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[05:43:51] <Konomi> I am having a bang head against desk worthy momement
[05:44:18] <Konomi> someone is telling me the EXIT STATUS of their RUNNING program is 1
[05:44:36] <Konomi> and I'm trying to ge it through to them that it's called an EXIT STATUS you can't get it untilt he program fails or finishes
[05:44:41] <Konomi> >.<
[05:46:52] <chromas> maybe they're running it in a loop, so it keeps restarting or they come from Windows
[05:51:47] <Konomi> I gave up and just stopped talking to them ^^;
[05:53:01] <chromas> Did you return a 1? :)
[05:53:26] <Konomi> gonna return 254 to this guy I swear ;p
[05:55:00] <chromas> Well now you're just being negative
[05:55:15] <Konomi> am not 254 is vaild I didn't wrap around
[05:55:25] <Konomi> it's 255 values including 0
[05:55:30] <chromas> He'll read it as a signed byte
[05:55:36] <Konomi> >.<
[05:57:14] <Konomi> chromas: I'll just have to admit defeat and that he solved the halting problem in bash...
[06:03:25] <chromas> he sounds smart; I for one would like to work with him
[06:03:38] * Konomi glares >.<
[06:04:26] <chromas> Hey, how's perl_bot?
[06:08:20] <Konomi> stuck I went to other things I'm probably going to come back to it though
[06:08:45] <Konomi> I'll probably flesh out an example of file loading to associative arrays in perl before I continue on it
[06:08:49] <Konomi> so it can support multiple servers
[06:09:08] <Konomi> which will incorporate some sort of socket management
[06:09:15] <Konomi> atm any net problem knocks it out and it never comes back
[06:09:39] <Konomi> I was going to call it crappy_perl_bot originally was just a bit long ;p
[06:10:34] <chromas> s/py_p//
[06:10:45] <chromas> SedBot needs help
[06:11:16] <Konomi> but yeah my interest sunk a bit I'm sure it'll remerge though
[06:11:25] <Konomi> I hate forcing myself to code though so I prefer to wait
[06:11:34] <Konomi> gives me an awful feeling
[06:11:38] <chromas> It will arise as Shellbot!
[06:11:46] <Konomi> I ain't doing that ;p
[06:13:39] <chromas> yeah you can mix netcat with grep and names pipes
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[11:26:59] <crutchy> SedBot
[11:41:50] <Konomi> hi crutchy :-)
[11:41:55] * Konomi runs and hides
[11:42:19] <crutchy> hi Konomi :-D
[11:42:32] * crutchy chases konomi
[11:42:35] <Konomi> nuu
[11:42:46] <Konomi> I must hide from bi-pedal life forms
[11:43:43] <crutchy> don't need to worry cos i have 3 legs :-P
[11:44:10] * crutchy hides
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