#test | Logs for 2020-01-14

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[05:27:07] <chromas> =last exec
[05:27:09] <chromas> ~last exec
[05:27:11] <exec> 03Ops: random, first, last, all, count, source. Parameters: message, nick, channel (regex); since, until (date-/time range); limit (maximum messages to return; default is 1, unless op=all); type [message (plain+action; default), plain, action, nick, mode, join, part, quit, kick, kill, topic, all]; out [json, php, tab, irc, message, html]; debug (show the query and whatever else)
[05:27:12] <exec>  http://chromas.0x.no
[05:27:33] <chromas> hm, it doesn't even send any parameters to the script
[05:28:00] <chromas> so really, it's exec's fault
[05:28:07] * chromas blames crutchy
[19:06:36] * cmn32480 looks things over and gives not a single fuck 'bout chromas' testing
[20:53:25] <chromas> =submit https://www.theverge.com
[20:53:27] <systemd> Submitting "Sen. Ron Wyden calls for an investigation of the ad-blocking industry"...
[20:53:49] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "Sen. Ron Wyden Calls for an Investigation of the Ad-blocking Industry" (10 paragraphs) -> https://soylentnews.org