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[00:00:22] <Deep_Blue> I wonder if those taste good
[00:01:43] <marty-b> lol~
[00:08:47] <marty-b> that was a great catch
[00:08:58] <Deep_Blue> Yeah!
[00:10:51] <marty-b> FG bengals!
[00:14:11] <Deep_Blue> man that first quarter went fast
[00:15:52] <marty-b> nod nod!
[00:15:57] <marty-b> brb
[00:21:42] <Deep_Blue> TD
[00:22:22] <Deep_Blue> that was a nice one
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[00:29:07] <marty-b> back!
[00:29:24] <marty-b> Runaway1956: howdt!
[00:29:49] <Runaway1956> I was just looking, I don't really believe in the SuperBowl
[00:30:39] <marty-b> missed the bTD 00 will see it in the highlights later
[00:31:06] <Deep_Blue> what? how can you not believe in the SB? It's REAL i tells you
[00:31:48] <marty-b> bio break
[00:32:04] <Deep_Blue> dude
[00:32:20] <CheekyLeeks> is this pee-to-pee networking?
[00:32:24] <marty-b> it's not nice to fool w/ mother nature
[00:32:30] <marty-b> TD!
[00:32:37] <Deep_Blue> i do that all the time when i drive the limo
[00:32:45] <CheekyLeeks> I hope that TD is in the game and not the bio break
[00:32:59] <marty-b> lol
[00:33:07] <Deep_Blue> i hope it's both
[00:33:08] <CheekyLeeks> I guess that would be splashdown
[00:33:17] <marty-b> both!?
[00:33:49] <Deep_Blue> yeah, in game and you don't miss the toilet
[00:34:07] <Deep_Blue> that's was a nice TD also
[00:34:09] <Runaway1956> That's just a bowl goal.
[00:34:54] <marty-b> lol
[00:38:11] <marty-b> heh. whenever I hear them say "Bengals", it sounds to me like
[00:38:51] <marty-b> heh. whenever I hear them say "the Bengals", it sounds to me like "The Bangles"
[00:39:06] <Deep_Blue> heh
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[00:41:58] <marty-b> Walk Like an Egyptian!
[00:43:47] <Deep_Blue> got me some ribs!
[00:43:52] <CheekyLeeks> Don't forget the song about Chlamydia.
[00:44:11] <CheekyLeeks> "Bengals Just Happy To Not Be In Ohio"
[00:44:14] <marty-b> ??
[00:44:46] <marty-b> not familiar w/ that one
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[00:45:08] <CheekyLeeks> https://www.youtube.com
[00:45:19] <CheekyLeeks> =enable titles
[00:45:19] <systemd> k
[00:45:25] <CheekyLeeks> https://www.youtube.com
[00:45:27] <systemd> ^ 03The Bangles - Eternal Flame
[00:45:31] <marty-b> interception!
[00:45:37] <Deep_Blue> Klamydia - metanol man
[00:45:44] <marty-b> loved that sone
[00:45:52] <CheekyLeeks> ok I'll quit shitposting and go back to making cheesecakes
[00:50:59] <Deep_Blue> man i need to win the lottery or some magic superbowl lottery so i can go watch it once in my lifetime
[00:52:10] <Runaway1956> It's not a real super bowl unless it's played in Three River's Stadium in the snow . . .
[00:52:36] <Deep_Blue> well they could come here to play in the snow, if that's the thing
[00:53:14] <Deep_Blue> who says it has to be played in the states
[00:53:41] <marty-b> or save your money
[00:53:48] <Runaway1956> No one outside the states plays real football
[00:53:49] <CheekyLeeks> looks like you can watch it on bbc internets if you have the right ip
[00:53:55] <CheekyLeeks> https://www.bbc.co.uk
[00:53:57] <systemd> ^ 03Super Bowl - LVI: LVI: Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
[00:53:59] <Deep_Blue> yes you can
[00:54:01] <Runaway1956> and they spell it wrong
[00:54:25] <marty-b> *cash
[00:54:34] <Deep_Blue> we have american football league here also
[00:54:56] <Deep_Blue> In Finland that is
[00:56:02] <marty-b> what time it it there?
[00:56:15] <Deep_Blue> 2:56am
[00:56:48] <marty-b> a real trooper u are
[00:59:11] <Deep_Blue> like i said, i've watched superbowl for 15-17 years. I was studying in polytechnic when they advertised that they are going to show superbowl for free. I thought i'll check it out and see it becase all the hype and i've watched it every year since. Twice i've been in states at the time of superbowl
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[01:00:21] <marty-b> Deep_Blue: that's quite a story
[01:00:48] <marty-b> SoyCow6435: Welcome!
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[01:11:01] <Deep_Blue> alright, alright, alright halftime show
[01:18:32] <Deep_Blue> boring as always
[01:20:10] <marty-b> not my kind of music
[01:20:35] <Deep_Blue> mine either
[01:20:53] <Runaway1956> hmmmmm
[01:21:02] <CheekyLeeks> is it robot voice with trap beats?
[01:21:24] <marty-b> tuba, trombone, and trumpet?! noice!
[01:21:42] <CheekyLeeks> Better than most of the new music I've heard lately
[01:21:57] <Deep_Blue> man, gu-fakists
[01:23:11] <Deep_Blue> anyone watch Stevie T on youtube about gui-fakists?
[01:23:19] <marty-b> sousaphone?
[01:24:05] <Deep_Blue> que?
[01:25:09] <marty-b> college roommate plaued that -- was always a target at hockey games
[01:26:22] <CheekyLeeks> Ah, gufakist == guitar fakist
[01:26:27] <Deep_Blue> yes
[01:28:33] <marty-b> local ad are one now
[01:28:48] <marty-b> s/one/on/
[01:29:19] <Deep_Blue> they are showing other game highlights here
[01:30:12] <marty-b> nod nod
[01:31:57] <marty-b> just caught a really short hilight summary
[01:33:12] <marty-b> TD
[01:33:27] <marty-b> 75 yards!
[01:34:12] <marty-b> la 13 cin 17
[01:35:23] <marty-b> missed facemask call!
[01:36:07] <marty-b> interception
[01:36:15] <Deep_Blue> damn, i was taking a dookie, i thought i had time
[01:36:30] <marty-b> OOPS!
[01:37:46] <marty-b> =g hoosegow
[01:37:46] <systemd> https://www.merriam-webster.com - Hoosegow Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster;
[01:38:47] <Deep_Blue> omg, you have named your bot systemd? That's blasphemy man
[01:39:21] <marty-b> not my doing!
[01:39:43] <Deep_Blue> maybe it shouold be your undoing
[01:40:08] <marty-b> that's been its name for years
[01:40:30] <Deep_Blue> sick, just plain sick
[01:41:14] <marty-b> agreed!
[01:41:27] <marty-b> that's wh I like it!
[01:41:58] <marty-b> chromas++
[01:42:34] <marty-b> cannot imagine running the site without it
[01:43:43] <marty-b> 13 -- 20
[01:43:57] <Deep_Blue> Affirmitive
[01:48:51] <Deep_Blue> nice catch
[01:49:07] <marty-b> yep!
[01:50:03] <marty-b> another great catch
[01:53:08] <Deep_Blue> nice play, but the throw went bad
[01:55:28] <marty-b> .op
[01:56:19] -!- mode/#SuperBowl-LVI [+o marty-b] by Bytram
[01:58:26] <Deep_Blue> this has been a pretty good superbowl so far. Goals happening, neither is too dominant
[01:58:44] <marty-b> agreed!
[01:58:48] <Deep_Blue> could still go either way
[02:00:04] <marty-b> gnawed gnawed
[02:00:19] <Deep_Blue> que?
[02:00:55] <marty-b> aka: nod nod
[02:00:57] <marty-b> ;)
[02:02:01] <marty-b> Deep_Blue: just try to say it =)
[02:02:13] <Deep_Blue> out loud?
[02:02:19] <marty-b> yes
[02:02:23] <Deep_Blue> in american way?
[02:02:34] <Deep_Blue> oh
[02:02:37] <Deep_Blue> i got it
[02:02:46] <marty-b> LOL!
[02:03:19] <marty-b> not original, but I like it =)
[02:06:59] <marty-b> OUCH!
[02:07:35] <marty-b> that ankle
[02:09:21] <marty-b> Deep_Blue: I'm glad you joined here today -- you've added a lot to the discussion
[02:10:10] <Deep_Blue> yeah, i like to IRC when watching SB. I've been here earlier years also
[02:10:57] <marty-b> from the start? I think this is the 4th year
[02:11:22] <Deep_Blue> i'm not 100% sure i was here the first time
[02:11:43] <Deep_Blue> but still very possible and i've sure been here the last 2
[02:11:54] <marty-b> still a close game
[02:11:58] <Deep_Blue> yes
[02:12:02] <Deep_Blue> interestin
[02:12:25] <marty-b> did u have the same nick each time
[02:12:38] <marty-b> biab; local ads
[02:12:44] <Deep_Blue> Deep_Blue or DB
[02:21:49] <Deep_Blue> damn that knee injury, looked painful
[02:22:18] <Deep_Blue> we'll see if it was just a quick injury
[02:25:10] <marty-b> back
[02:27:03] <marty-b> ~10 minutes left to play
[02:27:13] <Deep_Blue> yes,
[02:29:21] <Deep_Blue> Rams really need to change their strategy
[02:31:02] <marty-b> semt a txt to a friend who lived in LA. Bit of a celebrity (singer), so as I suspected: no reply. :(
[02:31:19] <Deep_Blue> :/
[02:33:02] <marty-b> first met 'em ~10 years ago when they only played locally. Now a national act =)
[02:33:32] <Deep_Blue> nice for them
[02:36:29] <marty-b> agreed! got a couple photos of us taken back then. I treasure those!
[02:36:30] <Deep_Blue> the only american celebrity i've met was the bold political dude. He probably had a show or something. I don't watch american politics, but somehow i know about him. I don't remember his name. I was wainting in line at the airport and he turned around and said something like Hey
[02:37:18] <Deep_Blue> not true
[02:38:39] <marty-b> Got their email addy, too. I try not to abuse the trust I was given.
[02:39:39] <marty-b> nice running play!
[02:40:06] <Deep_Blue> i was ordering a sammich at an airport one time when the famous burlesque lady, i don't remember her name, ordered something after me. But we didn't talk
[02:40:47] <marty-b> memorable, I'm sure!
[02:41:14] <marty-b> another 1ts down
[02:42:07] <marty-b> great catch!
[02:42:19] <marty-b> 22 yards
[02:42:34] <Deep_Blue> nice
[02:42:44] <marty-b> ANOTHER catch!
[02:43:14] <marty-b> 1st down!
[02:43:24] <marty-b> goal to go!
[02:47:14] <Deep_Blue> ouch!
[02:47:25] <marty-b> 3rd and goal!
[02:47:30] <Deep_Blue> "get to the chopper-ball"
[02:47:37] <Deep_Blue> the announcer said
[02:48:04] <marty-b> flag on the plaw
[02:48:09] <marty-b> flag on the play
[02:48:54] <marty-b> autto 1st down
[02:49:04] <marty-b> TD!?!
[02:49:21] <marty-b> another flag
[02:50:32] <marty-b> repeat 1st down; offsetting fouls
[02:50:45] <marty-b> more flags
[02:51:02] <marty-b> 1m33s to go
[02:51:19] <marty-b> 1yd line
[02:51:27] <marty-b> 1st down
[02:52:09] <marty-b> timeout
[02:52:56] <marty-b> TD!
[02:53:39] <marty-b> FG!
[02:53:40] <Deep_Blue> affirmitive
[02:54:20] <marty-b> LA 23 CIN 20
[02:54:36] <marty-b> what a good game!
[02:54:47] <Deep_Blue> yes
[02:55:00] <marty-b> 1m33s to go
[02:55:14] <Deep_Blue> still lots of time for Bengals to counter
[02:55:28] <marty-b> zactly!
[02:55:54] <marty-b> caught!
[02:56:26] <Deep_Blue> nice
[02:56:37] <marty-b> caught @ 49
[02:57:07] <marty-b> going long and nobody there
[02:57:18] <marty-b> 48s to go
[02:57:55] <marty-b> 43s missed 1st down
[02:58:55] <marty-b> incomplete!
[03:00:02] <marty-b> 30s to go
[03:00:23] <marty-b> letting clock run out
[03:00:31] <marty-b> game over
[03:00:40] <marty-b> LA Won!
[03:00:57] <Deep_Blue> that was a pretty good game
[03:01:00] <marty-b> LA 28-20
[03:01:18] <Deep_Blue> 23
[03:01:19] <marty-b> es! Glad y watched it.
[03:01:38] <Deep_Blue> me too.
[03:06:54] <marty-b> heh
[03:09:16] <marty-b> saw promo for "fresh prince" tv show for peacock network. Reminen me that I saw Will Smith when I was on vacation in Jamaica ~30 years ago
[03:09:51] <marty-b> anyway, I hear my bed calling mu name
[03:10:04] <marty-b> Good Night everybody!
[03:10:08] <Deep_Blue> good night
[03:10:43] <Deep_Blue> i have about 4 hours to sleep and then off to work
[03:11:11] <marty-b> YIKES
[03:11:30] <marty-b> get three to bed and sleep fast!
[03:11:35] <marty-b> laters~
[03:11:48] <Deep_Blue> later
[03:11:56] <Deep_Blue> see ou next year
[03:16:40] <marty-b> Deep_Blue: if not sooner! =)
[03:16:52] <Deep_Blue> you never know
[03:18:21] <marty-b> you tnow where to find me ;)
[03:18:47] <marty-b> s/t/k/
[03:20:46] <Deep_Blue> yes, i'm off. Good night
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