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[15:00:05] <Bytram> Hi chromas! I'm trying to set things up for a discussion channel for the Super Bowl and could really use some help with setting perms and stuff like that. Can you please help?
[15:00:41] <Bytram> https://logs.sylnt.us
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[18:56:04] <Bytram> there you are!
[18:56:35] <Bytram> Hi chromas! I'm trying to set things up for a discussion channel for the Super Bowl and could really use some help with setting perms and stuff like that. Can you please help?
[18:57:11] <chromas> What permissions do you need taken away?
[18:57:54] <Bytram> be default, can ppl just /JOIN this channel?
[18:58:11] <chromas> yeah
[18:58:12] <chromas> you did
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[18:58:54] <Bytram> also, if someone acts up... can I .KICK ??
[18:58:57] <Microsoft> Butts
[18:59:08] <Microsoft> no but you can /kick
[18:59:44] <Bytram> I assume you are Microsoft ??
[18:59:51] <Microsoft> Would you like to activate your new Windows installation?
[19:00:20] <Bytram> no, thank you
[19:00:47] <Microsoft> Sounds like buttpiracy to me. Would you like a visit from the feds?
[19:01:07] <Bytram> now that I seem to have new system set up
[19:01:09] <Microsoft> To get fantasy commands to work, you need to assign a chanserv bot
[19:01:25] <Bytram> how to get on IRC?
[19:01:33] <Microsoft> or botserv bot. it's all the same
[19:01:47] <Microsoft> install an irc client and connect it
[19:01:52] -!- mode/#SuperBowl-LVI [+o chromas] by Bytram
[19:02:05] <Bytram> go for it!
[19:03:34] <Bytram> hmm how to install hexchat?
[19:04:23] <chromas> use whatever package manager front-end is installed or open a terminal and do the ol' sudo apt-get install hexchat
[19:05:02] <chromas> there's a newer tool just called "apt" that combines the powers of apt-get, apt-cache and whatever else, and has prettier output, but in my experience adds 5–10 seconds to every action
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[19:06:53] <chromas> .deop
[19:06:53] -!- mode/#SuperBowl-LVI [-o chromas] by root
[19:07:23] <chromas> You can set a different bot name if you want something more topical, like Ref or something
[19:12:13] -!- mode/#SuperBowl-LVI [+o chromas] by root
[19:13:30] <chromas> nooooo
[19:15:53] chromas changed topic of #SuperBowl-LVI to: Thuperbole 56 — https://www.youtube.com
[19:35:18] * Bytram is knackered
[19:35:56] <Bytram> chromas: what is *that*?
[19:40:38] <chromas> what is *what*?
[19:57:56] Bytram changed topic of #SuperBowl-LVI to: Channel for discussing #SuperBowl-LVI | Please keep the disussion civil
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[20:07:45] <SoyGuest87090> Finally. I'm here!
[20:08:16] <Bytram> huh?
[20:08:26] <SoyGuest87090> quit
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[20:11:48] <marty-b> is this thing on?
[20:12:19] <chromas> a little
[20:12:26] <marty-b> =)
[20:12:39] <marty-b> thisis a t4eswt
[20:13:36] <Bytram> I can type, but it does not echo back to me one the screen (until I hit Enter)
[20:14:10] <Bytram> s/one/on/
[23:09:05] -!- Deep_Blue [Deep_Blue!~kvirc@023-33-370-01.bb.dnainternet.fi] has joined #SuperBowl-LVI
[23:11:07] <marty-b> Hi Deep Blue
[23:11:14] <Deep_Blue> hello
[23:12:08] <marty-b> still trying to get tings sorted out here, so please bear with me!
[23:15:24] <Deep_Blue> yea
[23:17:19] <Deep_Blue> get your popcorn ready. Did you see the KC - Buffalo game? I watched the road to superbowl ( i don't get the regular games ), the ned was pretty insane. Shame KC didn't get to superbowl
[23:17:28] <Deep_Blue> end
[23:18:54] <Bytram> np. I've apparently been practicing my typos for this event!
[23:19:32] <Deep_Blue> Got ribs, wings, popcorn, chips, coke, jaffa, milkshakes, i'm set
[23:22:50] <marty-b> pre-emptive bio break brb
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[23:34:08] <marty-b> mrpg: welcome!
[23:34:19] <marty-b> halibut: Welcome!
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[23:36:18] <Deep_Blue> It's ON
[23:36:22] <marty-b> CheekyLeeks: Hi these!
[23:36:30] <marty-b> CheekyLeeks: Hi there!
[23:36:55] <mrpg> Hi
[23:37:19] <halibut> Hello. No idea about the SuperBowl. Just here to listen to the hype.
[23:37:37] <marty-b> LOL!
[23:38:07] <mrpg> Me neither, but go sports!
[23:38:25] <CheekyLeeks> At least get some alcohol and tasty food.
[23:38:49] <Deep_Blue> well, i live in Finland and i've watched superbowl for the last 15-17 years. That's pretty much the only sports i watch nowdays. Hype enough for you?
[23:38:57] <halibut> As I recall, despite the name of the event and the sport, there is no actual bowling, it has very little to do with any actual bowl, and there is very minimal interaction between the feet and the ball.
[23:39:24] <halibut> Still, it's fun listening to people getting excited.
[23:40:34] <Deep_Blue> tasty foods i have and drinks, no alcohol though
[23:41:50] <Deep_Blue> it is 1:41 am here and i will go late to work
[23:42:10] <halibut> Please don't tell me if you have fish 'n' chips. Might be awkward and all that.
[23:42:28] <Deep_Blue> i won't
[23:42:36] <halibut> Thanks.
[23:43:18] <halibut> The SuperBowl is a many-hour event, right? How late (early?) are you planning on staying up?
[23:43:57] <Deep_Blue> all the way through, don't care how long it takes
[23:44:00] <marty-b> it's usually ~ 3 hrs or so
[23:46:22] <marty-b> ++ for the e-trace ad
[23:46:32] <Deep_Blue> i don't see those ads
[23:47:29] <marty-b> most like will ne avail inline afterwards
[23:48:09] <halibut> I frequently search YouTube for SuperBowl ads after the event. Ordinarily I go quite far out of my way to avoid ads. I guess the money pored into the SuperBowl ads works for some.
[23:48:09] <CheekyLeeks> Watch the ads, mister! That's half the point. Consoom!
[23:48:48] <marty-b> got that right!
[23:49:14] <Deep_Blue> they don't show them here, but i'll check from youtube sometimes if the get spoken about
[23:49:23] <marty-b> I watch the game more for the ads than the game
[23:49:36] <CheekyLeeks> Ads, beer & nachos, and some muscular guys dogpiling each other. Oh yeah.
[23:49:42] <halibut> Consummate V's! I said consummate V's!
[23:49:55] <CheekyLeeks> What do they show you during the ad breaks? Local stuff?
[23:49:57] <marty-b> that';s why I mentioned that one
[23:50:04] <halibut> Whoops. I meant: Consume 8 V's! I said consume 8 V's!
[23:50:05] <Deep_Blue> the field
[23:50:06] <marty-b> so I can look it up later
[23:50:26] <CheekyLeeks> So just the players standing around waiting for the ad break to be over?
[23:50:49] <Deep_Blue> yeah, but the announcers talk about the game and teams and rules and such
[23:50:51] <marty-b> TD!
[23:51:29] <Deep_Blue> man, i have a looooong delay here
[23:51:53] <Deep_Blue> TD now!
[23:51:59] <halibut> Kind of an interesting interplay of power and presentation. The football players are large, strong, and athletic. The entire event is about their power, the power of their teamwork.
[23:52:20] <halibut> The SuperBowl franchise itself controls a huge amount of the US (and probably world?) population.
[23:52:38] <halibut> When watching on television, that is the narrative you see.
[23:52:53] <halibut> And yet, in reality, it all gets put on hold while the real power players, the advertisers, show you their ads.
[23:53:54] <halibut> Deep_Blue: I don't suppose you have any buddies with you that you can make bets with? You effectively have a 60-second view into the future!
[23:53:56] <Deep_Blue> well, like i said, they don't show those ads here or probably most other places.
[23:54:14] <Deep_Blue> hehe no i don't
[23:54:17] <marty-b> zeus ad was cute
[23:55:09] <marty-b> ad was for an EV
[23:55:21] <Deep_Blue> bu
[23:55:23] <Deep_Blue> buu
[23:57:00] <Deep_Blue> or should i say Eeevvv
[23:58:10] <halibut> https://en.wikipedia.org