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[00:01:13] <Bytram> did that receiver have *yellow* shoes?
[00:01:31] <Deep_Blue> yeah
[00:02:07] <Deep_Blue> oh nice
[00:02:35] <Bytram> what ever happened to UNIFORMs?
[00:03:37] <Deep_Blue> maybe he washed them with a yellow shirt or something
[00:03:54] <Bytram> I guess they will have to call them... MULTIFORMs!!
[00:03:59] <Bytram> ;)
[00:05:57] <Deep_Blue> nice run
[00:08:34] <Deep_Blue> nice ad that rocket mortage
[00:09:01] <Deep_Blue> funny
[00:09:37] <Bytram> nice play!
[00:09:55] <Deep_Blue> yeah, few inches short
[00:10:14] <Deep_Blue> TD!
[00:10:35] <Bytram> woo hoo!
[00:11:16] <Deep_Blue> Nice
[00:12:07] <Bytram> LOKL porsche
[00:14:09] <Bytram> walmart ad with aliens was pretty funny
[00:15:30] <Bytram> nice catch!
[00:15:55] <Deep_Blue> yeah
[00:16:37] <Bytram> mt dew dumb commercial
[00:17:06] <Deep_Blue> hehe
[00:17:31] <Bytram> oida n
[00:17:54] <Deep_Blue> what you called me?
[00:17:55] <Bytram> that was the othr one
[00:19:27] <Deep_Blue> those were wasted money
[00:20:03] <Bytram> oh, sorry. I just happened to know those 4 greek words for "love'
[00:20:53] <Bytram> except i only know the ancient greek, not current day
[00:21:35] <Bytram> fun ad making fun of a boston accent
[00:22:35] <Fnord666> re their shoes, I wonder if they have someone who ties them for em
[00:22:55] <Bytram> oil of ole ad was kinda dumb
[00:23:21] <Bytram> wow KC!
[00:23:51] <Deep_Blue> Nice!
[00:23:58] <Bytram> off sides
[00:24:47] <Bytram> off sides, again!?
[00:25:52] <Bytram> that made for an easy 10 yards for KC on those penalties? did i see that right?
[00:26:10] <Deep_Blue> i don't know, i have some distractions here
[00:26:19] <Bytram> np
[00:28:13] <Deep_Blue> good use of 4th
[00:28:44] <Bytram> yep
[00:30:52] <Deep_Blue> nice
[00:32:40] <Deep_Blue> avocados from mexico
[00:38:32] <Deep_Blue> damn kc defense
[00:39:14] <Deep_Blue> damn kc, damn !!!!!!
[00:42:51] <Bytram> sorry, got called away
[00:43:45] <Deep_Blue> damn man, i'm hurt
[00:43:48] <Bytram> kc nice run
[00:44:27] <Deep_Blue> yeah
[00:44:27] <Bytram> kc nice catch
[00:44:49] <Deep_Blue> yeap
[00:45:37] <Bytram> ANOTHE nice catch
[00:46:56] <Deep_Blue> ye
[00:47:41] <Bytram> 3-eyed frog/toad
[00:49:54] <Bytram> kc lo0ss of 6
[00:50:17] <Deep_Blue> ye
[00:50:39] <Deep_Blue> baaad
[00:54:45] <Bytram> curte weathrtek ad with dog
[00:58:46] <Deep_Blue> lots and lots of movie ads
[00:59:40] <Deep_Blue> man, if KC loses, it's the defense
[01:01:21] <Deep_Blue> ouch, that hurt 49ers
[01:12:23] <Bytram> nice belly dancing moves
[01:12:41] <Bytram> i.e. hip shimmy
[01:16:58] <Fnord666> ok WT actual F is this?
[01:18:22] <Fnord666> Grabbing her crotch enough to be channeling Michael Jackson
[01:18:35] <Bytram> wwhich? shakira (who was only missing a pole to be in a "club") or Jlo who actualy does have a pole
[01:19:21] <Deep_Blue> same crap as every year
[01:19:28] <Fnord666> Probably an infection of some sort
[01:19:34] <Fnord666> or crabs
[01:20:21] <Fnord666> I just don't get it.
[01:20:26] <Bytram> JLo had to learn some "dance" moves for the movie "Hustlers"
[01:21:01] <Bytram> Just putting the training to good use to engage Fox viewers
[01:21:23] <Deep_Blue> heh
[01:21:38] <Bytram> I didn't just say that, did I?
[01:21:54] <Bytram> Now this is betTer!
[01:22:34] <Bytram> with the young ladies with an excellent voice!
[01:23:05] <Deep_Blue> true
[01:24:17] <Fnord666> at least that's over
[01:24:49] <Bytram> each year it seems to more and more appear like soft porn and pushing the edge to see how far thy can take it.
[01:26:17] <Deep_Blue> true that
[01:26:41] <Fnord666> Between Miley and Janet they've pushed it pretty far.
[01:26:52] <Bytram> indeed!
[01:28:01] <Bytram> remember the "Equipment Malfunction"? and the hue and cry that caused? What would the people back then, think of *this* half-time show?
[01:29:02] <Bytram> mark's water?
[01:29:47] <Fnord666> I thought sodastream had died out
[01:30:12] <Fnord666> only place I see anything for it is in the clearance section of various stores
[01:30:24] <Bytram> sodawhat?
[01:30:29] <Bytram> never heard of it?
[01:31:18] <Bytram> sorry, that was a statement, not a question.
[01:31:33] <Fnord666> do it at home soda machine
[01:32:00] <Bytram> oh. k.
[01:32:09] <Fnord666> buy the syrup in bottles, add a CO2 tank, your own water and bottles
[01:32:27] <Fnord666> soda on demand
[01:32:42] * Bytram never quite understood the attraction of "bubbling" water. Makes it harder to chug when I am thirsty!
[01:32:43] <Fnord666> clearly it didn't make it vey far
[01:33:02] <Fnord666> not much of a fan myself
[01:33:07] <Bytram> neither did the 49ers
[01:33:18] <Fnord666> lol
[01:33:32] -!- Deep_Blue|2 [Deep_Blue|2!~kvirc@172.58.kj.qko] has joined #Superbowl-LIV
[01:33:50] <Bytram> Deep_Blue: wb!
[01:34:06] <Deep_Blue|2> thanks,
[01:34:18] <Fnord666> strand your first session?
[01:34:21] <Bytram> nice 49ers pas
[01:34:22] <Deep_Blue|2> sodastream is quite an olod invention
[01:34:25] <Bytram> *pass
[01:35:23] <Bytram> nice run, but how far down the sidelines did he make it?
[01:35:54] <Fnord666> enough for the first down I guess
[01:35:58] <Bytram> looks like we did an excellent job
[01:36:18] <Deep_Blue|2> we?
[01:36:42] <Bytram> s/we/he/
[01:36:52] -!- Deep_Blue has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[01:36:55] <Fnord666> what in the heck is that?
[01:37:00] <Bytram> unfortunate typo!
[01:37:26] Deep_Blue|2 is now known as Deep_Blue
[01:37:43] <Bytram> expensive sweet dark fizzy water
[01:38:16] <Fnord666> yep. Almost certainly not good for you either
[01:38:24] <Bytram> yep
[01:38:52] * Bytram would rather have a gatorade(TM)
[01:39:28] <Deep_Blue> i am having a gatorade, green apple
[01:39:54] -!- shellster [shellster!~4181258e@65.129.ix.tgm] has joined #Superbowl-LIV
[01:40:05] * Bytram chuckles
[01:40:14] <Fnord666> That was a nice route. Wide open
[01:40:23] <Deep_Blue> "laugh it up, fuzzball"
[01:40:56] <Deep_Blue> SF seems to have a lot of those
[01:41:07] <Bytram> lot of what?
[01:41:15] <Deep_Blue> wide open routes
[01:41:25] <Bytram> oh. yep!
[01:42:20] <Deep_Blue> it's a miracle, they haven't been able to score more
[01:42:40] <shellster> There's still time...
[01:42:44] <Fnord666> I haven't seen the secondary but it seems like they're protecting thedeep routes hard
[01:43:16] <Fnord666> at the expense of covering the short flat routs
[01:43:16] <Bytram> do you think it is good defense they are dealing with or not good enough offense?
[01:44:16] <Bytram> "sliced bread is toast"!
[01:44:38] <Fnord666> only if you heat it
[01:45:03] <Fnord666> https://www.youtube.com
[01:46:02] <Deep_Blue> that doritos ad was good
[01:46:21] <Bytram> and to think that every 30-second-long ad cost $5.6 million just to get it on the air, never mind how much it cost to actually produce the ad!
[01:46:27] <Fnord666> Sam Elliot is still the dude
[01:46:46] <Fnord666> Is that the cost this year?
[01:46:55] <Deep_Blue> yeah
[01:47:20] <Fnord666> at that rate I can't believe they're running any ads at all for their own shows
[01:47:23] <Deep_Blue> but walmart for example used a lot more for the movie references i bet
[01:47:54] <Bytram> I thought the walmart ad was pretty well done.
[01:48:18] <Deep_Blue> and i think it's more 49ers offence not good enough, than KC defense being good enough
[01:48:41] <Deep_Blue> it was, the first one that is. The second one was just a regular add
[01:48:43] <Deep_Blue> ad
[01:48:59] <Bytram> I hate to admit it, but I don't really follow sports, but I would have to agree with your assessmment.
[01:49:16] * Bytram didn't notice the 2nd walmart ad
[01:50:15] <Deep_Blue> i don't follow sprots much either, because i don't get to see american football for free in Finland, only the super bowl
[01:50:25] <Fnord666> oops
[01:50:45] <Bytram> in that case, all the more I'm glad you could join us!
[01:50:51] <Fnord666> I don't follow professional sports much either
[01:51:04] <Fnord666> and welcome indeed!
[01:51:21] <Bytram> zoinks! It must be, what, almost 2 AM there?
[01:51:25] <Deep_Blue> i've been wathing super bowl for over 12 years
[01:51:30] <shellster> I don't follow American football real close. Just casually follow my favorite team and tune in to the Superbowl
[01:51:48] <Deep_Blue> i'm currently at Long beach, but usually it starts at around 2am
[01:52:08] <Deep_Blue> in Finland that is
[01:52:23] <Bytram> ahhh, got it.
[01:52:41] <Deep_Blue> This is the 2nd time i'm in USA during super bowl
[01:52:43] <Bytram> In *that* case, it is more like almost 6pm?
[01:53:08] <Deep_Blue> 3:53 am now
[01:53:16] <Fnord666> I'm from Ohio. I wish we had a professional football team. Instead we just have the Bengals and the Browns.
[01:53:20] <Deep_Blue> oh al long beach?
[01:53:28] <Deep_Blue> yeah 6pm
[01:53:33] <Bytram> Reese take 5 -- fun ad!
[01:54:13] <Bytram> Fnord666: Ouuuuch!
[01:54:31] <shellster> MMMMMM Tidepods
[01:54:32] <Bytram> nice ctch for 49ers
[01:55:03] <Fnord666> Maybe Tide can have Wonder Woman stop a youtuber from eating a Tide Pod
[01:55:03] <Deep_Blue> tide has the best ad thing now
[01:56:28] <Bytram> I dunno, I'm really liking the Reese's take 5 ad, though Tide is in the top echelon
[01:56:33] <Bytram> WoW!
[01:56:45] <Bytram> another get 49ers catch!
[01:56:54] <Bytram> s/get/gre\at/
[01:57:00] <Deep_Blue> Oh shit
[01:57:01] <Bytram> s/get/great/
[01:57:03] <Fnord666> Yeah they're looking fired up this half
[01:57:05] <shellster> My favorite ad thus far was the Jason Mamoa Rocket Mortgage one.
[01:57:12] <Bytram> and ANOTHER
[01:57:15] <Deep_Blue> yeah that was real good
[01:57:38] <Deep_Blue> DAMN!
[01:57:47] <shellster> damn!
[01:57:55] <shellster> They movin'
[01:58:07] <Fnord666> TD
[01:58:09] <Bytram> as predicted, it IS a close game
[01:58:31] <Fnord666> yup. last spread I saw was 1 point
[01:58:37] <Deep_Blue> if KC defense doesn't get started, it's gonna end bad
[01:59:04] <Bytram> agreed
[01:59:25] <Bytram> shellster: Oh Hi! Welcome aboard!
[02:00:43] <shellster> Thanks. Wish I'd know about this channel sooner
[02:01:09] <Bytram> Ale ad was... fun
[02:01:17] <Bytram> Alexa ad was... fun
[02:01:35] <Deep_Blue> yeah
[02:02:13] <Fnord666> that one not so much
[02:02:25] <Bytram> agreed.
[02:02:31] <Deep_Blue> the Mic ad? that was pretty fun
[02:04:11] <shellster> They got to find a way to protect the QB
[02:04:33] <Deep_Blue> yeah
[02:04:41] <Bytram> has no time in the pocket!
[02:05:12] <Bytram> great play to make the down
[02:05:16] <Deep_Blue> this is ridiculous
[02:05:28] <shellster> It isn't just one guy either. He's getting pressured by at least two guys instantly
[02:05:43] <Deep_Blue> yeha
[02:05:44] <Fnord666> If your on the outside edge of the defense you can't let the QB get outside you like that.
[02:05:46] <Bytram> yep. BIG guys, too!
[02:05:54] <Bytram> that will get your attention!
[02:06:44] <Fnord666> When the ground shakes as the defense closes in it does put a bit of concern in ya
[02:07:32] <Bytram> I mean, just *one* of those guys (6'5", 260 lbs) standing next to me would get my attention, never mind running to *attack* me.
[02:08:27] <Bytram> local commercials
[02:09:24] <Fnord666> https://en.wikipedia.org(American_football)
[02:09:33] <Fnord666> Ring size is 25
[02:09:36] <Bytram> afk back soon
[02:09:44] * Bytram needs fluids
[02:10:49] <shellster> Has a non-QB ever been picked for MVP in a superbowl?
[02:11:04] <Deep_Blue> i don't think i've seen one
[02:11:51] <Deep_Blue> so, what kind of truck does the MVP get this year? Bets up
[02:12:00] <Deep_Blue> nice
[02:12:24] <Fnord666> "Nine of the last 13 Super Bowl MVPs have been quarterbacks. Receivers Santonio Holmes and Julian Edelman and linebackers Miller and Malcolm Smith are the only non-quarterbacks to win MVP over the last 13 Super Bowls. "
[02:12:36] <shellster> nice
[02:12:59] <shellster> Another quarterback stuff
[02:14:08] <shellster> Gotta give Mahomes some credit for not being scared to go for it
[02:14:13] <Deep_Blue> NO
[02:14:16] <Fnord666> welp
[02:14:23] <shellster> A lot of QB's are too scared to make a play
[02:14:46] <shellster> well that doesn't look good for KC
[02:15:23] <Bytram> highlander++
[02:16:07] <Deep_Blue> certainly does not look good
[02:17:57] <shellster> SF makes it look easy to drive down the center
[02:18:06] <Deep_Blue> yeah
[02:28:12] <shellster> geeze, this game is all but over at this rate
[02:28:33] <Deep_Blue> yeah
[02:28:39] <Deep_Blue> nice
[02:28:53] <Deep_Blue> finally
[02:29:02] <shellster> Mahome has to run back 20 yards to get space to make a throw
[02:29:13] <Bytram> trap. not a catch
[02:29:25] <Deep_Blue> crap
[02:30:55] <shellster> I refuse to consider Budweiser either typical or an example of American beer.
[02:31:22] <Bytram> or even an example of eer?
[02:31:26] <Bytram> or even an example of beer?
[02:31:35] <shellster> lol yeah
[02:32:26] <Bytram> what is the difference between drinking an American beer and having sex in a canoe?
[02:32:34] <Deep_Blue> O!
[02:32:37] <Bytram> Nothing. They're both f'ing close to water!
[02:32:41] <shellster> nice catch
[02:32:44] <Bytram> ;)
[02:32:50] <Bytram> Indeed!
[02:32:52] <Deep_Blue> nice throw and catch
[02:32:59] <Deep_Blue> finally
[02:34:12] <Deep_Blue> and then the normal continues
[02:34:48] <shellster> That looked like some interference to me
[02:35:02] <Bytram> Good call on pass interference
[02:35:11] <Bytram> TD
[02:35:17] <Deep_Blue> NICE
[02:35:25] <shellster> we still have a game
[02:35:37] <Deep_Blue> yeah
[02:35:41] <shellster> I don't really care which of these two teams win. But like to see a good game
[02:35:53] <Bytram> 3 pt game!
[02:37:17] <shellster> Womyn power the third ad.
[02:37:57] <Bytram> yeah, but I kind of liked it
[02:38:55] <Bytram> Jepp gladiator groundhog day ad -- great!
[02:39:07] <Deep_Blue> nice, yes
[02:39:11] <Bytram> *jeep
[02:41:47] <shellster> KC suddenly showed up
[02:41:47] <Bytram> kc finally putting some pressure on the 49ers QB
[02:42:22] <Bytram> KC has good field position.
[02:43:20] <Bytram> 1st down
[02:43:22] <Deep_Blue> yeah
[02:43:26] <Bytram> KC 1st down
[02:44:28] <Bytram> KC Woo Hoo! great pass
[02:44:46] <Deep_Blue> yeah NICE
[02:44:55] <shellster> nice play
[02:45:11] <Bytram> 5 yards to go!
[02:45:32] <Bytram> KC needs to slow it down!
[02:45:55] <Deep_Blue> No, if they don't do it now, they won't have another chance
[02:46:35] <Bytram> understood, but it leaves an awful amount of time for the 49ers to make it back downfield
[02:46:58] <shellster> Touchdown??? I don't think so.
[02:46:59] <Deep_Blue> i agree, especially with that defense
[02:47:42] <Bytram> looks liked the play is under review
[02:47:59] <Bytram> did not quite make it, i think
[02:48:09] <Deep_Blue> me too
[02:48:16] <Deep_Blue> but we'll see
[02:48:53] <Bytram> who getsa the benefit of the doubt?
[02:48:54] <shellster> dumb rule IMHO on how they call that
[02:48:58] <Bytram> it stands
[02:49:00] <Bytram> go KC
[02:49:15] <Deep_Blue> man, you are in the future
[02:49:31] <shellster> Yeah I'm like 30-50 seconds behind you
[02:49:36] <Bytram> live OTA TV
[02:49:46] <shellster> I'm watching via internet stream
[02:50:10] <Bytram> oh, yeah, prolly have 5-10 second delay.
[02:50:47] <Bytram> when there is a kickoff, I'll say "when" when I see the foot hit the ball on the kickoff
[02:50:53] <Bytram> Kick
[02:51:04] <Bytram> ok. I said "kick" instead of "when"
[02:51:19] <shellster> kick now
[02:51:35] <Bytram> Yeesh,, that's like 30 seconds delay!~
[02:51:54] <Bytram> ~title on
[02:51:55] <exec> titles enabled for 10#Superbowl-LIV
[02:52:27] <shellster> Nice return
[02:53:28] <shellster> The penalty clock stop was worth the five yards
[02:53:41] <Deep_Blue> yep
[02:54:44] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[02:54:53] <exec> └─ 13Welcome to the World of Tomorrow... Today! - SoylentNews
[02:55:29] <shellster> lol
[02:56:16] <Bytram> was wondering how that would go over!
[02:56:28] <Bytram> glad it got you a laugh!
[02:57:36] <shellster> SF is executing
[02:57:59] <Bytram> Down to the final 100 seconds at 4 secohnds into this play
[02:58:43] <shellster> I jinxed them
[02:59:09] <Bytram> 93 seconds
[02:59:39] <Deep_Blue> please jinx more
[03:00:06] <Bytram> laughter
[03:00:16] <Bytram> 85 seconds
[03:00:34] <Deep_Blue> NICE
[03:00:36] <shellster> welp
[03:01:00] <Bytram> Looking pretty good for KC atm
[03:01:59] <Bytram> .
[03:02:19] <shellster> haha
[03:02:19] <Deep_Blue> NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE
[03:02:31] * Bytram is waitring for shellster
[03:02:53] <shellster> I'd say that does it
[03:02:53] <Bytram> .
[03:02:59] <Bytram> agreed!
[03:03:00] <Deep_Blue> Nice
[03:03:23] <Fnord666> well then
[03:03:41] <Deep_Blue> now we have to see which truck the MVP gets
[03:04:07] <Bytram> make it a Prius!
[03:04:20] <Bytram> Err, or maybe a Tesla Roadster?
[03:04:35] <shellster> Maybe it's be a Tesla Truck, which promptly deconstructs on the field
[03:05:02] <Fnord666> Have they done a trucj in the last few years?
[03:05:04] <Bytram> That would be a nice touch
[03:05:23] <Fnord666> It feels like it hasn't been a thing recently
[03:05:30] <Deep_Blue> i don't remember anything but trucks
[03:05:51] <shellster> https://www.youtube.com
[03:05:53] <exec> └─ 13Elon Musk's epic Cybertruck 'bulletproof' window smash fail - YouTube
[03:06:16] <shellster> Well gents, it's been fun.
[03:06:32] <Bytram> still 25 seconds on the clock
[03:06:42] <Bytram> shellster: but glad you could make it!
[03:07:13] <Bytram> my bad... 57 seconds to go.
[03:07:23] <shellster> Thanks.
[03:07:41] <shellster> Now it's over but the crying
[03:07:52] <Deep_Blue> no, the truck part is still there
[03:07:53] -!- shellster has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[03:07:55] <Fnord666> and the gatorade
[03:08:26] <Bytram> for a superbowl ring? Sounds like a fair trade... those rings are ***HUGE***
[03:09:09] <Bytram> And... heavy, too!
[03:11:23] <Fnord666> well now it's official
[03:11:50] <Deep_Blue> It is!
[03:12:10] <Bytram> It's been fun, guys. I'm not as young as I used to be, so I'llprolly catch a couple more commercials and hit the hay. Tomorrow's a work day for me, after all.
[03:12:35] <Deep_Blue> me too, but i don't care, like i don't back in Finland either
[03:13:05] <Deep_Blue> call in sick and be a 10%
[03:13:25] <Fnord666> Good night everyone!
[03:13:40] <Deep_Blue> night
[03:13:51] <Fnord666> Lol doing a confetti angel on the3 field
[03:14:26] <Deep_Blue> fun for the cleaners
[03:14:40] <Deep_Blue> i bet they are about now calling in sick
[03:15:33] <Bytram> Did you see the rock on Mrs Reed's finger (coach's wife) Had t have been at least 5 carats!
[03:15:53] <Deep_Blue> didn't
[03:16:43] <Bytram> I've sold enough "sparkly things" to be unable to NOT see it. =)
[03:17:19] <Deep_Blue> oh, yeah then you probably notice
[03:17:26] <Bytram> yuppers!
[03:19:41] <Deep_Blue> i have a big and heavy ring myself, but no stones on it. Made by me
[03:20:38] <Bytram> I would not be surprised if your ring weighs more than my wristwatch (it's made of titanium)
[03:20:53] <Deep_Blue> mine is made of stainless stell
[03:20:55] <Deep_Blue> steel
[03:21:03] <Bytram> Like I said!
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[03:27:13] Bytram changed topic of #Superbowl-LIV to: This channel was for discussing things pertaining to Super Bowl LIV. The Kanss City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers, 31 to 20.
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[03:28:22] Bytram changed topic of #Superbowl-LIV to: This channel was for discussing things pertaining to Super Bowl LIV. The Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers, 31 to 20.
[03:28:33] <Deep_Blue> still waiting for the truck part
[03:28:42] <Bytram> ah, ok.
[03:29:08] <Bytram> afk, back in about 5 minutes
[03:29:45] <Deep_Blue> k
[03:35:07] <Deep_Blue> DAMN IT! they didnät show the truck thing
[03:35:19] <Deep_Blue> oh it continues
[03:41:58] <Deep_Blue> the fudge!
[03:42:49] <Deep_Blue> I want my truck give away!!
[03:42:57] <Deep_Blue> Ok, see you next year
[03:44:02] <Deep_Blue> Oh, Fox dropped the ball, there's more on another channel
[03:53:41] <Deep_Blue> man i don't think i'm gonna see the truck giveaway
[03:53:59] <Deep_Blue> what's the point in the game if there's now truck giveaway
[03:54:03] <Deep_Blue> no
[03:58:10] <Deep_Blue> alrighty, see you next year
[03:58:59] <Bytram> Fear not! I imagine there will be a news report about it sometime tomorrow.
[03:59:12] <Bytram> Next year, indeed!
[03:59:14] <Deep_Blue> about the truck?
[03:59:20] <Bytram> yep
[03:59:28] <Deep_Blue> oh, i'll keep my eyes open
[03:59:33] <Deep_Blue> bye
[03:59:37] <Bytram> just a moment
[03:59:40] <Deep_Blue> k
[04:00:52] * Bytram is reading https://en.wikipedia.org
[04:02:03] <Bytram> To answer your earlier question: "Quarterbacks have earned the honor 29 times in 53 games (and 54 awards)"
[04:02:47] <Bytram> More details ere: https://en.wikipedia.org
[04:02:59] <Deep_Blue> oh, well i guess that's pretty good that QDs do not get the MVP always
[04:04:18] <Deep_Blue> thanks for that. See you next year, bye
[04:05:35] <Bytram> yeah, no luck on my search.
[04:06:00] <Bytram> Have a good night...see ya next year!
[04:06:08] <Bytram> Thanks for stopping by!
[04:06:55] <Deep_Blue> Of course, bye
[04:07:06] -!- Deep_Blue has quit [Quit: KVIrc 5.0.0 Aria http://www.kvirc.net
[04:16:51] <Bytram> .kick Loggie
[04:16:56] <Bytram> .op
[04:17:18] -!- Loggie was kicked from #Superbowl-LIV by Bytram!~Bytram@Soylent/Staff/Developer/martyb [Loggie]