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[00:51:47] <chromas> =submit https://www.mercurynews.com
[00:51:47] <chromas> =submit https://techcrunch.com
[00:51:47] <chromas> =submit https://www.itworld.com
[00:51:47] <chromas> =submit https://arstechnica.com
[00:51:47] <chromas> =submit https://arstechnica.com
[00:51:48] <chromas> =submit https://go.theregister.co.uk Hah!
[00:51:49] <systemd> Submitting "Study: More than a third of healthcare costs go to bureaucracy"...( 1 modified urls; https://www.mercurynews.com )
[00:51:49] <systemd> Submitting "Toyota is building a tiny utopian prototype city filled with people, robots and AI – TechCrunch"...( 1 modified urls; http://social.techcrunch.com )
[00:51:49] <systemd> Submitting "Backdoors and Breaches incident response card game makes tabletop exercises fun"...
[00:51:49] <systemd> Submitting "YouTube decides it’s easier to treat all watchers of kids’ content as kids"...
[00:51:50] <systemd> Submitting "Ditching coal in the US is saving lives, helping crops"...
[00:51:50] <systemd> Submitting "I spy, with my little satellite AI, something beginning with 'North American image-analysis code embargo'"...
[00:51:50] <chromas> =submit https://www.businessinsider.com Surely this will work better than those laser-projection keyboards of the past
[00:51:52] <systemd> Submitting "Samsung tests invisible keyboard that uses AI and finger tracking - Business Insider"...
[00:52:11] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "Toyota is Building a Tiny Utopian Prototype City Filled With People, Robots and AI – TechCrunch" (10 paragraphs) -> https://soylentnews.org
[00:52:11] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "Study: More Than a Third of Healthcare Costs Go to Bureaucracy" (20 paragraphs) -> https://soylentnews.org
[00:52:11] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "Backdoors and Breaches Incident Response Card Game Makes Tabletop Exercises Fun" (15 paragraphs) -> https://soylentnews.org
[00:52:11] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "YouTube Decides It’s Easier to Treat All Watchers of Kids’ Content as Kids" (11 paragraphs) -> https://soylentnews.org
[00:52:11] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "Ditching Coal in the US is Saving Lives, Helping Crops" (13 paragraphs) -> https://soylentnews.org
[00:52:12] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "I Spy, With My Little Satellite AI, Something Beginning With 'North American Image-analysis Code Emb" (10 paragraphs) -> https://soylentnews.org
[00:52:14] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "Samsung Tests Invisible Keyboard That Uses AI and Finger Tracking - Business Insider" (5 paragraphs) -> https://soylentnews.org
[00:53:33] <chromas> 5 paragraphs? Barely worth the bot effort