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[00:29:07] <SoyCow4859> Howdyho Negrinos!
[00:29:33] <SoyCow4859> Fuck Judeo-Bolshevism. Fuck Zionism.
[00:29:52] <SoyCow4859> Not getting your swab, not getting your jab.
[00:30:10] <SoyCow4859> Not eating the bugs, nor will I live in the pods.
[00:31:23] <SoyCow4859> Fighting in support of American populism, fuck Judeo-corporatism fighting for Sino-Dominance.
[00:32:35] <SoyCow4859> Yhoods gonna be in big deep trouble once the vaxx hoaxes are mainstreamed.
[00:33:26] <SoyCow4859> Big deep trouble!
[00:33:36] <SoyCow4859> exit
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[00:46:42] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Microsoft Azure Fends Off Huge DDoS Attack - https://sylnt.us
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[00:55:51] <SoyCow4859> JHellooo, YHoo scum
[00:56:43] <SoyCow4859> What do you have to say now that you are behind a genocidal medical experiment worthy of Mengele himself?
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[03:27:24] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Phthalates, Synthetic Compounds Found in Hundreds of Consumer Products, Linked to Early Death - https://sylnt.us
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[06:17:15] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - IBM, Raytheon to Collaborate on Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography and Quantum Technologies - https://sylnt.us
[06:33:08] <FatPhil> inz: awake? Do you know of a tabloid called "MV-Lehti"? And more importantly if it has a 'reputation', in particular in the direction of reliability?
[06:47:55] <FatPhil> ah - there's a .fi wiki page on it - not very flattering
[07:20:11] <inz> Yeah, it's essentially just blatant racism and other bigotry
[07:20:56] <chromas> The tabloid or the SoyCow pop-ins?
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[07:29:09] <chromas> Where's everybody going?
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[07:54:10] <FatPhil> inz: looks like it's conspiracy theory and anti-vax whackjobbery too. I left .fi before it existed, so was unaware of it until now.
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[08:38:12] <FatPhil> I think the internet is breaking. One of our phone providers (the one that took 22 hours to fix our internet last week) now says that mobile data connections are broken all over the country (including our handset)
[08:56:47] <Ingar> The Long Night has come
[08:57:07] <progo> that's midwinter
[08:57:25] <Ingar> or the end of civilization as we know it
[08:57:47] <progo> of course it's coming slowly enough that no one notices
[09:00:47] <FatPhil> The shock of "the whole internet goes down for 48 hours" would send the western world into pure turmoil.
[09:01:14] <progo> the food supply lines will break before the Internet
[09:01:41] <progo> logistics and shipping in USA are crashing. pretty soon food factories won't have enough food or won't have packing materials or both
[09:01:47] <progo> last drink orders, everyone!
[09:02:00] <FatPhil> And if not, the food supply lines will break very shortly after the internet breaks
[09:02:43] <progo> anyone have a good dashboard about monitoring global stability of the Internet?
[09:02:52] <progo> downdetector looks reasonably froody right now
[09:04:24] <FatPhil> echo "Fucked" > /net/webs/fatphil.org/state-of-the-internet.html
[09:05:05] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Magic Leap Gets $500 Million in Funding... Again - https://sylnt.us
[09:05:12] <progo> I sneezed and the cat in the box woke up and did her usual complaining that the world still exists
[09:05:38] <progo> she sleeps and then she wakes up and demands an explanation for everything
[09:06:18] <progo> okay now she's just staring at the unlatched office door and thinking she can't open it
[09:06:33] <FatPhil> I refuse to engage with my g/f when she's like that.
[09:07:08] <progo> I'm gonna follow her out the door and go back to bed
[09:07:24] <progo> lemme know if the end happens today so I don't have to work
[09:08:25] <FatPhil> what are the repurcussions if it's a false alarm?
[09:08:35] <progo> extra rest
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[10:38:54] <Ingar> progo: the food shortage scenario is being tested in the UK atm
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[11:57:23] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Drop’s New Mechanical Keyboards Go Up to $500 - https://sylnt.us - for-the-gamers?
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[12:35:56] <Runaway1956> Huh - I think the bouncer is down . . .
[12:36:58] <FatPhil> bouncer's fine: https://www.youtube.com
[12:37:01] <systemd> ^ 03Rollin' France - what if animals were round?
[12:38:30] <Runaway1956> =submit https://arstechnica.com
[12:38:33] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03China’s Solar Power Has Reached Price Parity With Coal" (11p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[12:45:44] <Runaway1956> President Biden’s approval ratings are underwater — 49.2 percent disapprove of the job he is doing as president while 44.6 percent approve,
[12:46:25] <Runaway1956> https://fivethirtyeight.com
[12:46:26] <systemd> ^ 03Why Has Biden’s Approval Rating Gotten So Low So Quickly?
[12:47:54] <Runaway1956> =submit https://futurism.com
[12:47:56] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Uh Oh, They Strapped a Sniper Rifle to a Robot Dog" (0p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[12:48:32] <Ingar> the required prelude to sharks with lazers
[12:52:16] <Runaway1956> =submit https://gizmodo.com
[12:52:18] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Android Phones Still Track You, Even When You Opt Out" (1p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[12:54:24] <FatPhil> "so low"??!? Trumps was at 37.7% compared to Biden's 44.5% at this point in his term.
[12:56:38] <inz> And that was without SARSv2 and causing a foreign nation to collapse
[12:57:34] <Runaway1956> https://intellectualfroglegs.com
[12:57:36] <systemd> ^ 03Intellectual Froglegs: 🔥MUST READ: "The Great Ivermectin Deworming Hoax" by Justus R. Hope, MD
[12:57:59] <Runaway1956> Whatever - it's obvious that more than half the country hates Biden
[12:58:29] <Runaway1956> Even the fanatics who had to vote Trump out hate Biden
[13:00:05] <Runaway1956> Have yourself a heapin helpin of intellectual froglegs and everything will look better
[13:00:54] <Runaway1956> https://intellectualfroglegs.com
[13:00:56] <systemd> ^ 03Intellectual Froglegs: 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Patriots, Awaken - the NEW Intellectual Froglegs
[13:02:34] <FatPhil> inz: and by "causing a foreign nation to collapse" you mean "executing a plan decided upon by the previous president"?
[13:03:41] <FatPhil> Normally collapsing a foreign nation gives a huge boost to popularity, just see Dubya's curve - it skyrocketed as credulous neanderthals ate up utterly transparent lies and got to see what G15 could do.
[13:03:52] <Runaway1956> Of the thousands of ways to evacuate a country, Biden chose one of the stupidest few hundred ways to do it.
[13:04:37] <inz> FatPhil, yes, but I don't expect the U.S. citizens to understand that
[13:05:20] <Runaway1956> We actually left operational attack helicopters and other aircraft for the Taliban
[13:05:33] <FatPhil> maybe we can draw some cartoons to make it easier to understand?
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[13:06:19] <FatPhil> or "our friends the Taliban" as you've come to call them
[13:06:48] <Runaway1956> WTF calls the Taliban "our friends"????? The current White House occupant?
[13:07:29] <FatPhil> Ronnie Raygun, IIRC
[13:07:39] <FatPhil> except he kept it a bit hush-hush
[13:07:45] <FatPhil> or tried to
[13:07:47] <Runaway1956> Oh, Ronnie - did you vote for him?
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[13:08:10] <FatPhil> Until Sadat blorted out in public the gun-running operation the US was running through Pakistan.
[13:08:22] <FatPhil> but before then, all was secret
[13:08:56] <Runaway1956> I always resented that drugs for guns scheme - no one asked me if I wanted in on the deal.
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[13:10:38] <FatPhil> Then again, some other pres was strangely positive toward the Taliban, I've just forgotten who it was. Oh, wait, it was this one: https://www.nytimes.com
[13:10:40] <systemd> ^ 03Seth Meyers Wants Trump to Stop Complimenting the Taliban
[13:11:21] <Runaway1956> Whatever - neither Trump nor Reagan gave the Taliban dozens of attack helicopters.
[13:16:00] <FatPhil> Technically, neither did Biden. Biden left them for the Afghani forces that theoretically you think you trained. But apparently didn't. And, as agreed above, he was just following Trump's plan.
[13:16:48] <Runaway1956> WHOA PHIL!!!!! "you think you trained"????? When did I ever imply that we were doing anything more than wasting time, money, and lives in Afghanistan?
[13:17:01] <FatPhil> That's what Trump thought.
[13:17:11] <Runaway1956> I've mocked the idea of "nation building" many times.
[13:17:16] <FatPhil> Hence his grand plan.
[13:19:25] <Runaway1956> https://theconservativetreehouse.com
[13:19:26] <systemd> ^ 03The Last Refuge - Rag Tag Bunch of Conservative Misfits - Contact Info: TheLastRefuge@reagan.com
[14:04:00] <Runaway1956> =submit https://www.sciencenews.org
[14:04:06] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03China’s Lunar Rock Samples Show Lava Flowed on the Moon 2 Billion Years Ago" (30p) -> https://soylentnews.org
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[14:14:21] <Teckla> Which do you folks think is a more accurate statement: 1. Newton's theory of gravity is wrong. 2. Newton's theory of gravity is incomplete.
[14:21:07] <Runaway1956> 3. Newton didn't understand gravity.
[14:21:42] <Runaway1956> At least he didn't falsify his test results in hopes of getting a big fat grant.
[14:29:06] <FatPhil> 2b. Newton's theory of gravity is complete enough for almost everything every human will ever do.
[14:35:29] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - UK Proposes Law to Switch Off EV Home Chargers During Peak Hours - https://sylnt.us - what-about-shift-workers
[14:36:01] * Runaway1956 thinks FatPhil falsified his test results
[14:36:11] <Runaway1956> =submit https://www.vice.com
[14:36:25] <Runaway1956> On the surface, that looks damned awesome
[14:36:33] <Runaway1956> except - - - -
[14:36:38] <Runaway1956> it's not going through?
[14:36:53] <Runaway1956> #submit https://www.vice.com
[14:36:53] <MrPlow> Submitting. There is a mandatory delay, please be patient.
[14:37:18] <MrPlow> Submission successful. https://soylentnews.org
[14:38:56] <Runaway1956> Of course, I don't have 38 terrapins of storage, nor do I have awesome bandwidth
[14:39:41] <Runaway1956> The smallest torrent is 281 GB
[14:40:28] <Runaway1956> for comparison, all of Doctor Who was only ~270 GB (1 GB = 16 Great Britains?)
[14:52:26] <Teckla> Runaway1956: Thanks for your answer!
[14:52:28] <Teckla> FatPhil: And you too!
[14:53:39] <Teckla> I'm going to interpret those answers as "the question itself is dumb." :)
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[14:55:17] <Runaway1956> There are no stupid questions. Only stupid questioners.
[14:55:23] * Runaway1956 ducks and runs
[15:03:45] * Teckla chuckles
[15:08:24] <Runaway1956> https://alhudood.net
[15:08:25] <systemd> ^ 03الحدود تتابع فرحة الموز المحظوظ الذي اشتراه الرئيس السيسي
[15:35:24] <FatPhil> So William Tiberius Shatner has finally boldly gone to space
[15:36:51] <Teckla> I once convinced a work mate my middle name was legitimately Tiberius
[15:43:58] -!- Runaway1- [Runaway1-!I492@lyhj.vsegda.budet.freeznc.ru] has joined #soylent
[15:44:05] <progo> he went on a dangerous ballistic ride that's ill-advised for someone in his health
[15:44:47] <progo> there was a photo of the ride's participants except Shatner in red shirts and Shatner in gold. I assume it was shopped
[15:44:55] <Runaway1-> Woo-hooo - the bouncer is bouncing again
[15:45:18] -!- Runaway1956 [Runaway1956!~some@154.3.mls.iog] has parted #soylent
[15:45:20] <janrinok> I didn't know it has stopped....
[15:45:49] Runaway1- is now known as Runaway1956
[15:47:19] <Runaway1956> Yeah, it was apparently down for - ohhhh - 8 1/2 hours
[15:55:08] <janrinok> no problem here
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[17:22:03] <Teckla> I think, at Shatner's age, I would risk it, to have a small taste of spcae before dying
[17:22:18] <Teckla> s/spcae/space/
[17:22:18] <SedBot> <Teckla> I think, at Shatner's age, I would risk it, to have a small taste of space before dying
[17:22:25] <Teckla> SedBot++
[17:22:25] <Bender> karma - sedbot: 11
[17:22:25] * SedBot is a 54-line awk script, https://github.com
[17:26:46] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Android Phones Still Track You, Even When You Opt Out - https://sylnt.us
[17:43:30] <boru> You could just use a ROM like LineageOS and install microg to replace the google bullshit.
[17:43:50] <boru> Fdroid and Aurora Store to install apps etc.
[19:15:59] <requerdanos> I had a samsung S3 one time with LineageOS, no google services (i forget it if was microg or what), fdroid for apps. It was serviceable as a phone, but as a gps/anything else it was pretty suck.
[19:17:10] <boru> Microg have done a pretty good job of the GNSS stuff with the unifiednlp backends.
[19:17:50] <boru> But yeah, frdoid is a must for afwall, adaway etc.
[19:31:49] <Teckla> =submit http://www.e-basteln.de
[19:31:52] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03The 100 MHz 6502 &Middot; E-basteln" (16p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[19:46:15] <Bytram> Teckla: Thanks for the story sub, but someone beat you to it and it is already in the story queue. Sorry! :(
[19:49:38] <FatPhil> I like their tag line "Solving Yesterday's Problems Today"
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[20:13:40] <bacteria> anyone here not have a mobile phone? or am i the only one?
[20:19:16] <chromas> https://www.theonion.com
[20:19:17] <systemd> ^ 03Area Man Constantly Mentioning He Doesn't Own A Television
[20:22:14] <bacteria> rofl chromas that's me all over
[20:24:33] <bacteria> but really, the last few months i realized i cannot think of anyone else who even has a non-smart phone
[20:25:03] <chromas> Makes sense. How much does a person really need a phone?
[20:25:09] <bacteria> meeting someone in real life, who doesn't use a mobile, is kind of like a low-priority quest for me
[20:25:19] <chromas> But a pocket computer can be pretty useful, even if it happens to have a phone in it
[20:25:30] <bacteria> true that
[20:25:48] <chromas> I saw a guy playing with his phone while biking a couple weeks ago
[20:26:04] <bacteria> i think the real difference, though, is the cell connection, not the form factor, not the os
[20:26:07] <chromas> both hands on phone. Shit, I can barely even no-hand a bike anymore
[20:26:45] <bacteria> my lappy is infinitely better than the phone, as long as i can get wifi
[20:26:59] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Airline Passenger Mistakes Vintage Camera for a Bomb - https://sylnt.us
[20:27:45] <chromas> Yeah, phone interfaces suck almost all the balls, and I recently discovered smartwatches are double that
[20:56:32] <Teckla> Bytram: Oh, no worries, it happens :)
[20:56:39] <Teckla> I'm not after karma or anything.
[20:56:56] <Teckla> bacteria: I don't know anyone without a mobile phone.
[20:57:32] <Teckla> I was one of the last people I knew to move from non-smartphone to smartphone.
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[21:21:08] * chromas sets out chili cheesecake brownies with caramel & chocolate drizzle
[21:25:39] <FatPhil> that's lacking pulled pork
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[23:06:39] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - The 100 MHz 6502 - https://sylnt.us