#staff | Logs for 2019-10-02

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[08:53:08] <FatPhil> do I have an @soylentnews.com email address?
[11:36:55] <janrinok> I would imagine so - you are on the authors/editor list
[11:37:06] <janrinok> I've just sent you and email and it accepted it
[11:37:24] <janrinok> FatPhil, ^^^
[11:37:50] <janrinok> @soylentnews.org
[11:44:31] <FatPhil> Yay! From: janrinok <janrinok@soylentnews.org>
[11:44:52] <janrinok> there you go then!
[11:44:54] <FatPhil> I'll try to remember to use that for admin-related mails in the future
[11:45:51] <janrinok> I'll probably get a bit more spam now - but I get plenty anyway
[11:52:11] <FatPhil> ooops, sorry
[13:36:38] <janrinok> np - it goes with the free email :)
[14:15:50] <FatPhil> Hey, google, let's do a scientific test - can you scrape this: pc+soylentirctest@asdf.org