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[00:52:31] <prospectacle> Apache's new "Allura" looks like a good full featured project-management/staff communication system.
[00:52:36] <prospectacle> https://forge-allura.apache.org
[00:52:39] <prospectacle> Based on the software behind sourceforge
[00:53:29] <prospectacle> Just released yesterday
[00:54:22] <paulej72> we hate sorceforge (aka forceforge what we orginally had for our dev system)
[00:54:45] <prospectacle> ok good to know
[00:55:09] <prospectacle> wait, you hate the software or the website/organisation?
[00:55:39] <paulej72> issure tracking on forceforge was terrible.
[00:56:33] <prospectacle> I see. Well cross that one off then.
[00:56:37] <paulej72> same problem on allura, where is the add new issue/ticket/bug
[00:57:08] <paulej72> Nice bug organization, but not end user friendly
[00:58:18] <paulej72> I killed their server
[00:58:55] <prospectacle> lol, yeah it seems pretty flaky right now
[01:00:28] <paulej72> you would think apache would know how to set up a web server not to fall over on a few requests
[01:01:21] <prospectacle> they're probably running iis, as it's quite popular these days
[01:01:53] <paulej72> it is probably apache 1.3 with mod_perl :)
[01:02:19] <prospectacle> "The Allura project is self-hosted on an instance of Allura"
[01:02:23] <prospectacle> I guess that says all you need to know.
[01:02:27] <paulej72> nginx
[01:02:28] <prospectacle> Maybe one day it will be good
[01:02:49] <paulej72> lol
[01:03:10] <paulej72> The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
[01:03:11] <paulej72> Please contact the server administrator, [no address given] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.
[01:03:12] <paulej72> More information about this error may be available in the server error log.
[01:05:35] <prospectacle> let's open a new ticket on allura with the bug "doesn't run on apache"
[01:06:50] <paulej72> lol
[01:07:24] <paulej72> from the redundant department of redundancies
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[03:43:38] <bytram|away> !current-uid
[03:43:38] <SlimShady> The current maximum UID is 4007, owned by cybernot
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[03:55:59] <paulej72> I like that nick
[03:57:49] <Bytram> pme too!
[03:58:21] <paulej72> could work better as cyberknot
[04:01:10] <Bytram> be my guest!
[04:01:20] <Bytram> hmmm SighBrrrNot
[04:01:37] <Bytram> SighBearNot
[04:01:47] <Bytram> SighBareNot
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[04:09:46] <NCommander> The UID sign up become a trickle
[04:09:52] <NCommander> .voice Cyprus
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[04:10:05] <NCommander> Cyprus, so what are you interested in doing on the dev side of things?
[04:12:34] <Cyprus> mostly I'm just offering to help where I can in general, if i'm useful
[04:13:54] <Cyprus> haven't dove into the buglist or slash itself too much except to try to figure out a bug that affected me personally after i was trying to reproduce something someone mentioned in #soylent
[04:16:39] <NCommander> Cyprus, hrm, if you're interested, I'd love if someone could try and fix the timezone issue
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[04:53:33] * Bytram is away: g'nite everybody!
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[05:08:41] <NCommander> !current-uid
[05:08:41] <SlimShady> The current maximum UID is 4007, owned by cybernot
[05:09:48] <MrBluze> only 7 joins
[05:09:53] <MrBluze> since the weeeknd .. ugh
[05:10:00] <NCommander> Not a single new account 04/01
[05:10:03] <MrBluze> the name vote is urgently needed
[05:10:10] <NCommander> MrBluze, no kidding
[05:10:26] <MrBluze> followed by a promotion program
[05:10:38] <NCommander> Agreed
[05:10:43] <NCommander> That being said
[05:12:26] <MrBluze> that being said.. ?
[05:12:26] <NCommander> MrBluze, Wed Apr 2 03:12:17 2014 runtask Total Active Users: 440
[05:12:30] <MrBluze> ohh
[05:12:42] <MrBluze> that's pretty good
[05:12:59] * NCommander rotates slashd's log
[05:13:56] <NCommander> MrBluze, Tue Apr 1 23:55:14 2014 [process_moderation.pl] Total Active Users: 973
[05:14:10] <NCommander> (that's logged in users)
[05:14:19] <MrBluze> .. that is NOT BAD
[05:14:33] <MrBluze> but u know the market which we have is saturated
[05:14:35] <NCommander> Tue Apr 1 23:55:14 2014 [process_moderation.pl] Total Active Users: 973
[05:14:35] <NCommander> Wed Apr 2 00:00:13 2014 [process_moderation.pl] Total Active Users: 299
[05:14:38] <NCommander> THough
[05:14:41] <NCommander> I'm curious what happened there
[05:14:43] <MrBluze> which means we need to go and expand the market
[05:14:55] <MrBluze> wednesdays are quiet throughout the internet
[05:15:03] <MrBluze> ok i got to RUN!!!
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[05:18:58] <paulej72> NCommander: with the number of new users slowing down, do we want to change the % of users that can mode to a higher number. I think ith should be by age in the future, Accounts must be x days old to be eligible to mod
[05:19:14] <NCommander> paulej72, Yeah
[05:19:30] <NCommander> paulej72, I think I'm going to make a graph out of this
[05:19:41] <NCommander> paulej72, what it looks like is we peaked mid-march at a high of 1200 active users
[05:19:48] <NCommander> With our normal high being in the high 800s
[05:19:55] <NCommander> But our growth is completely flatlined
[05:20:50] <mattie_p> so ... maybe we solicit ideas on how to grow then?
[05:21:12] <paulej72> I hope that the users were not fed up with the bugs in the site and left
[05:28:09] <NCommander> paulej72, no, it looks like we got our core community
[05:28:18] <NCommander> paulej72, and they've stuck with us, even through Drama 2014
[05:28:25] <NCommander> The numbers are constant
[05:28:28] <NCommander> We're just not getting new hits
[05:28:45] <NCommander> The referral numbers from slash are just sheer disappointing (though I suspect a fair bit of that is varnish hiding them)
[05:29:03] <paulej72> dice keeps deleting our advertising on /.
[05:29:16] <mattie_p> we need to pursue other venues then
[05:29:54] <NCommander> paulej72, are they actually deleting?
[05:30:09] <paulej72> I would put something in my sig on ./ but I only have about 5 posts on there.
[05:30:45] <paulej72> NCommander: some people have said their posts have gone missing
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[05:41:04] <paulej72> time for bed. good night all
[05:41:24] <mattie_p> goodnight, pauleh72
[05:41:33] <mattie_p> *paule872
[05:41:37] <mattie_p> gah!
[05:41:55] <mattie_p> s/*/paulej72/
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[17:04:45] <mechanicjay> !todo
[17:04:45] <SlimShady> todo for mechanicjay: 1) make noreply@sn.org route into the ground 2) finish documenting mail setup on the soylent-services wiki page 3) figure-out why squilmail/postfixadmin plugin looses it's mind post password reset. 4) get postfix/ssl/tls working on ports 465/587 5) nuke forums.soylentnews.org 6) investigate pgp postfix plugin for signing
[17:08:14] <mechanicjay> !done 5
[17:08:14] <SlimShady> 1 item deleted
[17:09:01] <xlefay> Morning Mechanicjay :)
[17:09:10] <mechanicjay> Hey there!
[17:09:17] <xlefay> #3 works now doesn't it? :)
[17:09:47] <xlefay> How are things?
[17:10:05] <mechanicjay> Not too bad.
[17:10:11] <mechanicjay> You?
[17:11:07] <xlefay> Having doubts about janrinok actually being janrinok, but not bad either ;)
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[17:13:05] <janrinok> I heard that....
[17:13:14] <xlefay> :p
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[17:14:09] <mechanicjay> xlefay: #3 works, but you need to restart your browser between password changes, else the postfix plugin seems to think you're not logged in.
[17:14:40] <xlefay> oh I see, that makes sense though, but we can probably fix that easily
[17:14:56] <xlefay> (err, from an oldly written php plugin, that is)
[17:15:39] <mechanicjay> http://sourceforge.net
[17:16:14] <mechanicjay> Let me try the fix in the bug report
[17:16:46] <xlefay> eek that looks ugly but if it works
[17:16:50] <mechanicjay> xlefay: I've taken a backup of the forums database for posterity, but I'm going to drop it now.
[17:17:28] <xlefay> I believe someone was copying information from the forums onto the Wiki, has that process finished yet?
[17:17:56] <mechanicjay> Yeah, I was told that was done last week sometime, which is why I added it to my todo
[17:18:19] <xlefay> Alright ;D
[17:18:35] <mechanicjay> I killed the vhost and the dns entry, I'll keep the db and site folder around for a bit and see if anyone complains.
[17:18:57] <xlefay> Can you scp it to oxygen? Just in case we ever need it while you're not around?
[17:20:20] <mechanicjay> I will
[17:20:30] <xlefay> Thank you :)
[17:20:59] <mechanicjay> erm...where do you want it?
[17:22:13] <xlefay> /root/backups/
[17:22:52] <mechanicjay> /var/backups/ ?
[17:23:03] <xlefay> that's also fine :)
[17:23:28] <xlefay> Just note for huge backups, we can't use /; since oxygen has a different partition scheme /home has most diskspace available
[17:24:09] <mechanicjay> indeed!
[17:25:20] <mechanicjay> oof, ssh to oxygen is laggy
[17:25:26] <xlefay> It is.. :/
[17:25:34] <mechanicjay> I know why, just complaining about it.
[17:25:35] <xlefay> Even boron times out to it occassionally.. :/
[17:25:52] <xlefay> I noticed because of apt plugin timeouts occasionally
[17:25:58] <NCommander> mechanicjay, got to love french ISPs
[17:26:11] <mechanicjay> oui!
[17:26:12] <xlefay> NCommander, actually, OVH is one of the best one there is
[17:26:20] <xlefay> their network in europe, is one of the finest
[17:26:25] <NCommander> xlefay, I've been to france. I wasn't impressed.
[17:26:42] <xlefay> I'm talking about OVH's network in Europe specifically ;)
[17:27:05] <xlefay> Although, Germany's connection = FTW.
[17:29:32] <mechanicjay> EW, I hate break statements
[17:31:03] <mechanicjay> I admonish my students if they break out of functions or loops. I hereby declare that the postfixadmin plugin for squirrelmail is poorly written.
[17:31:49] <xlefay> .voice Cyprus
[17:31:49] -!- mode/#staff [+v Cyprus] by SN
[17:32:05] <Cyprus> if i thought I needed voice I would have =P
[17:32:15] <xlefay> =p
[17:33:11] Cyprus is now known as Cyprus|datacenter
[17:34:22] <mechanicjay> xlefay: also, blindly following the instuctions in the bug report doesn't work. I need to actually figure out what the hell the code is doing.
[17:35:11] <xlefay> some weird stuff, prolly
[17:37:51] <mechanicjay> !done 3
[17:37:51] <SlimShady> 1 item deleted
[17:38:15] <mechanicjay> found the cookie killer logout function, updated and works!
[17:38:19] <mechanicjay> !todo
[17:38:19] <SlimShady> todo for mechanicjay: 1) make noreply@sn.org route into the ground 2) finish documenting mail setup on the soylent-services wiki page 3) get postfix/ssl/tls working on ports 465/587 4) investigate pgp postfix plugin for signing
[17:38:36] <xlefay> Forget about #1 though, it'll just bounce, who cares ;)
[17:39:02] <mechanicjay> was trying to prevent an NDR for some reason that was discussed a while ago
[17:39:56] <xlefay> Is it really that important to avoid a bounce (ndr)?
[17:40:30] <xlefay> I suppose, you could, just pipe incoming mails to noreply@sn.org to /dev/null
[17:40:42] <mechanicjay> It doesn't seem like it now, but unfortunately I can't remember the conversation about it. I might go back and check my chat logs
[17:41:18] <mechanicjay> Unfortunately, since postfix is setup to use dovecot for the mail transport, intercepting mail before it hands off the dovecot is the tricky part.
[17:41:23] <xlefay> "As discussed in Section 7.8 and Section 7.9 below, dropping mail without notification of the sender is permitted in practice. However, it is extremely dangerous and violates a long tradition and community expectations that mail is either delivered or returned. If silent message-dropping is misused, it could easily undermine confidence in the reliability of the Internet's mail systems. So silent dropping of messages should be considered only in
[17:41:23] <xlefay> those cases where there is very high confidence that the messages are seriously fraudulent or otherwise inappropriate."
[17:41:54] <xlefay> I suppose it's inappropriate
[17:42:28] <xlefay> well, mechanicjay, pipes are much like aliases
[17:43:00] <xlefay> but maybe it can be done via dovecot
[17:43:08] <Cyprus|datacenter> you can use a more specific transport rule
[17:43:55] <xlefay> I suppose you can even use a header check
[17:44:11] <xlefay> err, I guess from the man page you can't, disregard
[17:45:18] <Cyprus|datacenter> my question would be, do you really want to bit bucket it, as opposed to looking for 550 responses?
[17:45:45] Cyprus|datacenter is now known as Cyprus
[17:46:00] <xlefay> I don't particularly care myself, noreply is noreply and a bounce would be sufficient, I would say but I'm curious about that conversation MJ had
[17:46:14] <mechanicjay> xlefay: I'm curious about that convo myself
[17:46:18] * mechanicjay goes to mine his chat logs
[17:46:28] <Cyprus> you don't really ever want to bounce
[17:46:48] <xlefay> Cyprus, because of the possible abuse?
[17:46:57] <Cyprus> yeah, backscatter is bad
[17:47:10] <xlefay> It's sad it was abused that way :'(
[17:47:20] <Cyprus> hardly anyone bounces anymore
[17:47:51] <Cyprus> the reason i say look for 550s is to get bad addresses out of being sent to
[17:52:24] <mechanicjay> Okay the convo was basically that NCommander said we wanted to set the nightly slash mailing to from from noreply and then /dev/null any responses.
[17:53:52] <mechanicjay> I setup the noreply mailbox as a stop-gap to prevent bounces and possible mail loops. The idea that the message to <badaddress>@example.com bounces back to noreply@SN which bounces back to <badaddress>@example.com
[17:54:05] <xlefay> So we disable the default "user doesn't exists" bounce and the situation itself is fixed
[17:54:10] <mechanicjay> That shouldn't happen in most cases because the NDR is usually generated from a system acount
[17:56:04] <xlefay> yep, but just removing those bounces would be safer then, downside is: if you try to reach someone, you haven't got a clue if it was rejected
[17:56:08] <Cyprus> you shouldn't be sending bounces for user doesn't exist anyway, those should be just inline rejected.
[17:56:25] <Cyprus> at your edge MTA
[17:56:52] <mechanicjay> Cyprus: yes, that should be happening today
[17:56:58] <mechanicjay> or already
[17:57:05] <mechanicjay> or whatever
[17:57:10] <mechanicjay> let me try again.
[17:57:18] <mechanicjay> Cyprus: that should be the way things are configured.
[17:57:28] <Cyprus> lol i got what you meant =)
[17:58:31] <xlefay> ha
[17:58:43] <xlefay> That's good :)
[17:59:45] <mechanicjay> alright, I'm being dragged out of my office for lunch. I'll be back.
[17:59:52] <xlefay> Enjoy! :)
[17:59:55] mechanicjay is now known as mechanicjay|afk
[17:59:58] <mattie_p> later mechanicjay
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[20:33:16] <mechanicjay> xlefay: is the icinga setup documented yet?
[20:33:34] <xlefay> no not yet
[20:33:43] <xlefay> Something specific you need?
[20:34:13] <mechanicjay> was thinking about trying to get a couple more services monitored on Beryllium
[20:34:29] <mechanicjay> such as mysql and postfix
[20:34:38] <xlefay> postfix is already monitored
[20:35:04] <mechanicjay> SMTP
[20:35:19] <mechanicjay> who calls their SMTP service SMTP when monitoring it? ;)
[20:35:24] <xlefay> as for MySQL, that's on my list, but you can add it if you like but the process is a bit lengthy; can we wait till I got it all documented?
[20:35:46] <xlefay> well, I'll add those /before/ documenting naturally
[20:35:59] <mechanicjay> of course. I'd rather wait for documentation. Then I can test the docs by adding a service.
[20:36:18] <xlefay> Yep ;)
[20:36:54] <xlefay> Expect it in a couple of days, actually just taking some time off to relax, I'll add the MySQL stuff sometime tomorrow; any other services that come to mind?
[20:37:15] <mechanicjay> btw, icinga seems to be a significant UI improvement over nagios.
[20:37:32] <xlefay> It does eh
[20:37:43] <xlefay> Works much more efficient as well
[20:37:47] <xlefay> checkboxes, can you imagine?!
[20:38:01] <mechanicjay> spamassassin and clamav. Incoming mail will probably stop if those die since postfix passes stuff through them.
[20:38:10] <mechanicjay> checkboxes!
[20:39:01] <mechanicjay> qrunner as well, that's the mailman process
[20:39:24] <mechanicjay> But, yeah I'm happy to do them once you have the docs done.
[20:39:34] <xlefay> Yea :)
[20:44:09] <Cyprus> icinga is so much nicer indded
[20:44:16] <Cyprus> the new rebuild is fing weird though
[21:25:08] * NCommander is debating plugging slash into spamd
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[21:33:42] <NCommander> chromas, well, I want to add two new moderations to slash
[21:33:46] <NCommander> Autoham/Autospam
[21:34:06] <NCommander> To be applied once to all AC posts to nudge once in either direction
[21:40:22] <NCommander> It doesn, but its not that smart
[21:40:31] <NCommander> The idea is 0 is basically a holding pen. Nothing stays there for long
[21:45:00] <Cyprus> would half the comments make it past spam? alternately, would they teach it to be really stupid? =)
[21:45:31] <NCommander> Cyprus, I consider it spam filtering on a record never seen before
[21:45:37] <NCommander> we'll use metamod to determine ham from spam
[21:45:49] <Cyprus> you're implementing metamoding?
[21:45:54] <NCommander> Cyprus, yeah
[21:46:05] <NCommander> And then aware the users XP towards leveling up for metamodding, as well as making it the best way to earn levels
[21:46:12] <Cyprus> cool
[21:46:15] <NCommander> (followed by modding, and getting modded up)
[21:46:29] <NCommander> What I need is a clone of myself
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[23:01:40] <xlefay> best to report a bug @ https://github.com
[23:02:15] <xlefay> @ SoyCow3870
[23:03:40] <xlefay> I can post a bug report for you
[23:03:52] <xlefay> If you write a summary explaining, I'll be happy to post it
[23:10:37] <xlefay> now he tells me :P
[23:10:52] <xlefay> https://github.com anyway, something obviously did go wrong so best if someone looks into it
[23:11:17] <xlefay> hehe, thanks
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