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[07:54:30] <Mobystarchus> Have ye seen the White Whale?
[07:56:01] <AzumaHazuki> go to any walmart
[07:56:05] <AzumaHazuki> you'll see loads of them
[07:56:24] <AzumaHazuki> some of them have apparently figured out how to drive those extra-wide scooter things
[07:56:38] <janrinok> What date is it, again?
[07:56:49] <AzumaHazuki> 7 July 2022
[07:57:25] <janrinok> Thanks Az, but that was an echo of something somebody said yesterday - but the site is still here :)
[07:57:54] <AzumaHazuki> what, you mean aristardchus made an empty threat? say it ain't so
[07:59:28] <janrinok> lol
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[08:25:54] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - UK Decides AI Still Cannot Patent Inventions - https://sylnt.us
[08:41:45] <Mobystarchus> T'weren't any aristarchus that made any threat. I was some AC that janrinok fixated upon. What's the new "date certain"?
[08:44:40] <janrinok> No, I never said it was - but you seem to be the only one wanting to discuss it. That tells me so much. It was one of several ACs that are intent on disrupting the site. Our intention is to protect the site from all of those who are intent with continuing the disruption, including yourself with numerous off-topic posts in other conversations. Keep digging your hole.
[08:47:51] <janrinok> By the way, how are abelard, D'Artangnan, ChaosGladiator doing today? I can see you trying to chat to them.
[08:48:30] <janrinok> Not to mention Pauline, Laude and all of the others.
[08:50:22] <janrinok> not to mention today's epic "ACofDanger" - are you hoping to get the film rights to that one>
[08:52:03] <janrinok> Is ο δάσκαλος getting a lesson taught to him?
[08:53:16] <Mobystarchus> What are you talking about, janrinok? Remember to take your meds?
[08:54:15] <Mobystarchus> And, you are the one disrupting. No one else blocked ACs. Well, other than Azuma.
[08:55:29] <janrinok> While comment count is down there are actually more hits per day over the last week that before, and more page downloads.
[09:04:48] <FatPhil> https://www.vice.com
[09:04:49] <systemd> ^ 03Georgia’s Conspiracy-Magnet Guidestones Monument Has Been Bombed
[09:05:58] <Mobystarchus> Down? As in nearly non-existent? I hardly seen any story with comments in the double digits.
[09:06:39] <FatPhil> my argument with tangomargarine's already into triple digits!
[09:07:14] <Mobystarchus> But Tangomargarine is just like that. Lucky you did not get khallow going!
[09:12:57] <janrinok> I would rather see a handful of intelligent comments discussing a subject that lots of troll/off-topic comments that contribute nothing at all to a discussion.
[09:15:17] <janrinok> If you want to see the site go back to what it was, then why don't you stop disrupting it? But that is not what you want, is it. You want to control discussions, not take part in them.
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[09:17:38] <Mobystarchus> Part of the problem is you inability to recognize intelligent comments, as opposed to right-wing dog-whistles or trolls. Citing briefbarf is just one instance.
[09:19:00] <janrinok> again you criticise the source - be it a document or a person - without looking at what the content actually is.
[09:19:43] <janrinok> So your motto is "free speech of all - except those sources I disagree with"
[09:19:47] <Mobystarchus> I see no reason to offer help to you, when you are just digging yourself in deeper.
[09:20:13] <FatPhil> says the man with the shovel
[09:20:15] <Mobystarchus> Lies and disinformation are not disagreements. They are lies.
[09:20:40] <FatPhil> And you've done very little but lie for many many months
[09:21:05] <janrinok> But you cannot construct a coherent argument against them - that shows a failing in you, not the source.
[09:21:09] <Mobystarchus> Never did. I was a Boy Scout.
[09:22:00] <Mobystarchus> You cannot have a coherent argument against the insane, they will not even recognize it as such. Are we seeing a pattern here?
[09:22:38] <janrinok> Yes, but we are giving you several chances to prove that you are not irredeemable
[09:23:01] <janrinok> Your insanity need not be terminal
[09:25:37] <Mobystarchus> Turn around, janrinok. I am not the one that was duped by a moron like Runaway! I am Quite sane, I assure you.
[09:26:15] <Runaway1956> did a Ukrainian ROFLCopter just fly overhead?
[09:26:55] <janrinok> We found the doxxing material ourselves - it was not given to us. We told Runaway1956 where to find most of it, not him telling us. You are arguing from a position of complete ignorance - as you often do.
[09:28:20] <janrinok> However, only one person could verify how accurate or otherwise it actually was. An Runaway was prepared to assist us in that area.
[09:30:34] <Mobystarchus> And you trusted him, when you knew he wanted aristarchus banned? Foolish janrinok.
[09:32:02] <janrinok> We trusted him to know how accurate it was. But he was not involved in the investigation or the decision making process. You can place that squarely on the shoulders of the staff who were involved, and nobody else.
[09:32:47] <janrinok> And you want him banned - but you are prepared to disrupt the entire site just to get your own way. Grow up,
[09:33:50] <Mobystarchus> Some know for a fact that some of the claimed doxxing information was false. You are allowing one hayseed redneck to destroy the site, by getting you to violate the first rule of BuckFeta: free speech, baby!
[09:34:50] <janrinok> any doxing material that appears credible has to be treated as such. You only started you unbelievable material after the event in an effort to sway public opinion.
[09:35:31] <janrinok> Again you are blaming an individual, not the information that I am giving you.
[09:36:11] <janrinok> Quote the first rule of Buck Feta - go on, I' waiting.
[09:36:20] <Mobystarchus> Who? Wasn't me, whoever you think you are talking to. And anyone could follow the trail Runaway leaves, it is rather large, obnoxious and large.
[09:38:04] <Mobystarchus> First rule of BuckFeta? janrinok, you disappoint me! You seriously do not know? Wow. OK, Bye!
[09:38:17] <janrinok> 'Free speech baby'. So why can't Runaway have that right too. Why do you have to disrupt the entire site with your allegations? What about the free speech rights of everyone else in the community. How does 140+ spam messages enhance one person's free speech rights?
[09:38:54] <Mobystarchus> Bye, janrinok. You have already lost, you just do not realize it yet.
[09:38:57] <janrinok> Lost another argument again, haven't you. Not doing so well nowadays
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[09:39:12] <janrinok> lol!!
[09:40:03] <Runaway1956> Everyone is stupid except ari
[09:41:22] <janrinok> Ah well, he will be back tomorrow, unfortunately
[09:41:27] <FatPhil> And those who join the #AAnon cult
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[10:01:21] <aloyishis> Why can't I post as AC?
[10:01:37] <FatPhil> because Ari's stupid
[10:02:04] <aloyishis> Who is Ari?
[10:04:57] <FatPhil> An idiot troll who asks stupid questions
[10:05:52] <aloyishis> Why would that keep me from posting as AC? Don't understand.
[10:07:06] <FatPhil> That's because you're *exactly* as stupid as Ari is. How strange.
[10:08:55] <aloyishis> No help here, I guess.
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[10:19:54] <FatPhil> beyond help...
[11:06:56] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Ice Age Wolf DNA Reveals Dogs Trace Ancestry to Two Separate Wolf Populations [* AC Friendly *] - https://sylnt.us - research-that-is-for-the-dogs
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[12:04:35] <c0lo> Less and less fun on S/N. Still not having mod points and I still need to use a 143 password to post (too lazy too change back to something shorter, I want my fun cheap).
[12:08:16] <janrinok> c0lo - I will confess that I am far from being an expert on our Rehash code, but there is nothing that is show any kind of restriction upon your account.
[12:08:32] <janrinok> *is showing
[12:09:58] <c0lo> And you don't have perl-ers available to look for bugs or hardcoded restrictions. Don't need to apologize, jan, it is what it is.
[12:12:07] <inz> Perl is a lovely WORN language
[12:13:01] <janrinok> lol
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[14:49:44] <FatPhil> inz: I see the Finnish tourists are back in town: https://old.reddit.com That's about 300m from me.
[14:49:46] <systemd> ^ 03Moi moi
[14:50:13] <FatPhil> Glad she's enjoying the Estonian summer, and dressing appropriately.
[14:54:25] <c0lo> "A walrus was spotted last month off the Baltic coast of Germany and subsequently off the coast of Poland – the sighting may well be of the same animal as was seen in Liepaja, which some experts say may be a young female."
[15:00:14] <FatPhil> Liepaja used to be a nice place
[15:04:35] <janrinok> it still would be if somebody throws a blanket over them
[15:13:00] <progo> are we being racist against walruses now?
[15:17:12] <janrinok> only lesbian walruses, I think... but I confess to not following the discussion closely :)
[15:18:12] <FatPhil> the semiotics are more important than the words
[15:20:51] <FatPhil> Anyway, now you understand why I invested in the Estonian beer production scene - the plan is to sell it all to Finns and become rich enough to buy one beer in Finland.
[15:24:36] <janrinok> lol
[15:24:53] <janrinok> you'll never be _that_ rich!
[15:32:22] <SoyCow0980> a walrus in estonia is a gazelle in usa
[15:34:58] <FatPhil> That gazelle hasn't quite mastered the pronk.
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[16:43:48] <inz> FatPhil, you can keep them.
[16:45:31] <inz> The male looks disturbingly lot like a cousin of mine, would need zoom in and enhance to verify
[17:08:50] <Runaway1956> Yay - at long last, my sunflowers are blooming! Those suckers are over 7 feet high, should make huge flowers, but only now blooming
[17:09:19] <Runaway1956> The heat will probably kill them soon though, everything in the garden is drying up and turning yellow already
[18:11:06] <FatPhil> ahh, americans are cute.
[18:11:32] <FatPhil> there's one at the bar pontificating on how ukraine is self-harming for sympathy
[18:12:42] <FatPhil> I knew it would be good when I heard him mention "deep state"
[18:13:18] <FatPhil> even better - he's now on israel...
[18:13:54] <FatPhil> I can see the barstaff are rolling their eyes, as he's doing more talking than drinking
[18:14:09] <FatPhil> and spouting pure garbage
[18:15:34] <janrinok> Does he not realise that the Baltic states might view things a little differently - don't bother, it was rhetorical....
[18:16:01] <FatPhil> he probably thinks he's in the balkans right now
[18:16:36] <janrinok> of course, it begins with the same first syllable
[18:18:06] <janrinok> when you have made a bit more profit out of him, point him towards a Russian bar, they will not be sure what to do. Hate him for being an American or love him for what he is saying.
[18:46:24] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - NASA Restores Contact With CAPSTONE Spacecraft – Prepares for Trajectory Correction Maneuver - https://sylnt.us
[18:52:17] <drussell> Here's an EXPECTED disconnect... LOL :)
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[18:56:31] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - NASA Restores Contact With CAPSTONE Spacecraft – Prepares for Trajectory Correction Maneuver [* AC F - https://sylnt.us
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[19:16:47] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - The Cryptopocalypse is Nigh! NIST Rolls Out New Encryption Standards to Prepare [* AC Friendly *] - https://sylnt.us - details-of-algorithms
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[21:26:05] <Runaway1956> FatPhil has a poor attitude - he should be grateful that an American deigns to share the One True View with him.
[21:26:16] <Runaway1956> end sarcasm
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[22:06:10] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Why Are There So Many Programming Languages? - https://sylnt.us - agile-SNOBOL-FTW
[22:16:02] <FatPhil> janrinok: I know a few russkie bars around town, I could have pointed him in the direction of one or two. However, I realised what his point of weakness was, and he would have been killed had he gone to one. He was missing his pet weapons.
[22:16:53] <FatPhil> You go away for a couple of weeks, you miss your cats or dogs. Americans - they miss their AR-15s
[22:17:27] <FatPhil> So they talk up how much they love them and miss them, and we just have to put up and nod our heads.
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[23:33:10] <halibut> FatPhil: I saw your article about the Georgia Guidestones.
[23:34:00] <halibut> For those who are interested, John Oliver filmed a segment discussing it: https://www.youtube.com
[23:34:01] <systemd> ^ 03Rocks: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)
[23:34:52] <halibut> It takes a while to get to the guidestones, but, as promised, the journey is silly. There's a lot of the usual commentary about politicians.
[23:35:42] <halibut> In the part about the guidestones, though, I thought he made a pretty decent point that they are probably not the Satanic monument that many consider them to be, as mentioned in the earlier article.
[23:52:38] <ted-ious> Aren't they all rubble now?
[23:52:52] <ted-ious> Or are they being replaced?