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[14:43:36] <n1> well that was strange
[14:43:42] <n1> things working first time...
[14:45:38] <janrinok> what 'things' in particular?
[14:46:03] <n1> im trying out some 'ecommerce solutions'
[14:46:51] <janrinok> if it works first time I think you must be doing it wrong
[14:46:55] <n1> specifically opencart at the moment
[14:48:27] <janrinok> ah, you're going to be flogging stuff, eh?
[14:53:30] <n1> something like that
[14:53:33] <n1> very specific stuff
[14:53:45] <janrinok> of course, you are a discerning chap!
[15:01:32] <n1> stuff that i know is hard to find through a retailer but i know people need
[15:01:35] <n1> is part of it
[15:06:05] <janrinok> find your niche market, and then exploit it
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[15:16:05] <janrinok> hi mechiancjay
[15:16:08] <n1> dont like 'exploit'
[15:16:19] <mechiancjay> Hiya janrinok
[15:16:31] <n1> ahoy mechiancjay
[15:16:42] <janrinok> n1: well, you know what I meant
[15:26:41] <janrinok> anybody know if rss-bot is working - I've been monitoring it for over 1 hour and not a single story has popped up yet?
[15:31:02] <n1> it must not be working
[15:31:22] <n1> ive been in there and havnt seen any activity
[15:31:36] <n1> looks like it broke 2 days ago
[15:31:55] <n1> last story that came up was from the 19th
[15:45:53] <janrinok> mechiancjay: paulej72: anyone know what is wrong with rss-bot?
[15:46:15] <mechiancjay> I have no knowledge of rss-bot
[15:46:49] <janrinok> just thought I'd ask :)
[17:40:41] <paulej72> janrinok: what is the issue
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[17:46:45] <janrinok> just replied to you on another chan. Thx again
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