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[15:06:33] <Runaway1956_> https://bigleaguepolitics.com
[15:06:34] <systemd> ^ 03Maricopa County Treasurer Resigns in Disgust, Joins Recall Effort Against Officials Obstructing Voter Fraud Investigation - Big League Politics
[15:27:08] <Runaway1956_> https://www.thegatewaypundit.com
[15:27:09] <systemd> ^ 03Senator Josh Hawley Challenges Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey to a Debate About Election Fraud on the Senate Floor
[15:27:55] <Runaway1956_> Stuff is going to happen quickly now, or things won't happen at all, it's "shit or get off the pot" time
[15:30:15] <Bytram> =g josh hawley
[15:30:16] <systemd> https://www.hawley.senate.gov - Josh Hawley | United States Senator for Missouri
[15:32:23] <chromas> 2020 was the real fraud all along
[15:33:00] <Bytram> instead of real numbers, at this point I could go for some imaginary numbers
[15:33:46] <chromas> Ah, you mean the vote counts :D
[15:37:37] <Bytram> According to this link, Tennessee has the 4th highest rate of covid-19 cases in the US: https://www.worldometers.info
[15:37:39] <systemd> ^ 03United States Coronavirus: 20,918,061 Cases and 358,745 Deaths - Worldometer
[15:38:21] <Bytram> other states have had higher death rates, but had an earlier bump in infections
[15:38:34] <Runaway1956_> https://www.whitehouse.gov
[15:38:35] <systemd> ^ 03Access Denied
[15:38:50] <Runaway1956_> I just sent a letter to Trump, asking him to pardon Assange and Snowden.
[15:39:06] <Runaway1956_> Reminded him that pardoning them would be a slap in the face to all Democrats.
[15:41:42] <janrinok> pardon them - what crime have they actually been tried for yet?
[15:49:36] <Bytram> IIUC, a pardon can be unconditional -- for all crimes charged so far, or that may be charged up until now
[15:50:29] <janrinok> so Trump can pardon innocent people - now that is a novel twist to justice
[15:52:41] <chromas> pardon them - have you any grey poupon?
[15:52:54] <Bytram> eg. I rob a bank last month, investigation is ongoing, nobody has yet been charged, IIUC, that can be pardoned. But, I believe the president can only pardon federal charges; state (and civil?) charges could still be fair game
[15:53:44] <Bytram> if so, NYC and NY state are biding their time
[15:58:53] <janrinok> surely if they accept a pardon that would be an admission of guilt?
[16:01:21] <Bytram> that's where things get vague for me. I'd suppose so. Then there's clemency, another related legal term. Don't know enough about either to say for sure.
[16:04:56] <Runaway1956_> However that may be janrinock - it's the only way that Assange avoids being extradited, and locked away forever
[16:05:43] <Bytram> got some stuff to do while waiting for the site to return. laters!
[16:05:54] <Runaway1956_> Of course, Trump could have done an executive order to drop all charges against Assange
[16:06:00] <Runaway1956_> later bytram
[16:28:14] <FatPhil> jeebus, the Dr. Shiva analysis of the "130%" election fraud in Maricopa was so hilariously terrible it's hard to know where to start tearing it down. It's almost "not even wrong" it's so out there. I can't believe Maricopa's still a thing.
[16:30:35] <FatPhil> He created an effectively meaningless very strong signal, then dicked around creating noise which when summed averaged to the same very strong signal. But the noise was an input of his own creating to support an absolutely meaningless hypothesis that could only be supported by extreme conspiracies for which there's no evidence.
[16:31:11] <FatPhil> He thinks the signal he injected into the noise was the evidence, despite the fact that it was his own input.
[16:31:37] <FatPhil> And that, dear reader, is fraud.
[16:33:44] <FatPhil> Then again he is the guy who thinks he won his republican primary with <40% of the vote, so clearly he's not 100% there.
[17:46:59] <Runaway1956_> https://www.zerohedge.com
[17:47:00] <systemd> ^ 03Remember When The Democrats Challenged The Electoral Vote Count In 3 Elections Over 20 Years?
[17:48:01] <requerdanos> no; they must have made less noise about it, I suppose.
[18:18:12] <FatPhil> anyone remember that /Man In America/ vid that one of the loonytunes post a week or so ago?
[18:19:00] <FatPhil> Probably not posted here, as it was probably posted by a loonytunes who knows he'll get instantly debunked if he posts here. So likely a #shitlord.
[18:19:20] <FatPhil> Well, the guy who presented it was one Seth Holehouse
[18:19:26] <FatPhil> http://webcache.googleusercontent.com
[18:19:27] <systemd> ^ 03United States: Mid-USA Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference Held in Minneapolis, Minnesota ( http://webcache.googleusercontent.com )
[18:20:13] <FatPhil> Mr. Loonytunes apparently spreading Falun Gong propaganda!
[18:31:00] <FatPhil> and before you ask why I post a google cache link - it's because that paragraph was removed
[19:24:27] <Runaway1956_> I like the idea of people cultivating themselves
[19:24:49] <Runaway1956_> just dig a hole in the garden, crawl in it, and pull the sides in after yourself
[19:25:13] <Runaway1956_> Actually, I'm making a half-hearted attempt to figure out WTF they're even about
[19:26:18] <Runaway1956_> I can see that the paragraph about Holehouse has been "sanitized"
[19:26:34] <Runaway1956_> I mean, who wants a househole around?
[22:29:28] <FatPhil> https://www.metabunk.org
[22:36:51] <FatPhil> trump's digging a hole in his garden, alright - he won't stop digging!
[22:45:29] <halibut> The way the metaphor works, he's supposed to be making a large hole, but listening to his (lack of) arguments, I just keep picturing him trying to dig a hole in the concrete patio next to the garden with a plastic toy trowel.
[23:06:32] <FatPhil> It's rather pathetic, I swear for however long it takes one neuron to fire and then its signal to fade into nothing, I almost felt pity for the fucker listening to that. Must have been a stray cosmic ray whose path intersected my skull briefly.
[23:47:08] <Runaway1956_> https://www.educationviews.org
[23:47:09] <systemd> ^ 03Zoom Call Yesterday: 300+ State Lawmakers Saw Election Rigging Evidence