#test | Logs for 2017-12-09

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[06:55:20] <chromas> MrPlow could use some outputs of color
[06:55:41] <chromas> Like a blue checkmark or something when a #submit succeeds and a red x when it fails
[06:55:50] <chromas> the red 'n' Xs
[14:23:31] <TheMightyBuzzard> chromas, das racis
[15:09:57] <chromas> hey I said "of color", not "colored" so it's okay
[20:49:59] <chromas> Artemis:
[20:50:16] <chromas> ss\sss
[20:50:25] <chromas> aw, well it used to work
[20:52:39] <chromas> In the olden times, upstart didn't discriminate and would check for any character after the "s". Now it racisses against alphanumerics.