#test | Logs for 2018-02-21

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[01:55:51] <chromas> #sammichadd bumpstock
[04:38:25] <chromas> aqu4: commands
[04:38:25] <aqu4> Commands with 1 star = admins only, 2 stars = owners only. Commands available:
[04:38:26] <aqu4> burrito, beer, godzilla4**, wz, guessinggame, sr, time, title, ddg, coin, seen, tell, sticky, replace, whoami, tail8*, msg8*, memsg8*, noticemsg8*, chanctl8*, join8*, part8*, cycle8*, debug8*, nickchange4**, admin4**, blacklist8*, netwrite4**, quit4**, restart4**, help, commands
[08:54:07] <chromas> ­čî«tacoctl add-taco onion ring
[08:54:57] <chromas> ­čî«tacoctl add-taco onion ring
[08:54:57] <upstart> Added onion ring tacos to the menu
[08:55:05] <chromas> It just kinda freezes after awhile. fpos
[09:12:16] * chromas tests
[09:12:31] <chromas> weird. actions are highlighted in the bot
[09:12:52] <chromas> Maybe it's the \x1 chars
[10:52:32] upstart is now known as systemd
[13:00:00] <chromas> ~g'day >beverage YouTube comments
[13:00:02] <exec> added to beverages
[17:53:54] <cmn32480> exec: s/added/badded/
[17:53:54] <sedctl> <cmn32480> <exec> badded to beverages
[17:54:05] <cmn32480> s/added/badded/