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[02:33:38] <chromas> fungus: Honey smacks are what homeys give their bitches.
[02:34:15] * chromas puts an inventory in fungus
[02:34:24] * chromas gives fungus chatbot skillz
[03:13:26] <fyngyrz> inventory?
[04:15:03] <chromas> For storing things.
[04:15:22] <chromas> I think tama's the only one with an inventory. It mostly just drops or give you something when it's full
[05:04:03] <fyngyrz> hmmm. And what would you have the inventory store?
[05:04:14] <fyngyrz> links, that sort of thing?
[05:04:57] <fyngyrz> not really following
[05:05:34] <fyngyrz> sorry for the non-timeliness of all this... having a day here
[05:46:07] <chromas> Any sort of thing. It could be used for irc rpgs or something
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