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[00:10:01] <c0lo> https://twitter.com
[00:11:15] <c0lo> For those of us who a Twitter-impaired: Televangelist Pat Robertson declares that Biden will be president and that Trump "lives in an alternate reality," "is very erratic," and should not run again in 2024: "You've had your day and it's time to move on."
[00:13:37] <FatPhil> Why does anyone with more than one working braincell pay attention to anything that Pat Robertson says?
[00:15:42] <c0lo> I don't know, but there are too many that do so. Which makes it segnificant enough for the "...is people" part of S/N.
[00:22:56] <FatPhil> smegnificent
[00:34:06] <c0lo> I see chromas shitpost does have a lasting effect.
[00:35:57] <chromas> smegposting
[00:36:55] <c0lo> Is there a #smeglords channel too?
[00:41:50] <requerdanos> "Move On" ... that has a nice ring to it.
[00:45:49] <c0lo> The ring of hell bells is nice. And it will get us back in black.
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[10:47:49] <c0lo> https://www.businessinsider.com.au
[10:47:50] <systemd> ^ 03Pro-Trump network Newsmax airs 2-minute video admitting it has 'no evidence' of outlandish fraud claims against 2 voting-machine companies
[11:42:55] <FatPhil> fox did that segment the other day too
[11:43:51] <FatPhil> I presume there was a threat of defamation lawsuits or similar, and the inhouse lawyers said they'd better back-pedal, as they knew they were in the wrong.
[11:46:08] <FatPhil> I also presume our resident trumpaloons were outside having a smoke when that segment aired, and oh-so-unfortunately managed to miss it.
[11:46:41] <FatPhil> or perhaps they have peril-sensitive sunglasses?