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[00:27:35] <bytram> Hi gang!
[00:27:45] <FatPhil> you're cmdr
[00:27:56] <bytram> who says?
[00:28:23] <FatPhil> everyone who's not cmdr, which is everyone
[00:28:37] <bytram> I just popped in to see if there was an editor here? Main page's newest story looks to be 4hrs old.
[00:28:47] <FatPhil> I'm in the pub, not reading the chan
[00:28:57] <bytram> k
[00:29:02] <FatPhil> (I know there's evidence to the contrary)
[00:29:05] <bytram> .op
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[00:29:09] <FatPhil> thank you
[00:29:50] <bytram> don't know how long I stay, but happy to help.
[00:30:09] <bytram> mattie_p: You there?
[00:32:28] <FatPhil> nobody's said anything for about 3 hours
[00:32:47] <FatPhil> which is why I found it rather hard to step down
[00:32:52] <bytram> hmm, need to talk with someone who has editor "powers"
[00:35:14] bytram changed topic of #staff to: "Is there an editor in the house?"
[00:36:56] bytram changed topic of #staff to: Latest story is 4hrs old... please check the story queue and report back
[01:04:08] bytram changed topic of #staff to: Latest story is 4.5 hours old... please check the story queue and report back
[01:09:44] <bytram> NCommander: ping
[01:09:49] <bytram> audioguy: ping
[01:09:53] <bytram> cosurgi: ping
[01:09:59] <bytram> FatPhil: ping
[01:10:05] <bytram> Landon: ping
[01:10:12] <bytram> mattie_p: ping
[01:10:20] <bytram> stderr: ping
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[01:14:34] <bytram> paulej72: Hi there!
[01:14:47] <paulej72> hello all
[01:15:13] <bytram> would you happen to be able to look at the story queue on SN?
[01:15:49] <paulej72> sure what is the issue?
[01:16:19] <bytram> latest story looks to have been posted about 4 3/4 hours ago....
[01:16:35] <bytram> don't know if the queue is empty, problem with it getting promoted to main page, or what.
[01:17:34] <bytram> fwiw, it didn't matter if I looked at soylentnews.org logged in or not.
[01:17:40] <paulej72> Let me investigate before I hump to conclusions
[01:17:50] <paulej72> jump
[01:17:51] <bytram> that would be great! THANKS!
[01:18:26] <audioguy> pong
[01:18:38] <bytram> audioguy: hi!
[01:18:51] <bytram> was looking for someone with editor privs on SN...
[01:18:56] <audioguy> Howdy,
[01:19:04] <bytram> but paulej72 just got on and is looking into it for me...
[01:19:13] <bytram> latest story looks "stale"
[01:19:27] <audioguy> Don't have editor priv on the main site
[01:19:45] <bytram> i.e. is approaching 5 hrs old.
[01:19:56] <bytram> ok.
[01:20:10] <FatPhil> "02:17 <+paulej72> Let me investigate before I hump to conclusions
[01:20:11] <bytram> me either, otherwise I'd take a look for myself.
[01:20:27] <bytram> yup.
[01:20:44] <FatPhil> i want to see how humping to conclusions works
[01:21:26] <bytram> I'm not sure, but I think it only works on Wednesday. :/
[01:21:58] <paulej72> There are no stories that are queued up, but there are 13 stories in the submission queue. Looks like the editors are not keeping up.
[01:22:13] <bytram> oops. that's not good.
[01:22:47] <bytram> I need someone to contact the editors.
[01:23:24] <bytram> paulej72: hmm, can you push out a story?
[01:23:45] <audioguy> anyone with ed priv could dop that
[01:23:50] <audioguy> do
[01:24:10] <bytram> yes, but who hs the privs? I don't
[01:24:14] <bytram> s/hs/has/
[01:24:52] <paulej72> only if we think it is absolutely necessary. Can someone send an email to the list to see if we can ping and editor. I'll look at the stories in the queue
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[01:25:06] <bytram> I sent out an e-mail to mattie_p and mrcoolbp; haven't heard back.
[01:25:25] <paulej72> hit the whole list.
[01:25:41] <bytram> audioguy: could you please take care of sending out the e-mail?
[01:26:51] <audioguy> Will do.
[01:27:17] <bytram> audioguy: thank-you!! Please tell them to report in on irc.
[01:27:29] <bytram> audioguy: in #staff
[01:31:45] <audioguy> Sent.
[01:31:56] <audioguy> Subject: Code Yellow
[01:32:04] <audioguy> ;-)
[01:32:55] <bytram> audioguy: thank-you!
[01:33:31] <bytram> audioguy: Looks great! well-done.
[01:34:37] <bytram> brb
[01:35:38] <bytram> i'm back.
[01:37:46] <bytram> While we are waiting for an editor to arrive, I was thinking it would be nice to have an IRC command like: /ics alert [red|yellow |green] msg
[01:38:29] <bytram> i would send out e-mails, text, whatever the staff expressed as their pref.
[01:39:44] <audioguy> And even nicer if our gentlemen of the literary persuasion could tear themselves away from the booze and dames in their dive and actually read their email. ;-)
[01:40:58] <bytram> yes, 'tis true., yet methinks an SMS gateway would verily assist us in such endeavors.
[01:41:32] <audioguy> Write a program to color all text on their irc screens red.
[01:42:01] <bytram> hmm, except for the nicks
[01:42:22] <paulej72> I have a good one from AngryJesus that looks good to post.
[01:42:47] <bytram> paulej72: would you like another pair of eyes to proof read it?
[01:42:52] <audioguy> I think it would be reasonable to do so.
[01:43:13] <bytram> paulej72: what is the url to the submission?
[01:43:26] <paulej72> yes let me save it and I'll get it for you
[01:43:48] <bytram> great!
[01:44:51] <paulej72> http://soylentnews.org
[01:45:19] <bytram> got it, I'll take a look; brb
[01:45:39] <paulej72> I have it set for 30 minutes from now, but i can retime it to push it up if we see it is good.
[01:46:06] <bytram> No joy with URL? "Nothing for you to see here. Please move along. "
[01:47:03] <audioguy> Need editor privs
[01:47:27] <paulej72> ready for flood:
[01:47:41] <bytram> audioguy: l
[01:47:43] <bytram> audioguy: k
[01:47:48] <paulej72> VPN Services That Take Anonymity Seriously
[01:47:49] <paulej72> posted by on Sunday March 16, @09:15PM Printer-friendly
[01:47:50] <paulej72> from the you-can't-find-me dept.
[01:47:52] <paulej72> Security
[01:47:53] <paulej72> Angry Jesus writes:
[01:47:54] <paulej72> "The TorrentFreak news site just released their latest annual survey of VPN providers' privacy policies. The results are very encouraging, it seems that the idea that online privacy is important is becoming more widespread and the price is quite affordable, just a few dollars a month.
[01:47:55] <paulej72> For nearly a year I've been using one of the VPN services on the their list. Not so much for the anonymous bit-torrent capability, but rather to frustrate Big Data's attempts to track me. I typically use domestic USA end-points and switch between 10-20 of them during the course of the day. That coupled with various privacy extensions to Firefox (blocking cookies, JavaScript, Flash, ads, cross-site includes, and randomizing my user-agent)
[01:47:56] <paulej72> far, I've been quite happy with how it has worked out, even if I can't protect myself from the NSA, I can protect myself from just about everyone else."
[01:49:12] <audioguy> Looks good to me.
[01:49:17] <bytram> paulej72: looks good with one minor thing: remove "far" from beginning of last line here.
[01:49:38] <audioguy> or add So
[01:50:16] <bytram> , I've been quite happy with how it has worked out. Even if I can't protect myself from the NSA, I can protect myself from just about everyone else."
[01:50:35] <paulej72> So far, I've been quite happy with how it has worked out, even if I can't protect myself from the NSA, I can protect myself from just about everyone else."
[01:50:43] <paulej72> that is the original line
[01:51:03] <paulej72> do we want to change that
[01:51:24] <bytram> yes.
[01:51:39] <audioguy> Wow, and I thought I was paranoid. 10-20 switches a day?
[01:52:05] <audioguy> Worked out PERIOD Even...
[01:52:15] <bytram> unnecessarily complex phrasing; s/worked out, even/worked out. Even/
[01:52:16] <paulej72> Get rid of "So far," or just "far"
[01:52:42] <bytram> "So far" looks fine.
[01:53:33] <paulej72> leave it as it then?
[01:53:42] <audioguy> So far, I've been quite happy with how it has worked out. Even if I can't protect myself from the NSA, I can protect myself from just about everyone else.
[01:53:53] <bytram> ^^^^
[01:54:30] <audioguy> [simplify complex sentence structure for Americans.]
[01:54:32] <paulej72> Ok I like that will fix. Can i move up the posing time to the top of the hour
[01:54:57] <audioguy> Already very late.
[01:55:02] <bytram> my view is to send when it's ready.... comments?
[01:55:36] <audioguy> Now.
[01:55:49] <bytram> paulej72 your thoughts?
[01:56:38] <paulej72> I is now up
[01:56:53] <bytram> paulej72: thank-you!
[01:56:58] <bytram> on my way; brb
[01:57:12] <audioguy> SEdn some free blow to our new editor.
[01:57:17] <audioguy> send
[01:57:50] <bytram> paulej72: typo: s/ on the their list/on their list/
[01:58:35] <bytram> paulej72: also: s/That coupled/That is coupled/
[01:58:47] <bytram> that should do it.
[01:59:39] <paulej72> and that is why I am not an editor.
[01:59:53] <bytram> =)
[02:00:03] <bytram> no worries; you're doing fine.
[02:00:24] <paulej72> if spell check can't find a problem it must be OK :)
[02:00:29] * bytram had an unhealthy fascination with diagramming sentences as a child
[02:01:00] <bytram> paulej72: eye sea watt ewe mien!
[02:01:05] <audioguy> With no errors, it would not be credible as coming from this site.
[02:01:08] <paulej72> I despised doing that although I could usually do it with no problem
[02:01:30] <bytram> audioguy: lol!
[02:01:57] <bytram> paulej72: I don't follow you?
[02:01:59] <paulej72> !grab audioguy
[02:01:59] <Bender> Added quote 41
[02:02:17] <paulej72> bytram: in regard to sentence diagraming
[02:02:58] <paulej72> make busy work in my opinion
[02:03:11] <bytram> oh. similar view as for the *doing* it, but I still use the technique, conceptually, today.
[02:04:36] <audioguy> Yes. Had a good English teacher who taught -just- enough of it. No more.
[02:04:40] <paulej72> I was in a small school district and we had a program for students with high IQ's. In my class there was only 6 of us. We had an hour a day where we did special stuff like logic games and such
[02:04:52] bytram changed topic of #staff to: Editors: A story was pushed out; please check submissions and process to the queu
[02:05:05] <bytram> paulej72: that sounds like FUN!
[02:05:33] * bytram remembers not getting enough math in school, so joined the Math Team to go on competitions with other schools.
[02:05:38] <paulej72> Unfortunately for me the rest of my class was learning english at this time, so for 2nd - 5th grades I had little formal english
[02:06:17] <audioguy> Where were you?
[02:06:20] <bytram> you seem to do quite well, nonetheless.
[02:07:17] <paulej72> Caught up in 6th grade. My high school almost in between the flight 93 crash site and the Quickcreek mine collapse.
[02:07:54] <paulej72> Nice rural Western Pennsylvania
[02:08:43] <audioguy> I live in Penn when i was very very small, on a farm (4-5yrs) I liked the pig. Hated the chickens.
[02:09:16] <paulej72> Chickens are noisy
[02:09:47] <audioguy> When you are 4-5 yrs, chickens are great pecking monsters.
[02:09:56] <paulej72> My uncle had chicken, goats, and some other animals from time to time. Nice to get fresh eggs and goats milk
[02:10:06] <bytram> audioguy: LOL!
[02:10:28] <bytram> If you thnk chickens are bad; my uncle had some geese!
[02:10:55] <paulej72> My uncle had a goose once as well. I hate geese
[02:11:05] <audioguy> Imafine a checken the size of a dishwasher, thatwas what I saw.
[02:11:10] <bytram> they were about as tall as I was... rather intimidating!
[02:11:21] <bytram> audioguy: you got that right!
[02:11:37] * NCommander deep exhales
[02:11:51] * NCommander waves from the city of new york
[02:11:59] <paulej72> I lived by a lake in grad school where the geese stayed all year. They would migrate, but the geese from farther north would just say for the winter as we usually never froze over
[02:12:13] <bytram> paulej72: was wondering if there was another story you could recommend that we could queue up, just in case?
[02:12:23] <bytram> NCommander: welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[02:12:25] <paulej72> I found out I am allergic to goose after I moved out of this place
[02:12:26] -!- applesmasher [applesmasher!~applesmas@64.13.pzn.ujy] has joined #staff
[02:12:43] <paulej72> bytram: I'll look at the queue
[02:12:50] * NCommander loves ending his day by riding NJ Transit
[02:12:51] <NCommander> bleh
[02:13:08] <bytram> paulej72: thanks!
[02:13:21] <paulej72> I could do a dupe if that will make people happy there is one in the queue
[02:13:27] <paulej72> :)
[02:13:31] <bytram> paulej72: ROLF!
[02:13:38] <audioguy> The prodigal sone has actually returned home!
[02:14:05] <bytram> applesmasher: are you aware the queue went dry?
[02:14:08] <NCommander> audioguy, er, wasn't the prodigal son the one who wasted everything they had?
[02:14:22] <paulej72> NCommander: it could be worse that snow we are expecting could have already started
[02:14:35] <audioguy> Well, did not mean it quite that way!
[02:14:35] <bytram> applesmasher: just had paulej72 push a story onto the main page.
[02:14:58] <bytram> that stinks =)
[02:15:09] <audioguy> NCommander knows his bible stories. ;-)
[02:15:39] <NCommander> applesmasher, I dunno, at least you can say you do shit for a living
[02:15:42] * bytram dares not ask what numbers 1-56 entail.
[02:16:17] <NCommander> audioguy, I'm from a Roman Catholic family.
[02:16:32] <audioguy> Bless you.
[02:16:56] <bytram> applesmasher: you've got me speechless.
[02:17:41] * NCommander really hopes the mental image applesmasher's story was caused by jetlag and not something else ...
[02:17:45] * NCommander goes for the brain bleach
[02:17:52] <paulej72> .op
[02:17:52] -!- mode/#staff [+o paulej72] by what-if-i
[02:18:26] <paulej72> does applesmasher need voiced?
[02:18:28] <bytram> hey all, would someone like to take over the helm?
[02:18:42] <bytram> paulej72: you don't "see" him?
[02:18:54] <bytram> .voice applesmasher
[02:18:54] -!- mode/#staff [+v applesmasher] by what-if-i
[02:18:57] <paulej72> I do now that i oped
[02:18:59] <audioguy> I don't either
[02:19:08] <bytram> .deop
[02:19:08] -!- mode/#staff [-o bytram] by what-if-i
[02:19:32] <paulej72> I will decline taking command my cold is still kicking my ass
[02:19:47] <bytram> paulej72: should an incident report be written uppon this.
[02:19:50] <NCommander> paulej72, er, you might want to just see the dotor at this point
[02:19:50] <audioguy> Let applesmasher take over, as penance.
[02:20:09] <applesmasher> I think that I just did penance.
[02:20:38] <audioguy> Or say as ridiculous number of 'Hail Marys' as set by NCommander
[02:21:05] * NCommander notes he once seriously considered becoming a priest
[02:21:24] <paulej72> NCommander: thanks for the concern, but this is running about normal for me. My cough is mostly cleared up now, I just need to get my head congestion cleared up.
[02:21:59] <applesmasher> Bless me father, for I have sinned. I considered my own convenience instead of tending to the needs of my sheep.
[02:22:25] * bytram found Greek to be interesting, but wasn't curious to learn much about latin or hebrew
[02:22:37] <NCommander> applesmasher, just make sure to wear a rubber and everything shall be forgiven
[02:22:39] * NCommander ducks
[02:23:36] * NCommander broke #staff
[02:23:41] * applesmasher donates a few bottles of his wine to the sacrament.
[02:23:41] <bytram> paulej72: I clear my sinuses by eating a quart of chinese Hot-and-Sour soup along with some spring rolls dipped in hot mustard.
[02:23:59] <xlefay> !grab NCommander
[02:23:59] <Bender> Added quote 42
[02:24:07] <NCommander> SWEET
[02:24:08] <xlefay> nice quote about rubbers in there
[02:24:19] <NCommander> !grab 42
[02:24:19] <Bender> I don't know what 42 said, so I can't quote them!
[02:24:23] <NCommander> er
[02:24:25] <NCommander> !quote 42
[02:24:25] <Bender> Quote 42 - <NCommander> applesmasher, just make sure to wear a rubber and everything shall be forgiven
[02:24:31] <NCommander> !quote NCommander
[02:24:31] <Bender> Quote 0 - <NCommander> mattie_p, I dunno, are you going to mail me an explosive device if I have you edit ANOTHER 3k novel?
[02:24:35] <Bender> Also in quotes: 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 37, 42
[02:24:37] * xlefay notes that could be heavily misinterpreted.
[02:24:40] <NCommander> uh
[02:24:53] <NCommander> !quote 37
[02:24:53] <Bender> Quote 37 - * NCommander uses nail polish remover to erase mattie_p's pubic face
[02:24:58] <paulej72> !quote 19
[02:24:59] <Bender> Quote 19 - <paulej72> Hey I read NCommander's emails, they are good bedtime reading, puts me right to sleep :)
[02:24:59] <NCommander> ah
[02:25:05] <paulej72> !quote 23
[02:25:05] <Bender> Quote 23 - <NCommander> paulej72, For the record, I would just like you to know for now and all time, fuck you, and fuck the horse you road in on
[02:25:39] <NCommander> Quote 23 would have been better if it didn't reference paulej72 directly
[02:25:44] <paulej72> my favorite quote :)
[02:25:44] <applesmasher> Anyway, I reckon that y'all can get a couple of stories out of the submissions in wikimania2014.wikimedia.org
[02:26:11] <NCommander> ...
[02:26:26] <NCommander> WTF, I'm referenced or feature in half of the quotes in the database
[02:26:39] <NCommander> This requires drastic action. I must become unquotable.
[02:26:44] <xlefay> NCommander: !quote 14 in ## ;-)
[02:26:51] <applesmasher> !quote 14
[02:26:51] <Bender> Quote 14 - <paulej72> !grab paulej72
[02:27:02] <xlefay> 'in ##' =]
[02:27:04] <paulej72> self referential
[02:27:09] <FoobarBazbot_> !grab NCommander
[02:27:09] <Bender> Added quote 43
[02:27:37] <NCommander> ...
[02:27:43] <applesmasher> Oh well. At least I avoided gooserape this time.
[02:28:02] <paulej72> !grab applesmasher
[02:28:02] <Bender> Added quote 44
[02:28:24] <NCommander> !quote NCommander
[02:28:24] <Bender> Quote 0 - <NCommander> mattie_p, I dunno, are you going to mail me an explosive device if I have you edit ANOTHER 3k novel?
[02:28:28] <Bender> Also in quotes: 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 37, 42, 43
[02:28:42] <applesmasher> I'd object, but I'm too tired to lift a shovel.
[02:29:08] <bytram> hey, I've got to get going.
[02:29:56] <paulej72> I do not like our topics. I can't seem to figure out the correct ones for these stories.
[02:29:57] <NCommander> !grab applesmasher
[02:29:57] <Bender> Added quote 45
[02:30:31] <paulej72> And how did I get the job of an editor anyway?
[02:30:34] <applesmasher> Evidently I'm quotable. Perhaps I should drink more.
[02:30:47] <NCommander> paulej72, suggest new ones, and I will get applesmasher's animals lined up to sacrifice for the invocation ceremony
[02:31:13] <applesmasher> NCommander: you can have them. All you have to do is chase them down.
[02:31:25] <applesmasher> But first, let me get my camera. I will have to youtube it.
[02:31:43] <paulej72> we do not have a your rights on line equivalent unless I am not understanding the topics
[02:31:52] <NCommander> applesmasher, set it to Benny Hill plz.
[02:32:00] <NCommander> paulej72, "Digital Liberation"
[02:32:31] <applesmasher> NCommander: if you can run down a dominant ram on broken ground and not get pounded to a pulp, I'll be impressed.
[02:33:02] <NCommander> applesmasher, I had an extract a psycho cat from my lt's pants. I think I'll manage.
[02:33:11] <bytram> Incident summary: 19:40 EDT Noticed latest story was over 4 hours old (logged in or not). Nobody on IRC #staff who could help. Sent out yellow-alert e-mail to staff. Found someone with editor privs. Discussed minor editing on #staff. 21:00 EDT Pushed story out.
[02:33:33] <xlefay> Have we got something like Nagios up yet to alert on services not running, etc...?
[02:34:06] * applesmasher grumbles. Nagios sucks great, grey donkeywong.
[02:34:12] <paulej72> bytram: convert to UTC
[02:34:15] <NCommander> xlefay, eh ... we have a divining rod, and this bit of string that mattie_p found one day
[02:34:16] <bytram> !grab
[02:34:16] <Bender> grab <nick>
[02:34:39] <paulej72> !grab NCommander
[02:34:39] <Bender> Added quote 46
[02:34:41] <xlefay> Nagios works well though, it's proven it's ground but there's a lot of alternatives.
[02:35:12] <applesmasher> xlefay: its problem is not that it doesn't work. It's that it's painful to configure, and a complete timesuck to administer.
[02:35:13] <NCommander> xlefay, thats like slash works well, its proven, but there's a lot of alternatives
[02:35:56] <xlefay> applesmasher: true it is a pain to configure, but once it's up and you got all the templates and crap ready it starts being a breeze adding/removing things.
[02:36:14] <applesmasher> I prefer things which will autoconfigure based on SNMP.
[02:37:51] * NCommander notes we should install slash on a slackware instance, and nagios on a NetBSD one just so we can say we love all open source equally :-)
[02:38:26] <xlefay> applesmasher: we can use whatever works... but least it'd give us an early warning ;-)
[02:38:40] <bytram> Incident summary: 2014-03-16@23:40 UTC Noticed latest story was over 4 hours old (logged in or not). Nobody on IRC #staff who could help. Sent out yellow-alert e-mail to staff. Found someone with editor privs. Discussed minor editing on #staff. 2014-03-17@01:00 UTC Pushed story out.
[02:38:47] * NCommander notes we oculd just pay Linode to monitor it for us
[02:38:51] <applesmasher> If I had a vote (which I recognise, as not-a-sysadmin I don't, I'd go for zabbix.
[02:39:10] <xlefay> although.. I suppose we could just reprogram bytram too
[02:39:28] <xlefay> he even comes with incident summaries ;-)
[02:39:36] <applesmasher> scalable as all hell, incredibly flexible, slurps in vast ranges of data, announces it in a hot variety of ways...
[02:39:50] <applesmasher> o, and also open source.
[02:39:53] <NCommander> never heard of it
[02:40:24] <xlefay> zabbix is pretty neat
[02:40:27] <applesmasher> NCommander: Now you have. It's good, it is mature after many years in operation live.
[02:40:43] <bytram> Follow-up: Need more people with editor privs. Need better way to contact staff (SMS gateway?) ICS worked well.
[02:40:56] * NCommander has no problem handing out editor bits
[02:41:47] -!- Bender has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[02:42:37] <bytram> xlefay: just saw your comment. LOL.
[02:43:09] -!- Bender [Bender!sylnt@Soylent/Bot/Bender] has joined #staff
[02:43:09] -!- mode/#staff [+v Bender] by what-if-i
[02:43:18] <xlefay> bytram: ;-)
[02:43:23] <xlefay> How are you?
[02:43:51] -!- Bender has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[02:44:06] <paulej72> I have another story queued. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com please let me know if it needs any edits
[02:44:12] <mattie_p> checking in and I see NCommander!
[02:44:38] <paulej72> mattie_p: the story queue went empty I am trying to fill it.
[02:44:45] <mattie_p> k
[02:44:57] <mattie_p> give me a few minutes, I'll review
[02:44:58] -!- Bender [Bender!sylnt@Soylent/Bot/Bender] has joined #staff
[02:44:58] -!- mode/#staff [+v Bender] by what-if-i
[02:45:04] <bytram> xlefay: tired. had a very full, rewarding, and exhausting weekend with friends.
[02:45:06] <mattie_p> today was another busy day for me
[02:45:14] <mattie_p> I'm on the site for about 5 hours tho
[02:45:47] <mattie_p> oh, hey
[02:45:48] <bytram> all seems to be under control; time for me to be going.... Bye!!
[02:45:59] <mattie_p> paulej72, you have the same problem all new editors have
[02:46:20] <paulej72> I never said I was an editor :)
[02:46:21] <mattie_p> where the name doesn't pop up for like a day after you post your first story
[02:46:43] <mattie_p> paulej72 I know you aren't. but, iIRC, I granted you seclevel anyway
[02:47:01] <xlefay> paulej72: you replied on my memo ?
[02:47:33] * NCommander licks mattie_p
[02:47:33] <paulej72> xlefay: I saw it but I was not sure of the reference?
[02:47:44] -!- bytram has quit [Quit: Have a good "night" everyone!!]
[02:47:54] <mattie_p> NComannder, thanks, but I have a wife for that
[02:47:56] <mattie_p> nopgrab
[02:48:02] <paulej72> fu mattie_p
[02:48:10] <paulej72> :)
[02:48:14] <mattie_p> :)
[02:48:15] <xlefay> mattie_p: might as well just switch to /me's
[02:48:20] * applesmasher watches a pregnant ewe walking the pasture.
[02:48:51] <mattie_p> xlefay, I want to give people the hope that they can grab me when I say something, only to dash their hopes at the last second
[02:49:00] <mattie_p> nobrab
[02:49:05] <mattie_p> grab
[02:49:08] <xlefay> !grab mattie_pdamnyou
[02:49:08] <Bender> I don't know what mattie_pdamnyou said, so I can't quote them!
[02:49:46] <mattie_p> also, I might have had a couple of beers with dinner tonight. Courtesy of mrs mattie_p we had eggplant parm with penne
[02:50:03] <xlefay> g + m + p = now auto replace with !grab mattie_p
[02:50:15] <paulej72> xlefay: we could change the grab code to work around that !grab mattie_p -4 (4 lines back)
[02:50:44] <FoobarBazbot_> if it was on github, yes...
[02:50:49] <xlefay> That bot ain't properly on Github yet so I'm not editing it's source yet.
[02:51:13] <mattie_p> or, we could insert a random variable that grabs a quote anywhere between 1-5 lines back... that could make things really interesting
[02:51:14] <applesmasher> Poor girl looks as if she's smuggling watermelons. I wonder if she's carrying twins.
[02:51:30] <mattie_p> oh, hey, applesmasher
[02:51:35] <paulej72> !grab applesmasher
[02:51:35] <Bender> Added quote 47
[02:51:37] <applesmasher> Howdy.
[02:51:38] <xlefay> paulej72: see PM?
[02:51:53] <paulej72> applesmasher: my uncle's goats usually had twins
[02:52:23] <applesmasher> Twins are a bit rarer in sheep, depending on the breed. Finn sheep are something of an exception, as I recall.
[02:53:55] <paulej72> applesmasher: forgot this was a sheep.
[02:54:14] <applesmasher> Yup, sheep. Hence ewe instead of nanny.
[02:54:19] <applesmasher> Or doe.
[02:54:57] <paulej72> yes I remembered ewe but my brain was stuck on goat from earlier in the conversation
[02:55:21] <applesmasher> My sheep are pretty nimble. They're rather like miniature bighorns.
[02:58:40] <FatPhil> NCommander: just for reference, we had n0-commander downtime twice this evening
[02:58:48] <FatPhil> s/n0/no/
[02:59:45] <NCommander> FatPhil, ???
[03:00:03] <FatPhil> cmdr left, nobody to take over
[03:00:37] <mattie_p> it'll happen, we just have to do our best
[03:01:28] <mattie_p> alright, eggplant parmegiano is digesting, give me a few and I'll start looking at stories, since no other editors are around
[03:03:02] <FatPhil> yeah, we're trying our best. it's just that we don't have coverage. Of course, one person being around as cmdr means nothing if there's nobody with sys permissions to actually investigate/fix things
[03:05:05] -!- paulej72_ [paulej72_!~paulej72@Soylent/Staff/Developer/paulej72] has joined #staff
[03:05:05] -!- mode/#staff [+v paulej72_] by what-if-i
[03:05:42] <xlefay> test for paulej72_... .;-)
[03:05:50] <paulej72> test
[03:11:48] -!- paulej72 has quit [Quit: paulej72]
[03:12:12] paulej72_ is now known as paulej72
[03:19:59] <mattie_p> paulej72: both articles approved and (very) slightly modified. thanks for pitching in
[03:20:48] <paulej72> thanks mattie_p , the first one was a community effort as audioguy and bytram helped
[03:21:22] <mattie_p> awesome. Need to give you guys a reward or something. Tell you what, I'll double your pay for the week!
[03:21:29] <mattie_p> *pay from the site*
[03:24:21] <applesmasher> City folk say the darnedest things.
[03:24:39] <applesmasher> One kid asked me if I knew how to milk a bull.
[03:27:26] <paulej72> mattie_p: I would rather have free access to the site for a week ;)
[03:28:54] <mattie_p> paulej72 assuming you have internet access, I hereby grant you free access to the soylentnews.org website and its associated websites for a period of 1 week
[03:28:57] -!- LaminatorX [LaminatorX!~6158adc1@Soylent/Staff/Editor/LaminatorX] has joined #staff
[03:28:57] -!- mode/#staff [+v LaminatorX] by what-if-i
[03:29:11] <mattie_p> I just need some credit card information so I can start your subscription
[03:29:34] <mattie_p> after one week, we will charge $29.95 per month to that card, unless you cancel before then
[03:29:38] <mattie_p> is this ok?
[03:29:43] <paulej72> my card is 1234123412341234 exp 11-2100
[03:31:38] <applesmasher> So I told him how to milk a bull, and then he didn't want to know any more. But it was too late.
[03:33:32] <mattie_p> paulej72: I'm sorry, that doesn't appear to be a valid credit card number. Please re-enter your credit card information so you can start your free week of SoylentNews
[03:34:04] <paulej72> !grab applesmasher
[03:34:04] <Bender> Added quote 48
[03:34:50] <mattie_p> quotes seem to have multiplied in the past couple of days
[03:35:04] <applesmasher> Paul seems to find me quotable.
[03:35:08] <paulej72> mattie_p: hmm, I think you need to talk to my financial advisor being he is from Nigeria, I think you may need to wait until tomorrow
[03:36:00] <mattie_p> paulej72 I'll be happy to do that. I'll place you on hold until he is available.
[03:36:00] <applesmasher> Anyhow, turns out he didn't want to know how to milk a bull at all. He just wanted to know how to milk a cow, but I get the feeling he won't be drinking milk again any time soon.
[03:36:41] <paulej72> mattie_p: this is a 1-900 number correct? :)
[03:37:51] <mattie_p> paulej72: We're sorry, but I didn't recognize that command. Please say "Yes" if you want barely legal bull milking, or say "No" if you wish to remain on hold.
[03:38:27] <mattie_p> paulej72: To end this call, say "No."
[03:38:48] <paulej72> si
[03:39:49] <mattie_p> Did you say, "Six hours of Lady Gaga hold music?" If you did, say yes. If not, please say no.
[03:40:48] * applesmasher suspects mattie_p works for the CIA's enhanced interrogation team.
[03:42:50] -!- Cyprus [Cyprus!~Bob@2001:470:e2cf:hj:qri:krrm:itiq:gymu] has joined #staff
[03:44:02] <applesmasher> Anyhow, his expression changed when the phrase `massage the prostate' came up. It was the same expression change I saw on the face of the woman who said that she didn't eat veal, but was fine with dairy, when I pointed out that veal is a byproduct of the dairy industry.
[03:44:28] <paulej72> mattie_p: no lo se
[03:44:51] <paulej72> mattie_p: no hablo engles
[03:50:06] <applesmasher> I'm starting to think that some form of training in where food comes from might be good for the USA.
[03:50:19] <mattie_p> we're sorry. We don't recognize those commands. Please stand by for our tech support, who charges $6.95 per minute. Your estimated hold time is 65 minutes.
[03:50:56] <paulej72> NO CARRIER
[03:57:20] -!- LaminatorX has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[04:20:21] -!- FunPika has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[04:49:33] -!- drcoolbp [drcoolbp!~mrcoolbp@Soylent/Staff/mrcoolbp] has joined #staff
[04:49:33] -!- mode/#staff [+v drcoolbp] by what-if-i
[04:52:19] -!- applesmasher has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[04:52:38] <drcoolbp> damn, missed applemasher by that much
[04:52:44] <drcoolbp> Looks like the issue was fixed though....
[04:54:43] <paulej72> drcoolbp I had to edit some stories to get the issue fixed. Looks like LaminatortX showed up later to fill the queue
[04:55:08] <drcoolbp> what happened?
[04:55:26] <drcoolbp> .op
[04:55:26] -!- mode/#staff [+o drcoolbp] by what-if-i
[04:56:19] <paulej72> the story queue went dry and no eds were available
[04:56:42] <drcoolbp> oh that's all?
[04:56:44] <drcoolbp> hmm
[04:57:11] <drcoolbp> well thanks for stepping up
[04:57:49] <drcoolbp> I'd like to think I'd be perfectly capable of doing so as well, and I'd like to get editor privs at least for this very reason
[04:58:00] <paulej72> bytram let me know when I logged on. As the only one with ed rights, I posted a couple of stories . audioguy and bytram helped me fix the first one, then mattie_p showed up and looked at the second one
[04:58:30] <drcoolbp> cool, nice work.
[04:58:52] <drcoolbp> did mattie_p get in touch with NCommander today?
[04:58:53] <paulej72> What is funny there was a story in the submission queue that I passed over because it was a dupe. LaminatorX posted it.
[04:59:12] <xlefay> That seems to happen a lot lately, but hey, least we got redundancy covered ;-)
[04:59:16] <drcoolbp> sounds like you were doing pretty well
[04:59:32] <paulej72> As far as I know. NCommander was on just as i came on and was here with mattie_p
[04:59:36] <drcoolbp> xlefay: only in order to pay homage to the other site
[04:59:58] <xlefay> 'homage'?
[05:00:28] <drcoolbp> yes homage: https://www.google.com
[05:00:35] <paulej72> I actually joked that I could post that story as a known dupe. Got some laughs at the time
[05:00:55] <drcoolbp> well the humor was lost on Laminator apparently
[05:01:25] <xlefay> aah k
[05:01:39] <drcoolbp> xlefay: where are you located?
[05:01:57] <xlefay> NL, gtg tho
[05:02:02] <paulej72> he was not here at the time. I am not sure if he even was on irc since the issue
[05:02:03] <xlefay> job search continues :|
[05:02:18] <paulej72> later xlefay
[05:02:28] <xlefay> you editors should be able to tag a story as "dupe" for instance in the editor panel or however it's being called
[05:03:00] <drcoolbp> that's a great idea
[05:03:05] * drcoolbp adds to suggestions
[05:03:15] -!- Cyprus has quit [Quit: out]
[05:03:23] <xlefay> also.. add a search for similar titles
[05:03:35] <paulej72> Yes right now there is no setting for that specifically, but I think you can put a hold on it with a comment
[05:03:39] * NCommander is here, but not doing SN stuff til tomorrow
[05:03:56] <drcoolbp> okay NCommander, did you get to chat with mattie_p at all?
[05:04:08] <paulej72> xlefay: it did show up in the related stories. That is why I knew it was a dupe.
[05:05:04] <xlefay> ooh k, so that does exist. Good, well anyway, gtg.
[05:05:35] <drcoolbp> okay, we believe that you are leaving! *wink*
[05:05:44] <drcoolbp> Bye now.
[05:06:16] <drcoolbp> NCommander: nevermind that, are you back? How was the trip>
[05:06:19] <drcoolbp> ?
[05:06:32] <NCommander> The invisible Wizard of Yendor hits the high priestess of Moloch.--More--
[05:06:35] <NCommander> Go team rodney?
[05:06:59] <drcoolbp> uh....
[05:07:52] <NCommander> Shit
[05:07:57] <NCommander> \oD is out of gas
[05:08:41] <drcoolbp> NCommander: are you back in the states?
[05:09:07] <NCommander> Oh, wrong chat
[05:09:08] <NCommander> yeah
[05:09:31] <drcoolbp> yeah....
[05:09:41] <drcoolbp> how was the trip?
[05:09:50] <drcoolbp> crappy?
[05:21:33] FoobarBazbot is now known as cheater
[05:21:46] cheater is now known as FoobarBazbot
[05:26:56] <paulej72> need t go to bed see you all later
[05:28:11] paulej72 is now known as paulej72_away
[05:29:38] drcoolbp is now known as Admiral_coolbp
[05:43:38] -!- Landon has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[05:51:23] -!- Landon [Landon!~Landon@Soylent/Staff/IRC/Landon] has joined #staff
[05:51:23] -!- mode/#staff [+v Landon] by what-if-i
[06:03:23] <Admiral_coolbp> .deop
[06:03:23] -!- mode/#staff [-o Admiral_coolbp] by what-if-i
[06:03:27] Admiral_coolbp is now known as mrcoolbp
[06:04:14] <mrcoolbp> Staff: I'm off to bed, goodnight (if you are around please assume command)
[06:04:37] -!- mrcoolbp has quit []
[08:17:37] FoobarBazbot is now known as FoobarBazbot|afk
[08:49:57] -!- bryan has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[09:01:10] -!- bryan [bryan!~bryan@34-882-308-68.lightspeed.snantx.sbcglobal.net] has joined #staff
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[09:29:30] -!- mode/#staff [+v MrBluze] by what-if-i
[10:26:14] <FatPhil> Is there a bug for the "posted by" failing on the main index?
[10:26:24] <FatPhil> Seems to be this line: posted by <a href="[% author.homepage %]">[% author.nickname | strip_literal %]</a>
[10:29:00] <FatPhil> in themes/slashcode/templates/dispStory;misc;default
[10:36:49] * FatPhil is having a "what were they on" moment
[10:37:26] <MrBluze> i dunno but its probably quite expensive nowadays
[10:38:05] <FatPhil> Is this default maintainted: sql/mysql/defaults.sql:INSERT INTO vars (name, value, description) VALUES ('cache_enabled','1','Simple Boolean to determine if content is cached or not');
[10:39:22] <FatPhil> Can anyone run read-only queries on the live system?
[11:28:45] -!- janrinok [janrinok!~janrinok@Soylent/Staff/Editor/janrinok] has joined #staff
[11:28:45] -!- mode/#staff [+v janrinok] by what-if-i
[11:29:13] <janrinok> hi guys, just lurking between doing jobs around the house
[12:48:53] -!- mechanicjay|akf has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[12:53:51] MrBluze is now known as MrBluze|zzz
[13:40:17] -!- paulej72 [paulej72!~paulej72@Soylent/Staff/Developer/paulej72] has joined #staff
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[13:40:19] -!- paulej72 has quit [Client Quit]
[13:44:14] paulej72_away is now known as paulej72
[13:55:20] <paulej72> FatPhil: the authors only get updated once every 24 hours. It is a slashd script
[13:57:34] -!- FunPika [FunPika!~FunPika@Soylent/Staff/Wiki/FunPika] has joined #staff
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[14:16:17] -!- mode/#staff [+v mechanicjay] by what-if-i
[14:19:56] <FatPhil> paulej72: and you've only recently become an editor?
[14:20:22] <FatPhil> it did look like there was caching going on, and clearly at least one of the back ends was not up-to-date
[14:23:44] -!- mechanicjay has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[14:43:12] -!- Cyprus [Cyprus!~Cyprus@68.63.ljr.ppx] has joined #staff
[14:45:57] -!- LaminatorX [LaminatorX!~18d900fb@Soylent/Staff/Editor/LaminatorX] has joined #staff
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[15:54:05] -!- mode/#staff [+v mechanicjay] by what-if-i
[16:08:12] <FatPhil> paulej72: however, in the story itself, you were named, it was only the summary which was blank. How come part of the system knew you, but another part didn't?
[16:11:09] <mattie_p> It looks like the front page system has caught up now, he is listed as the poster for those stories now.
[16:11:19] <mattie_p> http://soylentnews.org
[16:13:51] <FatPhil> indeed, same here. in fact within about 20 minutes of me spotting the error it had fixed itself. Odd that the two pages were out of sync. Might be some kind of caching issue.
[16:14:36] <FatPhil> I only noticed the bug after going into the story, and popping back out, the absense of name just jumped out of me
[16:25:21] <mattie_p> I saw yesterday that the issue was there, but then again, I am aware of the issue. It happened the first few stories a couple of the editors, including myself, maybe, posted while we were still in alpha
[16:46:36] -!- robinld [robinld!~robind@Soylent/Staff/Sysop/robind] has joined #staff
[16:46:36] -!- mode/#staff [+v robinld] by what-if-i
[16:56:16] robinld is now known as robind
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[17:01:43] -!- mode/#staff [+v mrcoolbp] by what-if-i
[17:07:14] <cosurgi> hmm... we have very little submissions
[17:11:16] <mrcoolbp> yeah, we need more of those
[17:11:31] * mrcoolbp looks at cosurgi
[17:23:55] -!- mrcoolbp has quit []
[17:31:02] -!- FunPika has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[18:44:34] -!- matt_ [matt_!~4c77e8df@e-16-259-377-863.hsd3.ma.comcast.net] has joined #staff
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[18:58:15] -!- mode/#staff [+v xlefay] by what-if-i
[19:29:06] -!- SirFinkus [SirFinkus!~textual@c-21-07-234-22.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #staff
[19:45:00] <janrinok> Hi guys, anything happening?
[19:49:30] <mechanicjay> Not much going here. Just setting up a bunch of stuff for the upcoming summer term at work.
[19:51:08] <mechanicjay> ...it involves touching a Netware box.
[19:51:18] <mechanicjay> When is the last time you heard anyone say that in a non-ironic way?
[19:54:56] <janrinok> Sorry mechanicjay, I was just editing a story. I take you are ok then?
[19:55:14] <mechanicjay> oh yeah, just fine :)
[19:55:28] <janrinok> Now, that didn't sound too convincing...
[20:00:59] FoobarBazbot|afk is now known as FoobarBazbot
[20:01:55] <mechanicjay> It's just a process that takes some concentration as I have to touch systems I'm not familiar with.
[20:02:07] <janrinok> I can understand that.
[20:02:31] <janrinok> I have no experience of Netware either!
[20:03:54] <mechanicjay> Thankfully, I don't have to touch the netware console, it's all through an admin gui -- but the gui is goofy. Then I have to go into this other goofy gui for our Student system, to get an extract of courses, which I can then finally import into our LMS.
[20:04:32] <mechanicjay> Once that's done, add subsequent add/drops etc are all automated, so I don't have to worry about until the next term roll.
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[23:41:35] <MrBluze|afk> any editors here?
[23:42:29] <paulej72> not right now jan was here earlier but went to bed
[23:43:32] <MrBluze|afk> loks like there might not be editor coverage 24/7?
[23:44:26] <paulej72> unfortunatley not
[23:56:44] <MrBluze|afk> do we know when the gap is
[23:57:54] <paulej72> no clue, LamX should know
[23:58:11] <MrBluze|afk> ok
[23:58:17] <MrBluze|afk> man, we need a new name
[23:58:53] <paulej72> I vote Pegasus Estates :)
[23:59:55] <MrBluze|afk> u like the look of that??