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[12:53:44] <janrinok> chromas, sorry, I took your admin status away while I did some testing - let me know if you want it back
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[12:56:47] <janrinok> test
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[18:31:28] <janrinok> chromas, I note looking at the source code for the bot that you provided for me that you only provide the bot name and vhost information - how does that work?
[18:31:51] <janrinok> I am talking about logging in of course.... :)
[19:13:51] <chromas> it sets nick, user, vhost and fullname, but the vhost field gets ignored
[19:16:22] <janrinok> but you never provide a password?
[19:18:04] <chromas> I guess technically, instead of vhost and stuff, the extra fields are considered undefined and each server does what it wants, which usually seems to be undefined
[19:18:21] <chromas> it sends the password to nickserv
[19:19:16] <janrinok> I've not seen that bit - but I haven't given it password and it is there in the list as cbot
[19:19:28] <chromas> I put that part in handle_connection() and hook that up to the onEndOfMOTD
[19:19:57] <chromas> your bot is using sasl so it sends the password before all the irc bits
[19:20:28] <chromas> or at least wetefish was
[19:20:55] <chromas> I don't see any logins from cbot
[19:22:03] <janrinok> this is the bot code that you sent me - I just renamed it so that we didn't have a clash. I am trying to add sasl to your code but was surprised that I couldn't work out how it connected without a pw
[19:22:45] <chromas> line 29 in bot.d
[19:24:13] <janrinok> yes - you have declared password but I cannot see where you have given it a value.
[19:25:59] <janrinok> I'm obviously not groking the D properly
[19:25:59] <chromas> oh i didn't in that test bot
[19:26:27] <janrinok> well it logs on without either user or password being specified!
[19:26:44] <chromas> I just left that for you to store it whereer. Normally I have a text file that gets loaded into an array and it gets pulled from there
[19:26:58] * chromas looks around for a missin g"v"
[19:27:02] <janrinok> so would I - but it connects without one :)
[19:27:12] <chromas> it connects, but doesn't authenticate
[19:27:47] <chromas> You don't need a password to connect, only to authenticate and get all your privileges
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[19:30:44] <chromas> I c it@
[19:30:45] <chromas> !
[19:31:27] <chromas> I made a stripped down bot code so it was easier to get starte, but I can link you the jumbled mess that is the real bot if you want
[19:32:11] <janrinok> well I would be interested and I promise not to steal too much. I learn better from looking at working code and taking it from there...
[19:32:57] <chromas> You can take whatever you want. It's just a little embarrasing
[19:32:58] * chromas blushes
[19:33:19] <chromas> I wonder whatever happened to my gitea instance
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[19:35:10] <janrinok> wetfish quit
[19:35:19] <janrinok> bugger!
[19:35:35] <chromas> wetfish: quit
[19:35:48] <chromas> A little surprised it doesn't need a , or :
[19:36:07] <janrinok> nah - this is your bot with my name, probably all sorts of mismatches there
[19:36:21] <janrinok> wetfish: quit
[19:37:34] <chromas> oh, then it doesn't handle any sort of commands or anything, unless you added stuff
[19:37:43] <janrinok> not yet.
[19:37:51] <janrinok> hence my "bugger"
[19:38:17] <chromas> hm, I got gitea up but I forgot the credentials so I can't push to it
[19:38:25] <chromas> https://zeroindex.org
[19:38:26] <systemd> ^ 03dbot
[19:38:34] <chromas> still, here's the state of the bot a year or so ago
[19:38:37] <chromas> not a lot's changed
[19:39:10] <chromas> the bot starts in bot.d, which has all the command handling and stuff
[19:39:29] <janrinok> thx
[19:41:09] <chromas> The way I build it (but you don't have to) is with a tool called rdmd, which figures out the module files, so I run rdmd --build-only source/bot
[19:42:01] <chromas> If you run dmd directly, you have to specify all the files for modules, because while it will figure them out on its own, it won't tell the linker on it own, fofr some reason
[19:42:45] <chromas> though maybe you could do something like dmd -ofbot source/*
[19:43:48] <janrinok> I'll let you know what works
[19:44:38] <janrinok> Although I tend to use Dub most of the time. Once I got to understand its unusual requirements then it seems to do the job
[19:46:05] <chromas> ah, that should work. you'll probably have to make a config file for it though
[19:46:11] <janrinok> I love the licence that you use
[19:46:58] <janrinok> yes, but it does that automatically if you put things in the places it expects them. I don't think they are smart choices but they work
[19:48:11] <chromas> I was previously planning to make it a dub project, so I could import other people's code like the xml parser and stuff, but I never got around to it
[19:49:18] <janrinok> It is a good job that I know how you speak/write - otherwise I would have problems with some of your variable names :)
[19:49:46] <chromas> I thought I took out all the offensive stuff
[19:50:50] <janrinok> Oh it is not offensive, just idiosyncratic. "posish" and "article_deets" etc
[19:51:03] <chromas> There's a lot of things I'd do slightly different now that I've learned slightly more
[19:51:15] <chromas> Maybe I should start over :D
[19:52:47] <janrinok> there is nothing wrong with the code - I can read it easily.
[19:55:33] <janrinok> it does not require rewriting or starting again. We can all see how we can improve our code over time, but good enough is good enough. It doesn't have to be perfect idiomatic D - it has to work!
[19:55:47] <chromas> Ah, I found it. My extract_substr() can be replaced with findSplit() from the algorithm module
[19:56:19] <chromas> True, but the more I learn, the harder I can make it for newbs like me to read it!
[19:56:21] <janrinok> Your code is a damn sight better than mine!
[19:57:32] <chromas> ooh, ipv6
[19:58:22] * chromas rolls around on his inflated ego
[19:59:05] <janrinok> yeah, I'm on IPv6 here. At some point in France it gets changed to IPv4 but for inside the country it is all IPv6 first and IPv4 second
[20:00:08] <janrinok> IPv6 but it is still a very poor ADSL connection. Fibre is about 2-3 years away minimum
[20:00:44] <chromas> :(
[20:01:07] <chromas> I have it disabled here because when it's on, after a day or two, connections stop working
[20:01:14] <janrinok> My internal network is much faster than my real world connection
[20:03:49] <janrinok> well for me, IPv6 "just works". And I have thousands of addresses that I can use to access my machines.
[20:04:47] <chromas> Maybe my modem's broken or something
[20:06:37] <janrinok> I had a problem with an earlier modem that couldn't cope with all the addresses that I have. A table would get full and then start writing over code!. Thanks for the bot source code - it is time for me to leave here for today.
[20:07:02] <chromas> You're welcome. Hope it helps
[20:10:30] <chromas> Found the command in my shell history where I set the gitea pasword (seems like a secure place to store it)
[20:10:47] <chromas> doesn't work, and running the command again throws an error about not knowing the database
[20:11:04] <chromas> if I get it figured out, I'll push the latest bot, which probably won't change a lot
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[20:20:38] <chromas> ah, there we go
[20:22:49] <chromas> the only problem with gitea is it idles at 3–5% cpu
[20:28:11] <chromas> looks like they fixed it in an update
[20:29:34] <chromas> ooh, kameloso got an rc2 put out 6 hours ago