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[03:36:04] * xlefay waits patiently for bacula's localhost job to complete...
[03:36:28] <xlefay> (in other words, refreshes the status like a lunatic)
[03:39:20] <Cyprus> lol?
[03:41:06] <xlefay> I'm first doing the local server, just to test a simple back ;-)
[03:41:22] <xlefay> backup*
[03:41:35] <Cyprus> you find accurate mode and turn it on?
[03:43:21] <xlefay> That's an interesting mode, hadn't seen that yet
[03:43:41] <Cyprus> you want it on
[03:44:06] <Cyprus> it's truth in advertising
[03:44:14] <xlefay> Yeah, definitely want that one
[03:44:15] <xlefay> one*
[03:44:17] <xlefay> on*
[03:48:04] <xlefay> Accurate: no # definitely missed it, thanks!
[03:48:20] <Cyprus> im trying to find my change sets for you
[03:48:54] <Cyprus> not all of them made it upstream
[03:51:16] <xlefay> Would be interesting to see ;-)
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[04:00:43] <paulej72> low submission queue message up on dev
[04:08:21] <paulej72> restarting varnish does not delete the cache. I need a reliable method to dump the cache on dev
[04:09:18] <xlefay> paulej72: curl -X 'PURGE /' http://localhost
[04:09:48] <paulej72> that will only purge one page
[04:10:22] <xlefay> /* ?
[04:10:40] <paulej72> purge does not use wildcards
[04:11:14] <xlefay> http://mesmor.com
[04:11:21] <xlefay> Yes, you'll need to use BAN then
[04:12:14] <paulej72> ban doesn’t really purge it either, it is still in memory
[04:13:30] <xlefay> Doesn't it invalidate old cache when it retries fetching content?
[04:13:48] <paulej72> although I did run the curl command and it did what I wanted.
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[04:14:47] <paulej72> I am not sure, about invalidating the old cache. I was jsut reading online about ban and they all said that it did not clear the pages from memory.
[04:15:26] <paulej72> LaminatorX: check out dev.soylentnews.org. I have the new low sub queue message up.
[04:17:16] <LaminatorX> Looks good. So that starts displayng when the sub bin runs low?
[04:18:27] <xlefay> paulej72: http://www.skybert.net
[04:18:54] <xlefay> You don't need the -T port though.
[04:19:09] <paulej72> LaminatorX: it is set to show when the queue is below 15 stories
[04:22:10] <LaminatorX> Nice work. I also recall /. having a site statistics slashbox nce upon a time. It might be nice to show subs pending and stories in queue along with uptime and such, if we go that route.
[04:26:25] <paulej72> LaminatorX: how is the faq coming?
[04:26:50] <LaminatorX> Outline complete, q's partial.
[04:27:26] <LaminatorX> What format does it need to end up in?
[04:27:27] <paulej72> If you want to break it up into different pages, I can accomodate that
[04:29:43] <LaminatorX> That probably won't be neccessary. Right now I'm aiming for linked index at top and jumps below.
[04:29:57] <mrcoolbp> LaminatorX: I have some info that we might want to throw in there
[04:30:12] <mrcoolbp> I scraped it from some unused old slash files
[04:31:10] <LaminatorX> Please email it to me. I've been paraphrasing some of the slashcode.com faq in places already.
[04:31:33] <mrcoolbp> LaminatorX: it's all html if that's okay
[04:31:47] <LaminatorX> That's fine.
[04:31:58] <mrcoolbp> okay, it's mostly copypasta, let me clean it up, take two minutes
[04:32:00] <paulej72> LaminatorX: it would also help me if you could write up the changes you would like to see in the submision system in terms of style changes and formating.
[04:32:49] <mrcoolbp> paulej72 can you take out the automatic "quotation marks" around the entire summary?
[04:34:03] <paulej72> yes I could probably do that and the <i> change to <p> and anything esle that needs done
[04:34:27] <LaminatorX> Off hand, cut the wrapping quotes and <i> tags that get automatically inserted, and replce <br><br> instances with </p><p>
[04:34:48] <LaminatorX> Yeah, changing those <i>s to <p>s would help.
[04:36:08] <LaminatorX> Longer term, we're going to want to do some local css magic for things like <book> or <byline>.
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[04:37:18] <LaminatorX> This is all predecated on getting you ans MrBluze samples, of course. I had delegated this to girlwhowaspluggedout, who sadly vanished.
[04:37:20] <NCommander> LaminatorX, yesh, we really need those topics thingy
[04:37:28] <MrBluze> yes
[04:37:52] <MrBluze> that girlplug person was not interested in typography but more writing style / formatting
[04:38:00] <MrBluze> as in editorialship i think
[04:39:04] <LaminatorX> He did most of this though, for which we are grateful: http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[04:39:05] <MrBluze> LaminatorX: we do a full definition of what we want - the works, and just give a priority to what should happen first
[04:39:20] <MrBluze> yes he did a really big service with that
[04:41:04] <MrBluze> LaminatorX: if u know of a website that does formatting particularly well we can use it as a guide for us
[04:42:35] <LaminatorX> I'll take notes as I'm training the new editors on things that would be helpful formatwise. I've also been looking over MLA vs Chicago style and similar things. Really, I think our current look is pretty good, we just need to work out some consistancy for things like citations.
[04:44:36] <MrBluze> yep
[04:44:47] <MrBluze> maybe a footnote system .. dunno
[04:45:25] <LaminatorX> It's not a bad idea.
[04:47:22] <mrcoolbp> LaminatorX: I already started refining the Story Style document, but it could still use a little love
[04:50:22] <MrBluze> we need more consistent font representation
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[04:50:48] <MrBluze> dunno.. its better than before but
[04:50:57] <LaminatorX> I noticed you updated the quoting. I'm actually at a loss for the dashed section. Like, I'm sure mrgirl had something in mind to say about dashes, but no clue what a linguistics scholar might have had in mind for that.
[04:51:39] <mrcoolbp> Yeah I just walked right by that one. Not sure what to say either
[04:54:06] <MrBluze> hyphens?
[04:54:12] <MrBluze> they are meant to be long
[04:54:35] <MrBluze> apart from that i find them hard to use .. forget the rules surrounding them, so i avoid them
[04:58:37] <LaminatorX> GungnirSniper, what's your time like the next couple of days? I'd love to go over some things with you.
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[05:31:54] <mrcoolbp> goodnight folks
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[15:09:48] <bytram> xlefay, hi!
[15:09:55] <xlefay> hi ;)
[15:10:00] <bytram> got ur email
[15:10:17] <bytram> I use yahoo's web client. :(
[15:10:31] <xlefay> Well, as of today, as far as I'm concerned, Yahoo is evil :P
[15:10:46] <bytram> not sure if I followall the details on what you proposed...
[15:10:57] <xlefay> You meant, the remote syslog
[15:10:59] <xlefay> ?
[15:11:00] <bytram> yep, I'm loking to get a new mail client
[15:11:04] <bytram> yup
[15:11:25] <bytram> yes, if the whole DC goes down, we're toast.
[15:11:51] <xlefay> All servers log messages, they generally do that via "syslog"; we can setup remote syslogging, so that all nodes, log to one or multiple
[15:12:02] <bytram> okay.
[15:12:06] <xlefay> e.g., all nodes their logs would be available in near real time on another one
[15:12:20] <bytram> kewel.
[15:12:49] <bytram> so, oxygen would have access to [a copy of] the logs?
[15:13:01] <xlefay> Yes and quite easy to set up, but MechanicJay is correct, it's a bit pointless for our little set up, although I do think, sooner is better when thinking long term.
[15:13:10] <bytram> ^^^
[15:13:17] <xlefay> A copy of all logs, yes
[15:13:28] <bytram> we didn't plan to fail, we failed to plan. =(
[15:13:43] <bytram> planning is good!
[15:13:53] <xlefay> Did my explanation about oxygen vs. boron make sense?
[15:13:57] <bytram> yes.
[15:14:10] <xlefay> Cool, just making sure ;)
[15:14:32] <xlefay> Translating some parts of Dutch to English can be quite difficult at times, especially when it comes to explaining things like that
[15:14:53] <bytram> I'm just trying to think ahead... if all hell breaks loose, ANY info is helpful. So my comments on having access via oxygen. that's all.
[15:15:57] <bytram> xlefay, I don't speak/read/etc. dutch, but studied German in high school... occasionally find myself on a page written in Dutch and there's enough similarities that I can get an idea of what's there.
[15:16:19] <xlefay> Consider Oxygen as the lonely outsider on our setup, it only has direct access via boron but we don't have direct access to it via any machine except, boron
[15:16:44] <xlefay> I'm getting really tired of my KDE.. it's randomly making noise without telling me what for.
[15:16:58] <bytram> oh. huh! So we can't get to oxygen directly?
[15:17:06] <bytram> it's singing to you!
[15:17:36] <xlefay> Only sysops can get on Oxygen, and they can only get there via Boron (via our regular ssh proxy setup)
[15:17:39] <bytram> check the logs! <grin>
[15:17:57] <bytram> hmm, interesting.
[15:18:04] <xlefay> although, as it stands, I can also ssh directly into Oxygen bypassing Boron which is actually what I'm doing because the VPN is so darn slow
[15:18:14] <bytram> oh, good!
[15:18:23] <bytram> thatmakes more sense.
[15:18:30] <xlefay> (then again... Netherlands > Dallas > France isn't very logical ;))
[15:18:30] <bytram> that makes more sense.
[15:18:47] <bytram> no argument there!
[15:18:53] <xlefay> Which logs should I check?
[15:19:14] <bytram> I think we're in full agreement with the logging stuff. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't misreading things...
[15:19:30] <xlefay> We've got the same idea, yes
[15:19:43] <bytram> basically, logging is good. If you can't get to the logs, then it's "not good". replicate them and we are in good shape.
[15:20:09] <bytram> nagios can read logs, and send out notifications.
[15:20:15] <xlefay> Nagios doesn't read logs
[15:20:37] <bytram> oh. hrmm?
[15:20:45] <xlefay> For example, SSH monitoring, it simply connects to SSH and see if it can create a connection
[15:20:55] <bytram> ok
[15:21:03] <xlefay> Heck, we can even have nagios send out an alert to editors if the submission queue gets to low or to high ;-)
[15:21:14] <xlefay> It can do SQL queries, etc.. whatever you can script, it can do.
[15:21:38] <bytram> like a glorified chron ?
[15:21:39] <xlefay> Also, it can auto restart slashd, etc...
[15:21:59] <xlefay> I can't find the definition of 'chron'
[15:22:17] <bytram> automatically performs tasks at specified dates/times
[15:22:26] <bytram> chron daemon
[15:22:30] <xlefay> you mean cron
[15:22:40] <bytram> yes. :/
[15:23:38] <xlefay> No, not exactly. Nagios monitors services and checks if they're functioning within predefined values (e.g., it can check server's load and if they're outside a certain range, it'll e-mail sysops & notify us on IRC)
[15:23:58] <xlefay> http://www.nagios.org
[15:24:34] <xlefay> http://www.nagios.com
[15:24:57] <bytram> on my way. brb
[15:28:47] <xlefay> http://nagioscore.demos.nagios.com nagiosadmin:nagiosadmin
[15:29:56] <xlefay> e.g. as you can see in that example, we can even monitor our ssl certificates, to get a heads up before they or after they expired
[15:31:21] <bytram> it wants a userid/password.
[15:31:46] <xlefay> nagiosadmin
[15:31:49] <xlefay> both username & pass
[15:32:55] <bytram> The requested URL /nagios/nagiosadmin:nagiosadmin was not found on this server.
[15:33:02] <xlefay> http://nagioscore.demos.nagios.com
[15:33:17] <xlefay> username: nagiosadmin & password: nagiosadmin (that's what the 'nagiosadmin:nagiosadmin' meant, sorry hehe)
[15:39:53] <bytram> okay.... I'm looking at: http://nagios.sourceforge.net
[15:40:26] <xlefay> Yes?
[15:40:56] <bytram> for "Monitoring HTTP" the command_line definition implies there is a program/script/something called $USER1$/check_http ...
[15:41:04] <bytram> I'm assuming that is some external program?
[15:41:14] <xlefay> That's actually a plugin that comes with nagios :)
[15:41:41] <bytram> ah. I just love when they assume I know things. =)
[15:41:48] <xlefay> But yes, you can add create and add whatever plugin you like, all nagios cares about is what the plugin returns
[15:42:24] <bytram> great! So, how often does it check these things? I assume that is configurable in some way?
[15:42:33] <xlefay> Yes, we can configure that ourselves :)
[15:42:37] <xlefay> Generally, it's a few minutes
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[15:42:58] <bytram> THAT is what I was trying to understand!
[15:43:01] <xlefay> Morning, mechanicjay :)
[15:44:03] <bytram> pseudocode: every x minutes { run this | filter_what_you_want | alert when foo==bar }
[15:44:04] <mechanicjay> I will agree to the statement of fact that it is still morning.
[15:44:08] <mechanicjay> :)
[15:44:17] <bytram> mechanicjay, I hear ya there!
[15:44:22] <xlefay> Afternoon here, unfortunately
[15:44:43] <xlefay> bytram: something like that, yes
[15:44:54] <mechanicjay> 10:45 local time. MWF are tough days. Usually up by 6:30, don't actually get to my desk until now.
[15:45:16] <bytram> It's a blamy 27 degreees F, here, with a wind chill making it feel like 7 F.
[15:45:24] <bytram> 10:45AM, here, too.
[15:45:31] <bytram> xlefay, thank-YOU!
[15:45:44] <xlefay> MWF means? (I'm guessing you don't mean Married White Female)
[15:45:57] <mechanicjay> Monday, Wednesday, Friday
[15:46:01] <xlefay> No worries bytram
[15:46:10] <xlefay> Oh, that makes sense ;-)
[15:46:40] <bytram> xlefay, or... tail -f somelog | grep "sentinel value" | alert if found
[15:46:54] <xlefay> bytram: almost anything is possible ;-)
[15:47:05] <xlefay> s/any/every/
[15:47:18] <mechanicjay> ever used logwatch
[15:47:19] <mechanicjay> ?
[15:47:32] <xlefay> Yes :)
[15:47:35] <bytram> xlefay, got it. THANKS!
[15:47:41] <xlefay> Is Beryllium sending those out?
[15:48:01] <bytram> not me.
[15:48:27] <xlefay> I like logwatch, it's simple and clean.
[15:48:29] <bytram> got a couple things to take care of... back in about 10-15 minutes.
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[16:32:28] <janrinok> hi guys
[16:57:01] <xlefay> FML.
[16:57:07] <xlefay> I just send the reply to you only mechanicjay
[16:57:28] <xlefay> <-- getting used to thunderbird again
[16:58:49] <xlefay> I see you guys weren't kidding about pine o.O
[16:58:52] <xlefay> ooh, hi janrinok ;)
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[17:02:02] <xlefay> I'll wake up in about 4 - 6 hours, I'll start implementing Nagios then, let me know if there are things that need to be taken under advisement (e-mail is our friend) ;-)
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[20:20:32] <janrinok> hello - taps screen - hello?
[20:26:31] <mechanicjay> ...is this thing on?
[20:26:56] <LaminatorX> It has been eirily quiet on here today.
[20:27:15] <janrinok> Yep it was buzzing this time last night, yet today it is very quiet.
[20:27:34] <mechanicjay> I'm head down trying to catch up on the job they pay me for.
[20:28:15] <janrinok> LaminatorX: wife is being kept in hospital for another night. No panic - they are just running some tests. In all honesty, it does give me a break as well.
[20:28:31] <janrinok> mechanicjay: good to hear it.
[20:29:45] <LaminatorX> Understood. Edit if you feel like a distraction would be welcome. Otherwise, don't sweat it. I've got nothing else going on tonight.
[20:30:20] <janrinok> sorry - I'm posting to you on 2 channels - we can stay here if you want. How did the training go today?
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[20:59:55] * NCommander returns from seeing El Eye Doctor
[21:04:58] * NCommander mulls on creating a staff etherpad
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[21:23:34] <NCommander> xlefay, ping, you about?
[21:45:55] <paulej72> NCommander: xlefay is sleeping
[21:46:16] <NCommander> he sleeps?
[21:46:16] <NCommander> Wow
[21:46:53] <paulej72> He said he was going to chatch 4 to 6
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[21:51:01] * NCommander notes the comment counts are looking very healthy today
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[22:59:08] <paulej72> NCommander: just got your email on the pull. I was thiniking I should use the site name, but is there a way to put that in another variable?
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[23:00:11] <NCommander> paulej72, I'm not sure. THat being said, we could just put the actual message itself in the templates ...
[23:01:07] <paulej72> NCommander: I was going to do that initially, but then I thought it would be better as a var. Damned either way though
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[23:02:30] <NCommander> paulej72, I'm just thinking from the perspective of if another site runs slash, changing the site name in multiple places is doubleplus ungood
[23:02:52] * NCommander would like to contact Burrapuento and/or slashdot.jp and help them get to modern slashs
[23:04:46] <paulej72> NCommander: yes that is double plus ungood. I’ll make the changes and resubmit. Did you look at my other pull request?
[23:14:58] <NCommander> paulej72, no, let me do that
[23:16:27] <paulej72> NCommander: you are going to redo the low sub message, correct?
[23:16:39] <NCommander> paulej72, redo in what sense?
[23:17:24] <paulej72> NCommander: I was confused by this message: NCommander: paulej72, no, let me do that
[23:17:43] <paulej72> “that” was not clear to me
[23:18:19] <NCommander> paulej72, oh look at second pull request
[23:19:16] <paulej72> NCommander OK now that I am clear my message about th redo is incorrect. Please disregard. and thanks
[23:21:10] * NCommander is trying hard not to make more work for himself
[23:32:07] MrBluze|afk is now known as MrBluze
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