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[18:37:37] <juggs> janinok|lurking, ping
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[20:04:37] <janrinok> juggs: pong - but very late!
[20:05:47] <juggs> hi janrinok
[20:05:52] <janrinok> hi juggs
[20:06:03] <juggs> I noticed you asked about regurgitator...
[20:06:14] <juggs> It's an eggdrop bot http://www.eggheads.org with rss-synd https://github.com plugged in. Only change I've made is to sort the output from the !rss command. Other than that it's just a case of config editing for eggdrop to switch of all its services and for rss-synd to specify what feeds to follow.
[20:06:51] <juggs> Happy to share my changes and configs if you wish
[20:06:56] <janrinok> Ah thx - I had found json-bot but it was missing the plugins
[20:07:42] <janrinok> I want to try to set something up on one of my computers - json-bot didn't quite seem to fit the bill. I'll take a look at your suggestion.
[20:08:29] <janrinok> juggs: Has it been included in soylents git feed or are all the bots kept separate?
[20:09:09] <juggs> eggdrop is a bit heavy really as it contains all manner of channel control / whois / seen etc. functionality that I just end up disabling, but the amount of plugins available is crazy.
[20:09:56] <juggs> janrinok, nope it's not on soylents git. No reason it couldn't be I don't think
[20:12:08] <janrinok> just downloading it now - its a long weekend holiday here and I need something to play with for a day or two! Bastille Day - the French equivalent to July 4th. Not that we actually join in much but the fireworks display is easily seen from the window, and there is no chance of us sleeping through it and the celebrations that surround it!
[20:13:08] <juggs> Sounds like fun
[20:13:25] <janrinok> yeah, sort of...
[20:13:35] <juggs> grump :P
[20:14:13] <janrinok> you got any plans for the w/e?
[20:15:38] <juggs> not a great deal.
[20:16:21] <janrinok> well have a good one - and thanks for the info. Better get back to #editorial and do something useful....
[20:17:53] <juggs> no worries, just shout if you want configs to diff or whatever.
[20:18:17] <janrinok> thx
[20:20:10] <juggs> janrinok, this will get you started... http://www.egghelp.org
[20:28:36] <janrinok> thx again juggs
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