk your money
[01:09:47] <requerdanos> If Biden is somehow inaugurated, you add "_Wrong" to your nick for a week. If Trump gets back in, I add "_Wrong" to mine.
[01:10:08] <Runaway1956_> I admit that Dems are fools and Repugs are fools
[01:10:27] <chromas> What if Biden dies first and Comma Le'Harris gets sworn in?
[01:10:30] <FatPhil> It's your foolishness that's under scrutiny here
[01:10:32] <Runaway1956_> a week?
[01:10:44] <requerdanos> Well, then, neither of us adds anything?
[01:11:05] <chromas> But how will I see the smug?
[01:11:11] <Runaway1956_> How about - if Trump is sworn in again, I get to be you for a month?
[01:11:25] <requerdanos> I am unsure how that would work, actually
[01:11:43] <Runaway1956_> As you I get to post stuff like "I knew Trump could do it!"
[01:11:55] <FatPhil> I see someone who's frightened of admitting he's wrong...
[01:11:57] <Runaway1956_> and "Thank Gawd that Pence pulled it out of the fire!"
[01:12:00] <chromas> He just wants to be inside you
[01:12:26] <requerdanos> I would rather be me, actually, than someone else be me.
[01:12:26] <Runaway1956_> lolol
[01:12:54] <Runaway1956_> see how you are? Cthulhu could settle this for us by eating your soul, or some such.
[01:13:23] <FatPhil> the mere thought of having to admit to being wrong is causing anguish in his head. He'll do anything to avoid the concept.
[01:13:44] <Runaway1956_> If I am ever wrong, you'll be the first to know FatPhil
[01:13:47] <FatPhil> nice change of subject. very subtle. don't worry, nobody noticed.
[01:14:04] <requerdanos> I admit it's not a 100% fair bet, because I have said that Biden 100% will get in, whereas Runaway1956_ only says that Trump could possibly get back in.
[01:14:24] <requerdanos> but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it
[01:14:28] <Runaway1956_> Look, congress has not finalized the electoral college vote, and Pence is key to that - shit can still happen
[01:14:36] <FatPhil> the first thing to do is agree on the odds.
[01:15:00] <Runaway1956_> The odds? They suck for Trump.
[01:15:12] <requerdanos> I don't even *like* Biden, but we're stuck with him
[01:15:20] <Runaway1956_> If the GOP were unified, it would be a slamdunk, but too many NeverTrumpers want him out
[01:15:45] * Runaway1956_ doesn't "like" any of them, just despises the dems more
[01:15:50] <FatPhil> Those damned "Republicans In Principle Only", eh?
[01:16:18] <Runaway1956_> Politicans have no principles
[01:16:23] <Runaway1956_> they're all crooked
[01:17:05] <FatPhil> Anyway, my eggcup shards might jump off the floor and reform into a complete one on my breakfast table, so I'm not sweeping them up and binning them yet.
[01:17:19] <requerdanos> yeah, best to wait and see.
[01:17:52] <FatPhil> yeah, not decided yet
[01:18:15] <FatPhil> I'm glad we're all in agreement.
[01:38:52] <chromas> https://youtube.com
[01:38:54] <systemd> ^ 03Man Attempts To Assassinate Obama, 'But Not Because He's Black Or Anything' ( https://www.youtube.com )
[01:39:00] <chromas> classic
[02:01:12] <Runaway1956_> Was he trying to assassinate Obama Senior, or Obama Junior?
[02:05:18] <Runaway1956_> "If I had an illegitimate son who was an illigitimate president, he would look a lot like Sleepy Joe!"
[02:42:49] <Runaway1956_> Why, hello there, Florida man!! Justice is served!
[02:42:53] <Runaway1956_> https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com
[02:42:53] <systemd> ^ 03Convicted felon dies after getting stuck in the window of a home he was trying to break into
[02:43:28] <Runaway1956_> There was something wrong with that dude anyway - look at his pupils, one dilated with a ring around it, the other looks more normal
[02:47:18] <Runaway1956_> Uhhhh - wrong channel
[02:47:28] <requerdanos> s'ok, still appreciated just as much
[03:20:05] <Runaway1956_> enjoy - https://babylonbee.com
[03:20:06] <systemd> ^ 03Here Are 10 Ways Trump Could Still Win
[03:21:04] <requerdanos> thanks
[03:23:24] <requerdanos> Hmm. Well-reasoned, thorough, well-sourced. More than I expected.
[03:26:23] -!- c0lo [c0lo!~9f99d30a@159.153.yqr.yr] has joined #US_Election
[03:26:38] <c0lo> https://www.washingtonpost.com
[03:26:48] <systemd> ^ 03‘I just want to find 11,780 votes’: In extraordinary hour-long call, Trump pressures Georgia secretary of state to recalculate the vote in his favor
[03:28:41] <requerdanos> That's the POTUS interfering in a federal election, right there
[03:36:03] <c0lo> The year's 2020-won
[04:00:06] <c0lo> https://www.washingtonpost.com
[04:00:16] <systemd> ^ 03Growing number of Trump loyalists in the Senate vow to challenge Biden’s victory
[04:00:32] <c0lo> ^^ "Still, Trump has been in a rancid state since his November loss to Biden."
[05:04:40] <Bytram> How do you make a small fortune in the stock market? Start with a large fortune. Ba-bum-tish! Try the chicken, I will *not* be here all night. Heading to bed. Have a great night everybody!
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[05:58:01] <pinchy> still going huh?
[05:58:09] <pinchy> jan 6 gonna be ww3 for real this time?
[06:00:12] -!- halibut [halibut!~halibut@2001:468:d01:mr:tvu:rpjp:hkzp:mwzz] has joined #US_Election
[12:30:05] <FatPhil> Hahha - I've not seen this before! https://en.wikipedia.org
[12:30:06] <systemd> ^ 03File:Jesusland map.svg - Wikipedia
[12:30:23] <FatPhil> 16 years behind the memecurve, how shameful
[12:33:08] <requerdanos> I see runaway submitted an article about Biden's inauguration. Maybe that's progress.
[12:38:57] <FatPhil> How many mentions of systematic fraud or civil unrest did it contain?
[12:40:07] <requerdanos> seemed to be a pretty straight article.
[12:41:15] <requerdanos> About Biden's inauguration parade going virtual.
[12:43:08] <FatPhil> Oh, it was pure snark then? Figures?
[12:43:26] <FatPhil> s/s\?/s!/
[12:43:26] <SedBot> <FatPhil> Oh, it was pure snark then? Figures!
[15:24:08] <FatPhil> According to the Trump campaign, 2,056 felons still under sentence in the state of Georgia voted illegally. State officials said they are investigating a total of 74 potential felons who may have cast ballots.
[15:24:31] <FatPhil> The Trump campaign claims that some 66,000 underage people voted during the 2020 general election. The state says the actual number of underage voters was zero.
[15:24:44] <FatPhil> "There were four people who requested a ballot before they turned 18," Secretary of State counsel Ryan Germany told the state House Government Affairs Committee on Wednesday. "And they all turned 18 prior to November 3 -- which means they’re allowed to vote."
[15:25:06] <FatPhil> According to Germany, the Trump campaign complained that 2,423 unregistered people were allowed to vote. He said the actual number was zero.
[15:25:21] <FatPhil> Ahhh, the gift that keeps on giving - there's plenty more...
[15:32:48] <FatPhil> Cleta Mitchell, a lawyer on the Trump team, raised the issue of voters who had moved out of Georgia. Here was the response: "Those numbers that we got, that Ms. Mitchell was just saying...they're not accurate. Every one we've been through are people that lived in Georgia, moved to a different state, but then moved back to Georgia legitimately ... They moved back in years ago. This was not like somethi
[15:32:54] <FatPhil> ng just before the election. So there's something about that data that's just not accurate."
[16:00:55] <FatPhil> https://www.msn.com
[16:00:56] <systemd> ^ 03Did Trump break the law in his call to Georgia’s secretary of state? Some lawyers say yes.
[16:30:19] <FatPhil> "In a Dec. 4 filing in Georgia, Trump’s legal team referred to a “machine-controlled algorithm deliberately run” by a voting machine vendor, Dominion Voting Systems. They allege this algorithm “generally took more than 2.5% of the votes from Mr. Biden and flipped them to Mr. Trump.” So Trump’s own legal team, instead of providing evidence of fraud by Biden’s side, may have inadvertently
[16:30:25] <FatPhil> revealed fraud benefiting Trump."
[18:46:17] <chromas> as long as there was fraud, he was right ;)
[20:33:02] <FatPhil> well, it wasn't (provably) "fraud by biden"
[20:45:20] <pinchy> go go gadget jan 6