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[00:00:57] <chromas> they don't need vaxx; they wear masks
[00:01:17] <AzumaHazuki> that would not surprise me
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[02:19:34] <Runaway1956> Petrovic receives welfare, but also relies on donations for food and supplies for the animals OLIVER BUNIC AFP
[02:19:59] <Runaway1956> Dude isn't all that much of a hermit after all - someone put him up to doing that story, LOL
[02:57:17] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Touted as Clean, 'Blue' Hydrogen May be Worse than Gas or Coal - https://sylnt.us - Jumpin'-Jack-Flash?
[03:41:10] <progo> > [Said Professor Robert Howarth]: "The best hydrogen, the green hydrogen derived from electrolysis – if used wisely and efficiently – can be that path to a sustainable future. Blue hydrogen is totally different."
[03:41:20] <progo> I literally read that first as Professor Hubert Farnsworth
[03:41:30] <progo> don't know why
[03:41:38] <progo> I think I need to take a news break
[03:54:48] <requerdanos> one is H2 but the other is H2. easy to mix em up.
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[04:01:02] <c0lo> =submit https://www.theatlantic.com
[04:01:04] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Vaccine Refusers Risk Compassion Fatigue" (16p) -> https://soylentnews.org
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[04:30:26] <chromas> having too much compassion?
[05:13:57] <Runaway1956> https://youtu.be
[05:14:01] <systemd> ^ 03Flashback: Trump's Presidency Is Illegitimate, Democrats And Media Say ( https://www.youtube.com )
[05:25:11] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ Teach People to Express More Outrage Online - https://sylnt.us - ? You-and-23-others-liked-this
[06:02:16] <chromas> somebody seconded the story
[06:03:26] <chromas> #smake rehash
[06:03:26] * MrPlow smakes rehash upside the head with a flying butt pliers
[06:04:28] <chromas> also, fake news, Runaway1956! #NotMyPresident and #Resist are just right wing conspiracies
[06:04:36] * chromas screams to the sky
[06:05:12] <Runaway1956> scream louder - no one is listening
[06:06:09] <chromas> Thought I'd try out some PETG plastic but it just won't stick to the bed
[06:06:35] <chromas> Even on the speshul build surface sticker that came with the filament
[06:07:08] <Runaway1956> Uhhhmmmm, plastic fetishes are so old fashioned - there's a story sinking to the bottom of the front page about robot fetishes
[06:07:46] <chromas> Nobody has a fetish for plastic robots. Metal bots are where it's at
[06:08:04] <Runaway1956> better known as steam punk, I think
[06:09:21] <chromas> Anyhow I designed a little strap-on for building a yagi but now I have to figure out the plastic
[06:09:48] <chromas> Just take a pipe and some welding sticks and put 'em together
[06:10:13] <Runaway1956> You probably need the right lubricant and some special flux
[06:10:58] <Runaway1956> maybe some carbon fibers to bind it all together?
[06:11:13] <chromas> You can get carbon-fiber filament
[06:11:47] * chromas cleans up the bed and tries again
[06:12:31] <Runaway1956> You might try carbon filament sheets with some quantums woven into the fiber
[06:12:42] <Runaway1956> no quarks, just quantums
[06:13:12] <chromas> sheets aren't reel though
[06:13:31] <Runaway1956> not unless they're reel to reel
[06:18:25] <chromas> tape >>> vinyl records
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[07:44:11] * Ingar mummifies chromas with audio casette tape
[07:57:27] <chromas> Mmmhmhmhmmmm, hmhnmnnmnhm
[07:58:18] <chromas> ffrack
[07:58:27] <chromas> finally got the petg printing right
[07:58:38] <chromas> made the piece waay to big
[07:59:10] <chromas> I keep forgetting Blender takes radius instead of diameter for making circles and stufff
[08:17:31] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Data Signals Third Year of Vast Brazil Amazon Deforestation - https://sylnt.us
[08:25:20] <FatPhil> https://summit.news
[08:25:22] <systemd> ^ 03Lockdown Created 1 Million New Alcoholics in England
[08:26:08] <FatPhil> I'm so proud of my countrymen and their ability to keep calm and carry on via the mechanism of being pissed.
[10:57:27] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - 3D-printed Concrete Bridge Doesn't Need Supports - https://sylnt.us
[13:10:19] <FatPhil> =submit https://www.msn.com
[13:10:22] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Americans With PhDs are Most Reluctant to Get Vaccinated Against COVID" (33p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[13:16:23] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - 3D-Printed Concrete Bridge Doesn't Need Supports - https://sylnt.us
[13:46:48] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Researchers Take Step Toward Next-generation Brain-computer Interface System - https://sylnt.us
[14:06:15] <progo> PhDs -- trust the scientism! not the scientists
[14:08:06] <FatPhil> how many of the phds were mail order ones in underwater transracial basketweaving?
[14:08:58] <FatPhil> requerdanos++ build a wall!
[14:08:58] <Bender> karma - requerdanos: 39
[14:20:30] <t3> the PhD:pop ratio appears to be similar to what would be expected, but "online surveys" make me skeptical
[14:59:40] <FatPhil> "online" always implies "self selecting sample" to me
[15:08:26] <FatPhil> Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ~ fascinates menial oaf, am I right? (anagram)
[15:09:13] <t3> do you do those by hand, or generate them programatically?
[15:18:17] <FatPhil> I use my "anaffront" as a front end to the standard "an" debian package
[15:18:50] <FatPhil> http://fatphil.org
[15:18:51] <systemd> ^ 03'an' - very fast anagram generator
[15:19:19] <FatPhil> An's changed significantly since I wrote that page (they made it worse, debian idiots)
[15:19:33] <FatPhil> but anaffront doesn't really care what the back end is
[15:21:02] <FatPhil> wowzers, that version of the script is ancient
[15:24:29] <FatPhil> The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan = Moan, if satanic, "I hate female rights"
[15:48:06] <janrinok> a very clever anagram
[15:49:40] <FatPhil> thank you JR
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[16:25:31] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - What Domain Name to Use for Your Home Network - https://sylnt.us
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[19:05:53] <FatPhil> molsen coors whiskey, just what the world never asked for
[19:06:07] <FatPhil> they did change their name to "beverage co." in 2019 I guess.
[19:12:11] <FatPhil> we had instant testing (OK, 30 mins, the antigen one) at the big open-air event over the weekend. There was one stage with an event clearly aimed at the russian-speaking population, and there were more people milling around outside the fence than inside it. I masked up as I left...
[19:17:53] * Teckla thinks he and his wife has Covid-19 right now :(
[19:29:50] <FatPhil> the rapid tests cost only a few euros, get a test and some vitamin d and zinc.
[19:42:58] <AzumaHazuki> you want to take magnesium with D3 and then wait 4+ hours before taking zinc
[19:43:06] <AzumaHazuki> since zinc and magnesium interfere
[20:14:51] <Runaway1956> Do I have internet
[20:14:53] <Runaway1956> Looks like it
[20:15:35] <FatPhil> ah, not seen the Mg recommendation. then again, we stopped daily pill-popping many months back.
[20:15:54] <FatPhil> Runaway1956: you only have a cheap simulation of the internet
[20:16:16] <Runaway1956> Yeah, I realize that, but I pay dearly for it
[20:16:37] <Runaway1956> Dear Wife is squawking, I may have to check her machine and connections
[20:16:39] <FatPhil> It's an AI trained from 4chan you $[INSULTINGADJECTIVE} ${INSULTINGNOUN}
[20:17:39] <chromas> motorized vehicle
[20:17:51] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - T-Mobile Probes ‘Huge Data Breach’ of 100m US Customers - https://sylnt.us
[20:17:56] <chromas> is motorized a adjective?
[20:18:08] <chromas> and shouldn't it be enginized?
[20:18:15] <Runaway1956> sounds more like an adverb, TBH
[20:18:37] <chromas> I think adverbs are -ly type words
[20:18:44] <chromas> where you turn a verb into an ad
[20:18:58] <Runaway1956> but motor is a verb isn't it?
[20:19:15] <Runaway1956> I was motoring along, when suddenly ..
[20:19:55] <chromas> the motorized motor motored along motoringly
[20:19:57] <Runaway1956> That despite the fact that few cars have motors aside from the starter and the heater/ac blower
[20:20:23] <FatPhil> adverbs are unfortunately a bit of a catch-all. motorized is indeed an adjective.
[20:20:59] <chromas> maybe engines count as motors now, like how model rocket engines are motors I guess
[20:21:29] <Runaway1956> 'Muricans have alwasy been sloppy about our language
[20:21:41] <Runaway1956> which is cool with me
[20:22:08] <chromas> no need to treat it with respect when it's not ours
[20:22:27] <Runaway1956> lol, but we make whatever we want ours
[20:22:37] <requerdanos> so we what, rent it? will we return it afterwards?
[20:22:43] <FatPhil> "less" when it modifies an adjective is an adverb, for example.
[20:23:08] <chromas> nah, we just loot from everyone else :D
[20:23:53] <requerdanos> adjectives can only modify nouns/nomnitaves, whereas adverbs can modify verbs or adjectives.
[20:25:25] <FatPhil> yeah, but is a noun that modifies an noun a noun or an adjective - you and your grammar binary!
[20:26:04] * Runaway1956 remembers frustrating English teachers in school
[20:26:06] <requerdanos> a word that modifies a noun is an adjective even if that word is normally used as a noun.
[20:26:08] <chromas> car horn
[20:26:19] <chromas> is "car" an adjective or another noun?
[20:26:33] <requerdanos> a word such as "car" that modifies a noun is an adjective even if that word is normally used as a noun.
[20:26:50] <Runaway1956> requerdanos already answered that - car is an adjective in the case of 'car horn'
[20:27:19] <chromas> is "car" modifying "horn" or is it just a two-word noun?
[20:27:48] <Runaway1956> it modifies horn because you have all sorts of other horns like the horn of Africa
[20:27:50] <requerdanos> car's modifying horn here.
[20:27:51] <chromas> maybe I can just put them together like website
[20:29:03] <Runaway1956> Odd - qbittorrent wasn't working right, so I purged it from system, went into .conf folder and removed everything
[20:29:04] <requerdanos> if you successfully managed that, the resulting compound word would be a noun (unless it's being used, for example, to describe another noun - "carhorn shenanegans" ex.)
[20:29:12] <FatPhil> my work here is done
[20:29:23] <Runaway1956> reinstalled from testing, started it up, and I have all my torrents running that were running
[20:29:39] <Runaway1956> but settings are all reset to default
[20:29:46] <Runaway1956> whatever - it works now
[20:29:48] <chromas> you didnt' delete your torrents
[20:30:19] <Runaway1956> no, I didn't
[20:30:49] <Runaway1956> only thing I had to reset was default save location on the RAID array
[20:31:04] <chromas> that's why they're still going
[20:31:16] <chromas> FatPhil: s/ //
[20:31:17] <SedBot> <chromas> <FatPhil> mywork here is done
[20:31:49] <Runaway1956> it did reset my statistics though - so I'm seeding a boatload of stuff, and never downloaded anything lol
[20:45:03] <FatPhil> Four score years and ten ago, I had a dream...
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[21:27:36] <FatPhil> https://greenwald.substack.com
[21:27:37] <systemd> ^ 03The U.S. Government Lied For Two Decades About Afghanistan - by Glenn Greenwald - Glenn Greenwald
[21:35:48] <FatPhil> withdrawal's working just greeeeeaaaaaat.... BREAKING: President Biden orders another 1,000 paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne to Kabul. 7,000 U.S. troops will be on the ground in Afghanistan soon.
[21:39:28] <requerdanos> it's a long flight to afghanistan
[21:43:50] <AzumaHazuki> Trump is the one who started this shit, and i think he deliberately botched the timing so Biden would look bad
[21:44:04] <AzumaHazuki> god damn it. people are dying because of this idiot's limp orange mushroom-waving
[21:45:31] <t3> people are dying either way - you think our forces haven't been bombing and shooting afghans daily?!
[21:45:49] <t3> any withdrawal is better than no withdrawal
[21:45:51] <AzumaHazuki> of course they have. we never should have gotten involved in there
[21:46:03] <AzumaHazuki> and, yes, it is, but most Americans are fucking stupid
[21:51:32] <requerdanos> afghanistan predates trump by a lot. Sure, his signature style touched it, but it's not his creation.
[21:53:38] <FatPhil> in out in out shake it all about: https://www.militarytimes.com
[21:53:40] <systemd> ^ 03A timeline of U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan since 2001
[21:54:51] <FatPhil> Bush and pathetic sidekick Blair have to take 80% of the responsibility for this mess.
[21:55:22] <FatPhil> Brezhnev the other 20%, in case you're wondering.
[21:56:13] <FatPhil> Yes, I'm letting the corrupt royal family off the hook, even though they had right royally fucked things up by 73.
[21:57:04] <FatPhil> And the totally-not-communist communists in between.
[21:57:29] <FatPhil> because at least they were only fucking up their own country.
[21:59:21] <FatPhil> I think it was pretty obvious that it was a forever war by about 2006. Everything after that has basically been inevitable.
[21:59:49] <FatPhil> Maybe they're destroying the country in order to save it?
[22:18:21] <FatPhil> Inevitable outcome: Loss in Afghanistan = Vietnam association - the nub: Saigon fell (anagram)
[23:29:32] <Runaway1956> Well, the Taliban is going door to door confiscating weapons - just like Joe Biden wants to do.
[23:30:07] <Runaway1956> lol @ Azumi
[23:30:08] <chromas> I bet they also go around breathing air. Checkmate!
[23:30:17] <Runaway1956> "It's all Trump's fault!"
[23:34:09] <Runaway1956> The silver lining to this fiasco is - it weakens the Democrat White House everywhere.
[23:34:21] <Runaway1956> They aren't going to be pushing much through congress any time soon
[23:36:11] <Runaway1956> Also probably cripples Harris' chances of being elected after Biden is chased out of Washington
[23:43:54] * Runaway1956 needs a nap