#staff | Logs for 2019-10-01

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[06:31:12] <SemperOSS> semper
[06:31:45] <SemperOSS> Oops, wrong input field
[06:45:52] <janrinok> morning SemperOSS
[06:46:15] <chromas> hah! we've got his password now
[06:46:25] <janrinok> just what I was thinking.... hehehe
[06:46:30] <SemperOSS> Morning all
[06:47:00] <janrinok> were you just seeing if your password looked pretty?
[06:47:02] <SemperOSS> Drat, but luckily I caught it before I added the 1234 that needs to follow it
[06:47:12] <janrinok> lol
[06:47:32] * janrinok doesn't believe him - he had pressed Enter
[06:48:10] <janrinok> but you can trust us, we won't tell anyone, will we chromas ?
[06:48:12] * SemperOSS did it accidentally ... really! You MUST believe me! You must! Bwaaaaaaahhh!
[06:48:46] <chromas> Too late; already tweeted and facebooked it
[06:48:51] <janrinok> lol
[06:49:20] <janrinok> that's the problem with IRC - there is always somebody lurking
[06:49:47] <chromas> also Loggie's here, to google will have it too
[06:50:54] <SemperOSS> Ah, what hard work, I'll have to change it on all sites now. Maybe I should try a new one ... passw0rd4321?
[06:52:48] * chromas checks his luggage
[06:53:04] <SemperOSS> Going anywhere?
[06:53:40] <chromas> I had to change the combination
[06:54:07] <SemperOSS> From your old one, 0000?
[06:54:26] <chromas> N–no…how did you know?
[06:54:40] <SemperOSS> Psychic