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[02:44:45] <Bytram> https://www.aljazeera.com
[02:44:46] <systemd> ^ 03Trump’s bid for $2,000 stimulus cheques stalls in US Senate
[02:45:12] <Bytram> No honor among thieves?
[02:45:24] <Bytram> (Did I say that out loud?)
[02:47:22] <chromas> Thieves?
[02:47:25] <chromas> Are you saying
[02:47:31] <chromas> taxation is theft?
[02:52:09] <Bytram> Nope.
[02:53:42] <Bytram> But, even Jesus noted that tax collectors of his day had a propensity to collect more than was required and pocketed the excess.
[04:33:50] <chromas> Time to string up the Romans
[13:39:09] <FatPhil> https://www.donaldjtrump.com
[13:40:07] <requerdanos> Trump lost, and as such, will not be president for another term, yadda yadda
[13:40:07] <FatPhil> and that's SCOTUS, not the WI SC
[13:40:56] <requerdanos> apparently it was already rejected by the WI supreme court
[13:43:53] <FatPhil> yeah, that's why he's running to one that he's more successfully stuffed
[13:44:30] <requerdanos> oh, so much for that vote yesterday, https://www.nola.com
[13:44:31] <systemd> ^ 03Mitch McConnell, Senate GOP block Democratic push for Trump's $2K coronavirus relief checks
[13:45:03] <FatPhil> the headline I saw yesterday made it sould like it wasn't dead in the water
[13:45:16] <requerdanos> not dead, but didn't come to a vote yesterday
[13:45:38] <requerdanos> it actually has broad support and enough votes to pass
[13:45:56] <requerdanos> that, i suspect, being the reason leadership didn't allow it to come up for vote
[14:09:42] <Bytram> coffee++
[14:09:46] <FatPhil> Ah, thanks, i couldn't read that story, nola puts up some block to exclude me.
[14:10:02] <Bytram> oops, wrong channel
[14:10:27] <FatPhil> yeah, we'll have no coffee drinking here, this is a civilised place - wine and cognac only.
[14:11:29] <Bytram> whatabout tea?
[14:11:52] <FatPhil> if drunk with crooked finger, sure
[14:11:59] <FatPhil> as long as you have a brandy afterwards
[15:11:33] <FatPhil> Unless Republicans have a death wish, and it is also the right thing to do, they must approve the $2000 payments ASAP. $600 IS NOT ENOUGH! Also, get rid of Section 230 - Don’t let Big Tech steal our Country, and don’t let the Democrats steal the Presidential Election. Get tough! https://t.co
[15:11:34] <systemd> ^ 03https://twitter.com/washingtonpost/status/1343976032521641984
[15:11:38] <FatPhil> — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 29, 2020
[15:11:59] <FatPhil> whih was after McConnell's block
[15:13:31] <requerdanos> well, section 230 is not a "steal our country" type thing
[15:15:51] <FatPhil> If the full Senate considers the stimulus check legislation, all 48 Democrats and independents who caucus with them would likely vote for it. It would then need support from 12 of the chamber’s 52 Republicans. -CNBC
[15:17:04] <Bytram> .op
[15:17:05] <FatPhil> You don't expect sound logic from Little Donnie Trumps, do you?
[15:17:39] <Bytram> requerdanos++
[15:18:17] <requerdanos> I think perhaps some are making a mistake by not expecting it. I sure have high expectations for him; he's the president.
[15:19:16] <Bytram> "An expectation is a pre-arranged resentment."
[15:19:51] <requerdanos> be that as it may, I have certain expectations of a president, or an editor-in-chief, or a whatever
[15:19:53] <FatPhil> Ronnie Raygun was senile for half of his term, anyone expecting sense from that position has no sense of history and tradition.
[15:20:23] <FatPhil> Biden won't be less broken, just broken in a different way.
[15:21:00] <Bytram> anyone know how I can get Bender into this channel?
[15:21:23] <requerdanos> great question for $BENDERS_MAINTAINER ?
[15:21:50] <FatPhil> Hmmm, looks like I can't /invite as I'm not op
[15:21:56] <FatPhil> .op
[15:22:24] <Bytram> can't .op as that is provided by Bender IIUC
[15:22:29] <Bytram> .op
[15:22:38] <requerdanos> who are you guys typing ".op" for the benefit of? literally the only op here is bytram
[15:23:15] <Bytram> yeah, but is not working...
[15:23:34] <Bytram> I issue: /invite Bender #US_Election
[15:23:38] <requerdanos> I mean, what bot do you expect to read that in the channel and take some action?
[15:23:40] <Bytram> and nothing happens
[15:23:56] <Bytram> I've tried it in three different channels
[15:25:14] <FatPhil> /invite is not in-chan, it's a kind of private message
[15:25:44] <requerdanos> yes, invite is a ctcp, but .op in channel is something else
[15:27:48] <FatPhil> then please make it clear which one you are referring to so that a relevant response can be made.
[15:28:30] <requerdanos> apologies, I thought "in the channel" was enough referrant, different perspectives, sorry, carry on
[15:28:53] <FatPhil> In my frame of reference, this was the history:
[15:28:54] <FatPhil> 17:25 <@Bytram> I issue: /invite Bender #US_Election
[15:28:54] <FatPhil> 17:25 < requerdanos> I mean, what bot do you expect to read that in the channel and take some action?
[15:28:59] * Bytram just did an: /oper nick pwd
[15:29:51] <requerdanos> yeah, I was just paying attention to what I was typing and ignoring everyone else, in which world it made a little more sense
[15:32:43] <FatPhil> is there any evidence Aphrodite's responding to anything at all?
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