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[07:38:15] <janrinok> 0737 UTC site seems to be running on molasses here in France.
[07:38:43] <janrinok> even a front page update is having problems
[07:39:54] <janrinok> have I broken it by editing :) ?
[07:40:44] <janrinok> Connection has timed out - The server at soylentnews.org is taking too long to respond
[07:41:37] <janrinok> TheMightyBuzzard, martyb ^^
[08:42:33] <janrinok> I've just come back on - it seems to be OK at the moment
[09:09:50] <chromas> janrinok: We had connection issues yestermorning too. Bytram had a hiccup on the editor page around the same time. Maybe some scheduled event is hogging all the server
[09:10:06] <chromas> (irc connection issues)
[11:09:08] <janrinok> I was editing this morning when it happened too. I wonder if there is a connection?
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