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[11:16:46] -!- mode/#test [+v crutchy] by wheatley
[13:17:52] <crutchy> wtf have i done to it now :/
[13:17:57] <crutchy> ~x open test
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[13:18:08] -!- mode/#test [+v exec] by wheatley
[13:18:11] <crutchy> ~x open test
[13:18:12] <exec> script "test" opened for editing by crutchy in #test
[13:18:20] <crutchy> ~x code
[13:18:21] <exec> no lines in "test" script
[13:18:46] <crutchy> ~bucket <<LIVE_SCRIPTS>>
[13:18:48] <exec> a:2:{s:417:"a:1:{s:4:"test";a:2:{s:4:"code";s:356:"aWYgKChzdHJwb3Moc3RydG9sb3dlcigkdHJhaWxpbmcpLCJjcnV0Y2h5IikhPT1GYWxzZSkgb3IgKHN0cnBvcyhzdHJ0b2xvd2VyKCR0cmFpbGluZyksImV4ZWMiKSE9PUZhbHNlKSkgeyBwbSgiY3J1dGNoeSIsIlskZGVzdF0gPCRuaWNrPiAkdHJhaWxpbmciKTsgfQppZiAoc3RycG9zKCR0cmFpbGluZywiZ2x1YiIpIT09RmFsc2UpIHsgcG0oJGRlc3QsImdsdWIiKTsgfQppZiAoJHRyYWlsaW5nPT0icG91dGluZSsrIikKewpwbSgkZGVzdCwicG91dGluZS0tIik7Cn0=";s:7:"enabled";b:1;}}";a:1:{s:4:"code";s:128:
[13:19:22] <crutchy> ~x code
[13:19:23] <exec> no lines in "test" script
[13:23:09] <crutchy> there is so fucking lines in test
[13:23:26] * crutchy snorts lines from test script
[13:24:00] <chromas> How about a de-64 to console function?
[13:24:42] <crutchy> code action is a de-64 to privmsg
[13:26:12] <chromas> Isn't there usually a bit of a header at the beginning?
[13:27:04] <crutchy> hmm. yeah
[13:27:06] <crutchy> ==
[13:29:11] <crutchy> ~x code
[13:29:12] <exec> no lines in "test" script
[13:29:40] <crutchy> ~x code
[13:29:41] <exec> no lines in "test" script
[13:30:01] <crutchy> ~x code
[13:30:03] <exec> no lines in "test" script
[13:30:54] <crutchy> ~x code
[13:30:56] <exec> no lines in "test" script
[13:31:10] <crutchy> shit its not even picking up the jibberish
[13:31:30] <crutchy> ~x code
[13:31:31] <exec> no lines in "test" script
[13:32:02] <crutchy> ~x code
[13:32:03] <exec> no lines in "test" script
[13:33:08] <crutchy> ~x code
[13:33:10] <exec> no lines in "test" script
[13:33:20] <chromas> The caret isn't special in php strings, is it?
[13:34:10] <crutchy> nah. not the way im using strings
[13:34:27] <crutchy> seems to be some weird array nesting :/
[13:37:51] <crutchy> ~x code
[13:37:52] <exec> no lines in "test" script
[13:39:48] <crutchy> ~x code
[13:39:49] <exec> no lines in "test" script
[13:40:06] <crutchy> fuck me
[13:40:18] <crutchy> how the fuck did *that* happen?
[13:41:02] <crutchy> i think i may have found a bucket bug
[13:41:03] <crutchy> maybe
[13:42:14] <chromas> Need to backup the bucket store to git for revisions
[13:42:44] <crutchy> somehow there's an element in the live script bucket array with an index equal to the entire previous serialized array :/
[13:42:46] <chromas> Then. I could easily compare changes 😃
[13:43:03] <chromas> Weird
[13:43:27] <crutchy> var_dump($scripts["a:1:{s:4:\"test\";a:2:{s:4:\"code\";s:356:\"aWYgKChzdHJwb3Moc3RydG9sb3dlcigkdHJhaWxpbmcpLCJjcnV0Y2h5IikhPT1GYWxzZSkgb3IgKHN0cnBvcyhzdHJ0b2xvd2VyKCR0cmFpbGluZyksImV4ZWMiKSE9PUZhbHNlKSkgeyBwbSgiY3J1dGNoeSIsIlskZGVzdF0gPCRuaWNrPiAkdHJhaWxpbmciKTsgfQppZiAoc3RycG9zKCR0cmFpbGluZywiZ2x1YiIpIT09RmFsc2UpIHsgcG0oJGRlc3QsImdsdWIiKTsgfQppZiAoJHRyYWlsaW5nPT0icG91dGluZSsrIikKewpwbSgkZGVzdCwicG91dGluZS0tIik7Cn0=\";s:7:\"enabled\";b:1
[13:43:27] <crutchy> ;}}"]);
[13:43:45] <chromas> Could the quotes or == be affecting the encoding process?
[13:43:47] <crutchy> ^returned an array containing the last code
[13:43:59] <crutchy> hmm possibly
[13:44:08] <crutchy> ~bucket <<LIVE_SCRIPTS>> unset
[13:44:09] <exec> unset bucket
[13:44:41] <crutchy> ~x add if (strtolower(substr($trailing,0,8))=="~weather") { pm($dest,"^weather".substr($trailing,9)); }
[13:44:42] <exec> script line appended
[13:44:47] <crutchy> ~x code
[13:44:48] <exec> [L1] if (strtolower(substr($trailing,0,8))=="~weather") { pm($dest,"^weather".substr($trailing,9)); }
[13:45:41] <crutchy> ~bucket <<LIVE_SCRIPTS>>
[13:45:42] <exec> a:1:{s:4:"test";a:1:{s:4:"code";s:128:"aWYgKHN0cnRvbG93ZXIoc3Vic3RyKCR0cmFpbGluZywwLDgpKT09In53ZWF0aGVyIikgeyBwbSgkZGVzdCwiXndlYXRoZXIiLnN1YnN0cigkdHJhaWxpbmcsOSkpOyB9";}}
[13:45:51] <crutchy> ¿
[13:46:11] <crutchy> still doesn't have == at the start
[13:46:21] <crutchy> ~weather
[13:46:39] <crutchy> ~x global on
[13:46:41] <exec> live script global exec flag set
[13:46:46] <crutchy> ~x enable test
[13:46:47] <exec> script "test" enabled
[13:46:51] <crutchy> ~weather
[13:46:51] <exec> ^weather
[13:46:57] <crutchy> that worked
[13:47:01] <crutchy> ~x code
[13:47:02] <exec> [L1] if (strtolower(substr($trailing,0,8))=="~weather") { pm($dest,"^weather".substr($trailing,9)); }
[13:49:23] <crutchy> ~x remove-line L1
[13:49:51] <crutchy> ~x delete-line L1
[13:49:52] <exec> script line removed
[13:50:10] <crutchy> ~x add if (strtolower(substr($trailing,0,8))=="~weather") { pm($dest,"^weather ".substr($trailing,9)); }
[13:50:12] <exec> script line appended
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[17:01:16] -!- mode/#test [+v TheMightyBot] by wheatley
[20:58:23] <crutchy> TheMightyBot: help
[20:58:23] <TheMightyBot> crutchy: Availible commands are: absolutely none. Enter the command without arguments for syntax.
[20:58:47] <crutchy> TheMightyBot: absolutely none
[20:58:53] <crutchy> aww
[20:59:09] <crutchy> tmb, the 'absolutely none' command is broked :d
[21:14:55] <crutchy> blah
[21:15:03] <crutchy> shit
[21:15:30] <chromas> glub
[21:15:38] <chromas> ~define glub
[21:15:40] <exec> [urbandictionary] 3Glub: A girl that you meet at a club and realize upon further inspection that she is not as attractive as you first thought.
[21:15:46] <chromas> oh yeah
[21:15:54] <crutchy> ~define glub glub
[21:15:57] <exec> [urbandictionary] 3glub glub: 1. (noun) - a giant booty2. (onomatopoeia) - the sound that such a booty makes
[21:16:11] <crutchy> ~define booty2
[21:16:23] <chromas> butt_ripples++
[21:16:25] <exec> booty2: unable to find definition
[21:16:42] <crutchy> ~weather
[21:16:43] <exec> ^weather
[21:16:54] <crutchy> ~x code
[21:16:56] <exec> [L1] if (strtolower(substr($trailing,0,8))=="~weather") { pm($dest,"^weather ".substr($trailing,9)); }
[21:17:18] <chromas> ~weather bewbs
[21:17:19] <exec> ^weather bewbs
[21:17:55] <chromas> noooo!!!!2
[21:18:04] <chromas> poor ~weather
[21:18:21] <chromas> could just redirect when it can't find anything :)
[21:18:32] <chromas> extra_work++
[21:18:54] * crutchy started working on irciv last night
[21:19:11] <crutchy> i deleted a lot of code that i'd done recently
[21:19:15] <crutchy> stupid brain :/
[21:19:25] <crutchy> keeps changing its mind
[21:19:32] <crutchy> thinking--
[21:20:20] <chromas> irciv++
[21:23:36] <crutchy> i don't think i need irc events cos the only thing the game really uses is account to authenticate and i can just get that whenever using the users_get_account function
[21:23:42] <crutchy> so i deleted all the event code