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[04:23:58] <TheMightyBuzzard> FatPhil, not in over a month, no.
[07:44:21] <FatPhil> That's the same as saying "over a month ago, yes", you do realise?
[08:05:56] <chromas> Yes. But in less than a month ago, no
[08:05:57] <chromas> :)
[08:10:51] <FatPhil> Let's do the time warp again
[08:13:15] <FatPhil> Related: why are the Iranian Revolutionary Guards still being called the Iranian Revolutionary Guards - the revolution was decades ago!?!?
[08:33:33] <chromas> I guess they're holding it so it doesn't unwind
[08:34:21] <FatPhil> I think they're fearing that if changes happen in small steps, then they'll next become the Iranian Evolutionary Guard, which would be heretical!
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