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[02:13:35] <crutchy> ~define Perl
[02:13:40] <exec> [www.urbandictionary.com] 3perl: pur'-el (n) 1. Computer programming language used mostly by male virgins, between the ages of 17 and 35, who are also well versed in the Lord Of The Rings stories.
[02:13:49] <crutchy> ~define-sources
[02:13:49] <exec> definition sources: www.wolframalpha.com, www.urbandictionary.com, www.stoacademy.com
[02:15:17] <crutchy> ~define-sources
[02:15:18] <exec> definition sources: www.urbandictionary.com, www.wolframalpha.com, www.stoacademy.com
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[10:02:58] <crutchy> ~buckets-list
[10:02:59] <exec> bucket list output to terminal
[10:03:00] <exec> bucket count: 47
[10:52:00] <crutchy> %c4hello
[10:52:10] <crutchy> %C4hello
[10:53:37] <crutchy> %C4,7 hello
[10:54:17] <crutchy> %C4,7 hello
[10:55:10] <crutchy> 4hello
[10:55:27] <chromas> ^C02,03hi
[10:55:58] <chromas> Testing colorizer?
[10:56:11] <crutchy> yeah
[10:56:40] <chromas> Nice hack :D
[10:59:17] <crutchy> it's ctrl+k in xchat
[10:59:25] <crutchy> can't remember what client you using
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[11:28:27] <crutchy> moved all exec's functions into a lib file so i can access them in scripts :-)
[11:29:59] <crutchy> trying to write a kind of stats page for alias usage
[11:30:46] <chromas> Cool
[11:31:02] <chromas> upgrades++
[13:17:52] <chromas> ~invite ciri
[15:08:13] <chromas> ~define pawnography
[15:08:18] <exec> pawnography: unable to find definition
[15:10:12] <chromas> ~define ciri
[15:10:14] <exec> [www.urbandictionary.com] 3Ciri: Ciri is a beautiful girl. an awesome friend, a smart girl with a big heart. Ciri loves her family and is a great mom. Ciri is an awesome nurse and takes good care of her patients. Ciri is a team playe...
[15:11:15] <chromas> ~define nurse
[15:11:17] <exec> [www.urbandictionary.com] 3nurse: A health care professional who has been educated and trained to care for the sick, in hospitals, or other health facilities. Nurses are assigned to patients in hospitals and look after their physical ...
[15:11:38] <chromas> That's not funny
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