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[01:30:52] <paulej72> hola
[01:35:18] <juggs> hola paulej72 how goes it?
[01:36:14] <paulej72> not bad. busybat wook today. getting rebiult experiments ready for next semester
[01:38:53] <juggs> you getting on top of your malaise backlog?
[01:51:02] <paulej72> trying to
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[02:09:11] <juggs> I always find backlogs depressing, I used to have a tendency of putting the worst to last and then running out of motivation then having an ever growing mountain of worstosity. Put me in a hole of despair. Only way for me now is to look at the pile and take out the worst of the worst, from there the rest seems like plain sailing as it's all downhill.
[02:13:39] <TheMightyBuzzard> ya, screw that nonsense. look for something that sounds easy and get it out of the way first. start off with a win.
[02:16:55] <juggs> Nooo - start of killing a raging velociraptor.. the rest will just sail by as they get easier as the day goes by
[02:19:39] <paulej72> answer the person who is screaming the loudest works for me
[02:20:26] <TheMightyBuzzard> by answer you mean smite with a LART?
[02:22:15] <juggs> paulej72, but that just means your whole time fixing the marketing departments fuckups :D
[02:25:28] <paulej72> not much of a marketing deptment at an ivy league school. sells itself
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