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[12:41:57] -!- wetfish [wetfish!~wetfish@yrlo-aih-7-518-01.w83-93.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #test
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[12:44:03] <janrinok> chromas - it seems the mask for wetfish (bot) has disappeared, and it no longer recognises my password which has not be changed. Any ideas?
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[14:27:38] <chromas> I don't see any login announcements for wetfish
[14:28:34] <chromas> janrinok: have you changed any of the code around the connection/login parts of the bot?
[14:28:58] <janrinok> nope, it shows as my unmasked addy, and then doesn't accept my 'IDENTIFY' which hasn't changed. No code has been changed
[14:29:20] <chromas> the only thing I see is
[14:29:20] <chromas> [04:41:57] <NickServ> <xmlrpc> INFO: wetfish
[14:29:30] <chromas> no identify or nuthin' tho
[14:30:33] <janrinok> looking at the code now - it is there and the connect routine is one routine nothing has changed inside it or with my credentials/passwords etc
[14:31:17] <janrinok> I'm just scratching my head about it. If you can't see anything I will have to keep scratching
[14:32:07] <chromas> What kind of output do you get from the server when trying to identify?
[14:32:31] <janrinok> all the things that I used to see and then it drops to a Soy account
[14:32:51] <chromas> it should give some kind of error
[14:33:08] <chromas> when does the identify code run?
[14:33:12] <janrinok> I'll start it again now
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[14:33:20] <janrinok> trying to connect
[14:33:55] <chromas> don't have it identify immediately. have it do it after the motd or something. if it does it immediately after connect it might cum prematurely and get ignored
[14:34:17] <chromas> hm, but the join seems to work okay
[14:34:19] <janrinok> I wait 5 seconds, I could extend that wait
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[14:34:33] <janrinok> nope - kicked out again
[14:34:42] <chromas> no alert here
[14:34:44] <janrinok> ... with no mask
[14:34:59] <chromas> well yeah, no login, no masj
[14:35:08] <janrinok> I am now soyguest 61978
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[14:36:29] <chromas> Try watching for server message 376
[14:36:36] <chromas> ah it went that time
[14:37:13] <janrinok> strange - because nothing has been changed at this end
[14:37:29] <chromas> I know sometimes the connection masturbates a bit, so it might be better to do stuff based on server output instead of time
[14:37:44] <janrinok> OK
[14:38:01] <janrinok> the last action message was 366
[14:38:04] <chromas> if you watch for 376 then you know the server's done with its boilerplate
[14:38:19] * chromas doesn't remember what 366 is
[14:39:44] <janrinok> there is NO 376 - I get 372s and a 396
[14:39:51] <janrinok> End of Links - 266
[14:39:58] <janrinok> *366
[14:41:00] <chromas> dat ain't right
[14:41:55] <janrinok> I've just gone through them again - no 376
[14:42:20] <chromas> should be immediately after all the 372s. Weird
[14:42:34] <chromas> I dunno then
[14:43:04] <janrinok> either you are not sending it or I am not getting it. The pipes will be clogged if we keep doing this.
[14:46:54] <chromas> Do you get a 375?
[14:47:21] <janrinok> nope
[14:48:41] <janrinok> 001, 372, 396, 396, 332, 332, 333, 353, 366, then all PRIVMSG
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[14:49:59] <chromas> hm I'm getting a "376 upstart :End of /MOTD command."
[14:50:23] * chromas blames python
[14:51:27] <janrinok> yep, it is looking that way.
[14:52:41] <janrinok> Is the 376 the last thing before IDENTIFY?
[14:53:56] <chromas> yeah; it's the last thing until I send anything
[14:54:07] <janrinok> Possiblities: It seems that the responses from the US to my locn are slower than usual - it could be a timing problem although everything else seems to be working
[14:54:17] <chromas> so I watch for 376 then do all the identify & join and stuff
[14:55:44] <janrinok> I might try restructuring that bit of code, although it is not top of my list of things to do today
[14:56:00] <chromas> connect();
[14:56:00] <chromas> send: nick upstart
[14:56:00] <chromas> send: user systemd systemd dhost: A bot in D monor
[14:56:00] <chromas> [loop to read socket until 376]
[14:56:00] <chromas> PRIVMSG Nickserv et cetera
[14:56:07] <janrinok> yep understood
[14:57:47] <janrinok> thanks for your help!
[14:57:57] <chromas> you're welcome. hopefully it was some
[14:58:18] <chromas> posting subs isn't at the top of my list of things to do today :D
[14:58:32] <chromas> I wish copying and pasting already-edited stories every time a rocket farts or whatever wasn't so boring
[14:58:47] <janrinok> yeah, but you can always ignore them
[14:59:06] <chromas> but then you guys have to do all the work
[14:59:27] <janrinok> it's just that the queue wasn't looking particularly interesting to me so I thought I should top it up a bit
[15:00:27] <janrinok> you chip in - every story counts
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