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[00:44:28] <rand> Testing Chatzilla stand-alone. We'll see how long this holds a connection.
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[00:53:56] <rand> Well, that didn't take very long...let's try it again.
[00:54:39] <chromas> If you have more than one connection, do they all die at once?
[00:54:59] * chromas scrolls for history
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[00:57:24] <rand> I'll try that.
[00:58:58] <rand> The other day Hexchat and Xchat died at the same moment. Konversation and Pidgin dc's at different times, but close to the same time.
[00:59:42] <chromas> Weird
[00:59:55] <chromas> Tried both ports?
[01:00:58] <rand> Haven't tried 6667 lately, but it was doing the same thing, disconnecting at random intervals.
[01:02:50] <rand> If I can ever pry my granddaughter away from it, I want to try my laptop to see if maybe it's just something about this machine.
[01:03:02] <chromas> Not sure why but my andchat is set to port 7000 and it connects
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[02:15:45] <rand> Both connections dc's seconds after the connection to the isp reset.
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