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[05:56:31] <chromas> https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net
[07:06:00] <c0lo> https://www.thedailybeast.com
[07:06:01] <systemd> ^ 03Trump’s Bonkers Oval Office Meeting With Sidney Powell Was Even Too Much for Rudy
[07:20:33] <c0lo> https://www.abc.net.au
[07:20:35] <systemd> ^ 03Donald Trump suggests China, not Russia, is behind SolarWinds cyber espionage attack on the US - ABC News
[07:22:12] <c0lo> https://edition.cnn.com
[07:22:15] <systemd> ^ 03Trump downplays massive cyber hack on government after Pompeo links attack to Russia
[09:44:11] <c0lo> (groan) this account isn't even a parody one: https://twitter.com
[12:29:33] <Bytram> https://www.cnn.com
[12:29:35] <systemd> ^ 03Heated Oval Office meeting included talk of special counsel, martial law as Trump advisers clash
[12:29:42] <Bytram> https://www.nytimes.com
[12:29:43] <systemd> ^ 03Trump Weighed Naming Election Conspiracy Theorist as Special Counsel
[12:41:01] <requerdanos> The martial law idea is pretty alarming
[14:48:44] <c0lo> requerdanos, keep an eye on https://twitter.com
[14:49:23] <requerdanos> For purposes of my mental health I do not follow that particular hash tag.
[14:52:53] <requerdanos> That's kind of like searching youtube for "flat earth"
[15:01:00] <c0lo> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - things will happen (or not) even w/o you knowing, requerdanos, nothing special. In any case, the "martial law" and "patriot party" and whatnot are abuzz there.
[15:01:48] <requerdanos> random morons going about their business talking about martial law does not alarm me nearly so much as a white house staff meeting discussing it, I guess is the distinction I am drawing
[15:02:39] <requerdanos> But you're right, all the clamor for stealing the election in the name of "stopthesteal" is alarming in itself, doublespeak come to life
[15:02:41] <c0lo> Wouldn't it be nice to be just "random morons"?
[15:03:03] <requerdanos> Why, I personally am just some random moron by that definition, no particular influence nor specialty
[15:08:52] <c0lo> Except you don't retweet @realDonaldTrump, @llinwood, what's-her-nick Sidney Powell, giuliani and so on. That tag is sorta capture-all sewage, you can take the pulse of the muck there.
[15:09:25] <requerdanos> like the flat earthers on youtube :)
[15:10:40] <FatPhil> Sidney Powell = Newly spoiled (anagram)
[15:10:46] <requerdanos> Okay, I have spent this time looking over those tweets from those twits and it looks grim indeed. They can write, they are remembering to breathe, these are signs of intelligence and memory, yet they are firmly trumpian in character. Makes no sense.
[15:10:56] <FatPhil> = needy pillows
[15:10:59] <c0lo> For instance, yiu can expect a massive presence of them in WashDC come Jan 6. There may be troubles, yuuuge ones (unlike the prev times)
[15:11:44] <c0lo> s/yiu/you/
[15:11:44] <SedBot> <c0lo> For instance, you can expect a massive presence of them in WashDC come Jan 6. There may be troubles, yuuuge ones (unlike the prev times)
[15:14:31] <FatPhil> = is openly lewd
[15:16:56] <requerdanos> Do you think he believes tweets like "Sir, with the biggest landslide victory in American history, you've proven the numbers of Patriots that are with you are overwhelming. Do what you have to do. A grateful nation looks to you as our rightful leader and WE ARE WITH YOU."
[15:16:59] <c0lo> Lewd is the polite term. Obscene would be closer to reality but doesn't make for a good anagram.
[15:19:40] <c0lo> It doesn't matter if he believes it or not. I'm certain that he'll use any opportunity that presents itself as long as there's a plausible deniability in regards with who/what caused the pretext .
[18:00:09] <FatPhil> Il Duce Silvio Berlusconi = Obscene, lurid, vicious, ill
[18:01:02] <FatPhil> the question that goes through my mind before all others is "was the tweeter trolling?".
[18:01:28] <FatPhil> you do want to persuade your enemy to run headlong into a wall, after all.
[18:04:07] <FatPhil> Offer to hold the ball for trump to punt it, a la Lucy for Charlie Brown
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