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[19:49:11] <mechanicjay> NCommander: you about?
[19:50:52] <mechanicjay> Is anyone about?
[19:51:49] <NCommander> mechanicjay, I am
[19:52:04] <mechanicjay> apache crashed on flourine, it loolks like because of a gluster problem
[19:52:55] <mechanicjay> people were getting 503's when the node balancer was routing them to that node. Varnish was up, and happily serving up errors.
[19:53:13] <mechanicjay> I stopped varnish, so the node balancer should detect that node as down and only route folks to hydrogen
[19:53:15] <NCommander> shit
[19:53:23] <NCommander> I thought I fixed that edge case
[19:53:30] <NCommander> I'm going to rework gluster soonish
[19:53:43] <mechanicjay> root@fluorine:/srv# ls
[19:53:43] <mechanicjay> ls: cannot access soylentnews.org: Transport endpoint is not connected
[19:54:58] <mechanicjay> alright, I don't know anything about the gluster setup -- don't want to make it worse
[19:56:06] <NCommander> mechanicjay,I'll hammer it in a bit, going to go to the store
[19:56:21] <mechanicjay> ok, we should be fine running on the one node for now.
[20:37:39] <NCommander> And now I'm back
[20:37:39] <NCommander> mechanicjay, poking fluorine
[20:39:25] <NCommander> mechanicjay, magic needed
[20:39:26] <NCommander> sudo umount -l soylentnews.org
[20:39:32] <NCommander> (-l tells it not to tell the server it DCed)
[20:39:38] <NCommander> sudo service glusterfs-server restart
[20:39:39] <NCommander> sudo mount -a
[20:39:42] <NCommander> Then start slash normally
[20:41:14] <mechanicjay> magic indeed. Can you document this on the wiki?
[20:43:51] <NCommander> mechanicjay, yeah, I will
[20:44:01] <NCommander> mechanicjay, I just updated boron's gluster so they're all on the same version
[20:44:26] <NCommander> NCommander Member UTC-5
[20:44:27] <NCommander> ...
[20:44:30] <NCommander> That hasn't been true in awhile
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[23:00:44] <matt_> NCommander, hi!
[23:03:49] <NCommander> matt_, Ħih
[23:04:37] <matt_> how were your various flights?
[23:05:01] <matt_> also, were we having a meeting today?
[23:07:00] <paulej72> missing mrcoolbp
[23:18:58] <audioguy> So did matt_ ever get a proper irc client?
[23:19:09] <matt_> on my to do list :)
[23:19:43] <matt_> i don't have anything to paste in today ;)
[23:19:48] <audioguy> Always good to meen another profressional procrastinator.
[23:20:14] <audioguy> WE have to keep our standards high.:-)