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[07:37:41] <SoyGuest57529> what's the review procedure for "unfair spam moderation" claims?
[07:38:24] <SoyGuest57529> aristarchus is getting in a flap about https://soylentnews.org
[07:40:12] <chromas> Doesn't look spam-modded now though
[07:40:54] <SoyGuest57529> yeah, he seems to be getting in a flap about how it's been rescinded too!
[07:41:35] <SoyGuest57529> perhaps I should have asked what will happen to the spam modder, rather than the spam mod itself.
[07:42:40] <chromas> Last I heard, the modder would be given a spankin' unless the mod was determined to be an accident.
[07:43:23] <chromas> Not sure if other staffs with the privilege are around, but tmb should be by in a couple hours
[07:51:32] <SoyGuest57529> TheMightyBuzzard: ^^^
[07:54:58] <SoyGuest57529> possible feature request - when a spam mod is cancelled, so are all the "underrated" mods that happened after the spam request, and the mod points returned.
[07:55:19] <SoyGuest57529> which might be over-complicating thiings, of course.
[08:02:28] <SoyGuest57529> why did I just refer to aristarcus as "archie pu" in my head? ( http://soc.history.narkive.com )
[08:12:54] * chromas suggests a -2 score only achievable by spam mod
[08:23:55] * SoyGuest57529 likes that idea
[08:24:28] <SoyGuest57529> is this channel logged publicly?
[08:26:36] <SoyGuest57529> yup
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