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[04:13:14] <MrBluze> anyone home?
[04:21:53] <FrogBlast> I'm around
[04:22:06] <MrBluze> hey FrogBlast.. i just am talking about the logo
[04:22:55] <MrBluze> but in #staff
[04:23:02] <MrBluze> i been thinking about it
[04:24:25] <MrBluze> u need to ident into your nick
[04:24:28] <MrBluze> u are ons taff afaik
[04:24:32] <MrBluze> <MrBluze> it could be a candy bar, torn open
[04:24:34] <MrBluze> [14:23] <MrBluze> and inside is newsprint
[04:24:38] <MrBluze> hmm
[04:24:59] <MrBluze> candybar vs. nutrition bar
[04:26:13] <MrBluze> what do u think??
[04:26:33] <MrBluze> i think if we go with the idea of the candy bar, which is a good idea
[04:26:33] <MrBluze> we should make it very shiny and slick
[04:28:03] <FrogBlast> My intent was something like breakfast bar... not candy, but also not "extra" ntrition for a workout... just essential sustenance, like Soylent from the movie was meant to be.
[04:28:17] <MrBluze> yes
[04:28:21] <MrBluze> it's very clever
[04:28:24] <FrogBlast> Although I tried to make it shiny and slick
[04:28:30] <MrBluze> it is
[04:28:51] <MrBluze> hmm... i am just full of ideas ..
[04:28:59] <MrBluze> ok hear me out, it might not be so dumb:
[04:29:45] <MrBluze> we should study how a real life, perfectly made nutrition bar looks like
[04:29:52] <MrBluze> or .. hmm eg:
[04:30:13] <MrBluze> http://img2.findthebest.com
[04:31:17] <FrogBlast> Oh, you just reminded me... who actually has access to the Twitter and Facebook stuff? We've got style just laying around, waiting to be dragged and dropped into place, at least for Twitter.
[04:31:27] <MrBluze> oh, no idea
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[04:32:32] <MrBluze> <FrogBlast> Oh, you just reminded me... who actually has access to the Twitter and Facebook stuff? We've got style just laying around, waiting to be dragged and dropped into place, at least for Twitter.
[04:32:34] <MrBluze> [14:31] <MrBluze> oh, no idea
[04:32:44] <xlefay> I do
[04:33:01] <xlefay> but... only via Bender...
[04:33:03] <FrogBlast> The white wrapper and barcode I'd been thinking about for a while, to vaguely symbolize the corporate-style wrapper that Soylent is bursting out of to do its own awesome thing.
[04:33:20] <xlefay> Think Landon has the log in data
[04:33:23] <MrBluze> yes that is good
[04:33:26] <MrBluze> we should go with that
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[04:33:45] <MrBluze> hi martyb
[04:33:50] <martyb> hi
[04:34:10] <martyb> just trying to be polite and not tie up their communications
[04:34:17] <MrBluze> but the mars bar image i linked
[04:34:18] <MrBluze> thanks martyb
[04:34:19] <FrogBlast> For anyone wondering about the "white wrapper and barcode" - http://personalpreferences.info
[04:34:19] <xlefay> FrogBlast: PM pretty please?
[04:34:56] <martyb> MrBluze: ur welcome!
[04:35:14] <MrBluze> ok so the mars wrapper which is a studio photo
[04:35:24] <martyb> If we do this right. we might even get some kind of koan out of it
[04:35:34] <MrBluze> what i'd like is your idea, FrogBlast, and then made into a super-realistic wrapper
[04:35:42] <martyb> Soylent News is <made up of> people.
[04:35:51] <xlefay> MrBluze: can I get a list of all style members.. it's getting confusing to keep track
[04:36:01] <xlefay> and what cloak do you want for stylers?
[04:36:02] <MrBluze> http://www.pressinformation.be
[04:36:09] <MrBluze> reduced to me and frogblast
[04:36:15] <MrBluze> until ppl come forward again
[04:36:52] <xlefay> I don't mind giving feedback, suggestions and "expert" advise if you like
[04:36:53] <martyb> Did people *eat* soylent green? never read the book or saw the movvie.
[04:36:59] <FrogBlast> Yeah
[04:37:00] <xlefay> MrBluze: Soylent/Staff/Style/$account ?
[04:37:13] <MrBluze> dont mind, dont care
[04:37:14] <FrogBlast> It was the primary foodstuff, or was about to be.
[04:37:46] <FrogBlast> MrBluze: I was going for super-realistic :'(
[04:37:52] <martyb> FrogBlast: okay, thanks for that.
[04:37:59] <MrBluze> what did u draw it in ??
[04:38:16] <martyb> FrogBlast: won't that make it hard to create a site icon?
[04:38:50] <MrBluze> why?
[04:38:57] <FrogBlast> Illustrator, but it's the fanciest thing I've tried in quite a while
[04:39:11] <MrBluze> oh it's good
[04:39:14] <MrBluze> inspired stuff actually
[04:39:31] <MrBluze> is it svg?
[04:39:47] <xlefay> Just remember, we need bacon.
[04:40:29] <MrBluze> when I was in medical school we did medical revues
[04:40:38] <MrBluze> and for our logos we did spoofs of exiting logos
[04:40:39] <FrogBlast> SVG, yeah... which everyone Appl apparently mangles...
[04:40:42] <FrogBlast> Apple*
[04:40:42] <MrBluze> like the coca cola device etc
[04:41:14] <MrBluze> I could try to improve that logo though, and see what u think?
[04:41:23] <MrBluze> bacon we could tie in.. actually
[04:41:55] * martyb notes that's not kosher.
[04:42:13] <FrogBlast> In the good old days, Barrabas said he thought some Google-Doodle typed icons would be a fun idea.
[04:42:16] <MrBluze> lol
[04:42:27] <FrogBlast> So on national becaon day we could have bacon coming out of the wrapper, or something.
[04:42:29] <MrBluze> .. what kinda examples?
[04:42:32] <MrBluze> FrogBlast: ?
[04:42:40] <MrBluze> oh yeah
[04:42:43] <MrBluze> true
[04:43:07] <MrBluze> ok so there are tutorials online on how to make shiny gooey icons and stuff, how to create gloss effects and whatever in svg
[04:43:20] <MrBluze> ive done some of that myself here an there
[04:43:28] <MrBluze> i wonder if i can import that svg into inkscape
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[04:49:31] <MrBluze> hmm
[04:50:09] * MrBluze sighs
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[04:53:17] <martyb> well, folks, my muse has left me. Probably a good idea for me to get some sleep, too. Good luck to you all!
[04:53:30] <xlefay> frogblast will be back btw
[04:53:38] <xlefay> he's just reconnecting.. he should be back any second..?
[04:53:40] <MrBluze> okay whew
[04:53:56] <MrBluze> i dont want to piss him off lol he has to understand the logo idea is actually genius
[04:54:21] <MrBluze> but i want to make it as sexy as .. wwell whatever does it for whoever reads this
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[04:55:44] <MrBluze> hi FrogBlast
[04:57:07] <MrBluze> re: the logo, i dont use illustrator, i use inkscape and when i imported it, it was without layers but .. what i was intending on doing is taking the logo image, maybe making the wrapper black (for starters) and making it shiny, copying the shades and highlights of a web image, eg: the marsbar one
[04:57:41] <FrogBlast> I think there might be an export option I've been overlooking that preserves layers...
[04:57:48] <FrogBlast> I'll take a look.
[04:58:35] <MrBluze> https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com
[04:59:12] <MrBluze> for example, see the specular highlights that go across the text in that image
[05:00:07] <MrBluze> actualyl best example i found is .. hmm lemme get it to imgur
[05:01:05] <MrBluze> http://imgur.com
[05:01:26] <MrBluze> if we copied that and put Soylent on it
[05:02:00] <MrBluze> i mean the shadow/highlights
[05:02:19] <FrogBlast> That imgur link be broke
[05:02:26] <MrBluze> lemme try again
[05:03:58] <MrBluze> http://imgur.com
[05:04:23] <MrBluze> that one is also actually hand drawn
[05:04:45] <MrBluze> it's a shiny wrapper overlay onto a mars logo
[05:05:48] <MrBluze> what do u think?
[05:05:57] <FrogBlast> Try this bad boy out: http://personalpreferences.info
[05:06:05] <FrogBlast> Illustrator seemed to find layers in it.
[05:07:05] <FrogBlast> That's got pizazz... honestly, I've learned a lot in the last month, and I think adding some better highlights and maybe a little shading across it is a good idea.
[05:07:40] <MrBluze> i see..
[05:07:53] <MrBluze> i think i'll be able to dissect it
[05:08:14] <MrBluze> u dont have to go backwards on your work
[05:08:28] <MrBluze> but if u make the bar, say, a darkish grey
[05:08:55] <MrBluze> it becomes easy to work out the highlights
[05:08:55] <MrBluze> then colorize it later
[05:09:02] <MrBluze> .. can always lighten/darken/apply curves on it whenever u want
[05:09:03] <FrogBlast> There's a layer named "Wrapper + color copy"
[05:09:13] <FrogBlast> Changing the color of that layer will change the color of the bar
[05:09:14] <MrBluze> using shaded polygons
[05:09:14] <MrBluze> with faded fill
[05:09:43] <MrBluze> okay
[05:11:31] * MrBluze is thinking to copy nearlty line for line the shadow of that wrapper
[05:12:59] <MrBluze> waddayafink?
[05:13:17] <FrogBlast> I'm giving it a shot, while trying to keep up with the madness in #staff
[05:13:18] <MrBluze> man i'd kill for a mars bar right now, but im on a diet
[05:13:28] <MrBluze> oh, the staff thing is always madness
[05:13:31] <FrogBlast> I could never stomach anything with peanuts.
[05:13:39] <FrogBlast> I had a bad experience with something called a Salted Nut Roll.
[05:13:42] <FrogBlast> It's as bad as it sounds.
[05:13:43] <MrBluze> marsbars are peanut free.. says on the label lol
[05:13:49] <MrBluze> salted nuts
[05:13:50] <MrBluze> lmao
[05:13:54] <MrBluze> reminds me of southpark
[05:14:01] <martyb> FrogBlast: I dunno... I could always identify with charlie brown
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[05:14:38] <MrBluze> martyb: u wanna be part of style? just out of interest
[05:14:40] <MrBluze> hi LaminatorX
[05:14:53] <LaminatorX> Hey.
[05:15:03] <MrBluze> 1. content is everything, we are here to sell your content
[05:15:08] <MrBluze> welcome :)
[05:15:30] <LaminatorX> I don't have a ton of time just now, but we can get the ball rolling.
[05:15:34] <martyb> MrBluze: I appreciate the invite; not my bailiwick, but I seem to have a knack of sticking my nose into things once in awhile.
[05:15:35] <MrBluze> yes
[05:15:43] <MrBluze> you're more than welcome martyb
[05:15:46] <MrBluze> ok LaminatorX
[05:15:52] <MrBluze> what we probably need to decide on is ..
[05:15:53] <MrBluze> fonts
[05:16:05] <martyb> MrBluze: so, thanks, but no thanks.... I think my time and skills could be better used, elsewhere on teh site.
[05:16:07] <MrBluze> and then styles for blockquote, and code
[05:16:50] <LaminatorX> Right now, the story submissions get spit out with things in paleo-slashdot style, which we then have to undo.
[05:16:56] <MrBluze> and also how much text u want stuffed into a box, and stuff like paragraph indents, stuff like that
[05:16:59] <martyb> MrBluze: BTW, I have a QA background and know my way around HTML and CSS a bit; if you need a quick check on something, let me know.
[05:17:12] <MrBluze> thanks martyb :) i will note that
[05:17:34] <MrBluze> ok
[05:17:40] <MrBluze> what is the formatting doing to your stories?
[05:17:41] martyb is now known as martyb_afk
[05:19:28] * MrBluze is thinking, LaminatorX, what could be a good idea is to take one of the stories, format it in a word processor, output a PDF and we hand that to css
[05:19:31] <MrBluze> one that has a quote by a programmer, and then an example of some code, etc
[05:20:32] <LaminatorX> <p>Some Member writes:</p><p>"I came across this interesting <a href="story.example.com/index.html">article</a> where they said, 'Here's a short quote.' What do our members think?</p>
[05:20:47] <MrBluze> yes
[05:20:56] <LaminatorX> I forgot to close quotes before that last </p>.
[05:21:06] <MrBluze> so..
[05:21:21] <MrBluze> in libreoffice word or something
[05:21:52] <MrBluze> if u make that look pretty and nice, with exactly the font and formatting u imagine would be ideal,
[05:22:05] <FrogBlast> Is the issue with the formatting just that it's hard to edit?
[05:22:26] martyb_afk is now known as martyb
[05:22:45] <MrBluze> well to that one, FrogBlast, what we need to request is a wysiwyg editor for the editors
[05:22:53] <MrBluze> that is very easy
[05:23:35] <MrBluze> as it's just one protected page that the editors only access - the js doesn't need to be integrated to the site in any big way at all
[05:23:37] <LaminatorX> Slash puts a bunch of HTML formatting in place automatically, basically it takes the submission, wraps it in quotes and <i>, and puts in <br><br> between paragraphs.
[05:24:03] <FrogBlast> Is there a way to protect a wiki page?
[05:24:12] <LaminatorX> That's what we get to work with.
[05:24:12] <MrBluze> no, not really FrogBlast
[05:24:17] <MrBluze> LaminatorX:
[05:24:24] <MrBluze> do this..
[05:24:30] <xlefay> There should be.. it's MediaWiki, best to ask FunPika.
[05:24:48] <MrBluze> make a word document or equiv, write the article how you want to input it, format it in monospace so it's obviously input
[05:24:57] <MrBluze> then below write what you want to see
[05:25:05] <MrBluze> and we give it to them, and they just do it.
[05:25:10] <martyb> FrogBlast: there's gotta be a way... remember when Sarah Palin was nominated for vp? they protected her page; I'm sure there's lots of others.
[05:25:50] <LaminatorX> I could do somethng like that in the morning.
[05:25:51] <MrBluze> or is the problem that the submissions u are seeing are already butchered??
[05:26:36] <MrBluze> LaminatorX: .. it will do heaps .. i have noticed if i put images or stuff up, it's acted on more readily
[05:26:39] <LaminatorX> What the editor gets has already had a perl-wash to lay it out in HTML the way slashdot would.
[05:26:43] <FrogBlast> I was just thinking a wiki is a good way to group-edit. Preserves changes, everyone can see it, etc. Might even be a fun historical tool in the future to see the process early submissions went through. But no idea if it's practical.
[05:27:05] <xlefay> Etterpad might be better for group-editing the same document?
[05:27:14] <xlefay> (least, if you do it at the same time, that is)
[05:27:16] <MrBluze> LaminatorX: .. well give an example of how u want the submission text to appear to u first go .. they have to then fix the perl so it doesnt bastardize it
[05:27:17] <xlefay> etherpad*
[05:27:39] <MrBluze> FrogBlast: i made a page for u on the wiki
[05:28:08] <xlefay> e.g. http://beta.etherpad.org
[05:29:01] <MrBluze> it would be good to have something that allows images
[05:29:11] <LaminatorX> I'm also very interested in some CSS support for establishing things like <book></book> and <movie><movie> for pre-defined title reference styles.
[05:29:22] * MrBluze nods
[05:29:25] <MrBluze> this is gold, LaminatorX
[05:29:39] <MrBluze> start with basic though - get something in
[05:29:48] <MrBluze> and it woul be great to work this out with u and make it work
[05:30:28] <LaminatorX> Go team.
[05:30:57] <MrBluze> and <quote> and <code>
[05:31:06] <FrogBlast> Ooh, this wrapper is startin' to look niiice.
[05:31:13] <MrBluze> woohoo ;)
[05:31:20] <MrBluze> brb
[05:32:25] <LaminatorX> <byline> alone would save us something like 20 keystrokes per article, and Dopefish would never again forget the colon.
[05:33:54] -!- martyb [martyb!~a6b5030d@Soylent/Volunteer/martyb] has parted #style
[05:34:16] <MrBluze> ok im here
[05:34:19] <MrBluze> yes
[05:34:28] <MrBluze> so the way to do this quickly is do format a document
[05:34:39] <MrBluze> and just say.. I want <byline> to look like this: ... etc
[05:35:35] <FrogBlast> I got a Magic Mouse for Christmas, and I was like, "Eh...?"
[05:35:50] <FrogBlast> But man, the time I sued to waste panning around images...
[05:35:52] <LaminatorX> Alright, we've got communication open and a framework for next steps. I'll write some before & after samples (heck I can use real submissions) in the morning, and some draft style tags tomorrow morning once I settle in at work. How am I to get you these documents?
[05:36:00] <MrBluze> lol
[05:36:11] <MrBluze> yep, email them to me
[05:36:17] <MrBluze> style@soylentnews.org
[05:36:19] <MrBluze> or mrbluze@hotmail.com
[05:36:26] <LaminatorX> Got it.
[05:36:34] <MrBluze> and i will chase ppl until they stop running
[05:36:48] <LaminatorX> I'm very glad we've had this conversation.
[05:37:21] <MrBluze> cheers :)
[05:37:41] <MrBluze> it has been on my to do list for a week or two now
[05:41:56] <FrogBlast> http://personalpreferences.info
[05:43:10] <MrBluze> that's looking pretty promising
[05:43:19] <MrBluze> rendering is a tiny bit broken on my firefox
[05:43:28] <FrogBlast> Agh, here too...
[05:43:35] <MrBluze> just top left corner, but it's good
[05:43:43] <FrogBlast> Those fringes look terrible...
[05:44:23] <MrBluze> at the end?
[05:44:24] <FrogBlast> Maybe I should switch to inkscape jsut to be working in (I assume) native SVG, instead of hoping things make the jump in style.
[05:44:45] <MrBluze> yeah it's just svg on inkscape
[05:44:51] <MrBluze> well it exports to it
[05:44:54] <MrBluze> but i dont mind what program u use
[05:44:57] <MrBluze> oh, also
[05:45:03] <FrogBlast> Even int he middle, if you zoom in, there's a subtle white fringe around the highlits
[05:45:19] <MrBluze> yes
[05:45:38] <MrBluze> try a cursive type font for Soylent
[05:46:01] <MrBluze> http://slodive.com .. or
[05:46:26] <MrBluze> slightly comic cursive
[05:47:44] <MrBluze> dunno.. i cant find a good one
[05:48:03] <MrBluze> i may be able to try some things and send u examples to try
[05:49:17] <MrBluze> http://ts2.mm.bing.net .. maybe
[05:50:38] <MrBluze> annoying rendering with svg.. it's unforgiving
[05:50:47] <MrBluze> is it rendering to alpha, or to black?
[05:51:25] <FrogBlast> Which?
[05:51:48] <MrBluze> the white shiny bit
[05:51:53] <MrBluze> top and bottom
[05:52:09] <MrBluze> that layer should be "black is alpha"
[05:52:16] <MrBluze> so it goes to transparent over the black behind
[05:52:30] <MrBluze> not sure where to set that in illustrator
[05:52:58] <FrogBlast> I'm trying to use a filter because gradients seem to lack features I need...
[05:53:06] <MrBluze> okay
[05:53:08] -!- LaminatorX [LaminatorX!~Laminator@Soylent/Staff/Editor/LaminatorX] has parted #style
[05:53:39] <MrBluze> change the blend mode
[05:53:56] <MrBluze> for the layer
[05:54:35] <FrogBlast> That was the best blend mode I could find :(
[05:55:26] <MrBluze> oh
[05:55:36] <FrogBlast> Man, I sure am making it worse now.,
[05:55:43] <MrBluze> haha doesnt matter
[05:55:48] <MrBluze> its just experimentation
[05:55:50] <FrogBlast> Maybe I should read more about filters lol
[05:56:00] <MrBluze> lighten doesnt work?
[05:56:12] <MrBluze> it wont work unless it's white to transparency
[05:56:13] <FrogBlast> Even weird fringes
[05:56:22] <FrogBlast> Ah
[05:56:48] <FrogBlast> That may be the problem. I keep trying to blend the results of filters
[05:56:48] <MrBluze> where's the alpha setting thing.. u should be able to say black is alpha
[05:57:01] <MrBluze> .. alpha repaint?
[05:57:35] <MrBluze> setting black to be alpha will remove the edges and make a very convincing effect
[05:59:55] <FrogBlast> I have a cunning plan!
[06:01:26] <MrBluze> now u at least gotta tell me what that is lol
[06:02:21] <FrogBlast> Gah...
[06:02:22] <FrogBlast> http://personalpreferences.info
[06:02:31] <FrogBlast> There's a little corner of something I need to kill, but it mostly worked.
[06:02:51] <MrBluze> yes
[06:02:55] <MrBluze> it's working
[06:03:24] <MrBluze> ok now
[06:03:27] <MrBluze> look at the mars bar again
[06:03:31] <FrogBlast> Based on the way you describe things, Illustrator behaves very differently. I've been trying to use inner-glow shadows and drop shadows to replicate sheen, but when I have a solid background it looks crap, and when I have a transparent background, it doesn't evenapply the filter, or applies it with 0% opacity.
[06:03:45] <MrBluze> oh.
[06:03:50] <FrogBlast> My cunning solution was to apply a gradient made of two colors set to 1% opacity
[06:04:01] <MrBluze> well that's interesting
[06:04:05] <FrogBlast> Illustrator thinks it's a real fill, so applies the filter, but the transparency still works.
[06:04:05] <MrBluze> whatever u are doing is working
[06:04:46] <MrBluze> so .. in the marsbar, the shine has a hard edge and fades upwards to black
[06:05:02] <MrBluze> but in a layer under it is the dull grey shine
[06:05:14] <MrBluze> and that has a hard edge at the corner but smooth towards the middle
[06:05:45] <MrBluze> then there's the curved shine on the ends, hard edge going to soft
[06:08:19] <FrogBlast> I can't get rid of that weird white corner sticking out...
[06:09:07] <MrBluze> u have to trim that layer
[06:09:20] <FrogBlast> ?
[06:09:57] <FrogBlast> It should be more beautiful shine... it's not behind anything weird...
[06:10:40] <FrogBlast> And the filter isn't following the actual shape... weird...
[06:10:46] <MrBluze> it's getting better
[06:10:53] <MrBluze> but the shine is made up of several things
[06:11:03] <MrBluze> firstly the spot light on the bar makes the white bright and tight shine
[06:11:12] <MrBluze> then the general room light makes a more dull and diffuse shine
[06:21:11] <FrogBlast> ooh
[06:23:19] <FrogBlast> aww
[06:23:56] <MrBluze> mm?
[06:24:12] <FrogBlast> SVG does not like gradient masks, apparently
[06:25:49] <MrBluze> bother
[06:25:58] <MrBluze> hmm..
[06:26:02] <MrBluze> but wait
[06:26:16] <MrBluze> i do recall a tutorial on how to make shiny buttons with svg
[06:26:25] <MrBluze> u know, the usual 3d effect for aqua
[06:26:51] <FrogBlast> They usually involve a convex bezier path
[06:27:06] <FrogBlast> My shines all have sharp concavities that really piss off the filter
[06:27:35] <MrBluze> yes
[06:27:50] <MrBluze> i cant just now but later i will do some experimentation
[06:27:57] <MrBluze> no rush
[06:28:10] <MrBluze> but i reckon if we can do this with svg we're onto something good
[06:28:14] <FrogBlast> I think I'll give Inkscape a try tomorrow.
[06:28:36] <MrBluze> :) all good
[06:28:41] <FrogBlast> It's so depressing to be like, Daaaaaamn... then load it in Chrome and be like... Awwwwww...
[06:28:45] <MrBluze> oh and btw if u have tasks for me to do that might offload your work
[06:29:01] <MrBluze> yeah that's the nature of this
[06:30:12] <FrogBlast> More icons would be great help.
[06:30:30] <MrBluze> can u make a list up so i can pick them off?
[06:30:39] <FrogBlast> I was going to do a carbon atom for Science today, but there's just so much to do in this life.
[06:31:02] <MrBluze> there is
[06:31:34] <MrBluze> as i said i mostly draw not really edit and pixellate so i will do things how i can - at worst they might just be ideas for icons if they are not up to standard
[06:32:46] <FrogBlast> Answers
[06:32:46] <FrogBlast> Business
[06:32:46] <FrogBlast> Career & Education
[06:32:48] <FrogBlast> Code
[06:32:50] <FrogBlast> Digital Liberties
[06:32:52] <FrogBlast> Editorial
[06:32:54] <FrogBlast> Hardware
[06:32:56] <FrogBlast> Leisure
[06:32:58] <FrogBlast> OS
[06:33:00] <FrogBlast> Science
[06:33:02] <FrogBlast> Software
[06:33:04] <FrogBlast> SoylentNews
[06:33:06] <FrogBlast> Techonomics
[06:33:08] <FrogBlast> Today's News
[06:33:13] <FrogBlast> I've only SVGed four sections, so those are all left.
[06:33:19] <MrBluze> okay
[06:33:25] <MrBluze> i will put that list on the wiki now
[06:35:33] <MrBluze> http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[06:36:37] <FrogBlast> *cough* I should learn to use wikis
[06:37:03] <MrBluze> haha lol nah
[06:37:07] <MrBluze> its easy jjust get an account
[06:37:13] <MrBluze> and once u are logged in, u can edit
[06:37:57] <FrogBlast> Something about the layout and... Talk sections, and... I just get lost.
[06:38:12] <FrogBlast> It's the most counterintuitive thing I've ever used.
[06:39:20] <MrBluze> its dumb
[06:39:21] <MrBluze> dont worry
[06:39:32] <MrBluze> just let me know if i need to take items off or on and i'll do it
[06:39:41] <MrBluze> whenever ur in here etc
[06:39:47] <FrogBlast> Will do.
[06:39:52] <MrBluze> cheers :)
[06:39:57] <FrogBlast> You're off?
[06:40:10] <FrogBlast> I guess I should, too. Later!
[06:40:54] <MrBluze> i am - i gotta get home
[06:43:04] <MrBluze> cheers FrogBlast :) catch u later
[07:01:58] FrogBlast is now known as FrogBlast_Away
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