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[00:36:42] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - A Crunching Multiverse to Solve Two Fundamental Physics Puzzles at Once - https://sylnt.us
[00:44:41] <chromas> 2 puzzles 1 cranch?
[00:56:46] <Bytram> Aye aye, cap'n!
[01:00:30] <Bytram> Fnord666: LOL! Maybe that helps explain our TOR (v2) traffic!?
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[03:39:06] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Windows 11 Frame Rate Stuttering Reported by Some Users with AMD CPUs - https://sylnt.us - trust-is-hard-won-and-easily-lost
[04:36:55] <progo> the freedom convoy has reached ottowa. I have no idea what's supposed to happen next.
[04:37:03] <progo> https://www.youtube.com
[04:37:04] <systemd> ^ 03🔴LIVE Canadian Freedom Convoy Rolling To Ottawa!!
[04:38:00] <Runaway1956> everyone gets arrested and jailed for not wearing a mask?
[04:38:09] <progo> not enough cops for that
[04:38:22] <Runaway1956> National Guard and army
[04:38:45] <Runaway1956> Besides, they can just nuke Ottawa
[04:40:48] <Runaway1956> Yay! The squirrel story was accepted!
[04:41:02] * Runaway1956 readies with Chipmunks videos
[04:42:02] <progo> yay for squirrels!
[04:42:12] <progo> is it about an impossible quasi-pet food heist?
[04:42:18] <progo> bird feeders?
[04:42:50] <Runaway1956> Nahhh, we're just going to replace astronuts with squirrels before sending it all to Mars
[04:42:59] <progo> save on food
[04:43:20] <Runaway1956> Ground squirrels, tree squirrels, bush squirrels, brown, red, you name it
[04:43:30] <Runaway1956> they terraform Mars, then we follow and take it over
[04:44:40] <progo> they should send ship after ship of thousands of kinds of microbial life to terraform mars
[04:44:59] <progo> and crash a water ice comet into the world
[04:45:08] <progo> and CO_2 too
[04:45:23] <progo> stir and let simmer for 10,000 years
[04:45:51] <Runaway1956> needs thousands of ice asteroids, unless it's a really super monster sized chunk of ice
[04:46:38] <Runaway1956> Need about as much water as we have in the Pacific, minimum
[04:46:53] <progo> https://en.wikipedia.org(dwarf_planet) ?
[04:46:54] <systemd> ^ 03Ceres (dwarf planet) - Wikipedia
[04:46:55] <progo> :^)
[04:46:58] <progo> BOOM!
[04:47:13] <progo> Ceres is like 30% water
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[07:13:55] <aristarchus> Wow! Look at that! Not banned! Amazing.
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[07:40:21] <aristarchus> From janrinok, about Runaway: "He was mod banned. His ban has now lapsed.". Why? you do not seriously believe he as stopped?
[07:46:02] <aristarchus> And the requisite: Due to excessive bad posting from this IP or Subnet, comment posting has temporarily been disabled. If it's you, consider this a chance to sit in the timeout corner. If it's someone else, this is a chance to hunt them down. If you think this is unfair, please email admin@soylentnews.org with your MD5'd IPID and SubnetID, which are "025
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[07:49:04] <aristarchus> Oh, boy. Here we go!
[07:55:15] <aristarchus> janrinok, if you are going to respond to me, be aware that you mob has rendered my unable to reply by comment, if that was and not some other AC (for the last time, you idiot, ACs are not sockpuppets, even when they are registered users posting anonymously. Sometimes I wonder if you know what SN was supposed to be.
[07:55:58] <aristarchus> To wit: Due to excessive bad posting from this IP or Subnet, comment posting has temporarily been disabled. If it's you, consider this a chance to sit in the timeout corner. If it's someone else, this is a chance to hunt them down. If you think this is unfair, please email admin@soylentnews.org with your MD5'd IPID and SubnetID, which are "025962523ab02abcccc
[07:56:21] <runaway185x> What is going on here?
[07:59:38] <aristarchus> Responding to me here, however, is dependant upon you being confident that aristarchus in IRC is identical to logged in aristarchus, which is iffy, since the Runaway theft of the aristarchus nick here a while ago.
[08:17:43] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - The Prequel App is Yassifying Our Selfies Into Hot Cartoons - https://sylnt.us - try-it-on-Foghorn-Leghorn
[08:21:55] <runaway185x> Oh, that.
[08:23:04] <janrinok> 1. Runaway received a 3 month ban as a first time offence of moderation abuse. He has finished that ban.
[08:24:59] <aristarchus> And for the confessed 1024 sockpuppets?
[08:25:25] <janrinok> 2. I do not know which IP you are using so I cannot tell you why the server - NOT STAFF - is refusing the connection. So complaining about it is pointless. It is not an action that any staff are taking. It is an IP that is flagged as distributing Spam, wares or DDoS attacks. The server MUST NOT connect to it. Pay for a decent VPN.
[08:27:04] <janrinok> However, with your karma currently at -11 you are below the threshold for Spam and any other limit that we have ever imposed. Wait until you karma picks up. You put it there, not me.
[08:27:45] <janrinok> I do not know enough about how the code should react to that level of karma - and nobody else here does either.
[08:28:32] <aristarchus> You contributed, you coordinated, you gloated. You are guilty, janrinok, you censored me! The Gods of free speech will not recieve you kindly.
[08:28:50] <janrinok> confessed 1024 sock puppets - he was taking the piss out of you and you continue to fall for it. We haven't even got 1024 active accounts at the moment.
[08:29:38] <janrinok> I did none of the things that you have just claimed. The community have had enough.
[08:31:11] <aristarchus> And, as I patiently explained to you, if an IP is banned by Spamhaus or DroneDL, it would be rejected initially. As with our MAGA AC, who was complaining about being banned, he got enough posts in, to be banned for "bad posting", as SN puts it, which means that it was not the IP that was banned, for your alleged reasons, it was banned because of the shitposting of the AC, which means SN banned the IP. No other explanation is possible. Maybe we
[08:32:52] <aristarchus> Who said, "active accounts". Sockpuppets in waiting. Kind of like that Mandalorian episode with the black robots.
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[08:35:07] <drussell> Dude, saying the same things over and over again, doing the same shtick is not going to get you a different result...
[08:35:34] <drussell> Oh well, he's gone...
[08:35:42] <runaway185x> Where was this said before?
[08:36:06] <runaway185x> And what if he is right?
[08:36:08] <chromas> nopel he's still here
[08:36:14] <janrinok> I can see every account that has ever been created. You imagined sock puppets do not exist. Lots of adverts for drugs and sex, double glazing, plumbing, holiday, sex, house repairs and did I mention sex?
[08:36:39] <chromas> yeah you mentioned the double glazing
[08:36:49] <janrinok> sorry, got carried away
[08:37:06] <runaway185x> Sounds like the spam journals! Was interesting when takyon posted a link to all of them!
[08:37:39] <janrinok> And inactive sock puppets worry me far less than the ones that are active today - but they do not belong to who you claim they do.
[08:38:04] <runaway185x> What does that have to do with the "Due to excessive bad posting from this IP or Subnet" message?
[08:38:39] <janrinok> it is a response to the claim of a 1024 strong sock puppet army
[08:39:28] <runaway185x> Don't see the connection. Exfoliate?
[08:40:38] <janrinok> When your karma goes down to -13 (-11 today) I have got no idea what the software in the database will do. If the IP is flagged (as I have told you so many times - yeah I know "you are not Ari") as being a source of wares, SPAM or DDoS attacks the server will not even connect to it.
[08:41:16] <janrinok> 'Don't see the connection' - exactly! there will not be one.
[08:41:34] <drussell> How quickly does -karma naturally "regenerate" anyway?
[08:41:49] <janrinok> it has gone up 2 points in the last 24 hours
[08:42:05] <janrinok> don't know if that is a standard rate
[08:42:49] <drussell> I was thinking it might be something like 1 per day, seemed plausible, but I've never looked at any of the code... :)
[08:43:16] <runaway185x> Nobody knows how the site software works? This leaves me somewhat less confident in your actions to ban someone.
[08:43:24] <janrinok> Neither have I because I'm too busy
[08:43:31] <drussell> I did download it and start installing it one time back when SN first started but never hadthe time to experiment with it, so I still know virtually nothing about site operations... lol
[08:43:33] <janrinok> runaway185x, so leave
[08:44:25] <drussell> I simply can't fathom what ari's endgame is anymore...
[08:44:36] <janrinok> you have to go back to a very old version so Apache to get it to work
[08:44:43] <FatPhil> death through autoerotic aesphyxiation?
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[08:44:54] <janrinok> just to grind us down.
[08:45:13] <drussell> There seems to be nothing that would potentially ever satisfy you anymore, there aristarchus...
[08:45:46] <drussell> You insist on being a complete tool, then complain when there are repercussions for your actions.
[08:46:09] <aristarchus> Poor janrinok! Hey, saw you friended me, after I foe'd you, and I thought, "that's my move!" Imitation is the highest form of flattery!
[08:46:27] <aristarchus> drussell, you are an ass.
[08:46:43] <janrinok> you can take it as that if you wish - it wasn't the reason I did it
[08:47:04] <runaway185x> So who is the victim, here?
[08:47:18] <janrinok> who said there is a victim?
[08:47:44] <FatPhil> Eventually we'll run out of peanuts, but not yet, and we can get more.
[08:47:44] <aristarchus> drussell? He die.
[08:47:56] <janrinok> more threats Ari?
[08:48:38] <aristarchus> I have been shadowbanned? Oh the horror!
[08:48:39] <drussell> I'm an ass because you have some sort of victimhood complex? Alright...
[08:49:10] <aristarchus> He did, that is what I meant. And yes, drussell, you are.
[08:49:30] <drussell> You're only a victim of your own asshattery, friend... lol
[08:49:47] <runaway185x> Why is everyone so angry? Not pleasant to witness.
[08:50:03] <janrinok> who said I am angry?
[08:50:04] <drussell> Only you're angry, ari.
[08:50:10] <drussell> Everyone else is fine :)
[08:50:33] <runaway185x> Respond to me, if you want to respond to me.
[08:50:51] <janrinok> but if that is the best of intelligent conversation on here today - I've got better things to do
[08:51:15] <drussell> You fancy yourself some sort of freedom fighter, protector of free speech, but "free speech" isn
[08:51:27] <aristarchus> I am not angry. This is the normal condition for aristarchus on SN, since the TMB incident in 2017.
[08:51:36] <drussell> isn't what you think it is. You cannot just go around saying anything you want wherever you want with no repercussions.
[08:51:46] <FatPhil> Which "Flame Warrior" is he? I presume you know the Flame Warriors?
[08:52:18] <aristarchus> Sure I can, you witless twat! (Hey, I learn from FatPhil!)
[08:52:23] <drussell> You have the right to opine your opinion but others don't have to agree with you and praise you for your opinions
[08:52:49] <aristarchus> Now you are just being silly.
[08:53:15] <drussell> Derailing every discussion with your perveived persecution has become tiresome for most
[08:53:26] <runaway185x> Point is not expressing. Point is censorship?
[08:53:40] <drussell> Being modded down for being an asshat isn't censorship.
[08:54:03] <aristarchus> What is tiresome for idiots like you is of no concern to me, drussell! Sorry!
[08:54:07] <drussell> Anyone browsing at -1 can still see your diatribes. Nothing is censored.
[08:54:40] <drussell> I no longer believe anything would ever satisfy you...
[08:55:22] <aristarchus> Except I can no longer post as AC, I can no longer post as me, and I can no longer post a journal where anyone can see it, and all my submissions will be rejected, but that is old school.
[08:55:41] <drussell> You just had a submission accepted the other day... Try again.
[08:56:09] <aristarchus> Still hitting about 8% acceptance.
[08:56:29] <aristarchus> Guilt acceptences do not really count.
[08:56:47] <drussell> Submit quality submissions, they'll be accepted. Submit crap and they're rightly rejected. As it should be.
[08:57:18] <drussell> You'll be able to post as you again once your karma recovers. try again.
[08:57:47] <drussell> You can post as AC anytime you want, just not through whatever bogus VPN you're trying to use. As it should be. try again.
[08:57:49] <aristarchus> Circular reasoning, you mean, submit no submissions critical of alt-right crazies.
[08:58:46] <aristarchus> Number of outlets, TOR or not, is dwindling as SoylentNews attempts to ban any and all criticism of our current regime.
[08:58:50] <drussell> You're free to refute the alt-right crazies. That would be great, they're out of control... It's the material you choose and the methods you use that don't work, my friend...
[08:58:54] <drussell> How do you not see this?
[08:59:34] <aristarchus> Check my history. You have no idea what you are talking about.
[08:59:51] <aristarchus> You would be my friend, if you knew.
[09:00:02] <drussell> It's not "SN" out to get you... You bring this upon yourself.
[09:00:09] <runaway185x> Um, what is Alt-right?
[09:00:43] <drussell> People drowning in alternative facts, for the most part...
[09:01:00] <drussell> "alternative facts" LOL gotta love it... :)
[09:01:24] <aristarchus> And some do not like it when someone like myself exposed them for it.
[09:02:03] <drussell> What, pray tell, would theoretically satisfy you, there, ari?
[09:02:25] <drussell> That's not why your karma is at -11
[09:02:51] <aristarchus> Rational debate over issues scientific and social? That is all I want.
[09:03:06] <drussell> Refuting the right wing crazies is fine. In fact that's pretty much a public service, but that's not why your karma is at -11
[09:03:22] <drussell> Yet you refuse to engage in rational debate!
[09:03:32] <aristarchus> If you want an example, consider my journals on CRT, mostly from rejected submissions.
[09:04:10] <aristarchus> All rational debate, all the time, with some deserved mockery. But pissed off some right wing sockpuppets.
[09:04:12] <drussell> Why would you go to the polkit discussion and post the IP ban shtick AGAIN?
[09:04:40] <aristarchus> No other avenue open, right now.
[09:04:48] -!- AzumaHazuki has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[09:04:53] <drussell> I know you THINK it's all right wing sockpuppets modding you down, but I don't believe that's true.
[09:05:12] <drussell> You had a whole journal devoted to the topic, FFS!
[09:05:28] <aristarchus> Who else is pushing the "CRT is reverse racism" schtick?
[09:05:29] <drussell> WHY would you go and do PRECISELY what everyone is annoyed with you for doing?
[09:06:22] <aristarchus> We need to resolve the issue, and finish the rational debate, and expose the crazies for what they are? Not good, eh?
[09:06:55] -!- runaway185x has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[09:07:17] <drussell> I wasted a bunch of mod points over a couple of days trying to mod you up on anything I thought was even remotely unfair, as did several other people, as noted in your journal... and what do you do? Go back and shitpost all over other discussions AGAIN
[09:07:27] <drussell> WE need to resolve WHAT issue?
[09:07:44] <drussell> Your persecution victimhood complex?
[09:08:02] <drussell> That's on you, dude... WE can't fix you.
[09:08:08] <aristarchus> What would you have done in my position? Anything different, besides just leaving?
[09:08:46] <FatPhil> you fail to realise - you are part of "the crazies"
[09:08:51] <drussell> For one thing, I wouldn't have gone right back to the next topic and complain about being oppressed...
[09:09:15] <drussell> Indeed. Not an alt-right crazy, but one of the crazies, indeed!
[09:09:39] <aristarchus> This is what happens, "dog pile on the aristarchus", and no one bothers to even listen to what I am saying. Mostly I am saying FatPhil is a Pommey bastard.
[09:10:37] <chromas> unlike the alt-right, aristarchus is actually here
[09:10:45] <drussell> Like I said in your journal... If you didn't constantly troll, you wouldn't be called out for being a troll. If you didn't lob lit torches EVERY FREAKIN TIME, you wouldn't get all the RIGHTLY DESERVED flamebait mods...
[09:11:22] <aristarchus> The eds have let rightwing propaganda slip through onto the front page , partly out of ignorance, and the censor left views on a regular basis. Ask gweg.
[09:11:59] <aristarchus> chromas is our alt-right. He is kind of like antifa, does not actually exist.
[09:12:19] <drussell> That's part of the problem. You're one of the ones that seems to feel the need to inject politics into every dang conversation...
[09:12:22] <chromas> so you're saying the alt-right doesn't exist
[09:12:53] <aristarchus> Right, non-existent chromas! You nazi, you!
[09:13:24] <drussell> If you kept your political rants to your journal instead of flaming every discussion, then complaining about how you feel you're opressed in every discussion, you'd have no issues...
[09:13:49] <drussell> But I now highly suspect you know all this, but are being deliberately obtuse...
[09:13:57] <aristarchus> And, drussell, you said it right there: "wasted mod points"? What does that even mean?
[09:14:37] <drussell> I used to just pretty much ignore you. I don't downmod you, but I wouldn't generally upmod you either unless it was something particularly insightful, but that's become exceedingly rare.
[09:15:00] <aristarchus> Started with TMB, recommending to the Eds that a submission of mine be rejected because it was critical of conservatives.
[09:15:30] <drussell> You're being just as obtuse as the right wing crazies.... Just in a different direction.
[09:16:14] <drussell> Most of your submissions are terrible (at least from what I've seen from your "woe-is-me, my submissions were rejected" journals)
[09:16:21] <aristarchus> I am the author of a rejected post, the writer of a hidden journal, and I will have my vengeance, in this internet, or the next!
[09:16:33] <drussell> Your journal isn't hidden.
[09:16:45] <aristarchus> Can you find it?
[09:16:51] <drussell> It just isn't currently highlighted in the slashbox on the front page.
[09:16:52] <aristarchus> Most cannot.
[09:16:53] <drussell> Sure.
[09:17:09] <drussell> I just read all the latest comments on your latest journal a couple hours ago.
[09:17:38] <drussell> Anyone who wishes to pull it up, can.
[09:17:39] <chromas> Did your eyes get stuck in the rolling position?
[09:18:07] <aristarchus> Anyone who knows that it used to be on the frontpage, you mean.
[09:18:28] <drussell> You think that just because you don't have your name in neon lights in the "journals" slashbox that means you don't exist?!
[09:18:49] <drussell> People know who you are.
[09:18:59] <drussell> If they want to pull up your profile, they can and will.
[09:19:04] <chromas> Unfortunately for them
[09:19:35] <aristarchus> chromas' profile is yucky.
[09:20:29] <aristarchus> Takyon's is much better. Why does takyon always post a journal immediately after one of Runaways' MurderDeathKill journals? To regular to be chance.
[09:23:21] <aristarchus> And nice, FatPhil, posting lies. I happen to know the only support you have is those who get free pints at your brewpub!
[09:26:48] <aristarchus> Everyone is tired, now?
[09:27:27] * FatPhil recommends a free pint of calpol for the whiny little child
[09:27:31] <drussell> Probably just waiting for anything that deserves a reply... ;)
[09:28:58] <aristarchus> I will not go and friend you, drussell, for your previous contributions to defending free speech on SoylentNews.
[09:29:54] <aristarchus> Wait, I am too banned to be able to friend? Guess I will find out.
[09:31:06] <aristarchus> Oh, no, did admin change my password agian? Only TMB was nasty enough to do that.
[09:31:37] <drussell> Again... You're NOT banned. Your ability to post is in "time-out" due to your own actions.
[09:31:56] <drussell> The system is working perfectly, IMHO...
[09:33:58] <aristarchus> Pretty close to being banned! Can't even counterpost to FatPhil's lies, or janrinok's mendacities!
[09:33:58] <drussell> A proactive aristarchus would use this period for contemplative reflection, perhaps go find some non-political, interesting, topical, perhaps science/tech related stories and make some quality submissions...
[09:34:19] <drussell> Oh, instead, you lob torches. Ok.
[09:34:50] <aristarchus> Been there, done that, seven years ago. Why do you think it would suddenly start working now?
[09:37:22] <aristarchus> Janrinok, as to your comment that I am barred from replying to, it is bad from to quote someone only partially, to make it seem that they were saying something they did not.
[09:37:51] <aristarchus> Bad form, but as a Brit, you already recognized the typo.
[09:38:41] <drussell> It works fine for everyone else. I've been here pretty much the whole time you have, I think we probably joined SN the same day... I've seen your character arc.
[09:42:49] <aristarchus> Oh, just realized I am arguing with a Canadian! Eh? No wonder you think I am not polite enough!
[09:43:47] <drussell> You do realize that the US is not the centre of the universe, right? :) 94% of the world is NOT the USA... and most of us think most of you are nuts
[09:43:56] <aristarchus> One of the best comments in my recent journal: "This place is full of erudite narrators and omniscient translators."
[09:44:10] <aristarchus> But, I am not American.
[09:44:28] <drussell> You sure sound like one
[09:44:37] <aristarchus> So do you.
[09:45:04] <aristarchus> Are we done with the insults, or do we need to bring chromas in? \
[09:45:38] <drussell> I've made no insults.
[09:46:11] <drussell> You've repeatedly insult the staff here, though...
[09:46:55] <drussell> Well, other than accusing you of being American, I suppose... :) sorry
[09:47:35] <drussell> Why are you so fixated on US politics then?
[09:49:35] <drussell> "Quick test to see if I can edit my hidden journal! Cannot post to it, or anywhere. Not sure if I am still able to make aristarchus submissions, but even if I can, most likely they will be censored as well. This may well be the end of SoylentNews!"
[09:49:43] <drussell> Hyperbole much?
[09:49:59] <drussell> You journal is not hidden. It's just not promoted...
[09:50:24] <drussell> You cannot post because you dug yourself a hole which you must now wait to get out of...
[09:50:55] <drussell> You're not CENSORED, even when one of your submissions is not accepted for publication.
[09:51:09] <drussell> Your perception of persecution will not be the end of SN.
[09:51:18] <drussell> Why must you always be so disingenuous?
[09:51:39] <aristarchus> Not just, there are a couple of Canadians on the loonie alt-right, like the Proud Bois founder, Gavin McInnes. And the white supremacists banned entry into Australia.
[09:52:38] <aristarchus> Not my perception, the world's preception. Someone just posted in IRC that we are #3 on the Dark Web for nasty stuff!
[09:54:27] <aristarchus> And, can't get out if I can't post to get upmods, cannot sub to get points, and no one except friends will know if I post a new journal (added you drussel!)
[09:55:03] <drussell> Your karma will automatically regenerate.
[09:55:49] <aristarchus> Given Janrinok's previous demostration of understanding of the karma system, that is highly unlikely.
[09:55:53] <drussell> You're just going to have to wait a few days for it to go up enough to post again, but then you'll probably just go and mess it up again and complain.
[09:56:08] <aristarchus> Why wait?
[09:57:11] <drussell> So it has time to regenerate enough to pass the "cannot post" threshold...
[09:57:43] <drussell> Free speech does not mean no ramifications.
[09:58:11] <drussell> You can say whatever you please, but others do not have to give you koodo cookies for it.
[10:00:20] <aristarchus> Regenerate? I have no faith in that. When I was mod-banned, and the admin found there was no reason for it, they rescinded it, but then mod-banned me again within five days, initially until 2032.
[10:00:58] <drussell> Yes.. Negative karma automatically evaporates over time.
[10:01:26] <aristarchus> That seemed excessive to some, so they tried to follow the rules they were making up. So, six months. I have no doubt that when that expires, they will find reason to ban me for a year, or more.
[10:01:52] <FatPhil> each time you break the rules the punishment increases
[10:02:04] <FatPhil> you're the one breaking the rules and bringing on more punishment each time
[10:02:06] <drussell> If you weren't playing games you wouldn't have been modbanned in the first place! (facepalm)
[10:02:35] <aristarchus> Really, may sound like I am whining, but, you know, it might be justified. No evidence has ever been presented that I broke any rules.
[10:02:56] <FatPhil> you sound like you're whining because you're whining
[10:03:10] <drussell> What would satisfy you, aristarchus? Special anointment with permanent +50 karma?
[10:03:15] <aristarchus> Yes, if I wasn't guilty, why am I being punished? Good question.
[10:03:35] <FatPhil> Do you want us to dox your AC posts that you self-upmod?
[10:03:36] <drussell> So you can just do and say whatever you want and me immune to moderation?
[10:03:50] <drussell> and be immune
[10:04:39] <aristarchus> Fair treatment is all I ask. Moderation here has not been fair. I have had no say for three quarters of a year. And there has been collusion.
[10:04:57] <drussell> Oh, I think it has been more than fair.
[10:05:08] <FatPhil> indeed, you got punished for collusion
[10:05:44] <drussell> Your own journal says you were recently at +50 karma. You're the one who squandered that with your own shitposting. It's not a conspiracy to silence you.
[10:06:32] <aristarchus> FatPhil, you are such an idiot. Given your past success rate at identifying aristarchus AC posts, you will fail. You think that just because I upmodded someone, 9 months ago, that they are my sockpuppet? Absurd.
[10:07:24] <t3> if you made a principled stand against moderation in general, I would agree
[10:07:37] <t3> a principle of not moderating aristarchus isn't all that interesting tho
[10:08:08] <aristarchus> And, ACs are not, and cannot be, sockpuppets, because again they cannot gain karma, and so this is really a ridiculous accusation.
[10:10:08] <aristarchus> I have said in the past that many take down-modding too personally. Evidently, I do not. Only when manipulating karma is a method of banning and censorship do I have a problem with it.
[10:10:32] <t3> if it's censorship, it's obviously not effective
[10:10:52] <aristarchus> I am not like the "Lark" AC, who ran into downmodding on a temporary basis.
[10:11:19] <drussell> There really isn't even such a thing as censorship on SN. Anyone is free to read ALL comments, even those with a score of -1
[10:12:05] <drussell> ... and AGAIN... you are NOT banned!
[10:12:07] <aristarchus> t3, obviously you have not seen the justifiably banned EF, who still does drive-by anti-semitism in IRC, and less so in the comments. Don't want to have to "be that guy".
[10:12:24] <t3> I don't even have moderation or post-scores enabled, browse at -1
[10:12:45] <t3> nobody is censored
[10:12:53] <drussell> You had some repeated temper tantrums, got a time-out... That is NOT being banned.
[10:12:57] <aristarchus> For all practical purposed: banned. I can see FatPhil's ichy finger ready to kick me from here, as well.
[10:13:22] <aristarchus> t3, can YOU find my journal?
[10:13:22] <drussell> Saying something over and over again does not actually make it true.
[10:13:40] <t3> I don't care to swim in your cesspool
[10:13:52] <drussell> It is not difficult to type "https://soylentnews.org/~aristarchus"
[10:13:53] <systemd> ^ 03- SoylentNews User
[10:14:00] <aristarchus> Listen, drussell, giving you reasoned argument here.
[10:15:20] <drussell> And others have reasoned rebuttals. The fact that you still believe that you're just the whipping boy and always the poor victim is the issue. It is simply not true.
[10:15:54] <drussell> Your own actions are what have brought you to this place
[10:16:27] <aristarchus> You can say whatever you like. Does not make it so. You are being duped, cornswaggled, bamboozled.
[10:16:48] <drussell> Now, say that again into the mirror
[10:17:08] <FatPhil> you mean "I am desperate for FatPhil to kick me from here". Tough shit, Ari, I'm not going to play a role in your victimisation fantasy.
[10:17:26] <aristarchus> Have you even, before now, searched for a journal that was not in the slashbox on the front page? Never? Censorship.
[10:18:04] <FatPhil> I see your journal here: https://soylentnews.org
[10:18:05] <systemd> ^ 03SoylentNews Journal System
[10:18:07] <drussell> Yes. If there is much journal activity a discussion can easily scroll off the slashbox while there is still active discussion.
[10:18:08] <aristarchus> C'mon, FatPhil! Be a Man! Be a good Nazi, and shut this Trotskite up!
[10:18:11] <t3> if you were actually being censored, aristarchus, why would complaining to the censors help you? This whole charade is just tiresome
[10:18:32] <FatPhil> I see your journal here: https://soylentnews.org
[10:18:34] <systemd> ^ 03aristarchus - SoylentNews User
[10:18:59] <aristarchus> To whom am I to complain, t3? To Santa?
[10:20:11] <FatPhil> So you're having nazi-based victimisation fantasies now - you and Eth should get a room.
[10:20:18] <t3> why complain at all whe it's ineffectual?
[10:20:33] <drussell> Complain about what? Your perception of being persecuted relentlessly? Of being a permanent victim of your own made-up fantasies?
[10:20:40] <aristarchus> Nothing important going on here in IRC, anyway.
[10:20:52] <FatPhil> it's ineffectual because the things he's complaining about are complete fantasies. That's the root of the problem.
[10:22:34] <aristarchus> I like to modify the quote of Marcus Aurelius, from "Gladiator"
[10:22:56] <drussell> Doing things like derailing discussions by repeatedly cut-and-paste posting about how the IP you're using not being allowed to post at the time, etc. is not going to ingratiate yourself to other users...
[10:23:00] <aristarchus> "There was a dream that was SoylentNews. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish, it was so fragile."
[10:23:40] <drussell> You're the one being a fragile victim snowflake, not SN.
[10:23:54] <aristarchus> Let's talk about whales, drussell. Not me derailing discussions.
[10:24:23] <drussell> :facepalm:
[10:24:58] <aristarchus> What, you did not read the story about whales, and the throat plug? And you dare accuse me?
[10:25:42] <drussell> "Whatabout whatabout WHATABOUT" much?
[10:25:43] <aristarchus> Don't hold me to an imaginary standard so that you can burn me at the stake, please.
[10:26:12] <aristarchus> OK, that's it, you have become deranged. Goodbye.
[10:30:19] <FatPhil> shades of "everyone's mad but me"
[10:32:10] <drussell> Heh... I just looked up ari's submisions since he was just complaining about how they're "always" rejected... 36 of his last 41 submissions were published to the main page. LOL
[10:36:05] <drussell> Seems to be a textbook case of victimhood complex / victim mentality... https://en.wikipedia.org
[10:36:06] <systemd> ^ 03Victim mentality - Wikipedia
[10:40:16] <drussell> https://www.thoughtco.com
[10:40:16] <systemd> ^ 03Living With a Victim Complex
[10:41:43] <drussell> Perhaps it's still not all just intentional disingenuous trolling... Ari may well be suffering from a real mental health issue and should probably seek professional assistance...
[10:42:03] <drussell> I say that not as an insult, rather as genuine concern for a fellow human being...
[10:44:36] <aristarchus> Due to excessive bad posting from this IP or Subnet, comment posting has temporarily been disabled. If it's you, consider this a chance to sit in the timeout corner. If it's someone else, this is a chance to hunt them down. If you think this is unfair, please email admin@soylentnews.org with your MD5'd IPID and SubnetID, which are "1abcdefghi02e8585abcdefaeed0c6660b060d" and "g1cdefghij8ff26peedmypants4b71cc7fa2" and (optionally, but preferably) y
[10:45:49] <aristarchus> Your acceptance count is way off, I get 13% of the most recent 250, 1% of the 250 before that. Save your pity.
[10:46:38] <janrinok> It tells you why you cannot post in the first sentence. Read it. You will have to wait for your karma to recover.
[10:48:06] <janrinok> if you obscure the data then we cannot resolve anything.
[10:49:44] <aristarchus> OK, that's it, you have become deranged. Goodbye.
[10:51:10] <janrinok> Of course, that's it, I am mad. Bye
[10:52:20] * janrinok wonders how he is going to sort this mess out without help, other than waiting for his karma to recover and the 'excessive bad posting' to time out.
[11:12:20] -!- aristarchus has quit []
[11:32:55] -!- inky has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[12:15:17] <FatPhil> inz: what are the pub opening restrictions in .fi presently? We're thinking of popping over next month or march, but we'll only do it if we can do our usual beer hunting madness.
[12:19:19] <inz> FP, currently 5-18 (liquid happiness served only 9-17)
[12:19:51] <inz> But there are some plans to loosen them, but nothing concrete yet
[12:43:35] <FatPhil> ta!
[12:44:36] <FatPhil> we can normally find ~30 new beers in alko, so we can keep ourselves entertained in the hotel for a couple of evenings.
[12:45:03] <FatPhil> probably 10 or more in the supermarkets too
[12:45:52] <FatPhil> Looking at your graphs, the rules appear to have not had any positive effect at all. Colour me shocked.
[12:46:32] <inz> indeed.
[12:50:22] <t3> scp queues files really strangely, overall inclining towards incremental but not anywhere near as sequential as would be expected
[12:53:13] <inz> I would assume that it uses whatever order they're on disc
[12:53:41] <inz> (i.e. in which order readdir() gives them)
[12:57:04] <inz> ((or ftw() if they use that for recursive things, but same result))
[12:59:53] -!- inky [inky!~inky@45.153.wow.ljg] has joined #soylent
[13:06:28] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Microsoft Azure Customer Hit by Largest 3.47 Tbps DDoS Attack - https://sylnt.us
[13:12:02] <inz> (((yes, at least openssh's scp uses readdir() without any sorting, depth-first)))
[13:19:43] -!- inky has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[13:27:34] -!- inky [inky!~inky@sti-tnvf-xpmi1.karabyte.org] has joined #soylent
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[13:40:49] <FatPhil> technically, there's no such thing as the "order they're on disk" for some filesystem types. Except as a tautological "the order in which readdir() will retrieve them".
[13:41:28] <FatPhil> ah, you say that yourself on the next line!
[13:44:41] <inz> Well, yeah, I was assuming ext FS, and with order on disk the order the entries are listed in the directory inode
[13:45:15] <inz> The actual contents of the files may be far and wide
[13:58:28] <t3> I guess I use shell globbing so much I tricked myself into thinking that was how the programs worked
[14:01:46] <t3> everything except ls
[14:02:16] <FatPhil> yeah, ext2 is linear in its directory structure, there's a start, and an index to next, just follow that in order
[14:10:09] <inz> glob() sorts results by default (according to POSIX), I guess most shells just use the defaults when globbing
[14:13:28] -!- inky [inky!~inky@0.tor-exit.neelc.org] has joined #soylent
[14:22:25] <Runaway1956> Anyone shopping for a new phone? https://www.pinterest.com
[14:22:39] <Runaway1956> forgive the crap URL
[15:26:55] -!- inky has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[15:46:07] <FatPhil> not forgiven
[15:46:25] * Runaway1956 sits in corner and sulks
[15:58:38] -!- inky [inky!~inky@81.17.gy.jo] has joined #soylent
[17:01:36] <FatPhil> I'm not sure where the idea that metal is a teenage male thing came from. 70% of the humans at this heavy metal bar are female.
[17:46:59] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Surveys With Repetitive Questions Yield Bad Data, Study Finds - https://sylnt.us - Are-we-there-yet?-Are-we-there-yet?-Are-we-there-yet?-Are-we-there-yet?-Are-we-there-yet?-GIGO
[18:01:36] <chromas> FatPhil: Female? Or 'female'?
[18:18:22] <Runaway1956> FatPhil - are you sure they are all human? Don't forget about the lizard people, aliens, undead such as the vampires, and assorted cryptids
[18:19:04] <Runaway1956> FatPhil may have been the only human in the audience - and we can't be certain that FP is even human!
[18:22:20] <drussell> "metal" chicks are made of mostly danger!
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[20:25:36] -!- mode/#soylent [+v Deucalion] by Imogen
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[21:02:47] -!- xuser [xuser!~xuser@154.21.nv.nqn] has joined #soylent
[21:28:32] <halibut> Reading the last 12 hours or so of backlog, apropos of nothing, I am reminded of: https://xkcd.com
[21:28:33] <systemd> ^ 03Free Speech
[21:29:15] <halibut> Bruce Schneier has some interesting opinions, too, although they are a bit more focused towards a personal page instead of a community page: https://www.schneier.com
[21:29:16] <systemd> ^ 03Commenting Policy for This Blog - Schneier on Security
[21:29:29] <halibut> Quote: I like people who disagree with me. I like debate. I even like arguments. But I expect everyone to behave as if they’ve been invited into my home.
[21:29:43] <halibut> Quote: Everyone is expected to be polite and respectful, and if you’re an unpleasant guest, I’m going to ask you to leave. Your freedom of speech does not compel me to publish your words.
[21:31:30] <drussell> Yup... xkcd #1357 is right on point. +1 Touche
[21:31:46] <drussell> halibut++
[21:31:46] <Bender> karma - halibut: 19
[21:32:25] <halibut> Still, I agree with you that there may be some health issues involved. I am not qualified to deal with those, but I suspect any feelings of persecution are probably amplified by anybody who appears to be poking fun at or directly contradicting the person feeling persecuted.
[21:32:40] <drussell> Indeed.
[21:32:56] <halibut> I have no idea what that would be like, or how to help with or even deal with that.
[21:33:19] <drussell> Nor do I.
[21:34:29] <halibut> I do really like the quote from the XKCD title text, though: Defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express.
[21:35:06] <drussell> Yep! Randall is right on point with that one, I couldn't have said it better myself.
[21:36:41] <halibut> I tend to overapply it to an almost humorous extent. Say I walk up to somebody and say, ``Hello.'' If they were to ask me why I did that, the best I can come up with (sort of), in order, is: 1) Because I felt like it, and 2) It's allowed. So, really, I'm only one step away from that.
[21:38:19] <halibut> For somebody who draws almost entirely stick figures(*), Randall is remarkably eloquent. (*) Randall does appear to be quite good at drawing when going beyond mere stick figures; it does happen every now and then.
[21:42:22] <halibut> Speaking of XKCD, is anybody intrigued by the post-countdown animation taking place in the upper right of the XKCD page? There is a discussion of it at https://www.explainxkcd.com
[21:42:22] <systemd> ^ 03Countdown in header text - explain xkcd
[21:42:40] <halibut> Also, the individual frames of the animation at: https://www.explainxkcd.com
[21:42:41] <systemd> ^ 03Countdown in header text/images - explain xkcd
[22:01:07] -!- xuser has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[22:16:24] -!- SoyCow0751 [SoyCow0751!~1769adb2@23.105.yts.rkz] has joined #soylent
[22:16:43] <SoyCow0751> Sweet, word on the street is that an American freedom convoy is in the works.
[22:16:56] <SoyCow0751> Of course, Jews will try to use it as a false-flag.
[22:17:13] <SoyCow0751> Feds will join in, flying Confederate flags
[22:17:23] <SoyCow0751> The Jewish media will blame it on the Russians.
[22:18:07] <SoyCow0751> What truckers should do either way, is stop delivering goods to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City
[22:18:25] <SoyCow0751> That would be the easiest way to win without alienating everybody else.
[22:18:53] <SoyCow0751> Of course, there would be a potentially dangerous side-effect if that were to happen: It would push all the rats living in those cities elsewhere.
[22:19:07] <SoyCow0751> And we want Judeo-Globalists to stay in their own goddamn hives.
[22:19:43] <SoyCow0751> I wouldn't be surprised if Mossad snipers actually tried a Euromaidan-style false flag and shoot into crowds of civilians.
[22:20:16] <SoyCow0751> The International Jew, headquartered in Ukraine, has experience with those matters.
[22:20:19] -!- SoyCow0751 has quit [Client Quit]
[22:38:58] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Wintering Squirrels Can Teach Astronauts: Hibernating Ground Squirrels Burn Almost No Energy - https://sylnt.us - Squirrels-in-space!