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[00:00:21] <carny> i'm hearing more blatant discussion of the governor of georgia being both a traitor and guilty of accepting bribes
[00:01:19] <carny> so far that's uncorroborated but it explains perfectly why he and his secretary of state (accused of corruption even before the election) are defending the swamp
[00:02:08] <carny> meanwhile just a bit south in florida things are much better despite years of shenanigans in miami-dade
[00:02:57] <carny> i guess 'accepting the resignation' of a known corrupt democrat leader might have something to do with positive election reform results
[00:03:40] <carny> now if we can just get people to stop thinking in terms of parties and switch to corrupt vs honest we'll get somewhere
[00:04:29] <carny> i'm still interested in ideas on how to deprogram all those trump has brainwashed into thinking he's part of the 'honest' camp
[00:04:44] <carny> but that part comes much later so there's time to sort it out
[00:05:12] <requerdanos> his followers believe he's honest?
[00:37:55] <c0lo> carny, GTFU on #US_election, will you?
[00:38:11] <c0lo> s/GTFU/GTFO/
[00:39:01] <c0lo> Oh, soryy, already there. As you were.
[00:39:40] * chromas rofls a copter
[00:40:48] * c0lo needs a restart at least for the browser
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[00:46:40] <Runaway1956> https://www.dailysignal.com
[00:46:40] <systemd> ^ 03Why Aren't US Attorneys Investigating Voter Fraud Allegations?
[00:47:33] <Runaway1956> Wow, c0lo is easily triggered today
[00:48:01] <chromas> Is that the Glenn Beck defense?
[00:48:08] <chromas> or offense I guess
[00:48:27] <Runaway1956> I thought Glenn Beck was just butt-ugly
[00:48:56] <chromas> He popularized the "I'm not saying X but why doesn't he deny it?" 'argument'
[00:49:12] <carny> Runaway1956: leftists don't like truth because it's racist sexist and homophobic
[00:49:30] <carny> so merely presenting facts makes them frustrated and angry
[00:50:34] <Runaway1956> Truth over facts, you know that by now!
[00:50:49] <Runaway1956> Poor kids are so much smarter than you white kids.
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[00:53:14] * chromas installs hexchat into c0lo's box
[00:54:38] <Runaway1956> me installs c0lo into chromas box
[00:56:48] <halibut> Is that how c0located servers are made?
[00:57:27] * c0lo remembers the Google bombing for GWBush. Finds it applicable to chromas and Runaway
[00:57:54] <carny> well my point is that i'm just dropping links to things like public hearings and discussions of evidence
[00:58:05] <carny> but somehow that's threatening
[00:58:10] * Runaway1956 changes his mind, installs c0lo into 'Zumi's box
[00:58:14] <chromas> those pubic hearings have a right-wing bais tho
[00:58:29] <c0lo> Not threatening, carny. Just irelevant.
[00:58:30] <Runaway1956> reality has a right wing bias people
[00:58:49] <Runaway1956> like most people, most realities are right handed
[00:58:50] <chromas> reality is a high-bias, metal-oxide tape
[00:59:17] <carny> i guess anything that disrupts their stream of propaganda is so irritating that they have to block it out or risk losing status
[01:00:06] <c0lo> Any other hobbies on top of CT and guessing, carny?
[01:00:27] <c0lo> IDK, something like woodworking. Or painting.
[01:01:50] <Runaway1956> You can't stop the signal, carny
[01:02:07] <chromas> uh
[01:02:14] <chromas> he dies right after saying that
[01:02:15] <Runaway1956> 50,000 watts of propaganda power in every liberal broadcast
[01:02:16] <carny> that's absolutely not true
[01:02:34] <carny> oh sorry i thought you were talking about the truth signal
[01:02:37] <chromas> then goes on to solve math problems for the cops
[01:02:45] <c0lo> Maybe writing fiction by your own? I mean, you have quite a long period of schooling with masters or creating alt-realities.
[01:03:24] <c0lo> s/or/of/
[01:03:31] <Runaway1956> that's an alt-left thing c0lo, where they fabricate the success stories of communism and socialism
[01:03:47] <chromas> that's ctrl-left
[01:03:55] <c0lo> chromas, you banished the sedbot from this channel?
[01:04:03] <chromas> he was never here
[01:04:07] <chromas> I can bring 'im in tho
[01:04:24] <Runaway1956> alt-left is a charit, ctrl-left is the militant wing
[01:04:31] <c0lo> Please invite it.
[01:04:44] <Runaway1956> sedbot should just sed off
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[01:05:35] <c0lo> Not that sedbot could be used to correct carny/Runaway's alt realities.
[01:06:18] <Runaway1956> In one alt-reality, Karl Marx was a visionary and a prophet
[01:07:03] <carny> he was certainly a visionary and his followers treat him like a prophet
[01:07:04] <chromas> it's easy to be a visionary when you sit around masturbating on the couch all day
[01:07:12] <Runaway1956> And, in another alt-reality, Stalin and Hitler was best fuck buddies
[01:07:14] <chromas> someone else's couch, even
[01:07:27] <carny> chromas: i think he was usually having sex with the maid not himself
[01:07:44] <carny> hence his frustrated suffering wife
[01:07:49] <chromas> was he married?
[01:07:55] <carny> yes
[01:08:19] <chromas> I remember he didn't have a job and I recall reading something about sexual harassment or molesting someone
[01:08:44] <carny> also correct from what i recall
[01:08:46] <Runaway1956> Who was that? c0lo?
[01:08:47] <c0lo> From the fact-checked reality of today
[01:08:56] <c0lo> https://www.post-gazette.com
[01:08:57] <systemd> ^ 03Pennsylvania Supreme Court turns down Kelly, again, in election lawsuit
[01:09:01] <chromas> important thing is he had less economic knowledge than a kindergartner
[01:09:21] <chromas> is that R Kelly?
[01:09:34] <carny> well everyone seems to think that his labor theory of value was wrong
[01:10:02] <carny> but he did know a fair bit about capitalism which was required for him to attack it
[01:10:08] <chromas> were any of his theories right though?
[01:10:19] <c0lo> https://www.qt.com.au
[01:10:21] <systemd> ^ 03What Trump is protecting his kids from
[01:10:31] <chromas> biden sniffing their hair?
[01:10:36] <chromas> oh they're too old though
[01:10:38] <Runaway1956> left wing propaganda c0lo
[01:10:49] <carny> protecting his kids from the results of the election?
[01:11:16] <chromas> let's just declare TMB the president
[01:11:24] <chromas> It'll be great because he's too lazy to ruin anything
[01:12:50] <Runaway1956> Trump has set an example for what NOT to do
[01:13:06] <chromas> stir the pot?
[01:13:06] <Runaway1956> When I'm elected president, I'm not appointing any kin to any position
[01:14:10] <c0lo> https://www.telegraph.co.uk
[01:14:10] <systemd> ^ 03Ivanka Trump questioned under oath in lawsuit over misuse of inauguration funds
[01:14:18] <chromas> I'll vote for you if you add extermination of all goatheads from the world to your platform
[01:16:13] <c0lo> chromas, I don't know if biden wants to snif Trump's offsprings, but https://apnews.com
[01:16:14] <systemd> ^ 03The Latest: Biden greatly concerned by Trump pardon reports
[01:17:09] * chromas invents the permapardon
[01:18:58] <Runaway1956> So, Biden wants his own pardon from Trump?
[01:19:27] <chromas> Who doesn't? I'll take a couple myself
[01:20:20] <Runaway1956> Send him a tweet asking for one
[01:20:32] <Runaway1956> he'll probably tweet it right back
[01:22:56] <c0lo> the case must first wind its way through lower courts https://apnews.com
[01:22:56] <systemd> ^ 03Wisconsin high court declines to hear Trump election lawsuit
[01:23:05] <chromas> "Can I get a pardon and an escort for this rolled up carpet to the Everglades? Asking for a friend"
[01:23:14] <c0lo> (those queue jumpers)
[01:25:19] <c0lo> One of Trump's spies in DoJ got the boot: https://apnews.com
[01:25:20] <systemd> ^ 03Trump aide banned from Justice after trying to get case info
[01:30:24] <Runaway1956> SCOTUS slaps Gaggin Newsom upside his head
[01:30:28] <Runaway1956> https://www.upi.com
[01:30:29] <systemd> ^ 03Supreme Court sides with church challenging Calif.'s COVID-19 restrictions
[01:30:58] <c0lo> I reckon this will be to carny's/Runaway's liking, a documented election fraud in GA: https://apnews.com
[01:30:59] <systemd> ^ 03Georgia investigating man's possible steps to vote illegally
[01:31:43] <Runaway1956> Actually, it's NOT to my liking c0lo - the only thing to like is that he got caught
[01:32:57] <c0lo> Well, that's what I meant. You will like an actual election frauster got caught.
[01:33:19] <carny> there's a rumor that biden met with mitch mcconnel to negotiate a pardon for himself and his family in exchange for conceding
[01:33:47] <carny> their team has fairly good discipline about leaks unfortunately
[01:33:49] <c0lo> Facts are so much better than rumours, carny.
[01:34:07] <c0lo> Unless you write fiction for a living, that is.
[01:34:08] <carny> so we're unlikely to get much more than unsubstantiated rumors and anonymous sources from inside the campaign
[01:34:33] <carny> unless sidney powell is telling the truth about the kraken sigint
[01:34:55] <chromas> carny: get on that steel dossier sequel already
[01:35:06] <carny> in which case we may get actual unguarded cell phone calls and internet traffic of some very incriminating behavior
[01:36:01] <chromas> how unguarded does that cell (phone) need to be, on a scale of Trump to Epstein?
[01:36:32] <carny> if the 305th really was involved (thanks to trump declaring foreign election interference to be a national security mission and authorizing the military to take part even on american soil) there's going to be very little they won't have access to
[01:37:13] <carny> chromas: unguarded conversations meaning people speaking freely as if they don't expect to be overheard
[01:37:38] <carny> also the military doesn't need to mess around with fisa warrants if they decide to break open your encrypted comms
[01:37:38] <chromas> oh like a facebook post
[01:37:57] <carny> they just get your whatsapp keys and it's all over
[01:39:14] <c0lo> See, Runaway1956, this is how you do it: you don't ike a law, you go to legislators to create another _for the future_ https://apnews.com
[01:39:15] <systemd> ^ 03Georgia GOP seeks mail-in ballot changes after Biden's win
[01:39:37] <carny> it's easy to look at trump as the buffoon he is but i have a hard time creating a scenario in which he does all these set up maneuvers over the past several years building up to the day of the election and then does nothing after all the evidence has been recorded
[01:40:34] <carny> even his executive order on firing squad executions takes on a very significant light when you connect the dots between the ccp and americans who get their funding from china being potentially involved in election fraud
[01:41:02] <carny> then you have a very solid case for treason and the constitutional penalty for that is death
[01:42:17] <carny> of course the likelihood that donald j trump himself is the architect of all this planning and it was executed with his direction is laughable
[01:42:53] <carny> it'll have been the anti-swamp factions of the pentagon and their allies who did all that
[01:43:19] <carny> rather puts the whole 'q anon' psyop in a new perspective
[01:44:20] <c0lo> carny, I get that your hobby is connecting the dots. Maybe a coloring book would be less damaging for your brain. IDK, just saying.
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[01:44:50] <carny> i think '10 thousand sealed indictments' is a joke played on ignorant americans but i also suspect that it will take almost no effort to flip those same americans from 'q' supporters to 'kraken' supporters
[01:45:18] <carny> or perhaps it's better said as from 'q believers' to 'kraken activists'
[01:45:45] <c0lo> https://twitter.com
[01:45:46] <systemd> ^ 03Twitter ( https://mobile.twitter.com )
[01:45:48] <c0lo> "The amazing Democratic super-geniuses who managed to steal the POTUS race without touching any of the down ballot votes also managed to forget, on the national front, to get rid of McConnell and forgot to rig the voting to hand the Dems a clear Senate majority. Brilliant"
[01:46:07] <Runaway1956> we need more krakens
[01:46:32] <c0lo> Lotsa squid for sushi, yeah.
[01:46:57] <carny> anyhow a number of legal actions are still moving their way through the courts and i'm not entirely sure if it's a good thing that some states are slow walking their election results certification
[01:47:03] <Runaway1956> That's kinda making one of my points c0lo - the Dems had to work AGAINST a small Red Wave to get Biden elected
[01:47:16] <carny> because certain legal remedies can't even be sought until the results are actually certified
[01:47:57] * Runaway1956 likes when the sushi eats the diner
[01:48:19] <carny> https://www.naturalnews.com
[01:48:20] <systemd> ^ 03What’s the “kraken?” It’s the name for the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion
[01:48:26] <c0lo> Yea, tick-tock, carny. Time to come with evidence, the court of laws are not enjoying CT-es.
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[01:48:56] <Runaway1956> Ohhhhh - 305th MIB - the MEN IN BLACK!!
[01:49:10] <carny> so first trump has to pardon flynn so his lawyer can eliminate a potential conflict of interest in representing trump and others
[01:49:30] <carny> that one's done
[01:50:02] <carny> then the various state supreme courts have to certify their results in order for the trump campaign to bring suit against them
[01:50:30] <carny> Runaway1956: dia vs cia who do you think wins?
[01:50:43] <carny> cia has more money and more spooks
[01:50:48] <Runaway1956> tough one carny
[01:50:58] <c0lo> carny, you're again connecting dots. In public. That's almost... gross indecency.
[01:51:01] <Runaway1956> cia also enjoys more incompetence
[01:51:01] <carny> dia has an awful lot more triggers and men who pull them
[01:51:52] <carny> if i really wanted to be cynical i'd say that they're both working towards the same goal which is a civil war and total depreciation of the us dollar
[01:51:57] <c0lo> Here, enjoy some ghost stories instead (which surely the courts won't enjoy) https://www.thedailybeast.com
[01:51:58] <systemd> ^ 03Trump ‘Fraud’ Witness Also Believes Ghosts Are Haunting His Family
[01:52:09] <carny> there are undoubtedly some huge players who want exactly that
[01:52:25] <Runaway1956> I keep hearing about that "great reset"
[01:52:43] <carny> read all about it on the world economic forum's website
[01:52:49] <Runaway1956> who knows where it begins, and where it ends?
[01:52:52] <carny> no need to trust any kooks
[01:53:05] <c0lo> You mean... USD depreciation is not in your interest, Runaway1956?
[01:53:22] <Runaway1956> How could it be?
[01:53:26] <chromas> yes but only negative interest
[01:53:26] <carny> it began years ago with the council on foreign relations and it ends with a global population of less than 1 billion because that's what the club of rome believes is sustainable
[01:53:35] <carny> again see their website and published works
[01:53:58] <c0lo> Just think how happy you should be when China outsources its non-strategic production in US! Plenty of jobs.
[01:54:10] <carny> the most amazing thing about this stuff is that it's all out in the open
[01:54:20] <carny> nobody's even trying to hide their plans anymore
[01:54:33] <chromas> no need to when the noise floor's so high
[01:54:43] <carny> excellent point
[01:54:53] <Runaway1956> that's Antifa's job - to add to the noise
[01:54:57] <c0lo> Drive the USD low enough and even Vietnam may start importing Made in USA.
[01:55:18] <Runaway1956> but not Straya, huh?
[01:55:44] <chromas> Trump could learn a thing or two from the ozzies
[01:55:54] <chromas> for example, they're better at making a roos
[01:55:58] <Runaway1956> trump won't learn from anyone
[01:56:05] <c0lo> 'straya too. Some Cali cherries in May and grapes in Sept.
[01:56:18] <Runaway1956> he learned a half-dozen tricks as a young man, and that's all he knows
[01:56:40] <c0lo> Nothing from Arkansas tho, we have enough herds here.
[01:56:40] <Runaway1956> Yeah, you got the cherries and grapes after China rejected them, LOL
[01:57:12] <Runaway1956> You might be surprised - do you use name-brand American computer paper at all?
[01:57:26] <Runaway1956> The vast majority of it comes from the plant 25 miles from me
[01:57:39] <Runaway1956> as well as a lot of off-brand
[01:57:57] <c0lo> Yeah, they were quite cheap and shitty. Bought them only once and that was enough.
[01:58:16] <Runaway1956> huh - what brand was that?
[01:58:26] <c0lo> What the hell is computer paper.
[01:58:28] <chromas> we have a paper plant too
[01:58:59] <chromas> mill
[01:59:00] <Runaway1956> even zimbabwe has a paper plant - do they make high quality printing paper?
[01:59:28] <chromas> probably; they're the only ones who still print
[01:59:48] <c0lo> reflex.com.au
[01:59:53] * Runaway1956 thinks hard about taking another nap
[02:00:48] <c0lo> https://reflex.com.au 'straya made is the most common 'round here.
[02:00:50] <systemd> ^ 03Reflex copy paper products now Ink wise
[02:01:40] <c0lo> (the "cheap and shitty" - both cherries and grapes)
[02:05:06] * c0lo gotta regenerate the projects and kick of that compilation on Mac. Fun-fun-fun -*NOT*-
[02:07:27] <chromas> Corey dropped the power caps again I bet
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[02:32:30] <c0lo_> Context - Andrew Bolt a unhinged CT-er as an Aussie can be https://en.wikipedia.org
[02:32:31] <systemd> ^ 03Andrew Bolt - Wikipedia
[02:35:48] <c0lo_> Oh, fuck, all the Murdoch's toilet papers are paywalled. Never mind: https://www.google.com
[02:35:49] <systemd> ^ 03Melissa Carone Andrew Bolt - Google Search
[02:36:42] <c0lo_> The titles come as "CIRCUS! TRUMP'S BEST WITNESS GOES ROGUE"
[04:01:14] <pinchy> https://youtu.be
[04:01:16] <systemd> ^ 03Fraud CAUGHT on tape in Georgia! ( https://www.youtube.com )
[06:09:05] <carny> https://www.facebook.com
[06:09:06] <systemd> ^ 03305th Military Intelligence Battalion ( https://m.facebook.com )
[06:09:11] <carny> https://www.youtube.com
[06:09:13] <systemd> ^ 03Pa. unlawful vote case heads to Supreme Court
[06:15:44] <c0lo> carny, keep up, the Supreme Court news is 13hours old already. Maybe you should use some news media instean of yt as the source for your info? It may do some good to you.
[06:16:53] <c0lo> https://www.mytwintiers.com
[06:17:01] <systemd> ^ 03US Supreme Court asked to block Biden win in Pennsylvania
[07:15:21] <carny> i just heard the best thing to come out of this election fiasco
[07:15:50] <carny> several pieces of isolated audio of trump saying 'dump'
[07:15:56] <carny> 'massive dumps'
[07:33:39] <carny> damn i completely missed the canadian angle
[07:34:29] <carny> trump has pre-authorized military response for 'foreign interference in our elections' more than a year ago
[07:34:56] <carny> technically that includes a canadian voting machine company tampering with votes
[07:35:45] <carny> i remember that being discussed but i never dreamed that it could include friendly countries let alone canada
[07:36:18] <carny> if this pans out it is the most brilliant middle finger in the history of politics
[07:36:56] <carny> the obama admin used that staged conversation in a london pub to start off the fisa investigation of carter page and hence the trump spying efforts
[07:37:24] <carny> in 2020 he returns their serve with the ultimate overhead smash
[07:37:45] <carny> bringing in the 305th and the full might of the dia
[07:38:08] <carny> this is going to make one hell of a spy novel some day
[08:32:39] <FatPhil> trump's been doing massive dumps for years
[08:34:41] <FatPhil> I reckon after he treated all his black friends to a massive mcdonalds meal, he had a horrific massive dump. Failed to presley though. Maybe next time.
[08:41:26] <carny> the audio clips are going to be classics
[08:41:38] <carny> in a teenaged bathroom humor sort of way
[08:47:31] <c0lo> The present shows a yuuuge market for conspiracy theories consumers. Hurry up carny, it may not last, go ghostwriting for this guy https://www.militarytimes.com
[08:47:32] <systemd> ^ 03This retired three-star falsely claims US soldiers died attacking a CIA facility in Germany tied to election fraud
[08:52:07] <FatPhil> three-stars are unable to falsely anything
[08:52:18] <FatPhil> because we have to thank them for their service
[08:58:00] <c0lo> Incidentally, CTes have silverlinings too, but what are the chances "In an unexpected silver lining to the theories, a fundraiser for McKee’s pregnant widow and two sons that had not received donations since before Thanksgiving now has more than 140 new donors apparently moved by the conspiracy theory."
[08:59:46] <FatPhil> https://www.youtube.com
[08:59:48] <systemd> ^ 03Curb Your Enthusiasm - Thank you for your service
[09:05:08] <c0lo> TIL Curb Your Enthusiasm
[09:07:17] <FatPhil> David half runs US comedy, has done for decades
[09:34:42] <chromas> Lorne Michaels is the other, lesser half
[09:59:39] <chromas> is it weird that we mock Trump for saying "yuge" even though he's just dropping the H, which is something British people do al the time?
[10:05:26] <carny> no
[10:06:26] <carny> he deserves to be mocked for pretending to be dumber than he really is in order to try to fool people into believing that he's actually smarter than he really is
[10:07:18] <carny> who was it here who said he learned a few things and has been coasting for his entire career?
[10:07:20] <chromas> ah, the Bush maneuver
[10:07:41] <carny> i'm not convinced that bush was faking stupidity ;]
[10:08:12] <carny> dan quayle was a very effective distractor however
[10:10:24] <chromas> I dunno, I've seen lefties masturbating to bush recently. Apparently he's a genuinely nice guy who faked stupidity to get the repubican votes and everything bad under his watch was actually palpatine's doing
[10:15:02] <carny> well cheyney is evil that's true
[10:15:48] <carny> but the fact that the left can find anything good about either bush just proves how morally and idealogically bankrupt they are
[10:18:34] <chromas> cheyneyney
[10:42:31] <c0lo> =yt bush glycerine
[10:42:33] <systemd> Search failed: Key not found: likeCount (std/json.d: 627)
[10:42:56] <c0lo> =yt hOllF3TgAsM
[10:42:57] <systemd> Search failed: Key not found: likeCount (std/json.d: 627)
[10:43:17] <c0lo> https://www.youtube.com
[10:43:19] <systemd> ^ 03Bush - Glycerine
[10:43:51] <carny> oh my
[10:44:02] <carny> scary goth lady in pennsylvania
[10:44:21] <carny> 1 hour and 1 minute in
[10:44:54] <carny> and she's a trump fan
[10:45:20] <carny> well she's certainly providing some long tail to the demographic stats
[10:45:55] <c0lo> =yt bush Babooshka
[10:45:56] <systemd> https://youtube.com - Babooshka (03:30; 791,080 views; 👍20,753 👎1,509)
[10:48:05] * c0lo watches carny for 2 secs masturbating to scary goth lady in pennsylvania. Decides that maturbating at Kate Bush is closer to natural
[10:50:21] <c0lo> =yt Bush Army Dreamers
[10:50:22] <systemd> https://youtube.com - Kate Bush - Army Dreamers - Official Music Video (03:17; 5,378,987 views; 👍34,271 👎671)
[10:51:17] <carny> scary goth lady is quite intelligent and what's more she recruited a former naval intelligence officer and forensics and fraud expert who is also testifying
[10:52:09] <carny> of course they'll never watch these videos but if they did i can't imagine any honest democrat could come away feeling that the election was anything but compromised
[11:06:56] <c0lo> So they stole the votes for Trump again in the two recounts, or what?
[11:08:07] <carny> the army info war specialist starts at about 1 hour 23 minutes in
[11:12:51] <chromas> =yt hOllF3TgAsM
[11:12:52] <systemd> Search failed: Key not found: likeCount (std/json.d: 627)
[11:12:57] <chromas> weird
[11:13:29] <chromas> oh, hidden stats, probably
[11:14:49] <carny> despite the code and algorithms being hidden the stats that are exposed are more than enough to demonstrate fraud
[11:18:03] <c0lo> Those fraudulent 90-ies Brits, yeah.
[11:18:37] <c0lo> 30 years they hunted for the Trump
[11:20:47] <c0lo> "the army info war specialist" Oh, wow. The US army specialized in Alex Jones?
[11:21:56] <FatPhil> the elections have turned the frogs gay
[11:23:09] <FatPhil> Anyway, I was right. Trump is a winner! Woo woo - go Trump!
[11:23:29] <c0lo> Gay Pepe?
[11:27:32] <c0lo> https://apnews.com
[11:27:33] <systemd> ^ 03Trump loves to win but keeps losing election lawsuits
[11:27:58] <FatPhil> Oh, sorry, I thought this was the #UK_Snooker channel
[11:28:51] * c0lo joins the #UK_Snooker channel
[11:29:23] * FatPhil doesn't, he doesn't want spoilers - catching up with yesterday's play
[11:30:02] * c0lo finds the #UK_Snooker empty. Perhaps Trump won everything and went home.
[11:30:36] <carny> uh oh
[11:30:53] <carny> there's a witness in michigan who's brown
[11:31:01] <carny> indian to be precise
[11:31:12] * c0lo says Meh, I never got to understand snooker, just a pretext to let the beer warm up
[11:31:19] <carny> not sure how they're going to discredit her without being called racist
[11:32:22] <c0lo> That spells a biiiig trouble. Will drive witnesses wages down.
[11:32:59] <c0lo> What, Giuliani couldn't hire local work force?
[11:35:37] <c0lo> https://apnews.com
[11:35:38] <systemd> ^ 03India's winter of discontent: Farmers rise up against Modi
[11:56:32] <c0lo> Booooring times ahead https://www.forbes.com
[11:56:33] <systemd> ^ 03Twitter Confirms Trump Could Be Banned After Inauguration Day For Repeated Violations
[18:39:31] -!- RandomFactor has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[23:32:30] <Runaway1956> it must be noted that any public official who spends time on twitfuckbook and the rest needs his head examined
[23:36:11] <requerdanos> otoh, it's cheaper than golfing
[23:37:55] <Runaway1956> The old Trumpster should learn the old adage: Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak and prove yourself a fool
[23:38:24] <Runaway1956> The words "no comment" have been overly used by some, but they are lifesavers