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[04:05:36] <chromas> SedBot:
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[09:03:02] <crutchy> coffee++
[09:05:29] <chromas> karma - coffee: 666
[09:06:17] <crutchy> chromas: s/666/8008135/
[09:06:31] <crutchy> :-(
[09:07:31] <crutchy> i'll get exec sed back on its feet tonight... i fleshed out the dispatch logic on a scribble pad at work over lunch
[09:08:52] <chromas> Noice. Workin' hard
[09:09:03] <crutchy> i'm tring to make scripts as self-contained as possible so there isn't shit all over the place
[09:10:07] <crutchy> eventually even exec lines will be in scripts :-D
[09:10:53] <chromas> :)
[09:12:21] <chromas> oh yeah, it could scan the folder and run an init function of each one which will add an array item :D
[09:12:23] <chromas> plugins
[09:12:23] <crutchy> how you been chromas?
[09:13:08] <chromas> Not bad. I upgraded monopoly a bit to show summaries of wikis and soylent pages
[09:13:21] <crutchy> cool!
[09:13:29] <chromas> No coffee here though :D You can have some
[09:13:39] <crutchy> monopoly has some killer features
[09:14:12] <chromas> http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[09:14:13] <monopoly> 04Wiki: 03IRC:exec: IRC Script Executive
[09:14:18] <chromas> hm
[09:14:32] <crutchy> my bot has some nice features that mostly go to waste due to lack of script features :-/
[09:14:34] <chromas> I think it grabs what's in the first <p> tags
[09:14:41] <crutchy> nice
[09:15:34] <chromas> Haven't ported to pascal yet 'cause I keep getting interrupted :D Now it's video games with my nephew
[09:15:47] <crutchy> haha awesome
[09:16:04] <crutchy> what's it in atm? tcl?
[09:16:35] <chromas> kvs
[09:16:39] <chromas> http://soylentnews.org
[09:16:40] <monopoly> 04SN article: 03Rootkits Target 64-bit PCs - Secure Boot Is Not Always Secure 04(13 comments): Lucian Constantin writes at PC World that with the increasing number of 64-bit systems, experts say the incentive is growing for attackers to invest in methods of by...
[09:16:56] <chromas> though the scanning/title extraction is pascal now
[09:17:19] <crutchy> oooh
[09:19:16] <chromas> it's all over the place. Need to refactor like exec :D
[09:20:08] <crutchy> i'm only refactoring some bits... stdout handler mainly
[09:28:23] <chromas> to start with
[09:28:28] <chromas> but then you'll get an idea
[09:32:47] <crutchy> i should try making a fp script
[09:33:00] <crutchy> well, executable
[09:33:16] <chromas> there is an fp script thing now
[09:33:25] <chromas> pascal script
[09:33:39] <crutchy> mkay
[09:33:54] <crutchy> compiled prolly faster
[09:40:54] <crutchy> and sexier :-P
[09:41:15] <crutchy> s/sex/hex/
[09:41:23] <crutchy> :-/
[11:41:03] <crutchy> i just scrapped about 3 hours work :-/
[11:50:25] <chromas> Accidentally?
[11:53:29] <crutchy> nah. something was getting bigger than ben hur for little gain
[11:55:45] <chromas> Ooh; was thera a chariot race?
[11:58:24] <chromas> /e test
[11:58:24] <monopoly> test
[11:58:38] <chromas> Hmm. Net but no dns
[11:59:23] <chromas> Must be that time of the month
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[12:26:22] <chromas> http://soylentnews.org
[12:26:23] <monopoly> └ 04SN comment by jasassin (3566): What more could two guys from Jersey possibly want? Well, to have these fucks stop talking shit about us... on the lnternet for starters. What have l been telling you...
[12:26:34] <chromas> yay! Not necessary but fun
[12:27:13] <chromas> (not the specific comment; that was just a random click)
[12:28:28] <crutchy> testing is good :-)
[12:35:56] <chromas> crutchy: s/ing i/e/
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[15:55:04] <crutchy> ~part
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[16:01:59] <prospectacle> afternoon testers
[16:03:56] <crutchy> g'day :-)
[16:04:26] <prospectacle> what's happening crutchy? How's the game?
[16:07:22] <crutchy> hasn't progressed much in the last month or so. been focusing on a couple of other scripts and the bot itself, but hopefully will get back into it soon'
[16:07:46] <prospectacle> good stuff. It's hard to keep momentum isn't it
[16:07:59] <prospectacle> I'd better get back to my various projects, now that work has died down a bit
[16:08:12] <crutchy> http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[16:08:13] <monopoly> └ 04Wiki: 03IRCiv:
[16:08:43] <prospectacle> that's a cool new irc feature, does it work for everything
[16:08:47] <prospectacle> http://en.wikipedia.org
[16:08:47] <monopoly> └ 04Wiki: 03Main Page: WINC (1400 AM) is a broadcast radio station licensed to Winchester, Virginia, United States. WINC (studios pictured) serves Winchester, and Frederick and Clarke Count... ( http://en.wikipedia.org )
[16:08:48] <monopoly> └ 04Wiki: 03Main Page: WINC (1400 AM) is a broadcast radio station licensed to Winchester, Virginia, United States. WINC (studios pictured) serves Winchester, and Frederick and Clarke Count...
[16:09:06] <prospectacle> lol recursion
[16:09:14] <crutchy> that's chromas' creation... very cool :-)
[16:09:20] <crutchy> yeah dunno what that is
[16:09:28] <crutchy> i'[m sure its a feature though :-D
[16:10:02] <prospectacle> http://aldaily.com
[16:10:05] <monopoly> └ 03Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate ( http://www.aldaily.com )
[16:10:06] <monopoly> └ 03Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
[16:10:09] <prospectacle> just testing
[16:10:50] <crutchy> my bot was starting to develop some strange behaviors (read "i started forgetting how it worked") so i thought i'd better sort some of that out
[16:11:20] <prospectacle> yep, that'll happen
[16:11:24] <crutchy> trying to document a bit more too
[16:11:36] <crutchy> the wiki is good for that
[16:11:59] <crutchy> exec has its own little site @ http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[16:12:00] <monopoly> └ 04Wiki: 03IRC:exec: IRC Script Executive
[16:12:34] <prospectacle> yeah. at some point in almost any software project, the design and organisaiton of the codebase becomes the biggest problem, bigger than how to make an algorithm work, which features to add next ,etc.
[16:13:28] <prospectacle> cool so exec is it's own thing, but it also runs irciv?
[16:13:43] <crutchy> irciv is just an exec script
[16:15:04] <crutchy> i've also moved the bot onto a webserver and i'm getting into ssh, rsync and screen
[16:15:34] <prospectacle> it's really coming along
[16:16:19] <crutchy> running on the same machine as the website means i can simplify the map serving in irciv (don't need socket and post requests or key files etc)
[16:16:40] <prospectacle> yeah dedicated server def. a plus
[16:17:27] <prospectacle> for some reason I've lost my appetite for wine since I started drinking tea
[16:17:51] <prospectacle> But I'm going to be persistent and see if I can't get drunk tonight, since I have tomorrow off. Wish me luck
[16:18:22] <crutchy> lol. i usually drink when i'm pissed off at something cos it settles me :-P
[16:18:29] <prospectacle> maybe that's it
[16:18:42] <prospectacle> tea, unlike coffee, has a calming agent. Maybe I've lost the rage
[16:18:50] <prospectacle> I'm sure I can get it back somehow
[16:19:17] <crutchy> need to listen to some mad dubstep... you'll be punching walls in no time
[16:19:57] <prospectacle> I wish I had your persistence with my software hobby projects. I'm gonna try to get back into my task manager program this weekend, has been a while since I touched it, but it's so close to releasable. it's this ----> <--- close
[16:20:25] <crutchy> ahh yeah that is a cool project
[16:21:34] <prospectacle> I use it all the time and I daresay it even makes my life better, but needs a bit of polish to release to the world.
[16:21:44] <prospectacle> Do you intend or hope to make money out of your game it if all goes well?
[16:21:55] <crutchy> i just release my madness warts and all :-D
[16:22:14] <crutchy> mainly cos it makes me feel like a l33t programmerererer
[16:22:17] <prospectacle> that's probably not a bad approach, you can get feedback a lot sooner that way
[16:22:42] <prospectacle> lol that is the most important part
[16:23:08] <crutchy> there's prolly a bit of motivation gained from maintaining a github... pressure to make publicly accessible code suck a bit less, even for my own ego
[16:23:58] <prospectacle> yeah I can see how that would make it seem more urgent
[16:24:01] <crutchy> i doubt anyone other than me really looks at my github but thats ok
[16:24:21] <prospectacle> I looked at it five minutes ago
[16:24:22] <crutchy> my ego is a hard enough taskmaster :-P
[16:24:30] <crutchy> lol mkay :-D
[16:24:35] <prospectacle> Does github have tracking stuff so you can see who/how many has looked at it?
[16:24:44] <crutchy> err. dunno
[16:24:53] <crutchy> i haven't seen anything like that
[16:25:06] <prospectacle> On my own websites I log all the page hits and obsessively see who is reading them and where they come from. I'm not proud of it
[16:25:33] <prospectacle> but I want to know e.g. if they're being linked to, which parts are most popular, etc
[16:25:44] <crutchy> lol apache logs are a voyeurs plaything
[16:26:22] <crutchy> even error logs (cos i like to see how people are trying to break things or gain access)
[16:27:03] <crutchy> so you're definitely not alone there :-)
[16:28:22] <prospectacle> I made one site. A year or so ago now. Made all kinds of "Cool" features, made example code for answers on forums, tried to make it all useful and fancy. Turns out "how to resize and iframe to fit its contents" got more hits than all the rest of the topics combined. Still does.
[16:28:34] <prospectacle> If only I knew ahead of time I could have saved time writing the rest of the site
[16:30:08] <crutchy> is it a kind of aggregator site?
[16:30:23] <prospectacle> nah it was just like examples for web-programmers of how to do things
[16:30:33] <crutchy> ah cool
[16:30:53] <prospectacle> It was very messy and all over the place, but some of the individual articles were good, imo or at least instructive
[16:31:06] <prospectacle> If I had been more organised it may have been a good site
[16:31:36] <crutchy> content is the main thing
[16:32:00] <prospectacle> yes it is
[16:32:14] <prospectacle> Needs to be easy to find/navigate though, or all the content in the world will not reach anyone
[16:32:43] <crutchy> i normally use w3schools for my css woes
[16:33:01] <prospectacle> yeah w3schools is great
[16:33:03] <crutchy> its not great but has just enough mostly
[16:33:06] <crutchy> lol
[16:33:18] <crutchy> it is pretty good though yeah :-)
[16:33:19] <prospectacle> it's sort of on the level of a dictionary
[16:33:58] <prospectacle> Not too many actual things are done there, but you can learn enough to do almost anything.
[16:34:48] <crutchy> yeah not very practical. more of a reference i guess
[16:35:18] <prospectacle> Yeah, good as a basic api reference, but not much more. I think there's probably a market for a well organised directory of working examples that are, say, 5-50 lines long. Like how to do specific, slightly hard things with web interfaces.
[16:35:39] <crutchy> definitely
[16:35:46] <crutchy> with a really good search
[16:36:00] <crutchy> (often the hard bit)
[16:36:24] <prospectacle> e.g.: Here's how you do auto-search, here's how you do resizable boxes, or menus, or newspaper-style columns, etc
[16:36:50] <prospectacle> yeah, I hope a better search engine comes along soon
[16:37:28] <prospectacle> I used to think google was the bees knees but lately they've been showing a lot of annoying little quirks. You don't seem to have the control you use to, over exactly what gets included or excluded in your results
[16:38:44] <crutchy> even the google home page has been bog slow for me lately. hate to say it but bing is way quicker for me lately, even with the rediculous wallpapers
[16:39:03] <prospectacle> interesting
[16:39:24] <prospectacle> one day we'll be like "remember when everyone used google"
[16:39:46] <crutchy> dunno whether its all the js that google uses, or all the linked stuff
[16:39:54] <prospectacle> not sure what will replace it, but it's definitely got limits that someone will make a profit from
[16:40:38] <prospectacle> One problem with google is it tries to do two things at once: Relevance and popularity
[16:40:50] <prospectacle> Often the two are at odds with each other.
[16:41:25] <prospectacle> Also they try to guess what you mean, and include synonyms (which may not be synonyms in context) without asking, but that's a whole other kettle of fish
[16:41:47] <crutchy> true
[16:46:58] <prospectacle> do you like drama series on tv?
[16:47:06] <prospectacle> like good ones
[16:47:24] <prospectacle> breaking bad, the wire, sopranos, fargo, etc?
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[18:07:16] <chromas> http://aldaily.com
[18:07:18] <monopoly> └ 03Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate ( http://www.aldaily.com )
[18:07:22] <chromas> That's better
[18:10:05] <chromas> http://en.wikipedia.org
[18:10:06] <monopoly> └ 04Wiki: 03Main Page: WINC (1400 AM) is a broadcast radio station licensed to Winchester, Virginia, United States. WINC (studios pictured) serves Winchester, and Frederick and Clarke Count... ( http://en.wikipedia.org )
[18:16:44] <chromas> http://www.youtube.com
[18:17:06] <chromas> hm
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