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[00:21:38] * xlefay notes he's still playing that damned game
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[02:13:19] <robind> so i bought some rollerblades
[02:13:43] * robind sucks at rollerblading
[02:15:30] <Captain_coolbp> hahaha
[02:15:44] <Captain_coolbp> you don't suck, you are just "learning"
[02:20:38] <mattie_p> hey, what's shaking, folks?
[02:20:59] <Captain_coolbp> nada mucho
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[02:21:18] <Captain_coolbp> hey funpika
[02:21:26] <Captain_coolbp> I kinda had a ball with the Wiki today
[02:21:29] <FunPika> hi
[02:21:42] <robind> wow at this rollerblading ad from the 90s: http://www.youtube.com
[02:21:44] <robind> just wow.
[02:28:33] <Captain_coolbp> robind rofl
[02:28:52] <robind> SKATE BREAK
[02:29:17] <Captain_coolbp> SKATE BREAK!
[02:30:00] <mattie_p> steak break? sounds awesome
[02:30:10] <xlefay> RoyCow1306: will be most impressed when he reads back "All that staff discussion" haha
[02:30:22] <Captain_coolbp> yes he will
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[02:30:38] <Captain_coolbp> Mattie_P you have the floor sir
[02:30:54] <mattie_p> Has everyone seen the staff email I sent earlier? I'd like to get a feel for thoughts,
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[02:31:06] <mattie_p> I know I showed a draft around, just want to make sure its still clear as mud
[02:31:32] <matt_> don't think I got it.
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[02:32:09] <xlefay> uh... I have yet to read it to be honest.. I was planning on going to bed ages ago.. but things got in between again.. pain killers not working yet again, ugh life.
[02:32:22] <mattie_p> matt_ let me send directly to you
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[02:32:30] <xlefay> matt_: I didn't even get a request from you entering the mailing list...
[02:32:32] <mattie_p> and if you haven't already, sign up for the staff maililng list
[02:32:33] <xlefay> did you even subscribe?
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[02:33:16] <mattie_p> matt_: just sent it
[02:33:25] <matt_> xlefay: sorry, no. mattie_p asked earlier today if I would like to be on the list, and I said yes, and I didn't realize I needed to subscribe.
[02:34:08] <Captain_coolbp> matt_ we can get you on later, for now, check your email = )
[02:34:30] <matt_> got it!
[02:34:38] <mattie_p> excellent
[02:35:05] <mattie_p> anyway, it doesn't really contradict what NCommander said, I think it fills in some gaps that we had in knowledge that will allow us to function better
[02:35:08] * Captain_coolbp re-skims the email
[02:35:17] <mattie_p> once every staff member does their job anyway
[02:36:23] <mattie_p> basically some steps to preclude what happened today, happening again
[02:36:58] <Captain_coolbp> yes this is the big organization step I've been working towards
[02:37:14] <xlefay> matt_: you got that PM?
[02:37:22] <mattie_p> matt_ you're not on the chart, because honestly I'm not sure where you fit in yet
[02:37:48] <mattie_p> right now you are the angel investor and saviour, but no day-to-day responsibilities
[02:39:15] <matt_> xlefay: not sure...
[02:40:31] <mattie_p> matt_ are you using a client or the webchat?
[02:40:36] <matt_> webchat
[02:40:44] <mattie_p> there should be a new tab across the top then
[02:40:49] <matt_> got it!
[02:40:50] <mattie_p> titled xlefay
[02:40:56] <mattie_p> ok
[02:40:57] <matt_> titled "8"
[02:41:10] <mattie_p> xlefay: your 8 is showing again
[02:41:48] <mattie_p> weird bug we've had. xlefay doesn't have a tab then? check the left-most tab, the one with the server
[02:41:54] <mattie_p> might be there
[02:42:13] <mattie_p> type /msg xlefay and I think you get a new tab with him
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[02:42:17] <xlefay> mattie_p: I know that bug but I can't care to fix it since it's not in the config and I'm not dedicating time to find it and fix it in the code till the vote is done.
[02:42:20] <xlefay> no: /query xlefay
[02:42:36] <MrBluze_> damn timeout
[02:42:36] <Captain_coolbp> it should be query xlefay [anything]
[02:42:42] <xlefay> no Captain_coolbp lol
[02:42:45] <xlefay> just /query xlefay
[02:42:46] <mattie_p> xlefay I think in the web client /msg opens a new tab though. web client is weird
[02:42:48] <xlefay> that'll open the window
[02:42:49] <Captain_coolbp> really?
[02:42:55] <xlefay> mattie_p: I know
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[02:43:08] <xlefay> Captain_coolbp: it really depends on the client.. but /query technically only opens a window
[02:43:13] <Captain_coolbp> oh
[02:43:39] <Captain_coolbp> anyway while they are dicussing that, crap we lost bluze again...
[02:43:44] <mattie_p> BTW, I'm guessing I'm exempt from paulej72's request?
[02:43:49] <MrBluze_> im here
[02:44:01] <xlefay> mattie_p: which request?
[02:44:02] <paulej72> yes mattie_p
[02:44:09] <Captain_coolbp> ah, so bluze have you seen the wiki pages?
[02:44:10] <paulej72> so is MrBluze_
[02:44:15] <xlefay> which request??
[02:44:30] <mattie_p> paulej72: thanks. xlefay: "Too many 'm's'
[02:44:40] <xlefay> I still don't get that one
[02:44:44] <MrBluze_> On the topic of domain names: I need to drop a few: what do u think of nodice.guru, shiftdot.org, shiftnews.guru, and forkbeta
[02:44:44] <xlefay> like too many names starting with a m?
[02:44:45] <paulej72> that all the m guys change their nicks to free letters
[02:45:18] <mattie_p> bytram already did that, so did you, Captain_coolbp
[02:45:31] <paulej72> that why mrcollbp is drcollbp and martyr is bytram
[02:45:32] <MrBluze_> yeah ok i might become Yxkickstor
[02:46:16] <Captain_coolbp> it wasn't me who asked mattie
[02:46:26] <mattie_p> oh, I know
[02:46:28] <paulej72> I was just joking at the time but it does help in the conversations
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[02:46:47] <Captain_coolbp> the Captain is happy to oblidge
[02:47:07] <mattie_p> anyway, feedback on my email. I know I wasn't as lengthy as NCommander, but hopefully it will help, so long as we agree it is needed
[02:47:42] <MrBluze_> i propse we drop nodice.guru, shiftdot.org, shiftnews.guru and forkbeta
[02:48:03] <Captain_coolbp> okay two conversations happing here that we shoul all be participating in
[02:48:04] <MrBluze_> however if anyone disagrees with any of this, then it probably means someone might vote for it
[02:48:07] <Captain_coolbp> can we do one at a time
[02:48:17] <Captain_coolbp> Bluze you finish up
[02:48:19] <bytram> h all... whats up?
[02:48:19] <mattie_p> names first
[02:48:25] <MrBluze_> nodice.guru - YES or NO
[02:48:31] <Captain_coolbp> bytram: discussing names
[02:48:35] <xlefay> bytram: $100M or it didn't happen
[02:48:38] <mattie_p> No
[02:48:51] <Captain_coolbp> no
[02:48:53] <bytram> no
[02:48:57] <xlefay> worth a shot.
[02:49:03] <xlefay> ooh
[02:49:05] <xlefay> NO.
[02:49:07] <Captain_coolbp> haha
[02:49:12] <Captain_coolbp> paulej72?
[02:49:23] <paulej72> yes Captain_coolbp
[02:49:23] <MrBluze_> ... last call .. then it's the next name. this wont take long
[02:49:36] <mattie_p> matt_: we're proposing final names for the site per Barrabas's promise to elect a final name
[02:49:44] <Captain_coolbp> ^^^^^^
[02:49:45] <mattie_p> join in if you like
[02:49:54] <xlefay> Honestly, MrBluze_
[02:49:54] <MrBluze_> what we don't sall say no to, will be on the list to vote
[02:49:59] <xlefay> only geekcard will get a Yes from me.
[02:50:02] <xlefay> oh and bangnews
[02:50:05] <xlefay> and baconnews
[02:50:12] <MrBluze_> yeah its just making a shortlist
[02:50:18] <MrBluze_> vote no if u think it's definitely never
[02:50:23] <MrBluze_> shiftnews.org
[02:50:25] <MrBluze_> YES OR NO
[02:50:28] <xlefay> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[02:50:30] <mattie_p> NO
[02:50:35] <xlefay> Slam that no!
[02:50:37] <bytram> no
[02:50:42] <paulej72> I like rtfa.org
[02:50:47] <MrBluze_> not available
[02:50:49] <xlefay> paulej72++
[02:50:51] <MrBluze_> afaik
[02:50:58] <xlefay> I suggested tl-dr.org but unavailable too :[
[02:51:01] <MrBluze_> if it is, buy it and we put it up
[02:51:06] <xlefay> (mostly, as a reference to NC's posts that is)
[02:51:17] <MrBluze_> shiftdot.org - YES OR NO
[02:51:20] <robind> rtfa is not available dude
[02:51:21] <xlefay> NO.
[02:51:26] <paulej72> no
[02:51:28] <robind> any 4 letter domain is gonna be taken.
[02:51:31] <mattie_p> No
[02:51:35] <Captain_coolbp> no
[02:51:49] <xlefay> newsbunch.org suggested yet?
[02:51:49] <MrBluze_> baconnews - YES OR NO
[02:51:51] <xlefay> YES
[02:51:53] <xlefay> HELL YES!*
[02:51:54] <Captain_coolbp> yes
[02:52:00] <mattie_p> sure
[02:52:00] * Captain_coolbp had a bacon beer today
[02:52:01] <MrBluze_> ok it goes in
[02:52:05] <robind> what about our vegetarian readers
[02:52:08] <bytram> no
[02:52:09] <robind> oh well screw them
[02:52:09] <xlefay> vegan.baconnews.org
[02:52:13] <Captain_coolbp> haha
[02:52:13] <robind> pfft
[02:52:15] <mattie_p> lol
[02:52:23] <MrBluze_> and the color of vegan.baconnews can be green and brown
[02:52:31] <matt_> soynews.org
[02:52:31] <xlefay> nah, let's make it black on black
[02:52:32] <mattie_p> fuckvegans.org?
[02:52:36] <bytram> only if the bacon is made from flying pigs. ;^)
[02:52:36] <MrBluze_> Nerdcard - YES OR NO
[02:52:39] <xlefay> ok.. that sounded weird
[02:52:39] <Captain_coolbp> yes
[02:52:45] <bytram> yes
[02:52:45] <xlefay> YES, YES, YES!
[02:52:53] <paulej72> yes
[02:52:56] <MrBluze_> good cause i bought that already lol
[02:53:03] <MrBluze_> Geekcard - YES OR NO
[02:53:05] <xlefay> MrBluze_: you saved money tho right? ;)
[02:53:07] <Captain_coolbp> yes
[02:53:08] <bytram> yes
[02:53:08] <xlefay> YES!
[02:53:12] <paulej72> yes
[02:53:15] <mattie_p> yes
[02:53:17] <Captain_coolbp> even better
[02:53:20] <MrBluze_> Coolculture.net - YES OR NO
[02:53:23] <xlefay> No.
[02:53:24] <Captain_coolbp> meh
[02:53:25] <mattie_p> no
[02:53:30] <paulej72> no
[02:53:33] <xlefay> Sounds way to new-age for me.
[02:53:35] <MrBluze_> good, was a no from me too
[02:53:39] <MrBluze_> its lame, too generic
[02:53:44] <MrBluze_> market-street.net
[02:53:45] <bytram> question: we are constructing the short list to present to the community, right?
[02:53:46] <MrBluze_> YES OR NO
[02:53:46] <xlefay> no
[02:53:46] <bytram> no
[02:53:48] <paulej72> no
[02:53:51] <MrBluze_> yes, bytram
[02:53:52] <Captain_coolbp> bytram yes
[02:53:53] <mattie_p> bytram: correct
[02:53:58] <Captain_coolbp> echo
[02:53:58] <xlefay> ^ you guys
[02:53:59] <bytram> k
[02:53:59] <mattie_p> MrBluze_ No
[02:54:00] <MrBluze_> dvusweb.com
[02:54:02] <xlefay> no
[02:54:02] <MrBluze_> YES OR O
[02:54:06] <xlefay> o*
[02:54:11] <Captain_coolbp> abstain
[02:54:21] <bytram> don't get it. no
[02:54:21] <xlefay> Captain_coolbp: a yes or a o!
[02:54:23] <mattie_p> is that an acronym for something?
[02:54:23] <paulej72> what does that one mean
[02:54:24] <MrBluze_> i dont get what dvusweb is meant to be
[02:54:30] <Captain_coolbp> rofl
[02:54:33] <MrBluze_> which means kinda no
[02:54:37] <Captain_coolbp> so no
[02:54:37] <xlefay> I'm saying o!
[02:54:39] <mattie_p> yeah, no
[02:54:41] <Captain_coolbp> o!
[02:55:10] <xlefay> !grab Captain_coolbp
[02:55:11] <MrBluze_> okay
[02:55:13] <Captain_coolbp> geekcard.org is avail?
[02:55:13] <xlefay> oh bot's not here.
[02:55:17] <MrBluze_> itarium,org
[02:55:29] <Captain_coolbp> yes
[02:55:32] <xlefay> da what now?
[02:55:38] <xlefay> Does it mean something?
[02:55:39] <bytram> hmmm, intersting. okay
[02:55:40] <MrBluze_> itarium.org - YES OR NO
[02:55:43] <paulej72> no
[02:55:43] <MrBluze_> no idea
[02:55:43] <mattie_p> NO
[02:55:47] <xlefay> no, screw it
[02:55:51] <bytram> ITarium (I think)
[02:55:57] <mattie_p> it was some sort of IT center or something, still vote no
[02:55:57] <Captain_coolbp> correct
[02:56:00] <xlefay> meh... way to dolfinarium like.
[02:56:09] <Captain_coolbp> "no"s win it
[02:56:10] <bytram> recasting vote: no
[02:56:16] <MrBluze_> dupenews - YES OR NO
[02:56:19] <xlefay> nah
[02:56:19] <Captain_coolbp> yes
[02:56:20] <xlefay> no*
[02:56:22] <paulej72> no
[02:56:25] <mattie_p> no
[02:56:30] <bytram> no
[02:56:37] <Captain_coolbp> and the "no"s take it again
[02:56:45] <robind> geekcard is not bad
[02:56:48] <MrBluze_> forkbeta - YES OR NO
[02:56:51] <robind> i could see that working pretty well
[02:56:57] <mattie_p> yes
[02:56:57] <MrBluze_> yes, geekcard is very marketable
[02:56:58] <xlefay> no
[02:57:01] <paulej72> no beta
[02:57:05] <robind> no
[02:57:06] <Captain_coolbp> no beta
[02:57:07] <bytram> forkbeta? no.
[02:57:11] <stderr> Would it be an idea to ask people to come to this channel before the voting started or did I just miss the call?
[02:57:11] <MrBluze_> forkbeta .. one yes?
[02:57:12] <xlefay> no
[02:57:17] <xlefay> no beta, nononononono!
[02:57:30] <Captain_coolbp> stderr, most of them are unanimous
[02:57:33] <xlefay> stderr: we're just making a short list not sure if the community is invited.
[02:57:35] <Captain_coolbp> we are narrowing
[02:57:39] -!- prospectacle [prospectacle!~b4c880f7@180.200.jji.ihy] has joined #staff
[02:57:40] <xlefay> but they can join if they like really
[02:57:44] <MrBluze_> stderr: if anyone says even one yes, it stays on
[02:57:49] <xlefay> really?
[02:57:53] <MrBluze_> dailybacon.org
[02:57:57] <xlefay> fuck YES!!!!
[02:57:58] <bytram> no
[02:58:04] <mattie_p> yes
[02:58:04] <Captain_coolbp> yes
[02:58:07] <stderr> I meant... Would it be an idea to ask _staff_ to come to this channel... ?
[02:58:16] <stderr> As in: "me"... :-)
[02:58:18] <xlefay> stderr: it was mentioned last I checked
[02:58:20] <paulej72> no
[02:58:23] <mattie_p> MrBluze_: no one else liked forkbeta, I change my vote to no on that
[02:58:25] -!- SirFinkus [SirFinkus!~textual@c-21-07-234-22.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #staff
[02:58:27] <MrBluze_> ok
[02:58:45] <MrBluze_> stderr: u can see the full list in the mail .. 3rd one down from newers
[02:58:47] <MrBluze_> newest
[02:59:05] <MrBluze_> at the end of this first round, i will give a one-line summary - and u can disagree ok>
[02:59:10] <xlefay> nope haven't gotten that mail yet MrBluze_
[02:59:10] <mattie_p> sure
[02:59:12] <MrBluze_> ionews.org - YES OR NO
[02:59:15] <xlefay> nah
[02:59:16] -!- SoyCow9613 [SoyCow9613!~627abe22@hld-683-262-730-629.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #staff
[02:59:19] <paulej72> no
[02:59:19] <robind> yes
[02:59:20] <mattie_p> yes
[02:59:28] <MrBluze_> Digest Vol1 Issue 9
[02:59:30] <xlefay> actually, yes
[02:59:32] <Captain_coolbp> yes
[02:59:39] <MrBluze_> someone needs to buy ionews then
[02:59:41] <xlefay> MrBluze_: you've got digest on.. most of us don't
[02:59:44] <bytram> try it. ok
[02:59:52] <MrBluze_> afaik not bought
[02:59:56] <robind> ionews is good. nice and short, still has a nerdy ring
[02:59:58] <mattie_p> I thought all the ones on the list were available or had been promised?
[03:00:00] <MrBluze_> but it was a positive suggestion makde by konomi
[03:00:01] <robind> and the meta-aspect works as well
[03:00:02] <stderr> MrBluze_: That still doesn't allow me to vote on the names you have already voted on...
[03:00:15] <Captain_coolbp> stderr they were crappy
[03:00:17] <robind> RECOUNT
[03:00:17] <MrBluze_> stderr: i am now going to give the full list and the answers ok?
[03:00:19] <robind> HANGING CHADS
[03:00:20] <Captain_coolbp> lol
[03:00:21] <Captain_coolbp> okay
[03:00:25] <mattie_p> MrBluze_: please provide quick summary
[03:00:27] <Captain_coolbp> RECOUNT CALLED
[03:00:31] <MrBluze_> doing
[03:00:32] <xlefay> yes, let's recount
[03:00:40] <Captain_coolbp> ALL PLEASE ONLY VOTE
[03:00:42] <xlefay> I vote NO on all except bacon and cards.
[03:00:52] <xlefay> .deop audioguy
[03:00:52] -!- mode/#staff [-o audioguy] by BaconTree
[03:01:13] <Captain_coolbp> Bluze: whenever you are ready
[03:01:24] -!- xlefay [xlefay!~xlefay@Soylent/Staff/IRC/xlefay] has parted #staff
[03:01:25] -!- xlefay [xlefay!~xlefay@Soylent/Staff/IRC/xlefay] has joined #staff
[03:01:29] -!- mode/#staff [+v xlefay] by BaconTree
[03:01:31] <stderr> Can we vote using "domainname++" and "domainname--" ? (Some one check if they're 0 to begin with and only one vote per person)
[03:01:34] <MrBluze_> nodice (N), shiftdot (N), shiftnews (N), baconnews (Y), Nerdcard (Y), geekcard (Y), Dailybacon (Y), coolculture (N), market-street (N), dvusweb (N), itarium (N), forkbeta (N), dupenews (N), ionews (Y)
[03:01:46] -!- Hedonismbot [Hedonismbot!~Bender@Soylent/Bot/Bender] has joined #staff
[03:01:46] -!- mode/#staff [+v Hedonismbot] by BaconTree
[03:01:55] <xlefay> Let's vote via Karma.. it does seem like the best way.
[03:01:55] <Captain_coolbp> stderr: good plan
[03:02:11] <MrBluze_> ok, the list is there, vote away .. each one give one vote per name please
[03:02:15] <mattie_p> gotta leave in 10 minutes, make it quick, please.
[03:02:16] <Captain_coolbp> shiftdot--
[03:02:16] <Hedonismbot> karma - shiftdot: -1
[03:02:23] <xlefay> !nodice--
[03:02:26] <mattie_p> nodice--
[03:02:26] <Hedonismbot> karma - nodice: -1
[03:02:29] <stderr> nodice++
[03:02:29] <Hedonismbot> karma - nodice: 0
[03:02:30] <xlefay> nodice--
[03:02:30] <Hedonismbot> karma - nodice: -1
[03:02:30] <bytram> nerdcard++
[03:02:30] <Hedonismbot> karma - nerdcard: 1
[03:02:34] <stderr> shiftdot--
[03:02:34] <Hedonismbot> karma - shiftdot: -2
[03:02:34] <mattie_p> shiftdot--
[03:02:34] <Captain_coolbp> shiftnews--
[03:02:34] <Hedonismbot> karma - shiftdot: -3
[03:02:34] <Hedonismbot> karma - shiftnews: -1
[03:02:35] <xlefay> shiftdot--
[03:02:35] <Hedonismbot> karma - shiftdot: -4
[03:02:36] <stderr> shiftnews--
[03:02:36] <Hedonismbot> karma - shiftnews: -2
[03:02:36] <bytram> geekcard++
[03:02:36] <xlefay> shiftnews--
[03:02:36] <Hedonismbot> karma - geekcard: 1
[03:02:36] <Hedonismbot> karma - shiftnews: -3
[03:02:37] <mattie_p> shiftnews--
[03:02:37] <Hedonismbot> karma - shiftnews: -4
[03:02:39] <Captain_coolbp> baconnews++
[03:02:39] <Hedonismbot> karma - baconnews: 2
[03:02:39] <xlefay> baconnews++
[03:02:39] <Hedonismbot> karma - baconnews: 3
[03:02:40] <stderr> baconnews++
[03:02:40] <Hedonismbot> karma - baconnews: 4
[03:02:41] <mattie_p> baconnews++
[03:02:41] <Hedonismbot> karma - baconnews: 5
[03:02:42] <xlefay> nerdcard++
[03:02:42] <Hedonismbot> karma - nerdcard: 2
[03:02:42] <matt_> ionews++
[03:02:42] <Hedonismbot> karma - ionews: 1
[03:02:43] <paulej72> nodice--
[03:02:43] <Hedonismbot> karma - nodice: -2
[03:02:43] <stderr> nerdcard++
[03:02:43] <Hedonismbot> karma - nerdcard: 3
[03:02:43] <xlefay> geekcard++
[03:02:43] <Hedonismbot> karma - geekcard: 2
[03:02:45] <xlefay> dailybacon++
[03:02:45] <Hedonismbot> karma - dailybacon: 1
[03:02:47] <mattie_p> nerdcard++
[03:02:47] <Hedonismbot> karma - nerdcard: 4
[03:02:49] <xlefay> coolculture--
[03:02:49] <Hedonismbot> karma - coolculture: -1
[03:02:49] <stderr> geekcard++
[03:02:49] <Hedonismbot> karma - geekcard: 3
[03:02:50] <mattie_p> geekcard++
[03:02:50] <xlefay> .quite Hedonismbot
[03:02:50] <Hedonismbot> karma - geekcard: 4
[03:02:53] <stderr> dailybacon++
[03:02:53] <Hedonismbot> karma - dailybacon: 2
[03:02:54] <mattie_p> dailybacon++
[03:02:54] <Hedonismbot> karma - dailybacon: 3
[03:02:54] <Captain_coolbp> geekcard++
[03:02:54] <Hedonismbot> karma - geekcard: 5
[03:02:54] <MrBluze_> repost: nodice (N), shiftdot (N), shiftnews (N), baconnews (Y), Nerdcard (Y), geekcard (Y), Dailybacon (Y), coolculture (N), market-street (N), dvusweb (N), itarium (N), forkbeta (N), dupenews (N), ionews (Y)
[03:02:56] -!- mode/#staff [+q *!*@Soylent/Bot/Bender] by BaconTree
[03:02:57] <stderr> coolculture--
[03:02:58] <Hedonismbot> karma - coolculture: -2
[03:02:59] <Captain_coolbp> ionews++
[03:02:59] <Hedonismbot> karma - ionews: 2
[03:02:59] <mattie_p> coolculture--
[03:02:59] <Hedonismbot> karma - coolculture: -3
[03:03:02] <stderr> market-street--
[03:03:05] <robind> geekcard++
[03:03:05] <Hedonismbot> karma - geekcard: 6
[03:03:06] -!- mode/#staff [-v Hedonismbot] by BaconTree
[03:03:07] <mattie_p> marketstreet--
[03:03:10] <xlefay> we'll get the karma results later
[03:03:10] <mattie_p> dvusweb--
[03:03:11] <stderr> dvusweb-- # What?!
[03:03:12] <Captain_coolbp> dailybacon++
[03:03:12] <matt_> nerdcard--
[03:03:14] <mattie_p> itarium--
[03:03:16] <stderr> itarium--
[03:03:17] <mattie_p> forkbeta--
[03:03:18] <robind> ionews++
[03:03:19] <mattie_p> dupenews--
[03:03:20] <stderr> forkbeta--
[03:03:21] <bytram> shiftdot++
[03:03:23] <mattie_p> ionews++
[03:03:24] <Captain_coolbp> dupenews++
[03:03:25] <stderr> dupenews++
[03:03:26] <matt_> nodice--
[03:03:27] <bytram> nodice--
[03:03:28] <stderr> ionews--
[03:03:28] <xlefay> marketstreet--
[03:03:32] <xlefay> dvusweb--
[03:03:33] <bytram> shiftnews--
[03:03:33] <xlefay> itarium--
[03:03:35] <matt_> shiftdot--
[03:03:35] <xlefay> forkbeta--
[03:03:35] <Captain_coolbp> repost
[03:03:35] <MrBluze_> repost: nodice (N), shiftdot (N), shiftnews (N), baconnews (Y), Nerdcard (Y), geekcard (Y), Dailybacon (Y), coolculture (N), market-street (N), dvusweb (N), itarium (N), forkbeta (N), dupenews (N), ionews (Y)
[03:03:41] <xlefay> dupenews--
[03:03:41] <bytram> basconnews--
[03:03:43] <xlefay> ionews++
[03:03:46] <paulej72> shiftdot--
[03:03:48] <bytram> baconnews--
[03:03:50] <robind> i'm not even going to bother downvoting things
[03:03:51] <Captain_coolbp> itarium++
[03:03:53] <bytram> coolculture--
[03:03:54] <paulej72> shiftnews--
[03:03:56] <matt_> shiftnews--
[03:03:57] <bytram> market-street--
[03:04:02] <robind> since i only upvoted two things lol
[03:04:03] <bytram> dvusweb--
[03:04:03] <matt_> baconnews--
[03:04:07] <stderr> bacon++ # :-)
[03:04:08] <bytram> itarium--
[03:04:08] <paulej72> baconnews++
[03:04:12] <Captain_coolbp> forkbeta--
[03:04:13] <paulej72> nercard++
[03:04:15] <matt_> geekcard--
[03:04:17] <bytram> dupenews--
[03:04:18] <MrBluze_> when u are all done, it appears we have less than 8 choices
[03:04:18] <Captain_coolbp> dvusweb--
[03:04:21] <paulej72> nerdcard++
[03:04:21] * xlefay is fairly sure it's going to be baconnews or dailybacon.
[03:04:23] <bytram> forkbeta--
[03:04:26] <robind> hedonism bot stopped responding
[03:04:26] <matt_> coolculture--
[03:04:27] <paulej72> geekcard++
[03:04:31] <bytram> dailybacon--
[03:04:34] <xlefay> robind: no, I muted him. way to much noise
[03:04:34] <bytram> ionews--
[03:04:35] <robind> oh you took its voice
[03:04:35] <robind> nvm
[03:04:37] <matt_> market-street--
[03:04:41] <stderr> paulej72: Watch out for typos...
[03:04:42] <xlefay> we can get the results when everyone's done ;)
[03:04:44] <MrBluze_> soylentnews.org will be an automatically included entry - provided it is available no strings attached
[03:04:47] <matt_> dvusweb--
[03:04:50] <stderr> <paulej72> nercard++
[03:04:51] <matt_> itarium++
[03:04:54] <matt_> forkbeta--
[03:04:58] <MrBluze_> repost: nodice (N), shiftdot (N), shiftnews (N), baconnews (Y), Nerdcard (Y), geekcard (Y), Dailybacon (Y), coolculture (N), market-street (N), dvusweb (N), itarium (N), forkbeta (N), dupenews (N), ionews (Y)
[03:05:05] <paulej72> coolcultrue--
[03:05:11] <xlefay> paulej72: check that one
[03:05:14] <xlefay> coolculture* :)
[03:05:15] <Captain_coolbp> coolculture--
[03:05:24] <matt_> dupenews--
[03:05:27] <Captain_coolbp> forkbeta--
[03:05:31] <mattie_p> MrBluze_ I think that was the assumption, I belive matt_ is cool with that
[03:05:31] <robind> so xlefay do you have some cool way to show the status of all those things at once?
[03:05:39] <xlefay> robind: no.. just !karma name..
[03:05:39] <paulej72> coolculture--
[03:05:45] <robind> bummer
[03:05:53] <Captain_coolbp> okay are we done voting?
[03:06:00] <robind> i'm done
[03:06:02] <MrBluze_> yep, but every single one of these domains only wins if it is given free of strings etc, ie: all of my owned ones i am donating totally freely
[03:06:03] <robind> actually
[03:06:03] <xlefay> .op
[03:06:03] -!- mode/#staff [+o xlefay] by BaconTree
[03:06:05] <robind> baconnews--
[03:06:09] <xlefay> !karma nodice
[03:06:12] <xlefay> !karma shiftdot
[03:06:12] <matt_> mattie_p: yep, soylentnews.org should be automatically included.
[03:06:17] <xlefay> !karma shiftnews
[03:06:24] <xlefay> !karma baconnews
[03:06:26] <Captain_coolbp> matt_ agreed
[03:06:26] <mattie_p> excellent, that was what we had hoped
[03:06:32] <xlefay> karma of baconnews is 3
[03:06:35] <xlefay> !karma nerdcard
[03:06:37] <Captain_coolbp> matt_ thanks
[03:06:38] <xlefay> karma of nerdcard is 4
[03:06:38] <matt_> ...and altslashdot.org is available, for what it's worth.
[03:06:41] <xlefay> !karma geekcard
[03:06:45] <xlefay> karma of geekcard is 6
[03:06:47] <xlefay> !karma dailybacon
[03:06:49] <matt_> not much, i'm guessing
[03:06:52] <xlefay> karma of dailybacon is 3
[03:06:55] <xlefay> !karma market-street
[03:06:57] <MrBluze_> altslashdot.org is probably no good because of litigation risk
[03:06:58] <xlefay> !karma marketstreet
[03:07:02] <xlefay> karma of marketstreet is -2
[03:07:05] <xlefay> !karma dvusweb
[03:07:08] <xlefay> !karma itarium
[03:07:13] <xlefay> !karma forbeta
[03:07:15] <xlefay> !karma forkbeta
[03:07:19] <xlefay> !karma dupenews
[03:07:23] <xlefay> !karma ionews
[03:07:29] <xlefay> karma of ionews is 3
[03:07:36] <xlefay> ok, all those I've mentioned have positive karma
[03:07:54] <robind> baconnews, ionews, nerdcard, geekcard
[03:08:01] <robind> oh dailybacon
[03:08:09] <MrBluze_> 5 winners
[03:08:11] <xlefay> anyone mind reposting what I just said... way to much noise from Hedonismbot to get it straight
[03:08:12] <MrBluze_> means 6 domains
[03:08:13] <mattie_p> give us this day our daily bacon
[03:08:28] <MrBluze_> baconnews, dailybacon, nerdcard, geekcard, ionews
[03:08:32] <Captain_coolbp> Okay can someone write that list down
[03:08:37] <Captain_coolbp> Mattie_p needs to leace
[03:08:39] <MrBluze_> (i accidentally bought nerdcard as i was trying to buy geekcard btw)
[03:08:40] <robind> baconnews - 3, dailybacon - 3, ionews - 3, nerdcard - 4, geekcard - 6
[03:08:42] <Captain_coolbp> leave
[03:08:48] <mattie_p> got it
[03:08:53] <MrBluze_> they are going up for vote.
[03:08:56] <xlefay> thank you robind
[03:08:58] <Captain_coolbp> Mattie_p did you want to finish your statement?
[03:08:59] <bytram> mattie_p: cya!
[03:09:01] <xlefay> hey guys
[03:09:08] <mattie_p> I'll leave IRC poll up for a day or two then post this one, with a story
[03:09:09] <xlefay> why has dailybacon so few hits?
[03:09:12] <MrBluze_> only realized i bought nerdcard after i saw the receipt
[03:09:19] <robind> haha
[03:09:30] <MrBluze_> got one or two negatives xlefay
[03:09:32] <stderr> The person who suggested nerdcard and geekcard must be a genius...
[03:09:43] <Captain_coolbp> oh stderr....
[03:09:45] <mattie_p> Captain_coolbp, back in 30 minutes, we'll talk then
[03:09:50] <Captain_coolbp> cool sir
[03:09:50] <stderr> I wonder if he suggested nerdcard_s_ and geekcard_s_ too... :-)
[03:09:57] <bytram> stderr: maybe just a "card"iologist?
[03:09:57] <MrBluze_> xlefay: can u quickly check if dailybacon is owned?
[03:10:00] <mattie_p> in the meantime, if you have questions on my email, then sit on them until then
[03:10:07] <Captain_coolbp> okay so is everyone that is present okay with these going to vote?
[03:10:13] <MrBluze_> we can go for nerdcards / geekcards if u want, but i didnt buy them
[03:10:35] <stderr> One of them was already taken AFAIR...
[03:10:48] <MrBluze_> i think it was pretty obvious how people's preferences are falling
[03:10:50] <bytram> yes, nerdcards.com was taken
[03:10:56] <MrBluze_> nerdcard.net i have
[03:11:04] <MrBluze_> and it is better with .net because ncn
[03:11:18] <bytram> and, geekcards.com is also taken
[03:11:35] <stderr> bytram: I only checked .org's, except for baconnews.net... BNN...
[03:11:36] <MrBluze_> well my.geekcard.org .. i thought makes more sense anyway
[03:11:44] <MrBluze_> i have baconnews.net and .org
[03:11:50] <matt_> soynews.org is available. yes or no?
[03:11:52] <xlefay> .com owned, .org not.
[03:12:05] <MrBluze_> if u buy soynews, we can put it up for vote
[03:12:18] <Captain_coolbp> now would be a good time for that...
[03:12:19] <MrBluze_> but it becomes a bit abstracted from original meaning
[03:12:31] <xlefay> MrBluze_: that was meant for you. ;)
[03:12:39] <MrBluze_> ok
[03:12:44] <MrBluze_> soynews.org - YES OR NO
[03:12:50] <stderr> Nah!
[03:12:52] <MrBluze_> make your karma on soynews
[03:12:52] <bytram> no
[03:12:53] <Captain_coolbp> no
[03:12:54] <xlefay> Voted yet? http://soylentnews.org
[03:12:57] <stderr> soynews--
[03:12:58] <bytram> soynews--
[03:13:00] <xlefay> soynews--
[03:13:01] <Captain_coolbp> soynews--
[03:13:02] <MrBluze_> well that was easy
[03:13:03] <matt_> yikes
[03:13:06] <matt_> withdrawn!!
[03:13:12] <MrBluze_> lol u never know until u try
[03:13:14] <MrBluze_> dont worry
[03:13:14] <xlefay> matt_++ I'll give you kudos for that one.
[03:13:18] <MrBluze_> brainstorming is what this kind of thing is for
[03:13:20] <xlefay> one actually.
[03:13:22] <Captain_coolbp> lol sorry matt, we are a bunch of cats that need hording
[03:13:27] <Captain_coolbp> herding*
[03:13:40] <xlefay> Captain_coolbp: have you been paying attention to what people without voice have been saying?
[03:13:49] <stderr> xlefay: Missing option: All of the above... I know it doesn't make sense!
[03:13:50] <xlefay> _have_ they been saying anything? (note, only been op'd a little bit..)
[03:13:50] <MrBluze_> damn, mod points
[03:13:50] <bytram> hmmm... just realized... what we post for stories is not really "new"s...
[03:13:55] <xlefay> LOL stderr! :)
[03:14:07] <paulej72> you've go mail
[03:14:08] <Captain_coolbp> I didn't see anything
[03:14:14] <Captain_coolbp> it was a little hectic in there
[03:14:20] <xlefay> stderr: or better yet, let's just go nntp!
[03:14:27] <bytram> Captain_coolbp: I saw nothing
[03:14:41] <xlefay> bytram: you aren't opped.
[03:14:44] <Captain_coolbp> you are not opped sir
[03:14:48] <bytram> oh. nvm
[03:14:56] <Captain_coolbp> I'll scroll up
[03:15:06] * bytram yes, I get it!
[03:15:15] <bytram> brb
[03:15:19] <MrBluze_> mattie_p: when u do the poll, list them in alphabetical order or truly random
[03:15:21] <stderr> BTW: I didn't see port119.net on the list? What happened to it?
[03:15:27] <stderr> port119++
[03:15:32] <Captain_coolbp> <prospectacle> ionews++
[03:15:41] <stderr> xlefay: Thanks for reminding me of nntp... :-)
[03:15:51] <bytram> back
[03:16:05] <Captain_coolbp> <RoyCow1306> Just because a domain is available, doesn't mean there isn't some company out there willing to protect their trademark. Before committing to a choice, will there be some checking to see if some company will try to force SN to give it up?
[03:16:42] <xlefay> Yes, RoyCow1306 is correct, we'll need to do our due diligence in this matter.
[03:17:06] <xlefay> s/in/on/
[03:17:06] <stderr> "<robind> baconnews - 3, dailybacon - 3, ionews - 3, nerdcard - 4, geekcard - 6"
[03:17:15] <xlefay> port119++
[03:17:17] <stderr> I doubt anyone could make any claims to any of those...
[03:17:20] <xlefay> btw... I vote for that one to!
[03:17:22] <bytram> stderr: Great point! fwiw: port 119 == Newtork News Transfer Protocol
[03:17:31] <bytram> port119++
[03:17:37] <stderr> bytram: Exactly!
[03:17:38] <xlefay> come on... daily bacon is probably as popular as a domain can be
[03:17:38] <MrBluze_> to RoyCow - yes
[03:17:43] <paulej72> port119++
[03:17:59] <Captain_coolbp> port119++
[03:18:00] <MrBluze_> if someone buys port119 very happy to put it up
[03:18:01] <stderr> Looks like port119 should be added to the list?
[03:18:14] <stderr> I would buy it, if I had any money... :-/
[03:18:16] <Captain_coolbp> we need to secure it BEFORE it goes to the poll vote
[03:18:16] <xlefay> that's 5 votes guys
[03:18:28] <MrBluze_> it doesnt go up for vote UNTIL someone buys it
[03:18:30] <MrBluze_> please
[03:18:30] <xlefay> I can't spare the change right now, sorry.
[03:18:35] <MrBluze_> i have bought 4 already ffs
[03:18:45] * bytram notices that Newtork really should be Network =)
[03:18:53] <MrBluze_> port119.org is taken
[03:19:00] <MrBluze_> .net is available
[03:19:01] <xlefay> bytram: so wait "New" wasn't part of the hint?
[03:19:08] <xlefay> believe the .net was the one suggested
[03:19:09] <Captain_coolbp> anyone willing to buy port119 and release it to us without strings please step forward
[03:19:11] <stderr> That's why I said port119.net
[03:19:15] <MrBluze_> ok i buy it
[03:19:31] <Captain_coolbp> MrBluze....
[03:19:32] <xlefay> Thank you MrBluze_. I'll reimburse your cost in beer when you get here in may ;)
[03:19:45] <MrBluze_> bought
[03:19:46] <Captain_coolbp> well I guess that's fair
[03:20:05] <bytram> stderr: try to also get: port119.newt 8)
[03:20:06] <MrBluze_> i wont be buying ionews cause i dont get it
[03:20:12] <stderr> MrBluze_: How much is a .net domain?
[03:20:16] <xlefay> input/output news :)
[03:20:18] <stderr> bytram: .newt?!
[03:20:23] <xlefay> stupid new tld?
[03:20:23] <stderr> :-)
[03:20:46] <MrBluze_> 4.75 euro
[03:20:53] <bytram> w serve a witches brew of news here, no dobt!
[03:20:57] <MrBluze_> a coffee and a teacake
[03:21:08] <xlefay> MrBluze_: how about two beers? :--)
[03:21:12] <MrBluze_> lol ofc
[03:21:19] <MrBluze_> ok so that's that
[03:21:22] <MrBluze_> any more?
[03:21:32] <xlefay> Unless you would prefer an English tea party instead. ;)
[03:21:34] <MrBluze_> ionews.org is available
[03:21:36] <bytram> hmmm, eyeofnews ?
[03:21:37] <MrBluze_> but i am not buying it
[03:21:47] <stderr> MrBluze_: When I get some money, I'll pay you back for port119.net
[03:21:49] <MrBluze_> someone has to buy it, or we cant put it to vote
[03:21:57] <bytram> hmm eyeofnews.com is available.
[03:21:59] <MrBluze_> nah i dont care really stderr
[03:22:04] <MrBluze_> its all good
[03:22:06] <xlefay> eyeofnews-- # sorry marty!
[03:22:20] <Captain_coolbp> I would buy ionews....
[03:22:24] <MrBluze_> ill sell them on or whatever, the ones that dont get voted on
[03:22:33] <xlefay> Captain_coolbp: then do it. ;)
[03:22:46] * MrBluze_ nods
[03:22:51] <Captain_coolbp> brb, Bluze is Strike Team commander
[03:22:52] <MrBluze_> it has to be bought or it doesnt get voted on
[03:22:57] <bytram> even better: aisleofnews.com is avail (say it out loud)
[03:23:05] <stderr> MrBluze_: I might be interested in the names I suggested... If I have any money when you're selling... :-/
[03:23:14] <xlefay> bytram: sounds really, really weird ;)
[03:23:21] <MrBluze_> i know they are good realestate
[03:23:24] <xlefay> probably that's the case for most non-native english speakers
[03:23:35] <MrBluze_> isleofnews
[03:23:43] <bytram> xlefay: sounds like: I love news
[03:23:43] <xlefay> MrBluze_: dailybacon... that'll earn you a fortune ;)
[03:23:49] * MrBluze_ grins
[03:23:59] <xlefay> Really? I couldn't reproduce that
[03:24:06] <bytram> MrBluze_++ # let me check...
[03:24:29] <MrBluze_> i have those :)
[03:24:34] <MrBluze_> dailybacon,org and .net
[03:24:36] <MrBluze_> but not .com
[03:24:41] <xlefay> screw .com
[03:24:45] <stderr> Selling price for dailybacon: One slice of bacon for the rest of his life...
[03:24:48] <xlefay> Daily Bacon Network!
[03:24:54] <bytram> MrBluze_: it looks to me that isleofnews.com is available
[03:24:55] <xlefay> dailybacon.net
[03:24:58] <MrBluze_> i actually like it more than baconnews
[03:24:59] <stderr> Yes, fuck .com!
[03:25:03] <bytram> isleofnews++
[03:25:23] <stderr> Nerds know not all domains are .com's.
[03:25:32] <paulej72> i like dailybacon better too
[03:26:12] <MrBluze_> i wont buy isleofnews, but someone else can
[03:26:20] <paulej72> stderr: the problem is the owners of the .coms may not like us.
[03:26:28] <bytram> we can grab isleofnews.[com|org|net] all look to be available
[03:26:43] <stderr> paulej72: The owners of the .dk might not like us either...
[03:26:44] <xlefay> They can't own Bacon.
[03:26:44] <MrBluze_> grr.. this is like gambling, i keep bying more
[03:27:01] <xlefay> MrBluze_: don't, it'll cost you a lot and more and more suggestions will keep coming.
[03:27:02] <stderr> paulej72: Or the owners of .jp...
[03:27:39] <xlefay> In reality, if they wanted to prevent that.. they should've registered the .net and .com already.
[03:27:43] <xlefay> err, .net and .org
[03:27:45] <MrBluze_> baconnews / dailybacon / geekcard / nerdcard / port119 i have
[03:27:53] <bytram> We can grab: isleofnews.[com|org|net|jp|dk] all look to be available
[03:27:56] * xlefay waits till MrBluze_ holds us hostage
[03:27:59] <paulej72> stderr: those .com people have more money to sue :)
[03:28:09] <MrBluze_> lol
[03:28:16] <xlefay> You know, I bet, he'll ask for some tea in exchange!
[03:28:24] <stderr> paulej72: tulip bacon has a lot of money as far as I know...
[03:28:30] <MrBluze_> if we are not for profit, they cant sue
[03:28:48] <xlefay> Really.. That's good to know.
[03:28:57] <stderr> MrBluze_: That probably won't stop them from trying. :-/
[03:29:02] <xlefay> MrBluze_: I was kidding of course (about the hostage!)
[03:29:06] <paulej72> then we need tom incorporate befre changing names
[03:29:09] <bytram> stderr++ # you got THAT righ!
[03:29:13] <Captain_coolbp> okay I just purchased ionews.org
[03:29:17] <xlefay> prospectacle: <prospectacle> There's no way that's true
[03:29:29] <xlefay> about the NFP suing and all
[03:29:41] * stderr buys speelcheeker for bytram... :-)
[03:29:42] <xlefay> Think he's right..
[03:29:54] <stderr> bytram: Wait?! I only got THAT right?!
[03:30:03] <xlefay> stderr: righ!*
[03:30:06] * bytram would prefer a spiel cheeker
[03:30:11] <Captain_coolbp> paulej72: possibly, we are trying to take care of as much of this plan as possible
[03:30:14] <xlefay> <prospectacle> http://www.nonprofitrisk.org
[03:30:19] <xlefay> .voice prospectacle
[03:30:19] -!- mode/#staff [+v prospectacle] by BaconTree
[03:30:24] <xlefay> say whatever useful you have to say
[03:30:36] <prospectacle> you can sue a nonprofit
[03:30:46] <Captain_coolbp> <+prospectacle> you can sue a nonprofit
[03:30:49] <xlefay> Captain_coolbp:
[03:30:52] <xlefay> he's voiced!
[03:30:54] <Captain_coolbp> oh
[03:30:57] <Captain_coolbp> sorry
[03:30:58] * xlefay laughs
[03:31:00] <Captain_coolbp> reading backlog
[03:31:02] <xlefay> no worries buddy ;)
[03:31:12] <Captain_coolbp> = )
[03:31:22] * xlefay notes that echo keeps getting louder
[03:31:30] <MrBluze_> lol
[03:31:34] <xlefay> so ehm.. no-one's going to speak back to prospectacle? :)
[03:31:44] <Captain_coolbp> paulej72: We want to have this ready to go at the drop of a hat if necessary
[03:31:46] <stderr> prospectacle: Ok.
[03:31:48] <stderr> xlefay: Done!
[03:31:53] <MrBluze_> oh
[03:31:54] <xlefay> ... LOL
[03:32:05] <paulej72> Captain_coolbp: understood
[03:32:07] <MrBluze_> well we have to consider all o fthis
[03:32:08] <xlefay> man.. you're nifty aren't you :)
[03:32:45] <MrBluze_> geekcard is not a business entity
[03:32:47] <stderr> xlefay: I didn't have anything clever to say... Seems like nobody else did either.
[03:32:48] <MrBluze_> that is free
[03:33:02] <xlefay> stderr: seems that way
[03:33:07] <MrBluze_> baconnews also
[03:33:09] <bytram> so, what comes first? The site name? Or the site "governance" [non]profit?
[03:33:12] <MrBluze_> most of these are just parked domains
[03:33:14] <Captain_coolbp> bluze we had a concensus on ionews correct? Can that be added to the short list?
[03:33:16] <xlefay> I'm curious why MrBluze_ thought it couldn't be sued though
[03:33:32] <MrBluze_> ionews is on the shortlist but it has to be bought
[03:33:33] <Captain_coolbp> anything can be sued
[03:33:40] <MrBluze_> xlefay: .. to sue, u need to establish damage
[03:33:44] <MrBluze_> financial damage
[03:33:44] <Captain_coolbp> MrBluze: I bought it
[03:33:49] <stderr> bytram: Get the name by public poll. Start the Non-Profit. Transfer domain to Non-Profit.
[03:33:52] <MrBluze_> ionews is now on the list
[03:34:02] <MrBluze_> isleofnews?
[03:34:07] <xlefay> MrBluze_: isn't that generally the case?
[03:34:14] <Captain_coolbp> isleofnews--
[03:34:17] <MrBluze_> yes , xlefay
[03:34:26] <MrBluze_> but if we are not for profit we cant be damaging people's market really
[03:34:28] <xlefay> So have we decided the NFP be in the US already?
[03:34:31] <MrBluze_> because we aren't stealing revenue
[03:34:40] <stderr> bytram: I assume the name of the Non-Profit has the domain name as part of its name, so it makes sense to decide a name first.
[03:34:50] <bytram> as I understand it here in the USA, a non-profit is not supposed to show a *profit* each year, but it can still have *assets*. that's worth suing for!
[03:34:54] <Captain_coolbp> xlefay: there is no NFP strike team yet
[03:35:00] <Captain_coolbp> to my knowledge
[03:35:06] <MrBluze_> bytram: yes, but u still have to have a reasonable case
[03:35:08] <prospectacle> MrBluze_ they might say we are diluting their brand, causing confusion, etc
[03:35:13] <paulej72> isleofnews seem like a penisland type of thing
[03:35:22] <xlefay> Captain_coolbp: It's just that everytime the discussion takes place the US laws get pulled up at some point
[03:35:41] <MrBluze_> we could incorporate in another country, nothing saying we can't
[03:35:45] <MrBluze_> unless there is
[03:35:59] <xlefay> I'm hoping we'll have some community discussions about that really
[03:36:00] <Captain_coolbp> okay can we have a discussion on NFP location?
[03:36:00] <bytram> i only mentioned USA because it's the only jurisdiction I have some clue about. not advocating one way or another.
[03:36:05] <MrBluze_> prospectacle: what do u think? ..
[03:36:12] <MrBluze_> prospectacle: u have voice
[03:36:32] <xlefay> MrBluze_: he was actually replying to you a bit ago :)
[03:36:47] <xlefay> about a min ago actually :P
[03:36:47] <prospectacle> MrBluze_ using a diff. country probably add some protection. Of course if it became big there is always WTO to take us to, but that seems far fetched.
[03:36:57] <xlefay> WTO?
[03:36:57] <prospectacle> IANAL!!!!!
[03:37:04] <MrBluze_> prospectacle: u dont need to be a lawyer
[03:37:06] <stderr> xlefay: World Trade Org.
[03:37:06] <MrBluze_> that makes sense
[03:37:21] <xlefay> oh I see.
[03:37:47] <xlefay> stderr: another NSA front, I'm sure.
[03:37:58] <MrBluze_> lawyers dont know either, they just guess - the judge decides
[03:38:00] <Captain_coolbp> anyone here actually know anything about setting up a non-profit?
[03:38:09] <stderr> Speaking as a NSA front myself: Everything is.
[03:38:13] <xlefay> LOL
[03:38:18] <bytram> nope.
[03:38:20] <prospectacle> MrBluze_ += good_point;
[03:38:45] <Captain_coolbp> prospectacle: do you have any experience with nonprofits?
[03:39:04] * bytram notes that prospectacle completed his statement with a proper ";
[03:39:16] <MrBluze_> current list: baconnews / nerdcard / geekcard / dailybacon / ionews / port119 / soylentnews
[03:39:21] <xlefay> mattie_p: we should involve the community in NFP discussions, the more info and discussion the better.
[03:39:26] <Captain_coolbp> <RoyCow1306> Jurisdiction shopping may be touchy. A NFP will have a board of directors. If any of them are say US citizens they may still be within reach of US legal enforcements.
[03:39:39] -!- mode/#staff [+v RoyCow1306] by xlefay
[03:39:42] <stderr> Captain_coolbp: I did start one a long time ago, but I have forgotten most of it and it was in Denmark, so forget I even said so...
[03:39:52] <MrBluze_> speak, RoyCow1306
[03:39:53] <xlefay> RoyCow1306: yeah, that's one of my fears
[03:40:14] <MrBluze_> i argue soylentnews is the most risky
[03:40:15] <xlefay> We want to protect the community generally but.. law enforcement is tricky
[03:40:17] <MrBluze_> because soylent is owned by disney
[03:40:18] <Captain_coolbp> sorry if I missed that stderr, I'm trying to keep up
[03:40:19] <bytram> RoyCow1306: very intersting observation... thanks!
[03:40:32] <stderr> I really like that 4 of the 7 names on that list was suggested by me (and probably others too)
[03:40:38] <xlefay> haha
[03:40:49] <stderr> Captain_coolbp: You didn't miss it... It was the same line. :-)
[03:40:55] <MrBluze_> im gonna vote for dailybacon, that has me in stitches
[03:40:59] <xlefay> ^ yes.
[03:41:11] <bytram> MrBluze_: really? I read some articles on Ars Technica about somebody making a food-like product called Soylent
[03:41:11] <MrBluze_> its so easy to say it .. go see dailybacon, it's the best news
[03:41:15] <xlefay> but we can't vote multiple options can we :<
[03:41:42] <Captain_coolbp> okay as per roycow1306's comment, is anyone opposed to having the NFP in the US
[03:41:43] <Captain_coolbp> ?
[03:41:46] <MrBluze_> but i like geekcard, cause everyone who subscribes gets mailed a geekcard
[03:41:46] <xlefay> I am.
[03:41:49] <prospectacle> (for US): A nonprofit needs to register with a state. Please contact a State Secretary of State office where you plan to incorporate your nonprofit. (http://answers.usa.gov/system/templates/selfservice/USAGov/#!portal/1012/article/4166/Starting-and-Incorporating-a-Nonprofit-Organization)
[03:42:02] <RoyCow1306> Why not touch base with Software in the Public Interest; I think they're the legal entity behind Debian and some other organizations. They might have some pointers or be willing to be the "legal entity" if you didn't want to incorporate?
[03:42:15] <MrBluze_> we could contact EFF etc
[03:42:16] <prospectacle> e.g. NY: http://www.dos.ny.gov
[03:42:21] <stderr> RoyCow1306: They are...
[03:42:23] <MrBluze_> they make good pet crocodiles
[03:42:45] <stderr> 45 users in the #spi channel...
[03:42:52] <bytram> RoyCow1306: let me put on my Devil's Advocate hat and ask: "Why would they *want* to help us?"
[03:43:14] <stderr> bytram: Because one of us is a member of SPI?
[03:43:20] <stderr> <- One of us...
[03:43:33] <bytram> SPI?
[03:43:42] <MrBluze_> ok do we leave the list as it is now?
[03:43:46] <RoyCow1306> SPI might not want to help, but it's a small investment to ask.
[03:43:48] <MrBluze_> any more irresistable ideas?
[03:43:49] <stderr> I think NCommander said something about also knowing people in Software in the Public Interest.
[03:43:54] <bytram> nvm
[03:44:00] <Captain_coolbp> MrBluze I vote yes
[03:44:14] <MrBluze_> 20 seconds to veto
[03:44:22] <stderr> MrBluze_: Repeat list...
[03:44:24] <MrBluze_> and then i close this and it can go to vote
[03:44:25] <bytram> Leave list as is? yes
[03:44:29] <MrBluze_> current list: baconnews / nerdcard / geekcard / dailybacon / ionews / port119 / soylentnews
[03:44:47] <stderr> KeepListAsIs++
[03:45:00] <bytram> KeepListAsIs++
[03:45:08] <bytram> brb
[03:45:16] <Captain_coolbp> keeplistasis++
[03:45:19] <MrBluze_> good, and i know all chices are available
[03:45:23] <MrBluze_> because they are nearly all mine lmao
[03:45:38] * MrBluze_ is a sucker for buying stuff he cant use
[03:46:11] <MrBluze_> thanks everyone.
[03:46:21] <stderr> MrBluze_: And maybe selling some of them to me when I get some money...
[03:46:29] <MrBluze_> sure
[03:46:32] <MrBluze_> we can talk about that later
[03:46:47] <paulej72> what happen to the list that was on the wiki of name suggestions?
[03:46:53] <Captain_coolbp> no idea
[03:46:55] <stderr> It has to be later. I don't have any money at the moment... :-/
[03:47:02] * Captain_coolbp checks the wiki
[03:47:04] <Captain_coolbp> brb
[03:47:06] <MrBluze_> i dunno, i got my list from emails
[03:47:14] <stderr> paulej72: Maybe they were rejected because the list was public?
[03:47:19] <MrBluze_> because they came with real names of people - its more believable
[03:47:27] <xlefay> as a tip, if stderr makes a transip account (free), MrBluze_ can simply "push them" without actually transferring, so there's no costs for the domain. that is however contingent on stderr trusting MrBluze_ not to forcefully take back ownership because his name is on it.
[03:47:46] <Captain_coolbp> http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[03:47:49] <MrBluze_> oh, yeah whatever we can solve that over a beer later
[03:47:51] <xlefay> besides paying MrBluze_ that is ;)
[03:48:22] <stderr> xlefay: I would probably transfer them to gratisdns.dk where I have all my other domains...
[03:48:43] <xlefay> stderr: an option but would probably cost you double
[03:48:54] <stderr> But yeah, I could do that later...
[03:48:58] <stderr> Probably...
[03:49:06] <MrBluze_> isroot?
[03:49:08] <Captain_coolbp> okay, you can all take that somewhere else?
[03:49:10] <MrBluze_> or is that lsroot
[03:49:10] <xlefay> e.g. buying from MrBluze_ then transferring :) hence why I'm suggesting it's probably cheaper to first keep it at transip till you get that money ;]
[03:49:16] <stderr> Probably more... I haven't checked their prices on transfers.
[03:49:23] <Captain_coolbp> ....please, we were talking non profit
[03:49:39] <Captain_coolbp> it was a good discussion
[03:49:47] <Captain_coolbp> does anyone have anything else to add?
[03:49:56] <stderr> I do...
[03:49:59] <bytram> motion to adjurn?
[03:49:59] <stderr> NonProfit++
[03:50:05] <stderr> That is all...
[03:50:08] <Captain_coolbp> thanks
[03:50:11] <MrBluze_> the list on wiki is fine
[03:50:14] <Captain_coolbp> bytram?
[03:50:18] <MrBluze_> but no one came forward to support it
[03:50:20] <bytram> NotForProfit++ # there is a difference
[03:50:20] <Captain_coolbp> regarding what?
[03:50:27] <MrBluze_> i mean.. the owners of those domains
[03:50:49] <xlefay> NFP++
[03:50:53] <stderr> bytram: Oh? Explain...
[03:50:56] <stderr> NotForProfit++
[03:50:57] <xlefay> seriously.. after reading all those mails today.. let's use NFP
[03:51:08] <stderr> GiveMoneyToStderr++
[03:51:10] <xlefay> NotForProfit++
[03:51:11] <xlefay> fine.
[03:51:13] <MrBluze_> NFP .. u'll end up with a big family
[03:51:21] <xlefay> AlreadyDoneThatStderr++
[03:51:32] <stderr> xlefay: I know... Thanks.
[03:51:34] <Captain_coolbp> I'm not authorising a binding vote on this, but we can collect these results for review
[03:51:35] <bytram> I wish I knew the exact difference, only that istr that NCommander used the term "NFP"
[03:51:48] <xlefay> No worries hah, was just making the counter equal!
[03:51:51] <bytram> as opposed to "NP"
[03:52:07] <xlefay> NP vs. NFP.. no shit
[03:52:55] <xlefay> NotUSNFP++
[03:52:56] <xlefay> !
[03:53:03] <bytram> xlefay: and there are variations within each of those, as well, I'm sure.
[03:53:11] <MrBluze_> i dunno about any of that
[03:53:12] <xlefay> I bet
[03:53:34] <MrBluze_> but i think if we dont aim for becoming a big business we are better off
[03:53:38] <stderr> "A nonprofit organization (US and UK),[1] or not-for-profit organization (UK and others), often called an NPO or simply a nonprofit and non-commercial organization (Russia and CIS[citation needed]), often called an NCO, is an organization that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than distributing them as profit or dividends.[2]"
[03:53:53] <stderr> That's wikipedia, so it's all lies...
[03:54:06] <mattie_p> alright back now, and we're doing "non-profit talk for fun and profit" I see
[03:54:12] <Captain_coolbp> yes
[03:54:19] -!- Cmn32480 [Cmn32480!~6c0f66d2@hknv-248-24-316-474.bltmmd.fios.verizon.net] has joined #staff
[03:54:22] <MrBluze_> the shortlist is settled
[03:54:27] <Captain_coolbp> ^^^
[03:54:27] -!- Cmn32480 has quit [Client Quit]
[03:54:27] <MrBluze_> current list: baconnews / nerdcard / geekcard / dailybacon / ionews / port119 / soylentnews
[03:54:40] <bytram> don't know which is which but there is also a distinction between which one's donations can or cannot be written off on the donor's taxes as a tax-deductible dontation.
[03:54:41] <MrBluze_> the list on wiki was just a list, but the shortlist has backers
[03:54:42] <mattie_p> where'd port119 come from?
[03:54:50] <MrBluze_> i just bought that
[03:54:50] <stderr> <- mattie_p
[03:54:54] <MrBluze_> its the nntp port
[03:55:02] <MrBluze_> yep stderr
[03:55:10] <MrBluze_> if it doesnt get up, he can buy it off me no worries lol
[03:55:12] <bytram> MrBluze_: port119 == Network News Transfer Protocol
[03:55:14] <mattie_p> stderr, thanks, just it wasn't on the list earlier that we voted on
[03:55:37] <xlefay> mattie_p: we should involve the community in NFP discussions, the more info and discussion the better.
[03:55:39] <MrBluze_> it got a lot of +'s
[03:55:40] <stderr> mattie_p: I know, and I asked why not... And then we voted on it. :-)
[03:55:49] <Captain_coolbp> xlefay: agreed
[03:55:57] <bytram> MrBluze_: soory, that was suppose to go to mattie_p
[03:56:02] <MrBluze_> no prob
[03:56:02] <mattie_p> ok, so where do we stand on NFP talk right now?
[03:56:15] <MrBluze_> i might change my name ti SisterBluze or something ridiculous
[03:56:15] <Captain_coolbp> I can repost a few important points
[03:56:18] <MrBluze_> SisterNeckBeard
[03:56:36] <mattie_p> you all went nuts when I stepped out
[03:56:40] <bytram> I'd say we know that we don't know enough about the differences to make an informed decision.
[03:56:48] <Captain_coolbp> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[03:56:50] <mattie_p> matt_: By the way, got your email, I'll drop you a line later
[03:56:52] <xlefay> mattie_p: I think it's safe to say most of us want an NFP but.. we need discussions, e.g. the community do they want it? in what country do we want to establish an NFP if the first question is true? etc..
[03:57:12] <matt_> mattie_p: k.
[03:57:12] <MrBluze_> yeah ppl are decidedly anti "my bat, my ball, i'm going home" possibilities
[03:57:20] <MrBluze_> a la B
[03:57:54] <mattie_p> I certainly hope that isn't the intention behind this. HAve you gotten that impression yet from NCommander or me?
[03:58:09] <MrBluze_> no not at all mattie_p
[03:58:09] <paulej72> MrBluze_: DeconBluze
[03:58:11] <xlefay> about having the NFP or?
[03:58:14] <bytram> then we'd need to elect a Board Of Representative Governors, aka BORG ;^)
[03:58:14] <xlefay> ooh MrBluze_'s message
[03:58:30] <MrBluze_> lol bytram love it
[03:58:34] <Captain_coolbp> bytram: ROFL
[03:58:38] <MrBluze_> ftw
[03:58:40] <MrBluze_> borg
[03:58:44] <mattie_p> when we write bylaws we can call it that
[03:58:52] <bytram> ROFL!!!!!!!
[03:58:53] <paulej72> lol
[03:59:00] <xlefay> mattie_p: the truth is.. it doesn't matter what impressions we're getting, we need certainty and so does the community (it's not intended as an insult or in anyway ill-intended)
[03:59:14] <MrBluze_> yep .. has to be right, and has to be SEEN to be right
[03:59:26] <mattie_p> too many votes we need to give
[03:59:40] <Captain_coolbp> that is a worry
[03:59:44] <mattie_p> when should I take down IRC poll? it was only been up for a couple of hours
[03:59:52] <MrBluze_> well this project is too small for full democracy
[03:59:57] <xlefay> mattie_p: how about when it's in the plus?
[04:00:06] <MrBluze_> u have to give IRC poll 24h at least
[04:00:07] <xlefay> which it is now xD
[04:00:08] <mattie_p> xlefay when which one is on the plus
[04:00:10] <MrBluze_> or until u get statistical significance
[04:00:22] <xlefay> mattie_p: haha I was kidding
[04:00:37] <xlefay> mattie_p: honestly.. I don't care, I'm surprised it got so much votes for already
[04:00:50] <bytram> mattie_p: this is the poll about the IRC network of our own,right?
[04:00:50] <xlefay> just to be sure, the IDLERPG votes count towards having the IRCd stay, yes, no?
[04:00:59] <mattie_p> MrBluze_ you know that the poll itself says to not use it for anything important, right?
[04:01:00] <Captain_coolbp> http://soylentnews.org
[04:01:11] <MrBluze_> lol yes
[04:01:20] <mattie_p> its really to get a feel for what everyone wants, but it isn't official in any way, nor can it
[04:01:21] <MrBluze_> actually the result is in favor of status quo
[04:01:33] <mattie_p> bytram yes
[04:01:33] <stderr> mattie_p: If we want to be nerdy, we can do what we did when we started DTU-LUG (The Technical University of Denmarks Linux User Group)... Our first rule was "Rule 0: Our arrays are 0-indexed"...
[04:01:38] <xlefay> mattie_p: this vote is supposed to be the deciding factor...
[04:01:49] <xlefay> I figured that's what it was..
[04:01:54] <Captain_coolbp> xlefay it's deadlocked
[04:02:11] <xlefay> Captain_coolbp: not really, 36 for 33 against so far, I'd say let it run a bit more
[04:02:13] <mattie_p> yeah, statistically its a dead heat
[04:02:14] <MrBluze_> its not deadlocked, because idlerpg + keep irc here > freenode
[04:02:46] <xlefay> "only for idlerpg" = a yes to the question so ;)
[04:02:52] <mattie_p> factor in a +/- 4% and its tied
[04:03:20] <mattie_p> I made that number up (the 4%) but its not bad
[04:03:32] <mattie_p> anyway, we'll let it run some more
[04:03:35] <MrBluze_> yeah
[04:03:40] <xlefay> I just hope the vote gets done fairly ;)
[04:03:46] <stderr> About the IRC vote: http://soylentnews.org
[04:03:47] <mattie_p> tomorrow I'll post a new poll
[04:03:53] <MrBluze_> yup
[04:04:00] <Captain_coolbp> mattie_p: what is the plan for the name vote?
[04:04:30] <mattie_p> We have 7 names to run, I'll run them all in randomized order (you'll have to trust me on that part)
[04:04:35] <MrBluze_> in any case, soylentnews.org should be kept for redirects etc for at least a while
[04:04:39] <xlefay> mattie_p: in all fairness, I shouldn't vote.. but idlerpg option really I couldn't resist! So whatever the result is, do "for minus 1"
[04:04:56] <MrBluze_> u can vote, xlefay, u have a UID
[04:05:07] <mattie_p> I think even if we don't keep SN.org as our name, we can keep it as a permanent redirect
[04:05:08] <xlefay> MrBluze_: but I shouldn't ;-)
[04:05:10] <Captain_coolbp> mattie_p: I meant more: when, will poll be binding etc.
[04:05:13] <mattie_p> matt_ any problems with that?
[04:05:16] <MrBluze_> right, mattie_p
[04:05:25] <matt_> mattie_p: is fine.
[04:05:34] <mattie_p> Captain_coolbp: I almost guarantee we will not get a majority on any one name.
[04:05:34] <xlefay> I hope we toss it to be honest. Too much negativity associated with it.
[04:05:39] <mattie_p> We will probably have to have a runoff
[04:05:45] <matt_> assuming Disney doesn't have a problem with it, of course...
[04:06:04] <xlefay> RoyCow1306: prospectacle: I'm going to devoice you again, just speak your mind if somethings up! Captain_coolbp or I will hear you and relay or voice you or something else again.
[04:06:10] -!- mode/#staff [-vv RoyCow1306] by xlefay
[04:06:11] <mattie_p> matt_ :)
[04:07:00] <mattie_p> anyway, so we'll run the first round of name poll tomorrow, and I'll grab 1st post and mention that a runoff is likely unless we get a majority
[04:07:06] <mattie_p> top 2 for runoff or top 3?
[04:07:06] <xlefay> [03/12/14 04:06:34] <prospectacle> Sprry, one last thing: Approval voting, if possible, is the easiest and most effective way to get a true result.
[04:07:08] <xlefay> [03/12/14 04:06:57] <prospectacle> by which i mean "Sorry,"
[04:07:28] <MrBluze_> well perhaps i keep the names for a year anyway and if theres a problem we default to the next one etc
[04:07:41] <MrBluze_> mattie_p: depends on if 3 are close
[04:08:08] <mattie_p> so top candidates are ... within 5 percentage points? let's draw a line
[04:08:11] <bytram> fwiw: MGM distributed "Soylent Green"... https://en.wikipedia.org
[04:08:14] <MrBluze_> yep that'll do
[04:08:30] <Captain_coolbp> mattie_p: I'm okay with that
[04:08:32] <mattie_p> within 5 percentage points of leader, if more than 2?
[04:08:37] <mattie_p> otherwise top 2?
[04:08:42] <MrBluze_> but the staff must decide to ratify the vote
[04:08:51] <Captain_coolbp> ^^^^^
[04:08:52] <MrBluze_> because if we suspect dodgy stuff we can annul it
[04:08:54] <stderr> mattie_p: Stupid question: The first round of name poll?
[04:09:04] <Captain_coolbp> yes
[04:09:08] <xlefay> MrBluze_: in that case we can ratify or nuke every vote.. that's silly.
[04:09:10] <mattie_p> stderr yes
[04:09:19] <MrBluze_> i dont think it'll be a problem, xlefay
[04:09:20] <xlefay> till we're an NFP I would suggest not doing that at all
[04:09:21] <mattie_p> Yeah, I can make whatever number have a million votes
[04:09:38] <xlefay> Unless we have actual cause to nuke the vote we shouldn't.
[04:09:38] <stderr> As in: There will be a second round too?
[04:09:42] <MrBluze_> we just go "the public have decided on xyz.com" .. please say if u dont accept etc
[04:09:42] <xlefay> As in, actual proof...
[04:09:45] <MrBluze_> and we can discuss
[04:09:56] <mattie_p> stderr: unless there is a 50%+1 winner in 1st round
[04:09:56] <MrBluze_> well i doubt we'd nuke it
[04:10:22] <mattie_p> back in 3 minutes, need to put my son to bed
[04:10:23] <MrBluze_> but if we get news that xyz.com is owned by xyz porno industries
[04:10:27] <mattie_p> then you're stuck with me for hours
[04:10:44] <Captain_coolbp> ah man....
[04:10:48] <xlefay> MrBluze_: but we should tread carefully. In the end.. the community is the boss and we should do what's best for them.
[04:11:05] <MrBluze_> oh definitely tahts why we have a poll
[04:11:06] <bytram> ^^^ ...
[04:11:07] <stderr> MrBluze_: It's not... You're think of xyzzy productions...
[04:11:14] <xlefay> :o
[04:11:22] <MrBluze_> not a pole
[04:11:24] <xlefay> how did you find my firm, stderr?
[04:11:24] <bytram> Up to now, we're working on our best *assumptions* as to what we think the community wants...
[04:11:33] <stderr> xlefay: Your firm?!
[04:11:43] <bytram> with the poll, we can have a more *informed* idea of what the community wants.
[04:11:56] <stderr> xlefay: Oh, YOU got xyzzy.nl... I'm talking about xyzzy.dk...
[04:12:02] <MrBluze_> well this list of names was a pragmatic one made by actually bought and available domain names
[04:12:08] <xlefay> rofl don't got either haha
[04:12:20] <xlefay> bytram: but how does the community actually gets the say in the end..
[04:12:27] <xlefay> if the poll isn't reliable enough...
[04:12:32] <Captain_coolbp> good question
[04:12:38] * Captain_coolbp adds that to list
[04:12:52] <xlefay> I have a bloody headache by the way. Jeez was supposed to sleep 6 hrs ago, still sick.. yay I'm an idiot.
[04:13:18] <MrBluze_> and the winning one only wins IF it is freely given, IF there are no obvious problems with it
[04:13:20] <xlefay> I blame you lot.
[04:13:41] <Captain_coolbp> xlefay: blame taken
[04:14:04] <bytram> bytram: My assumption (yeah, I know) was that we would winnow things down until there was a choice of two, at most, choices....
[04:14:09] <MrBluze_> ill buy u a beer xlefay
[04:14:32] <mattie_p> topic change ok, now, does anyone seriously want a for profit company?
[04:14:33] <MrBluze_> our limit was 8, because the poll allows 8 things
[04:14:34] <xlefay> haha :)
[04:14:41] <bytram> If there's a clear victor, skip this next part. we just keep voting until we get down to either a clear winner or a top-two.
[04:14:57] <MrBluze_> yep, i think we're agreed on that bytram
[04:15:04] <MrBluze_> now, for profit / not for profit
[04:15:04] * mattie_p nods
[04:15:08] <mattie_p> yup
[04:15:11] <xlefay> mattie_p: we can have "earnings" with a NFP right?
[04:15:11] * Captain_coolbp does *not* want a *for profit*
[04:15:18] <xlefay> e.g. to pay bills, etc..?
[04:15:23] <bytram> then, we put it to the community as "Agreed: we change the site name to be: foo" [ ]Y or []N"
[04:15:26] <xlefay> I'm not clear exactly on why it's called a NFP if we can..
[04:15:30] <MrBluze_> yes, xlefay all organizations are allowed to have cash savings
[04:15:38] <mattie_p> xlefay for profit means the moneys earned in excess of expenses gets reinvested
[04:15:40] <Captain_coolbp> xlefay yes
[04:15:42] <xlefay> MrBluze_: good.. was confused on that part
[04:15:48] <mattie_p> pardon
[04:15:54] <MrBluze_> we could become a church ;)
[04:15:57] <mattie_p> xlefay for profit means the moneys earned in excess of expenses *GOES TO OWNERS*
[04:15:59] <MrBluze_> church of bacon
[04:16:15] <xlefay> mattie_p: right was already wondering if you meant "not for profit"
[04:16:18] <mattie_p> not for profit means earnings in excess of expenses gets reinvested
[04:16:18] <MrBluze_> j/k
[04:16:37] <xlefay> ok so... In that case, to answer your question: No. I don't us to be a for profit.
[04:16:52] <Captain_coolbp> ^want
[04:17:00] <MrBluze_> notforprofit+
[04:17:02] <MrBluze_> notforprofit++
[04:17:07] <Captain_coolbp> notforprofit++
[04:17:19] <Landon> hehe Captain_coolbp those corrections don't line up on my screen
[04:17:29] <Landon> nicks are left justified, not right
[04:17:30] <Captain_coolbp> they never do..... = 9
[04:17:30] <xlefay> The moment we become a for profit comp, we'll start getting corrupted.
[04:17:32] <Captain_coolbp> = (
[04:17:36] <MrBluze_> other possibility is co-operative
[04:17:44] <bytram> mattie_p: right! there's a hospital near me. not [for] profit (I don't recall exactly which one) but each year they have to spend any surplus on reinvestments such as equipment or building a new wing or the like.
[04:17:47] <xlefay> Enlighten me/us MrBluze_
[04:17:50] <stderr> xlefay: A NonProfit/NotForProfit can't give the board of directors a bonus for doing well... But it can (and should!) put some money in the bank.
[04:18:07] <stderr> At least that's how I understood it..
[04:18:08] <MrBluze_> co-operative is equal ownership of assets between members, members elect their leaders, etc - liek a club
[04:18:13] <MrBluze_> but if it closes, money is shared
[04:18:29] <Captain_coolbp> seems like there's temptation for abuse
[04:18:30] <MrBluze_> and members choose how the money is shared - who gets paid what etc
[04:18:36] <xlefay> thank you stderr, that's pretty clear ; just curious how the board is going to get chosen.
[04:18:38] <MrBluze_> but that's a for-profit
[04:18:49] <xlefay> Captain_coolbp: agreed. co-op isn't what we should want.
[04:18:57] <xlefay> !voice prospectacle
[04:19:01] <xlefay> ehh..
[04:19:03] <xlefay> .voice prospectacle
[04:19:03] -!- mode/#staff [+v prospectacle] by BaconTree
[04:19:06] <MrBluze_> co-op is really meant for a productive industry not a news site
[04:19:11] <prospectacle> a co-operative requires a clear membership system
[04:19:24] <MrBluze_> yes, paid members etc .. mutual association
[04:19:26] <Captain_coolbp> <+prospectacle> a co-operative requires a clear membership system
[04:19:33] <xlefay> Captain_coolbp: he's already voiced again
[04:19:43] <xlefay> notice the little + in front of his name? :)
[04:19:44] <Captain_coolbp> oh you just handle it xlefay
[04:19:46] <MrBluze_> and usually your share = years member x subscription fee / total collected
[04:19:50] * Captain_coolbp sighs again
[04:19:56] <stderr> xlefay: Easy for each member of the site we put up a poll: "Should xyzzy be a member of the board? [Yes] [No]"... After 4000k weeks we got the list of board members... :-)
[04:19:58] <xlefay> no worries Captain_coolbp, now you know how to recognize it.
[04:20:07] <MrBluze_> it however solves the money problem instantly
[04:20:09] <Captain_coolbp> yeah I should check that
[04:20:14] <xlefay> stderr: then I'll be the board leader ;')
[04:20:40] <xlefay> Honestly though, that's not a good way
[04:20:45] <bytram> stderr: that's better than being the bored leader. righ?
[04:21:00] <prospectacle> co-op good if revenue intended to exceed expenses
[04:21:08] <xlefay> figures I only just got the joke....
[04:21:21] <stderr> bytram: After such a long voting period I think everyone will be bored...
[04:21:26] <Captain_coolbp> prospectacle: but what are the downsides?
[04:21:37] <MrBluze_> downsides = shared liability
[04:21:37] <Captain_coolbp> prospectacle: think of what we are trying to escape
[04:22:15] <prospectacle> captain: for a co-op to be meaningful, you need a clear , fair method that someone is a member and someone else isn't, and clear (financial) benefits for memebers.
[04:22:23] <xlefay> Honestly.. this should be an article on SN.. a real time discussion isn't proper till we actually get more information and give everyone some time to think. Least that's why I think.
[04:22:25] <prospectacle> captain: e.g. you pay a membership fee, you get a discount on merchandise.
[04:22:46] <prospectacle> captain: e.g.2: you pay a memebership fee, you get a cut of all advertising revenue over expenses
[04:23:14] <Captain_coolbp> xlefay: good point, I'm capturing prospectacles and a few other important comments
[04:23:22] <Captain_coolbp> we need someone to write a story on this
[04:23:27] <bytram> xlefay++ # yes, we need concrete information.
[04:23:27] <Captain_coolbp> any volunteers?
[04:23:27] <MrBluze_> xlefay: agreed
[04:23:36] <MrBluze_> IANAL i cant do this
[04:23:47] <Captain_coolbp> ^^^^^^^^^
[04:23:52] <MrBluze_> anyone with some business education can do it
[04:23:56] <mattie_p> I don't know that we need a lawyer
[04:24:01] <xlefay> Perhaps prospectacle would be so kind to help us getting the required information or even an article?
[04:24:05] <bytram> prospectacle: You seem to have a good handle on this... would you like to step up and submit a story summarizing these points?
[04:24:07] <MrBluze_> anyone who has done a course on basic business stuff
[04:24:11] <mattie_p> matt_: you want to step up?
[04:24:13] <xlefay> mattie_p: eventually, sure.. but for now let's get the infos
[04:24:21] <prospectacle> xlefay, bytram, I'll give it a shot, who do I send it to.
[04:24:23] <stderr> A story or an "Ask SoylentNews"?
[04:24:30] <Captain_coolbp> yes
[04:24:37] <MrBluze_> send it to xlefay or mattie_p
[04:24:42] <xlefay> prospectacle: just submit it as an article, we can edit it from there I'd say :)
[04:24:48] <MrBluze_> yeah, even better
[04:24:49] <xlefay> (if required, that is)
[04:24:51] <bytram> stderr++ # great idea
[04:24:54] <mattie_p> yeah, that works
[04:25:04] <xlefay> Thank you prospectacle, it's much appreciated.
[04:25:35] <mattie_p> article is going to be better for discussion anyway, rather than a poll
[04:25:40] <prospectacle> ok, I'll assume some editing will be done and include info you might or might not want to include in final publication
[04:25:42] <mattie_p> more mod points will be spent
[04:25:46] <bytram> prospectacle: could also be written in your journal and point the submission at the journal.
[04:25:50] <xlefay> MrBluze_: the main issue here is not a business course, it's what we want to be and where we want it to be
[04:25:58] <MrBluze_> yep
[04:26:09] <MrBluze_> but for ppl to understand the differences - need someone who understands them
[04:26:11] <bytram> xlefay: More the "goals" than the "hows"
[04:26:14] <MrBluze_> to explain them..
[04:27:00] <xlefay> bytram: exactly. MrBluze_ that's what prospectacle is going to do, or least give it a shot ;)
[04:27:17] <MrBluze_> that is good
[04:27:35] <Captain_coolbp> okay can we table the business discussion?
[04:27:41] <mattie_p> I think so
[04:27:44] <xlefay> sure
[04:27:45] -!- robinld [robinld!~robind@Soylent/Staff/Sysop/robind] has joined #staff
[04:27:45] -!- mode/#staff [+v robinld] by BaconTree
[04:27:46] <bytram> one more thing on polls... it's not just the count/totals that matters. The comments are insightful, too, as to the will of the community.
[04:27:48] <mattie_p> we'll put it in an article
[04:27:56] <Captain_coolbp> mattie_p do you want to talk about the email you sent earlier?
[04:28:00] <xlefay> Yes, article is the best method.
[04:28:01] <prospectacle> bytram, I'll do that one. The journal.
[04:28:13] <mattie_p> good
[04:28:14] <bytram> prospectacle: great!
[04:28:26] <Captain_coolbp> prospectacle++
[04:28:48] <xlefay> Perhaps someone could send an email to the staff mailing list regarding the outcome of what happens here, e.g. discussions that took place, etc.. just to keep everyone informed?
[04:28:49] <bytram> prospectacle++ # thanks for that, and I just *love* your nick!
[04:28:51] <mattie_p> once done, email admin @ soylentnews and we'll provide feedback on your journal entry, and get it submitted from there
[04:29:30] <bytram> btw, that's soylentnews dot org
[04:29:46] <mattie_p> xlefay I'll do that, I'm the designated cat-herder. Or do we want whoever is commander to do it? *votes for commander*
[04:29:59] <xlefay> mattie_p: agreed, Captain_coolbp should do it.
[04:30:06] <Captain_coolbp> ah jeez
[04:30:19] <mattie_p> his fault for not dumping it back in my lap when I got back
[04:30:25] <Captain_coolbp> Captain Commander opts to delegate...
[04:30:27] -!- robind has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[04:30:32] <Captain_coolbp> hahaha
[04:30:39] <mattie_p> perfect timing
[04:30:40] <Captain_coolbp> mattie_p serves me right?
[04:30:40] robinld is now known as robind
[04:31:08] <mattie_p> Captain_coolbp I'm kidding, of course.
[04:31:28] <mattie_p> someone has to be in charge at any given time, and everyone needs the turn
[04:31:33] <bytram> quick question? what else will be covered tonight? I need to be at work in8.5 hours and get some sleep before then.
[04:31:46] <mattie_p> last thing I want to cover is my email directives
[04:31:50] <mattie_p> everyone get a chance to review them?
[04:31:52] <Captain_coolbp> ^^^^^
[04:32:12] <MrBluze_> uhhm
[04:32:12] <bytram> mattie_p: you "Prioritis for the Wee" ??
[04:32:16] <mattie_p> this is just real quick, I previewed it with several individuals earlier
[04:32:16] <bytram> mattie_p: you "Prioritis for the Week" ??
[04:32:35] <Captain_coolbp> yes
[04:32:41] <mattie_p> I'm pretty sure I spelled it correctly, but yes
[04:32:54] <mattie_p> Priorititis sounds like some kind of management disease
[04:32:58] <bytram> mattie_p: you did. I didn't.
[04:33:04] * bytram blames tired fingers
[04:33:17] <MrBluze_> oh
[04:33:25] <MrBluze_> its a lot of stuff mattie_p
[04:33:36] <MrBluze_> but all fair enough
[04:33:50] <mattie_p> MrBluze_ one of the major problems today was leaping then looking
[04:33:59] <MrBluze_> absolutely
[04:34:14] <mattie_p> audioguy did a good job today in his turn on top of thinking through the problem
[04:34:25] <mattie_p> i'd like to see all of us do that
[04:34:42] <MrBluze_> but i TOTALLY agree, we need MORE planning andless DOING
[04:35:00] <MrBluze_> for the time being, provided we have stability
[04:35:08] <mattie_p> well, yes
[04:35:25] <mattie_p> I know ICS is important, and it helped today, but not everything is an emergency
[04:35:41] <xlefay> mattie_p: the cake is a lie
[04:35:42] <MrBluze_> so much of what we initially started doing (with B in charge) was basicaly pulling rabbits out of our ... hats
[04:35:45] <xlefay> now that's an emergency!
[04:36:09] <xlefay> Someone set up a "the cake is a lie" taskforce ASAP, unmake the lie!
[04:36:17] <stderr> xlefay: The cakes at work yesterday wasn't a lie...
[04:36:31] <paulej72> Captain_coolbp: it looks like the DNS issue killed slashd the times match up
[04:36:35] * Captain_coolbp considers xlefay's request
[04:36:40] <mattie_p> everyone, quick /join #thecakeisalie
[04:36:42] <xlefay> stderr: they were real?!
[04:36:43] <stderr> 2 cakes and only 6 or 7 people at work... Excellent!!!
[04:36:50] <Captain_coolbp> paulej72: yes
[04:36:58] <MrBluze_> thecakeisalie.org
[04:37:03] <xlefay> My god, the cake wasn't a lie
[04:37:04] <stderr> When I left around 21, there was still cake left...
[04:37:08] <xlefay> The revelation.
[04:37:27] <xlefay> hey.. how about tcial.org?
[04:37:28] <mattie_p> paulej72 I think NCommander said several times slashd requires a specific domain name via DNS
[04:37:29] <Captain_coolbp> paulej72: did you guys resolve that problem?
[04:37:51] <bytram> mattie_p: I missed audioguy being in the chair... was that before I had the hot seat, or after?
[04:37:59] <paulej72> audioguy and I were looking at the logs he found and it seems to me that slashd chocked on all of the FQDN in the urls in the site
[04:38:21] <Captain_coolbp> after bytram
[04:38:30] <Landon> heh, I didn't realize Khan Academy had gamification
[04:38:34] <mattie_p> bytram, didn't see you pop in
[04:38:38] <bytram> Captain_coolbp: thanks
[04:38:39] <Landon> you're not #soylent :(
[04:38:41] <mattie_p> you did an awesome job as well
[04:38:52] <paulej72> Captain_coolbp: we looked at the host file, which seemed rather strange and we are afraid to add a line for SN until we talk to NCommander
[04:38:53] <bytram> Landon: who not?
[04:39:23] <Captain_coolbp> paulej72 thank you, did you add any notes to bytram/martyb's report?
[04:39:50] <Captain_coolbp> http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[04:39:58] <paulej72> not not yet
[04:40:00] <Captain_coolbp> okay
[04:40:17] <bytram> mattie_p: thanks. I gave it my best. Learned a lot, too. =)
[04:40:34] <mattie_p> bytram I hope you did, excellent work all around
[04:41:03] <MrBluze_> i will try, in the zero time i have left this week, to do an update
[04:41:07] <bytram> mattie_p: couldn'thave done it without all the support I got... what a TEAM!
[04:41:09] <Captain_coolbp> it's not easy being the guy/gal in charge when things get ugly
[04:41:14] * MrBluze_ puts his hands on some bacon and swears
[04:41:21] <mattie_p> anyway, so can we all agree that we need documentation first before we leap ahead and cause the next self-inflicted wound?
[04:41:21] <MrBluze_> sh*.. i put my hand on some bacon
[04:41:39] <bytram> mattie_p: Y E S ! ! ! ! !
[04:41:42] <Captain_coolbp> mattie_p yes for me
[04:42:22] <Captain_coolbp> Dev actually has a good deal of documentation so far
[04:42:37] <Captain_coolbp> I should reliquish command If I'm to get to work on mine tonight
[04:42:43] <mattie_p> I saw that, great job Eric
[04:42:44] <MrBluze_> planfirstdosecond++
[04:42:48] <Captain_coolbp> mattie_p you have command
[04:42:49] <MrBluze_> measure twice cut once
[04:43:06] <mattie_p> alright, I'm it
[04:43:07] <Captain_coolbp> .deop
[04:43:07] -!- mode/#staff [-o Captain_coolbp] by BaconTree
[04:43:07] Captain_coolbp is now known as drcoolbp
[04:43:11] <mattie_p> .op
[04:43:11] -!- mode/#staff [+o mattie_p] by BaconTree
[04:43:30] <mattie_p> not changing name, because it will cost me in irpg
[04:43:32] <bytram> MrBluze_: usually ends up as: "Measure with a micrometer, mark with chalk, cut with an axe."
[04:43:33] <drcoolbp> haha
[04:43:39] <xlefay> mattie_p: hey now, conform!
[04:43:53] <mattie_p> .quiet xlefay
[04:43:53] -!- mode/#staff [+q *!*@Soylent/Staff/IRC/xlefay] by BaconTree
[04:44:03] <mattie_p> any other objections?
[04:44:03] <drcoolbp> hahaha
[04:44:12] -!- mode/#staff [-q *!*@Soylent/Staff/IRC/xlefay] by xlefay
[04:44:15] <bytram> okay all, think with that I'll call it a night!
[04:44:16] <xlefay> ... ;)
[04:44:17] <drcoolbp> he's gone mad with power, boy that was quick
[04:44:18] <mattie_p> .unquiet xlefay
[04:44:22] <drcoolbp> goodnight bytram!
[04:44:26] <bytram> it was fun working with all of you today!!!!
[04:44:30] <mattie_p> oh, don't know how to undo that
[04:44:36] <mattie_p> might want to learn before I do that again
[04:44:41] <xlefay> also mattie_p, next time you want to mute someone make sure they aren't ops ;)
[04:44:47] <drcoolbp> probably mattie_p
[04:44:56] <xlefay> also it's probably best if they aren't IRCops ;]
[04:45:00] <mattie_p> xlefay I knew you could undo it, was a joke
[04:45:05] <xlefay> :P
[04:45:17] <xlefay> mattie_p: giving friendly advice here in case you ever do need to quiet someone
[04:45:25] <xlefay> e.g. people saying bad things about bacon
[04:45:30] <drcoolbp> ^^^^^
[04:45:45] <drcoolbp> okay I'm gonna unplug, try to work out my docs
[04:45:49] <mattie_p> so ... .deop xlefay then .quiet xlefay?
[04:45:55] <drcoolbp> team memevers I suggest you do the same
[04:45:56] bytram is now known as bytram_afk
[04:45:59] <drcoolbp> when you have time
[04:46:04] <xlefay> or just .kickban name.. :)
[04:46:08] <xlefay> (don't do that to me though.)
[04:46:15] * drcoolbp considers it
[04:46:17] <mattie_p> I wouldn't want to
[04:46:21] <xlefay> :P
[04:46:33] <mattie_p> who else is going to teach me all this stuff?
[04:46:45] <xlefay> chanserv is type: .help
[04:46:51] <xlefay> .help whatevercommand
[04:46:53] <xlefay> ;]
[04:47:53] <mattie_p> I just play around when I get a chance. That isn't often
[04:47:53] <paulej72> .help /me
[04:48:03] <paulej72> .help me
[04:48:05] * MrBluze_ helps paulej72
[04:48:29] <drcoolbp> haha
[04:48:42] -!- bytram_afk [bytram_afk!~a6b503a8@Soylent/Volunteer/martyb] has parted #staff
[04:49:11] <drcoolbp> I'm out for now guys
[04:49:14] <drcoolbp> see you later
[04:49:19] <mattie_p> drcoolbp see you later as well
[04:49:21] <mattie_p> have a good night
[04:49:27] <drcoolbp> I'll be gone all tomorrow likely
[04:49:28] <xlefay> .devoice prospectacle
[04:49:28] -!- mode/#staff [-v prospectacle] by BaconTree
[04:49:30] <drcoolbp> you too
[04:49:35] <xlefay> ciao drcoolbp ;]
[04:49:39] <drcoolbp> ciao!
[04:49:46] <drcoolbp> later all, thanks for all the discussoin
[04:50:35] <MrBluze_> thanks all
[04:50:42] <MrBluze_> i gtg
[04:50:43] <MrBluze_> ciao
[04:50:58] <mattie_p> later, MrBluze_
[04:50:59] <NCommander> What did I miss?
[04:51:06] <mattie_p> everything
[04:51:12] <mattie_p> we had more pitchforks
[04:51:19] <mattie_p> guns a blazing
[04:51:25] <mattie_p> it was wild
[04:51:35] <xlefay> and the ladies man
[04:51:38] <xlefay> you missed everything!
[04:51:56] <drcoolbp> ah crap now I can't leave
[04:52:02] <mattie_p> yes you can
[04:52:06] <mattie_p> you want me to kick you?
[04:52:20] <drcoolbp> mattie_p I need to say this:
[04:52:22] <drcoolbp> NCommander I kinda killed the site earlier
[04:52:27] <drcoolbp> kinda = totally
[04:52:33] <xlefay> So it was you then?
[04:52:36] <drcoolbp> yes
[04:52:52] <xlefay> Oh man, shame on you! nah, don't worry about it
[04:52:56] <mattie_p> its ok, I did it too when we were still alpha
[04:52:59] <xlefay> but next time, check with sysops ! :)
[04:53:12] <mattie_p> he did. one of the members of dev/sys approved it
[04:53:16] <xlefay> ooh..
[04:53:21] * mattie_p peers in NCommander's direction :)
[04:53:22] * xlefay blames them then.
[04:53:40] <drcoolbp> the mistake I made was not telling him I'd have to close the account thoufh
[04:53:43] <drcoolbp> though*
[04:53:51] <xlefay> drcoolbp: honestly, don't worry it showed a weakness in our infra.
[04:53:58] <mattie_p> NCommander, you see my email?
[04:54:05] <drcoolbp> true, just owning up to what happened
[04:54:11] <NCommander> mattie_p, not yet.
[04:54:15] <xlefay> Yep ;) So where's that shame pole?
[04:54:17] <drcoolbp> I'm reiterating here so people see what happened
[04:54:26] <xlefay> damn I'm starting to get bad jokes on again ;)
[04:54:35] <xlefay> I'm tired I oughta go sleep ;)
[04:54:43] <drcoolbp> Ncommander: we had almost 2 hrs of downtime
[04:54:49] <stderr> mattie_p: OMFSM! I'm so tired I misread that as "mattie_p pees in NCommander's direction :)"...
[04:54:54] <xlefay> LOL
[04:55:02] <NCommander> "joy"
[04:55:02] <drcoolbp> NCommander: but everything should be relatively "peachy" now
[04:55:03] <xlefay> stderr++ like wtf are you on LOL
[04:55:04] <mattie_p> NCommander no rush, I'm just allowing everyone to take a break from *doing something now* to catch their breath and document stuff
[04:55:10] <NCommander> What broke?
[04:55:18] -!- MrBluze_ has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[04:55:19] <NCommander> mattie_p, I'm taking FatPhil's comments seriously and revising the staff manifesto
[04:55:21] <mattie_p> grab stderr
[04:55:25] <mattie_p> !grab stderr
[04:55:27] * NCommander is going to learn how to run this right.
[04:55:30] <xlefay> A few noses and such but generally's the DNS.
[04:55:41] <mattie_p> NCommander read my stuff first, please
[04:55:42] <xlefay> !quote 8
[04:55:44] <xlefay> lol.
[04:55:46] <mattie_p> you can elaborate off of that
[04:55:57] * xlefay leaves. Ciao, enjoy your day/night!
[04:56:11] <NCommander> mattie_p, I don't see your stuff, did you send it to the list?
[04:56:14] <mattie_p> I think FatPhil has valid points, and I think Eric already responded
[04:56:24] <drcoolbp> BRB
[04:56:26] <xlefay> .. and drcoolbp, no worries! :-) | mattie_p: eric's who?
[04:56:30] <mattie_p> NCommander yes: title "priorities for the next week"
[04:56:38] <mattie_p> xlefay paulej72
[04:56:44] <xlefay> aah, k, nighty night then
[04:56:51] <paulej72> yes mattie_p
[04:56:52] <mattie_p> later xlefay
[04:57:05] <mattie_p> oh, he was asking who eric was
[04:57:08] <mattie_p> I said it was you
[04:57:17] <NCommander> Ouch
[04:57:18] <NCommander> "I don't want to write an NCommander-style email"
[04:57:34] <stderr> :-)
[04:57:52] <stderr> NCommander: Your emails are long... :-)
[04:57:53] <mattie_p> Oh, don't hate. It was a joke. Everyone I spoke to about your email appreciated the detail you went into
[04:58:08] * NCommander is willing to write more emails to get something we can actually work with
[04:58:23] <mattie_p> !grab NCommander
[04:58:31] <mattie_p> !quote 9
[04:59:16] <mattie_p> anyway, we fixed DNS and slashd today, though robind kind of had to hack into them to get it working
[04:59:18] <NCommander> looks like BaconTree went out to lunch
[04:59:25] <NCommander> Ugh
[04:59:30] <mattie_p> mechanicjay helped
[04:59:35] <NCommander> robind and mechaniacjay have SSH access to the boxes
[04:59:42] <NCommander> mattie_p, I saw the priorities email, not seeing a reply to the manifesto
[04:59:46] <mattie_p> this am they didn't
[04:59:56] <xlefay> (last note: mattie_p only you and I could see Hedonismbot respond...)
[04:59:56] <NCommander> Crap
[04:59:58] <mattie_p> NCommander I didn't reply to the manifesto, others were, mine was separate
[05:00:19] <mattie_p> xlefay, ahh, because I'm op
[05:00:21] <NCommander> mattie_p, if I'm only supposed to be seeing Priorities then thats what I have
[05:00:29] <mattie_p> NCommander that is correct
[05:00:38] * NCommander is getting dressed and dragging his ass over to the train station
[05:00:40] <xlefay> mattie_p: correct.
[05:00:55] <mattie_p> .voice hedonismbot
[05:00:55] -!- mode/#staff [+v Hedonismbot] by BaconTree
[05:01:03] <mattie_p> .unvoice hedonismbot
[05:01:07] <xlefay> devoice :)
[05:01:10] <mattie_p> .devoice hedonismbot
[05:01:10] -!- mode/#staff [-v Hedonismbot] by BaconTree
[05:01:21] <mattie_p> thanks
[05:01:33] <mattie_p> NCommander where you headed to today?
[05:01:41] <NCommander> mattie_p, Singapore
[05:01:43] <NCommander> By Rail, if possible
[05:01:49] <stderr> NCommander: Would it be possible to connect to port number (Some well known Hz) from the outside without going via Varnish? To be able to quickly see if a problem is varnish-related or not.
[05:01:52] * NCommander loves trains, and it sounds like a perfect way to recover myself
[05:01:53] <xlefay> un = de, most of the times on IRC, it's confusing sometimes. unquiet is an exception.. dequiet doesn't sound that nice I guess. I would've prefferred (un)mute but whatever. :)
[05:01:57] <drcoolbp> NCommander: did we reinstate ssh for robin and mechanicjay yet?
[05:02:03] <NCommander> stderr, :2600, but you have to have an SSH tunnel to the box
[05:02:08] <NCommander> drcoolbp, I thought I reinstated it days ago
[05:02:14] <drcoolbp> can you check?
[05:02:25] <paulej72> mattie_p: I ave updated the incident report with a after action report form dev
[05:02:37] <mattie_p> ahh, excellent, thanks, paulej72
[05:02:49] <drcoolbp> NCommander: ALSO does anyone else have privledges on your linode account
[05:02:51] <NCommander> paulej72, I wasn't clear. For landing changes, it just requires someone else to review. 2 sets of eyes for every change.
[05:02:57] <NCommander> paulej72, you don't need to block on me to get shit loanded
[05:02:59] <stderr> NCommander: I know the port number. Just didn't want to write it in clear... But ok... How do I get access to make such an SSH tunnel?
[05:03:02] <NCommander> drcoolbp, robind
[05:03:13] <NCommander> wow
[05:03:19] <NCommander> the box is lagging something feirce
[05:03:33] <drcoolbp> NCommander: thank you
[05:03:51] <drcoolbp> also we created : http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[05:04:10] <NCommander> robin has an account
[05:04:14] <NCommander> seems jays account is MIA
[05:04:48] <NCommander> audioguy and paulej72 have accounts as well
[05:04:52] <NCommander> and sudo to root
[05:05:09] <paulej72> we do now on just one box NCommander
[05:05:16] <stderr> I still got an outdated DNS cache for the wiki... Does it mention that varnish wasn't making any logs, so varnishlog was (re)started?
[05:05:33] <NCommander> Oh
[05:05:35] <NCommander> the database
[05:05:36] <NCommander> sht
[05:05:37] <NCommander> *shit
[05:05:43] <NCommander> I think I forgot to make accounts there
[05:06:36] <mattie_p> brb in a few, NCommander, how long you here for?
[05:06:42] <mattie_p> don't forget you're on vacation
[05:06:45] <NCommander> mattie_p, not too long
[05:07:01] <NCommander> I'm getting dressed and heading to KL Central to see if I can buy a same day train ticket
[05:10:26] * NCommander is almost repacked
[05:12:13] <NCommander> stderr, the TTL for the DNS was set to 4w for awhile because we were concerned John was going to hijack us
[05:12:33] <stderr> I know.
[05:14:31] <NCommander> Alright, I'm going to get packed up. If I'm needed, I'll be around in 12 hours or so
[05:16:18] -!- robind has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[05:17:49] <mattie_p> does your phone work yet?
[05:18:40] <paulej72> Ok it time for bed for me see you tomorrow and I hope that I do not need to hear from anyone tomorrow :)
[05:19:14] <mattie_p> later paulej72, thanks for everything today
[05:19:31] <paulej72> good night all
[05:19:56] -!- paulej72 has quit [Quit: paulej72]
[05:20:45] <mattie_p> missed him, ahh well
[05:26:34] <stderr> I got 5 modpoints left... Suggestions?
[05:26:46] -!- robind [robind!~robind@Soylent/Staff/Sysop/robind] has joined #staff
[05:26:46] -!- mode/#staff [+v robind] by BaconTree
[05:31:45] -!- prospectacle has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[05:32:38] <mattie_p> If its a journal just post it
[05:32:53] <mattie_p> blarg, gone
[05:49:49] <drcoolbp> ?
[05:50:13] <drcoolbp> oh prospectacle
[05:52:59] <mattie_p> yeah
[05:53:17] <mattie_p> I looked over his journal, its not the worst, maybe could use some more detail
[05:54:27] <mattie_p> for example, an advantage of the for profit or cooperative is that there is an infusion of cash into the company during the buy-out stage
[05:57:59] -!- NCommander [NCommander!~mcasadeva@2600:3c00::gkjo:ggkm:vshr:juyz] has joined #staff
[05:58:02] -!- NCommander has quit [Excess Flood]
[05:58:04] -!- NCommander [NCommander!~mcasadeva@2600:3c00::gkjo:ggkm:vshr:juyz] has joined #staff
[05:58:05] -!- NCommander has quit [Excess Flood]
[05:58:06] -!- NCommander [NCommander!~mcasadeva@2600:3c00::gkjo:ggkm:vshr:juyz] has joined #staff
[05:58:07] -!- NCommander has quit [Excess Flood]
[05:58:09] -!- NCommander [NCommander!~mcasadeva@2600:3c00::gkjo:ggkm:vshr:juyz] has joined #staff
[05:58:09] -!- NCommander has quit [Excess Flood]
[05:58:11] -!- NCommander [NCommander!~mcasadeva@2600:3c00::gkjo:ggkm:vshr:juyz] has joined #staff
[05:58:14] -!- NCommander has quit [Excess Flood]
[05:58:56] -!- SoyCow9613 has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[06:00:17] -!- NCommander [NCommander!~mcasadeva@2600:3c00::gkjo:ggkm:vshr:juyz] has joined #staff
[06:03:54] -!- RoyCow1306 has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[06:04:49] -!- MrBluze [MrBluze!~daniel@Soylent/Staff/IRC/MrBluze] has joined #staff
[06:04:49] -!- mode/#staff [+v MrBluze] by BaconTree
[06:06:42] -!- prospectacle [prospectacle!~b4c880f7@180.200.jji.ihy] has joined #staff
[06:08:38] -!- SayCow0786 [SayCow0786!~1840a4a6@l155369l7e9mz13n8.lb.shawcable.net] has joined #staff
[06:09:08] -!- MrBluze has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[06:09:39] -!- MrBluze [MrBluze!~daniel@Soylent/Staff/IRC/MrBluze] has joined #staff
[06:09:39] -!- mode/#staff [+v MrBluze] by BaconTree
[06:10:41] -!- drcoolbp has quit []
[06:32:11] -!- robind has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[06:38:54] -!- MrBluze has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[06:41:53] -!- matt_ has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[06:42:04] <mattie_p> Posting a status update
[06:42:18] <mattie_p> can you review?
[06:45:33] <kobach> who do what
[06:45:49] <kobach> its pretty late to have me review/check things
[06:46:22] <stderr> mattie_p: You who?
[06:47:10] audioguy is now known as audioguyzzz
[06:47:16] <mattie_p> I was talking to NCommander
[06:47:33] <mattie_p> posting name poll tomorrow
[06:47:55] <mattie_p> posting article on how to incorporate soon (next 24-36 hours, probably)
[06:48:14] <mattie_p> runoff poll on name later on if needed (We're shooting for 50%+1 vote)
[06:49:02] <kobach> lol
[06:49:10] <kobach> hi stderr
[06:49:14] <kobach> bacon++
[06:49:19] <stderr> bacon++
[06:50:09] <mattie_p> drat, I'm op so I see all of his karma talk
[06:50:18] <kobach> rofl, owned
[06:51:35] <kobach> bbl
[06:51:38] <stderr> kobach: It almost sounded like he said "see if you can make an infinite loop printing bacon++", didn't it?
[06:51:42] <kobach> lol
[06:51:47] <kobach> yes
[06:52:03] <stderr> Ok, mattie_p, you asked for it... :-)
[06:52:39] <mattie_p> well, I'm heading off to bed soon, so stderr, looks like you might be taking over
[06:52:58] <kobach> rofl
[06:52:59] <mattie_p> kobach, had to special order some pork belly today, butcher was all out
[06:53:04] <kobach> nice
[06:53:08] <stderr> Damn, cause it's almost 7 in the morning here and I should find a bed too...
[06:53:26] <kobach> yea im usually in bed hrs ago, was just out late
[06:53:29] <mattie_p> umm, shouldn't you be waking up soon then?
[06:53:37] <mattie_p> are you sleep typing?
[06:53:45] <stderr> Yes? Your point being?
[06:53:51] <kobach> lol
[06:53:52] <mattie_p> just checking
[06:54:15] <kobach> afk
[06:54:29] <stderr> I only need to go to work twice this week, so I have decided today isn't one of those days.
[06:54:41] <stderr> It'll probably be Friday...
[06:55:19] <stderr> I was there for at least 12.5 hours Monday... :-/
[06:59:38] <mattie_p> new post in ~60 seconds
[07:04:24] <stderr> Excellent...
[07:06:27] <stderr> Old A-record for wiki still cached for 2 more days here and if I just stick the new record in my /etc/hosts, I'll forget, so I can't really check the wiki until Friday...
[07:20:12] -!- prospectacle has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[07:49:37] -!- prospectacle [prospectacle!~3a6b4334@o79-173-14-47.mit069.act.optusnet.com.au] has joined #staff
[08:20:15] -!- prospectacle [prospectacle!~3a6b4334@o79-173-14-47.mit069.act.optusnet.com.au] has parted #staff
[09:24:14] <mattie_p> any staff online?
[09:24:28] <mattie_p> I'm going to bed and need to turn this thing over to someone
[09:28:48] <FatPhil> I'm online now, but in no position to command
[09:32:10] <mattie_p> well, you're the only one here
[09:32:28] <mattie_p> so you are technically "in charge" until someone else pops in
[09:32:31] <mattie_p> .deop
[09:32:31] -!- mode/#staff [-o mattie_p] by BaconTree
[09:33:42] <mattie_p> just don't break anything, you could hardly do worse than the rest of the staff in that respect :)
[09:38:59] FatPhil is now known as cmdr_FatPhil
[09:39:06] <cmdr_FatPhil> .op
[09:39:59] <cmdr_FatPhil> I'm pretty good at identifying who's the best person to actually do and change stuff, so that makes me fit for the role, I guess
[10:20:09] -!- MrBluze [MrBluze!~Mista@Soylent/Staff/IRC/MrBluze] has joined #staff
[10:20:09] -!- mode/#staff [+v MrBluze] by BaconTree
[10:23:08] -!- prospectacle [prospectacle!~3a6b4334@o79-173-14-47.mit069.act.optusnet.com.au] has joined #staff
[10:24:05] <MrBluze> Prospectacle thanks again for great input earlier today
[10:34:07] -!- prospectacle [prospectacle!~3a6b4334@o79-173-14-47.mit069.act.optusnet.com.au] has parted #staff
[10:43:48] <stderr> Based on this thread http://soylentnews.org maybe it would be a good idea to see how e.g. Debian selects a new leader...
[10:46:17] <MrBluze> Um.. Yes maybe
[10:46:33] <MrBluze> How do they select the new leader?
[10:47:38] <cmdr_FatPhil> sacrificing lots of chickens
[10:48:14] <MrBluze> Yummy
[10:48:21] <stderr> MrBluze: https://www.debian.org
[10:48:36] <MrBluze> Served with bacon and parmesan
[10:49:18] <stderr> Bacon++
[10:49:56] <MrBluze> I like that
[10:50:05] <MrBluze> Deb voting
[10:50:30] <MrBluze> Brb
[10:55:51] <stderr> MrBluze: I'm not sure who's making the poll, but if it's you, be sure to include the TLD(s).
[11:00:28] <MrBluze> I'll email matty
[11:01:47] <MrBluze> He has them but I will remind him
[11:03:59] <stderr> Best Subject EVER!!! http://soylentnews.org
[11:06:46] <stderr> <idlerpg> kobach, stderr, xlefay, and arachnist have blessed the realm by completing their quest! 25% of their burden is eliminated.
[11:06:48] <stderr> W00T!!!
[11:15:51] <MrBluze> Yeah I look forward to seeing the result
[11:16:21] -!- prospectacle [prospectacle!~3a6b4334@o79-173-14-47.mit069.act.optusnet.com.au] has joined #staff
[11:16:52] -!- mechanicjay [mechanicjay!~jhowe@Soylent/Staff/Developer/mechanicjay] has joined #staff
[11:16:52] -!- mode/#staff [+v mechanicjay] by BaconTree
[11:30:51] <cmdr_FatPhil> stderr: I keep trying to test the new success message in the test irpg channel, but I'v fucked up and failed the quest every single time
[11:32:00] <cmdr_FatPhil> the latest time was when I adoptet the cmdr_ nick this morning :-(
[11:33:03] <stderr> Good thing we succeed then. :-)
[11:36:11] <cmdr_FatPhil> you don't have the new code
[11:37:15] <stderr> Ah, you're right. We didn't want to restart the bot while a quest was running.
[11:38:29] <cmdr_FatPhil> That's now fixed
[11:38:35] <cmdr_FatPhil> and on the live system
[11:39:39] <stderr> Ok. I think there was a reason why the bot wasn't restarted...
[11:42:10] -!- MrBluze_ [MrBluze_!~daniel@Soylent/Staff/IRC/MrBluze] has joined #staff
[11:42:10] -!- mode/#staff [+v MrBluze_] by BaconTree
[11:42:54] -!- MrBluze has quit [Quit: Bye]
[11:43:05] MrBluze_ is now known as MrBluze
[11:47:28] <MrBluze> xlefay: ping?
[12:07:47] -!- mechanicjay has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[12:34:30] -!- MrBluze has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[12:45:26] <xlefay> pong
[12:45:45] <xlefay> stderr: ;-)
[12:48:46] <cmdr_FatPhil> round-trip time about an hour
[12:54:16] -!- prospectacle has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[13:00:19] <cmdr_FatPhil> So, what's today's panic going to be? And when will it be?
[13:00:35] <cmdr_FatPhil> I need to know the latter, so that I can hand over command about half an hour before it ;-)
[13:01:05] <cmdr_FatPhil> {:-) <- commander's hat
[13:01:25] <xlefay> the house will probably be on fire yea
[13:01:33] <cmdr_FatPhil> Who has access to the domain registry web interface?
[13:01:49] <xlefay> around 21:00 CET I think. So hand it over around 20:30 and you'll be fine ;)
[13:02:01] <cmdr_FatPhil> The domain's 30 days old now, so should be transferable now.
[13:02:04] <xlefay> cmdr_FatPhil: afaik only matt_
[13:02:25] <cmdr_FatPhil> I think he handed over passwords to that to us.
[13:02:25] <xlefay> .op cmdr_FatPhil
[13:02:25] -!- mode/#staff [+o cmdr_FatPhil] by BaconTree
[13:02:49] <cmdr_FatPhil> Didn't work for me: 10:39 <+cmdr_FatPhil> .op
[13:02:52] <xlefay> nope he didn't, not to the registar (afaik anyway... it wasn't listed in the file he send)
[13:02:57] <xlefay> .flags
[13:03:02] <xlefay> .flags !volunteers staff
[13:03:02] -ChanServ:#staff- xlefay set flags +io on !volunteers.
[13:03:02] -!- mode/#staff [+v Hedonismbot] by BaconTree
[13:03:16] <xlefay> .flags Bender -V
[13:03:25] <xlefay> .devoice Hedonismbot
[13:03:25] -!- mode/#staff [-v Hedonismbot] by BaconTree
[13:03:28] <xlefay> now it will cmdr_FatPhil ;)
[13:03:45] <cmdr_FatPhil> many thanks
[13:03:50] <cmdr_FatPhil> worked in the other channel though
[13:04:32] <xlefay> yea you were already set to saff there, only had to fix it here
[13:04:59] <xlefay> oooooooooooh!
[13:05:08] <xlefay> By winning that quest, I became #2 again ;DD
[13:05:15] <cmdr_FatPhil> Do I get a staff cloak?
[13:05:31] <xlefay> What team are you in?
[13:05:42] <cmdr_FatPhil> Sign me up for Dev
[13:06:03] <xlefay> /hs offerlist
[13:06:14] <xlefay> select on (leave $account as is) and /hs take vhost/$account
[13:06:17] <xlefay> again $account as is.
[13:07:41] <xlefay> or /msg hostserv - if /hs doesn't work for you.
[13:12:36] -!- cmdr_FatPhil has quit [Changing host]
[13:12:36] -!- cmdr_FatPhil [cmdr_FatPhil!~pcarmody@Soylent/Staff/Developer/FatPhil] has joined #staff
[13:12:36] -!- mode/#staff [+ov cmdr_FatPhil] by irc.sylnt.us
[13:14:11] <xlefay> be sure to sign back in to nerdrpg ;-)
[13:14:46] <cmdr_FatPhil> why does it do that?
[13:14:52] <xlefay> [03/12/14 13:12:35] <-- cmdr_FatPhil (~pcarmody@Soylent/Users/863/FatPhil) has left this server (Changing host).
[13:14:54] <xlefay> [03/12/14 13:12:35] --> cmdr_FatPhil (~pcarmody@Soylent/Staff/Developer/FatPhil) has joined this channel.
[13:16:15] <cmdr_FatPhil> But I didn't "leave the server"?
[13:16:43] <xlefay> The server reintroduced you as a client, most likely to avoid bad clients from having crap or desyncs, not entirely sure
[13:16:54] <xlefay> Doesn't the same happen at Freenode also?
[13:17:20] <cmdr_FatPhil> I've never noticed that at freenode
[13:17:59] <xlefay> you got join/parts disabled?
[13:18:26] <cmdr_FatPhil> I think parts are disabled, but I see joins
[13:18:39] <xlefay> guessing quit's are disabled too?
[13:18:42] <cmdr_FatPhil> the system doesn't tell *me* that I'm disconnected
[13:18:59] <xlefay> cmdr_FatPhil: correct. It simply says your host has changed
[13:19:12] <cmdr_FatPhil> Ah, I do have quits ignored
[13:19:27] <xlefay> then reintroduces you, the server reputs your channel modes, etc.
[13:19:53] <cmdr_FatPhil> but *my* host hasn't changed. it's internal reporting of it has changed, that's all.
[13:20:09] <cmdr_FatPhil> what irc server is this, as it's a bit braindead
[13:20:47] -!- quitte [quitte!~quitte@g6rx5f0w0.dip1.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #staff
[13:22:09] * cmdr_FatPhil looks forward to the suckless irc server
[13:23:32] <xlefay> https://github.com
[13:23:41] <xlefay> That's why
[13:23:48] <cmdr_FatPhil> Can someone take over as commander soon - I need to pop out for a short while
[13:24:34] <xlefay> not me
[13:24:45] <xlefay> I'm going back to bed
[13:25:10] <cmdr_FatPhil> "host or user change without having to send a fake quit and join"
[13:25:16] <xlefay> So essentially, on servers where it isn't done it can lead to trouble (although uncommon, it's best to prevent it) and until IRC clients support that new spec it isn't feasible.
[13:26:30] <xlefay> off to bed, bbl
[13:26:46] <cmdr_FatPhil> Would it help if idlrpg bot understood CHGHOSTs?
[13:27:47] <xlefay> Not sure I'll have to look into it a bit, but I'm reluctant since you know the IRC is probably not going to survive anyway, so we'll be left with Freenode (which runs a custom version of this IRCd, so maybe it's worth it not sure)
[13:28:18] <cmdr_FatPhil> Ug, there's no capability negotiation at all presently
[13:28:26] <xlefay> only for servers and services
[13:28:55] <cmdr_FatPhil> it's worth me learning about though!
[13:29:03] <xlefay> yea :)
[13:29:09] <xlefay> IRCv3 is pretty cool btw
[13:30:28] <xlefay> https://github.com if you aren't already reading it
[13:31:25] <xlefay> actually cmdr_FatPhil I think we do support the cap for sasl.. honestly I'll have to look into it, haven't given it much thought lately
[13:32:05] <xlefay> /quote cap
[13:34:34] <cmdr_FatPhil> well, I'm reading this which is prettier on my sysstem: http://www.leeh.co.uk
[13:35:31] <xlefay> https://raw.github.com seems more recent though
[13:35:59] <xlefay> that's plaintext btw in markdown
[13:37:55] <cmdr_FatPhil> it's a badly written standard
[13:38:16] <xlefay> How so?
[13:39:38] <cmdr_FatPhil> ambiguities
[13:41:33] <xlefay> I think that's why they're debating this sorta stuff
[13:41:57] <xlefay> anyway I'm off to bed ;)
[13:42:14] <cmdr_FatPhil> garbling the use of "argument" and "parameter" for example
[13:42:29] <cmdr_FatPhil> sure thing
[13:57:32] <cmdr_FatPhil> Staff/Volunteers - can people add their timezones to http://wiki.soylentnews.org . Later, a chart of who's most likely to be active when can be created.
[14:21:25] -!- LaminatorX [LaminatorX!~18d900fb@Soylent/Staff/Editor/LaminatorX] has joined #staff
[14:21:25] -!- mode/#staff [+v LaminatorX] by BaconTree
[15:07:32] -!- mechanicjay [mechanicjay!~jhowe@Soylent/Staff/Developer/mechanicjay] has joined #staff
[15:07:32] -!- mode/#staff [+v mechanicjay] by BaconTree
[15:07:46] <mechanicjay> Hey all
[15:08:01] <mechanicjay> Who is the keep of the SSL certs these days?
[15:13:20] mechanicjay is now known as mechanicjay|afk
[15:19:09] -!- paulej72 [paulej72!paulej72@Soylent/Staff/Developer/paulej72] has joined #staff
[15:19:10] -!- mode/#staff [+v paulej72] by BaconTree
[15:46:56] <mattie_p> FatPhil, you're still in charge?
[15:48:14] -!- janrinok [janrinok!~janrinok@Soylent/Staff/Editor/janrinok] has joined #staff
[15:48:14] -!- mode/#staff [+v janrinok] by BaconTree
[15:48:30] <janrinok> hi guys - has today's crisis started yet?
[15:52:06] <mattie_p> shh, knock on some wood, quick
[16:01:33] <kobach> lol
[16:04:40] <cmdr_FatPhil> I've been wearing a new anti-crisis helmet
[16:05:14] <cmdr_FatPhil> Re voting: http://soylentnews.org
[16:06:12] <cmdr_FatPhil> If someone would like the commander's helm, I do have some things to do now, and will gladly run away cowardly
[16:06:55] -!- NezSez [NezSez!~4c7061d7@j-78-064-32-800.hsd3.mi.comcast.net] has joined #staff
[16:08:56] <mattie_p> I can take it for 2 hours, but if someone will have more continuity I'd prefer they take it
[16:12:25] <janrinok> I'm gone for a while in about 1 hour.
[16:12:49] <cmdr_FatPhil> I might be able to take it back in 2. But I dunno how long I'll be out.
[16:13:26] <cmdr_FatPhil> .deop
[16:13:26] -!- mode/#staff [-o cmdr_FatPhil] by BaconTree
[16:13:46] <cmdr_FatPhil> looks like you've got 2 hours to find a replacement, mattie_p :-)
[16:13:54] cmdr_FatPhil is now known as FatPhil
[16:13:57] <mattie_p> allrighty
[16:14:05] <mattie_p> not changing my name though
[16:14:20] <mattie_p> xlefay tried to make me do that yesterday so I'd lose my place in irpg
[16:14:27] <janrinok> lol
[16:14:59] <mattie_p> looks like a quest or something pushed him ahead anyway
[16:15:53] <mattie_p> .op
[16:15:53] -!- mode/#staff [+o mattie_p] by BaconTree
[16:18:38] <LaminatorX> I could mind the shop in around two hours.
[16:19:02] <mattie_p> that'd be good
[16:19:22] <LaminatorX> I'll be going to lunch at the top of the hour, but should be available for about 4hrs once I'm back.
[16:20:22] <kobach> wow i did wake up late
[16:20:32] <kobach> its lunchtime already
[16:20:57] <kobach> LaminatorX: going out?
[16:24:52] <LaminatorX> No, but I'll be away from my desk.
[16:25:05] <kobach> oh ok
[16:25:26] <kobach> (i was hoping to discover a new local restaurant)
[16:25:30] <kobach> lol
[16:35:03] <mattie_p> you two know each other rl?
[16:38:18] <LaminatorX> Nope, but we do live across town.
[16:38:58] <LaminatorX> We'll probably meetup at the VW Diesel rally this summer though.
[16:39:39] <kobach> lol, mattie_p hes about 30mins from me, conveniently close to my aunts
[16:39:59] <mattie_p> and he is conveniently close to your bacon
[16:41:24] paulej72 is now known as paulej72_AFK
[16:42:31] <FatPhil> I could trivially write a patch which makes "cmdr_" changes unimportant to the bot? We don't want irpg messing with more serious protocols.
[16:43:44] <mattie_p> just strip the nick change penalty? make it p0?
[16:44:06] <kobach> mattie_p: yes, but far enough away that it will be eaten by the time he gets here
[16:44:44] <mattie_p> kobach as much bacon as you seem to have and consume, I doubt it ever runs out on a regular basis
[16:45:13] <FatPhil> mattie_p: nick changes fail quests too. And we want to punish people who dick about still.
[16:45:32] <mattie_p> well, then I won't change my name :)
[16:45:46] <FatPhil> I'm writing a patch...
[16:46:03] <mattie_p> everyone knows I'm in charge unless there is someone with rank here, or NCommander is talking
[16:48:23] <mattie_p> better cut some lines when you do it
[16:48:42] <mattie_p> stepping out for a sec, don't fall all apart now
[16:49:35] <kobach> lol i dont usually have bacon
[16:50:05] <kobach> here comes robind
[16:50:12] -!- robind [robind!~robind@Soylent/Staff/Sysop/robind] has joined #staff
[16:50:12] -!- mode/#staff [+v robind] by BaconTree
[16:50:25] -!- robind has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[16:50:36] <kobach> or not
[16:51:09] -!- robind [robind!~robind@Soylent/Staff/Sysop/robind] has joined #staff
[16:51:09] -!- mode/#staff [+v robind] by BaconTree
[16:54:55] -!- C_A_ [C_A_!~48f3b602@72.243.zhg.v] has joined #staff
[16:55:53] -!- C_A_ [C_A_!~48f3b602@72.243.zhg.v] has parted #staff
[17:01:16] LaminatorX is now known as LaminatorX|afk
[17:01:31] robind is now known as SoyBison
[17:04:33] FatPhil is now known as FP_test
[17:06:13] FP_test is now known as FP_test2
[17:07:25] janrinok is now known as janrinok|afk
[17:08:03] <mattie_p> back, looks like the world didn't end
[17:08:35] <kobach> nope
[17:08:36] <kobach> not yet
[17:10:47] FP_test2 is now known as FP_test
[17:11:01] SoyBison is now known as robind
[17:11:04] FP_test is now known as cmdr_FP_test
[17:11:27] cmdr_FP_test is now known as FP_test
[17:12:40] <mattie_p> Denver
[17:13:33] FP_test is now known as FP_test2
[17:13:42] <mattie_p> yup, that's nearby
[17:13:48] FP_test2 is now known as cmdr_FP_test2
[17:14:09] cmdr_FP_test2 is now known as FP_test2
[17:17:20] FP_test2 is now known as FP_test
[17:17:36] FP_test is now known as cmdr_FP_test
[17:17:52] cmdr_FP_test is now known as FP_test
[17:18:06] FP_test is now known as FatPhil
[17:19:16] <kobach> lol
[17:19:20] <kobach> it is kinda nearby
[17:19:28] <kobach> but thats my definition
[17:19:35] <kobach> some people think 800 miles away isnt nearby
[17:22:59] -!- NezSez [NezSez!~4c7061d7@j-78-064-32-800.hsd3.mi.comcast.net] has parted #staff
[17:23:32] <mattie_p> golden is about 40 miles from Denver.
[17:23:53] <kobach> not bad
[17:28:16] <FatPhil> xlefay: ping?
[17:28:46] <mattie_p> I think he went to bed 4 hours ago, ish
[17:29:59] <mattie_p> also, in scrollback you asked about domain transfer, got an email from matt_ saying it is actually 60 days
[17:31:59] <mattie_p> !todo
[18:04:33] LaminatorX|afk is now known as LaminatorX
[18:19:28] <mattie_p> LaminatorX, you back?
[18:19:47] * LaminatorX has returned.
[18:20:27] <mattie_p> excellent. You are in charge until you need to leave or need to pass control over, or until I get back online in a few hours. You still up for that?
[18:21:32] <LaminatorX> Sure. I'l have my nose in work here and there, but I'll remain in the channel.
[18:22:06] <mattie_p> ok, thanks
[18:22:07] <LaminatorX> I made myself a nice seperate window for irc in the corner of my screen.
[18:22:15] <mattie_p> .deop
[18:22:15] -!- mode/#staff [-o mattie_p] by BaconTree
[18:22:25] <LaminatorX> .op
[18:22:25] -!- mode/#staff [+o LaminatorX] by BaconTree
[18:23:21] LaminatorX is now known as cmdr_LaminatorX
[18:41:49] <xlefay> ehhh...
[18:41:57] <xlefay> kobach: mattie_p was answeres NezSez, not you lol
[18:42:27] <xlefay> It'd be wise for ops to inform the others in the channel when a non-voiced is talking ;-)
[18:47:49] <kobach> xlefay: that explains why he was looking like a nutter
[18:48:10] <xlefay> yea
[18:48:28] <kobach> i even checked my /ignores
[18:48:47] <xlefay> yea
[19:00:25] -!- FoobarBazbot [FoobarBazbot!~FoobarBaz@66.249.jxj.hn] has joined #staff
[19:23:18] -!- FrogBlast_Away has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[19:24:01] <cmdr_LaminatorX> back in 5.
[19:27:54] paulej72_AFK is now known as paulej72
[19:29:36] -!- matt_ [matt_!~4c76b3cf@t-59-991-957-035.hsd4.ma.comcast.net] has joined #staff
[19:29:50] -!- mode/#staff [+v matt_] by BaconTree
[19:29:50] audioguyzzz is now known as audioguy
[19:30:54] * cmdr_LaminatorX is back.
[19:35:52] janrinok|afk is now known as janrinok
[19:47:34] <FatPhil> :-(
[19:47:46] <kobach> hi FatPhil
[19:48:10] <FatPhil> I just realised that when testing my new "don't penalise ICS commanders for changing nick" patch, I incurred 19 hours of penalties :-(((
[19:48:25] <kobach> owned
[19:48:32] <FatPhil> disowned
[19:48:36] <kobach> :(
[19:49:39] <xlefay> better?
[19:50:43] <kobach> xlefay: wheres mine
[19:50:57] <xlefay> already done tht
[19:51:00] <kobach> oh ok
[19:51:02] <xlefay> that* to fix that /kill one lol
[19:53:30] <FatPhil> many thanks
[19:53:41] <xlefay> np
[19:53:47] <FatPhil> Have you pulled the latest patches, with the soylentnews branch?
[19:54:12] <xlefay> I'm considering it. I'm debating whether it's fair or not.
[19:54:57] <FatPhil> it's on a branch, so you can just flip between the two instantly
[19:55:10] <FatPhil> check the commit message, and the patch itself
[19:55:20] <FatPhil> If you want to know more, just ask
[19:55:43] <xlefay> Well technically, it excludes cmdr_ nicks from being affected by the penalty system, so to speak, correct?
[19:56:09] <FatPhil> only for nick changes, and only for changes into and out of the cmdr_ role
[19:56:21] <FatPhil> everything else is a penalty
[19:56:28] <FatPhil> as normal
[19:57:10] <xlefay> yeah exactly and some use "Commodore" instead of "cmdr" and besides that.. it's not fair towards other idlers who can only change to cmdr_'s as well; that's why I'm debating if I want that patch
[19:57:27] <xlefay> (no offense to you of course, just deciding whether it's fair or not)
[19:58:23] <FatPhil> Commodore doesn't help us tab-complete to find the current cmdr, so why should they be let off, their induhvidualism doesn't help anyone
[19:58:41] <kobach> why
[19:58:43] <kobach> c-tab
[19:58:48] <kobach> quit being racist
[19:58:50] <FatPhil> crutchy
[19:59:15] <kobach> would be after co or cm
[19:59:21] * kobach slaps FatPhil
[19:59:29] <xlefay> I don't understand why it's so difficult for people to differentiate between an opped person and a non-opped..
[19:59:43] * FatPhil points out the "or" to kobach in what he just said
[19:59:45] <xlefay> .deop
[19:59:45] -!- mode/#staff [-o xlefay] by BaconTree
[20:00:00] <FatPhil> you have to /who to see the list
[20:00:27] <FatPhil> TO be honest, I'm happier without the patch. I'd rather not maintain two branches
[20:00:30] <xlefay> really depends on the client I suppose, guess we could add it to the topic also
[20:00:40] <FatPhil> TOpic's good
[20:00:43] <xlefay> I'm reluctant to add the patch in since it seems unfair to me.
[20:00:48] -!- FoobarBazbot_ [FoobarBazbot_!~FoobarBaz@66.249.jxj.hn] has joined #staff
[20:00:52] <kobach> i think the whole nick changing this is stupid anyway
[20:00:54] <xlefay> I've yet to find a good reason for it to be included
[20:00:56] <kobach> thing*
[20:00:57] <xlefay> agreed
[20:01:11] <xlefay> also.. OPs in this channel should be on the watch out for non-voiced people saying things
[20:01:14] <kobach> thats somthing a bunch of 8 year old running an irc would come up with
[20:01:24] <xlefay> cmdr_LaminatorX: you know this right.. only the ops can see what non-voiced say.
[20:01:35] <xlefay> kobach: exactly
[20:01:45] <xlefay> .topicappend LaminatorX is in command.
[20:01:45] BaconTree changed topic of #staff to: To everyone that doesn't have a voice or operator status in this channel: your messages will be forwarded to the channel ops (if there are none, feel free to PM an active user in the channel). | LaminatorX is in command.
[20:02:20] <FatPhil> people with more privilege get to see more crap? Hahah, let me be part of the rabble!
[20:02:44] <xlefay> FatPhil: nah it's to keep this channel mostly free. :)
[20:02:49] <xlefay> noies *
[20:02:53] <xlefay> noise* damnit
[20:03:01] <xlefay> (I should be devoiced)...
[20:04:24] <kobach> hmmm lets try this
[20:04:27] <kobach> .devoice xlefay kobach
[20:04:35] <kobach> nope
[20:04:39] <kobach> .devoice xlefay
[20:04:39] -!- mode/#staff [-v xlefay] by BaconTree
[20:04:43] <kobach> .devoice kobach
[20:04:43] -!- mode/#staff [-v kobach] by BaconTree
[20:06:35] <cmdr_LaminatorX> I am aware, I am so not going to relay idle chatter in here. If someone comes in and reports a problem, I'll reiterate it.
[20:08:09] <cmdr_LaminatorX> Frankly, I'd as soon this channel be kept pretty quiet apart from business matters,
[20:08:35] <cmdr_LaminatorX> But I'm not going to spoil aanybody's fun either.
[20:55:00] -!- SayCow0786 has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[21:19:44] <mattie_p> what's the latest, team?
[21:20:40] -!- mode/#staff [+o xlefay] by BaconTree
[21:20:45] <xlefay> .unquiet Hedonismbot
[21:20:45] -!- mode/#staff [-q *!*@Soylent/Bot/Bender] by BaconTree
[21:20:57] Hedonismbot is now known as Hyperbolebot
[21:24:35] <matt_> mattie_p: Hi. I published a journal entry with some basic questions and answers to hopefully sooth any still-jangled nerves.
[21:24:47] <matt_> soothe
[21:25:07] <mattie_p> matt_ excellent
[21:25:35] <mattie_p> I wanted to reply to your email last evening but got wrapped up in stuff, especially the dialogue on the status update
[21:26:23] <matt_> no problem.
[21:28:21] <mattie_p> I like it
[21:28:56] <matt_> thanks.
[21:32:30] -!- FunPika [FunPika!~FunPika@Soylent/Staff/Wiki/FunPika] has joined #staff
[21:32:30] -!- mode/#staff [+v FunPika] by BaconTree
[21:41:00] audioguy is now known as audioguy-afk
[21:41:15] <cmdr_LaminatorX> I can remain on watch until half past the upcoming hour. Anyone here available to relieve me?
[21:43:18] <FatPhil> matt_: awesome journal entry - just what we needed (and more) - thanks!
[21:43:33] <matt_> FatPhil: thanks!
[21:44:38] <FatPhil> that's cancelled all the poutine negativity (a.k.a. poutine--) of the evening
[21:45:04] <matt_> yeah, he seems to be having a good time over there :)
[21:50:50] <janrinok> matt_: Thanks for the journal entry.
[21:51:24] <xlefay> link?
[21:51:32] <janrinok> standby
[21:51:35] <matt_> janrinok: no prob.
[21:51:39] * xlefay stands by
[21:51:53] <janrinok> http://soylentnews.org
[21:53:06] <xlefay> "A15: I suggested one on IRC. Long story short, my pitchfork wounds are still healing :-)" hahaha
[21:53:08] <xlefay> matt_++
[21:55:04] <paulej72> we need more journal posts to push the bad one down off the page
[22:33:04] cmdr_LaminatorX is now known as LaminatorX
[22:33:29] <LaminatorX> .deop
[22:33:29] -!- mode/#staff [-o LaminatorX] by BaconTree
[22:33:46] -!- xyzzyyxxyx [xyzzyyxxyx!~48f3b602@72.243.zhg.v] has joined #staff
[22:33:58] -!- xyzzyyxxyx [xyzzyyxxyx!~48f3b602@72.243.zhg.v] has parted #staff
[22:35:20] -!- LaminatorX has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[22:37:12] <mattie_p> paulej72 which one is the bad one?
[22:38:11] <paulej72> the one in binary that overflows the slashbox
[22:38:20] <mattie_p> oh, that one
[22:42:51] <mattie_p> yeah, you might have to play with it
[22:43:45] <janrinok> Bye guys, I've got to go. cu tomorrow.
[22:43:54] <mattie_p> later, janrinok
[22:44:05] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: leaving]
[22:47:00] <FatPhil> .op
[22:47:00] -!- mode/#staff [+o FatPhil] by BaconTree
[22:47:14] <FatPhil> RIght, I want no messin' around on my watch!
[22:48:39] <mattie_p> back in a while, FatPhil keep solicitiing for your replacement, someone will step up
[22:48:40] <paulej72> FatPhil my head hurts too mcuh to mess around right now. ate too much poutine ;)
[22:48:49] -!- mode/#staff [+v kobach] by BaconTree
[22:48:58] <kobach> .devoice
[22:48:58] -!- mode/#staff [-v kobach] by BaconTree
[22:49:03] <FatPhil> Which, incidentally, I can only do briefly. Wanna start winding down in ~1hr
[22:49:20] -!- FunPika has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 27.0.1/20140212131424]]
[22:49:30] <FatPhil> winding down includes boozing
[22:51:18] <paulej72> FatPhil forgot to thank you for adding you info to the Dev wiki. I hope you will be able to get GitHub working with your distro though. I would appreciat your input on my commits.
[22:51:37] <paulej72> FatPhil have you tried running the Dev VM?
[22:52:36] <FatPhil> I suspect I don't have a machine it can realistically run on. I'm not a pee-cee user
[22:53:48] <FatPhil> And I don't exactly have RAM-packed machines. Bloatware avoider in the extreme.
[22:53:57] <paulej72> FatPhil it runs on VirtualBox which can run on Linux.
[22:54:35] <paulej72> FatPhil I have been running on Macs that dont have very much ram
[22:54:40] <FatPhil> Sure, I've run it on modern x86 machines. My machine is neither modern nor x86
[22:55:08] <paulej72> Ok I see
[22:55:49] <FatPhil> When I stopped being an Alpha user, I became a POWER user, kinda ditched 8086 crap back in the 90s
[22:56:45] <paulej72> Now that is a uncommon personal system choice
[22:57:09] <paulej72> Need to get a dev test server up and running so you can play with the code.
[22:57:52] <FatPhil> I was into number-crunching. 32-bit computers were just annoying toys. Became 64-bit back in the 90s.
[22:58:42] <FatPhil> POWER's becoming more niche, certainly. I doubt it will die as it's way too popular in some markets. (e.g. comms)
[23:01:28] <paulej72> isn't that what they said about Itanium? :)
[23:01:42] -!- mode/#staff [+v kobach] by BaconTree
[23:01:52] <xlefay> rofl kobach
[23:02:00] <kobach> just in case
[23:02:12] <xlefay> you know only FatPhil & I could see what you were writing right ;]
[23:02:26] <kobach> well i was talking to FatPhil
[23:02:31] <xlefay> :p
[23:02:40] <kobach> so i didnt bother
[23:02:45] <kobach> but i was sitting here thinking
[23:02:55] <kobach> "what if i have somthing other people want to see in the future"
[23:03:08] <kobach> and took precautions
[23:03:15] <FatPhil> Intel fucked up Itaniam. Nearly fixed it in I2 after importing large amounts of HPPA smarts (and patents)
[23:03:51] <FatPhil> but by then, it was too late.
[23:04:56] <paulej72> yes the shitty 32bit held it back
[23:06:06] -!- prospectacle [prospectacle!~b4c880f7@180.200.jji.ihy] has joined #staff
[23:13:09] <stderr> Uuuhhh... I'm 3 hops away from matt_ on LinkedIn.
[23:13:26] <matt_> hahaha
[23:14:24] <mattie_p> oh, we playing kevin bacon?
[23:14:54] <paulej72> I am an infinite number of hops away from both of you
[23:16:46] <FatPhil> is there a way to delete a linked-in account. I don't want mine any more. Haven't done for years.
[23:16:59] <FatPhil> just couldn't find a way from the menus
[23:18:46] <paulej72> you could alway use it ways that violate the TOS and have them delete it for you.
[23:18:58] <stderr> FatPhil: If you haven't used it in years, you probably haven't changed your password in years either. They were cracked some time ago, so just assume that "your account" ain't yours anymore...
[23:20:14] <FatPhil> Someone put up a way of querying the leaked accounts to see if yours was on the list. it said mine wasn't.
[23:20:31] <FatPhil> There may have been other leaks since then, of course.
[23:22:04] <stderr> Oh. I thought all the accounts were leaked at that time.
[23:22:24] <stderr> I might still have the list ... somewhere...
[23:22:43] <FatPhil> I must hae been hacked - I have 149 connections - I've only ever had about 50
[23:26:42] <xlefay> .voice prospectacle
[23:26:42] -!- mode/#staff [+v prospectacle] by BaconTree
[23:26:52] <prospectacle> LinkedIn spams your contacts to get them to join
[23:28:26] <stderr> ... and that is why you never give a website access to your address book.
[23:31:38] <FatPhil> Ahhhh, linked-in account deleted. damn it was tricky
[23:31:51] <FatPhil> Number of social networks of any type I'm on: 0
[23:32:07] <xlefay> more likely 2 or 3.. you just don't know it yet!
[23:32:29] <stderr> FatPhil: Oh, you haven't heard the latest plans for SoylentNews? :-)
[23:32:36] <paulej72> FatPhil you are on this one :)
[23:33:11] <stderr> FatPhil: What do you think "Friends" and "Fans" are?
[23:34:31] <paulej72> stderr real question do you know what a Fan is?
[23:34:55] <paulej72> slash one that is
[23:35:21] <paulej72> one of my bugs is that is not well documented
[23:35:26] <stderr> paulej72: I know I got 6 of them...
[23:35:47] <FatPhil> I don't use "friend" and "foe" to mean much more than "I enjoy reading this person's posts" and "I dislike reading this person's posts".
[23:35:48] <xlefay> uh oh... stalkers, I tell ya
[23:36:03] <stderr> xlefay: You would know... You're one of them.
[23:36:06] <xlefay> heh
[23:36:17] <paulej72> I am thinking it may have something to do with moderation of posts, but that is based no nothing more that speculation
[23:37:03] <FatPhil> Is there any need to stick with the exact same names for the relationships. Familiarity is good, but for a long time I used to confuse foes and freaks
[23:37:16] <FatPhil> when I foed, I immediately got counter-freaked!
[23:37:24] <FatPhil> it was hard telling the lists apart
[23:38:06] <paulej72> I do not see an interface to add fans and freaks unless I am missing something. It seemed like an automatic thing.
[23:38:15] <FatPhil> click on the yellow smileys
[23:38:28] <FatPhil> when I say yellow, I may mean green, I'm colourblind
[23:39:23] <paulej72> they are yellow, but when I click on them I can set fan, neutral or foe. no settings for fan or freak.
[23:39:53] <stderr> paulej72: Visit someones page, e.g. http://soylentnews.org Click on "Relation"...
[23:40:24] <paulej72> I have
[23:40:36] <paulej72> no freaks for fans
[23:41:05] <stderr> Seems we need to find "faq/com-mod.shtml" somewhere...
[23:41:12] <paulej72> the links to what they mean and where you change them got to 404s
[23:41:52] <paulej72> stderr i think that page is in the big bit bucket in the sky
[23:42:16] <paulej72> missing in action like the D2 JS files
[23:42:39] <stderr> What are fans / freaks?
[23:42:40] <stderr> When you select someone as a friend, it makes you that user's fan. To see people who have chosen you as a friend (your fans): http://slashdot.org To see other users' fans, replace /my/fans with /~username/fans.
[23:42:40] <stderr> "Freaks" are people who name you as a foe: http://slashdot.org
[23:44:11] <paulej72> OK that makes sense, but it really needs to be put on the relation page with the ohter important stuff.
[23:44:35] <paulej72> Also the default text with no one in a group should be more clear.
[23:47:13] <paulej72> just tacked this comversation onto the bug for the friend foe interface. It will be usefull when I finally get to working on that.
[23:48:17] <FatPhil> If people dont understand this, it proves that it probably ought to change
[23:48:24] <prospectacle> A non-commerical social network might be just what the web needed. I'm not sure if there are any commerical social networks, but I can imagine them being full of ads and privacy violations.
[23:49:11] <stderr> FatPhil: But then again, if we ought to change everything people don't understand, we'll be very busy for a very long time...
[23:49:59] <paulej72> prospectacle Facebook started out as non-commercial
[23:50:51] <FatPhil> paulej72: it started out pretending to be non-commercial. IT *always* intended to be commercial
[23:51:17] <matt_> I don't think facebook was ever a 501(c)(3).
[23:51:18] <paulej72> remind you of anyone?
[23:51:54] <xlefay> /.
[23:51:55] <xlefay> ?
[23:52:16] <paulej72> matt_ it may not have but limiting iself to edu only sort of gave that impression to many
[23:52:17] <xlefay> B's version of SN?
[23:52:29] <paulej72> si xlefay
[23:52:31] <prospectacle> Hard to know what the intention was at the very start, in Z's mind, But they certainly accepted corporate investment before very long.
[23:53:43] <FatPhil> looking for people to wear the commander's hat ...
[23:54:06] -!- LaminatorX [LaminatorX!~44bc6685@Soylent/Staff/Editor/LaminatorX] has joined #staff
[23:54:06] -!- mode/#staff [+v LaminatorX] by BaconTree
[23:54:15] <xlefay> paulej72: kobach: LaminatorX, they're all here
[23:54:39] <xlefay> I'm just pretending to be here... *continues coding*
[23:54:45] <paulej72> no I am planning on leaving in a few to get dinner and to leave work
[23:54:48] <LaminatorX> The circle is now complete!
[23:55:22] <xlefay> kobach: how about you, good sir?
[23:55:34] <LaminatorX> I'll be in and out all night. I'm running sound this evening.
[23:57:42] <kobach> ?
[23:58:05] <xlefay> you here for a while?
[23:58:21] <kobach> not really, im watching youtube, been checking irc maybe every 15 min
[23:58:39] <xlefay> you sound like me everytime someone asks me to take the bridge
[23:58:40] <xlefay> errr...
[23:58:43] <paulej72> OK I am out for now. bbl
[23:58:46] <kobach> lol
[23:58:52] <xlefay> take care paulej72 :)
[23:59:04] <kobach> because i just poke my head in the bridge then go about my business, i never leave the lift
[23:59:05] <xlefay> FatPhil: sure I'll take it for a bit then
[23:59:09] <paulej72> Hey some has to be Data and take the night shift
[23:59:19] <FatPhil> thanks xlefay
[23:59:23] <xlefay> no worries :)
[23:59:44] <paulej72> later
[23:59:47] <xlefay> ciao :)
[23:59:51] <kobach> cya
[23:59:58] -!- paulej72 has quit []