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[00:14:54] <FatPhil> oooh yeah - ($6/$5-$3/$2) is a scary expression, you can hide a lot behind an operation like that.
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[05:31:52] <pinchy> https://cdn.discordapp.com
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[09:39:37] <FatPhil> Ah, what's the betting that loons who know nothing about statistics will claim that the Floyd county recount proves anti-trump bias?
[09:41:26] <FatPhil> The new numbers make the county look less pro-trump!
[09:41:46] <aristarchus_> Math is hard.
[09:42:07] <FatPhil> So if you were a conspiracy loon you'd say it was trumpists that had deliberately "lost" those votes.
[09:42:42] <FatPhil> Maths is easy, explaining maths to ignoramuses is hard.
[09:42:51] <aristarchus_> If one were, but we are not!
[09:43:02] <aristarchus_> Conspiracy loons, that is.
[09:43:35] <FatPhil> Well, even the explaining is easy, but getting them to understand is the hard part, particularly when it clashes with their internal biases.
[09:46:39] <FatPhil> It would be fun to present the data, stripped of colour, to a trumpaloon and have them explain to you how clearly the person who lost the pile of votes which were more in favour of him than expected in the county was being hard done by, and having more votes stolen from him than the other guy.
[09:46:50] <FatPhil> And then reveal the colours to him.
[09:54:10] <FatPhil> And for proof of the point, here's one member of the media's version of it: "That said, a recount in one Georgia county has already found a disproportionate number of Trump votes.
[09:54:46] <FatPhil> where the truth is it's disproportionally *low*. (60% rather than the 70% expected)
[09:56:18] <FatPhil> As you can tell, the people who couldn't run an election correctly were in a very republican part of the country...
[10:01:30] <aristarchus_> It is over. This is the way.
[10:11:52] <FatPhil> I miss proper old-fashioned democracy - you know, the one you could just buy.
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