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[08:17:13] <SoyGuest10360> woh - what's happened here: https://soylentnews.org
[08:17:23] <SoyGuest10360> top three stories are all identical
[08:17:54] <chromas> weird. should we leave it?
[08:17:59] <SoyGuest10360> oooh, not quite - they have different numeric ids
[08:18:01] <chromas> >:D
[08:18:25] <chromas> Maybe he kept trying to save it but his connection dropped the server response
[08:19:10] <SoyGuest10360> no unique tokens on the form to prevent that?
[08:19:34] <SoyGuest10360> that would be standard XSRF mitigation, so worth doing generally.
[08:19:54] <SoyGuest10360> I'll delete ...39 and ...40 from the queue
[08:20:30] <SoyGuest10360> hmmm....
[08:20:43] <SoyGuest10360> how do I delete ...39 and ...40 from the queue?
[08:21:45] <chromas> I dunno if there's a delete but you can uncheck the Display box in the story editor
[08:22:36] <chromas> I posted a dupe like that once but it was because I went back to the first Preview/Accept page
[08:23:23] <SoyGuest10360> OK, I just made it massively in the future, so would never go out.
[08:23:36] <SoyGuest10360> Sneakier would have been to make it massively in the past, I guess
[08:23:44] <chromas> but then it'll always be at the top o' the list
[08:23:59] <chromas> So he'll be reminded and hang his head in shame every day :D
[08:24:20] <SoyGuest10360> lack of delete is strange
[08:24:23] <chromas> yeah
[08:24:37] <chromas> I think they used to send them to the past but now we just undisplay them
[08:25:49] <SoyGuest10360> We need an unpublished nexus!
[08:26:36] <chromas> Change the title to "Bytram: You did this. Look at it! LOOK AT IT!"
[08:26:48] * chromas = meanie
[08:28:13] <SoyGuest10360> OK, made to non-display, date restored
[08:28:48] <chromas> Now we can switch which one's displayed every once in a while to confuse commenters
[08:31:24] <SoyGuest10360> we should (not in a public channel) start to plan an April 1st prank...
[08:32:26] <chromas> You know where the channel is ;)
[11:11:53] <Bytram> SoyGuest10360: chromas: Yeah, so sorry about that! I'm not exactly sure what happened to cause that. There *is* the ability to delete a story, but requires elevated privs beyond what you have -- They should be gone within a few minutes.
[11:13:06] <Bytram> chromas++ thanks!
[11:13:06] <Bender> karma - chromas: 1
[11:13:15] <Bytram> Fnord666++ thanks!
[11:13:15] <Bender> karma - fnord666: 1
[11:13:43] <Bytram> and... they are now gone.
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