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[00:20:25] <chromas> oh neat. you don't have to mine buttcoins anymore; you can farm them now
[00:20:27] <chromas> https://decrypt.co
[00:20:28] <systemd> ^ 03Home-mining Crypto Chia Sparks Hard Drive Shortage Ahead of Trading Debut - Decrypt
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[01:16:29] <mrpg> Well well well, spank my ass and call me Charlie.
[01:16:53] <mrpg> Re: NCommander
[01:17:05] <mrpg> I think the same he does.
[01:17:24] <mrpg> Regarding Snow: be careful with in loco parentis.
[01:18:04] <mrpg> Of course I dont have a woman, soem people have two!!!
[01:18:13] <mrpg> Who's got mine?
[01:18:22] <mrpg> I hope she's happy.
[01:18:51] <mrpg> I hgave nmomre than a week doing home renovations I hope to finish tomorrow I'm so fed up
[01:19:14] <mrpg> I have more than a week ...
[01:19:55] <mrpg> And where I live there's quarantine so...
[01:20:22] <chromas> =g'day mrpg
[01:20:22] * systemd diarrhetically $action a thing of ether $preposition mrpg
[01:20:35] <chromas> I should've tried smake
[01:20:45] <chromas> #smake mrpg's ass and call him Charlie
[01:20:45] * MrPlow smakes mrpg's ass and call him Charlie upside the head with a printout of the rehash source
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[01:25:52] <mrpg> I dont do perl but thanks!
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[01:28:53] <mrpg> These last days here have been better than gone with the wind
[01:30:40] <mrpg> We need like a wiki with a table and the actors' names with checkmarks and Xs to check who we root for and stuff.
[01:54:53] <mrpg> https://second.wiki
[01:54:55] <systemd> ^ 03Human sacrifice of June 5, 1960 in Chile
[02:42:18] <mrpg> https://www.youtube.com
[02:42:20] <systemd> ^ 03Unwritten Law - The Celebration Song (Need For Speed Underground 2 Soundtrack) [HQ]
[02:48:08] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Turns Out, Spock Is Kinda Bad at Logic - https://sylnt.us - Fictional-Rationality
[02:48:55] <mrpg> IS he? or are the writers keen on bending reality for their dream of a utopic future?
[02:51:26] <mrpg> If probability says 0.1 for something in every episode and even with those odds that thing happens, sorry that's your deus ex machina, not my fault.
[02:53:49] <mrpg> The Atari and the C64 were so close, 6507 and 6510, 1,9 and 1MHZ. I didn't know that!
[03:07:30] * chromas creates the Ataridore64
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[03:21:03] <mrpg> Azumachan
[03:24:13] <AzumaHazuki> uh, hi?
[03:24:22] <AzumaHazuki> i'm no one's -chan except my girlfriend
[03:25:01] <mrpg> Sama
[03:25:03] <mrpg> Dono
[03:29:59] <AzumaHazuki> English doesn't use honorifics, and my name's Marissa, soooo...
[03:31:06] <mrpg> Ah ok got you.
[03:37:54] <AzumaHazuki> the reason i'm using this name/avatar is from my ex in college. she says the "real" Hazuki reminded her of me to a scary amount. She's not kidding either, I look like the Caucasian version of that with brown eyes and glasses
[03:38:35] <AzumaHazuki> something that happened to me at about her age could also be perfectly explained by the plot as a metaphor. and, this is creepy as hell, I have the same birthday (6 August 1988)
[03:38:50] <AzumaHazuki> sooo...seems like there are fewer stories out there than we think
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[04:28:21] <Ethanol-fueled> https://news.yahoo.com
[04:28:33] <systemd> ^ 03Fact check: Ma'Khia Bryant was holding a knife when shot by police
[04:28:48] <Ethanol-fueled> FACT CHECK: FALSE: "Before body camera footage was released to the press, outlets like The Columbus Dispatch and The Week quoted Hazel Bryant as saying her niece was 15 and dropped the knife before police fired."
[04:29:09] <Ethanol-fueled> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[04:29:15] <Ethanol-fueled> WHOA LAWDY
[04:30:08] <Ethanol-fueled> Then again, word on the streets is that knife fights are perfectly normal for American teenagers.
[04:31:04] <Ethanol-fueled> I disagree. I grew up in a place where cholos dominated. They fought with an honor code, and that is, if you get into a fight you fight with fists only.
[04:31:07] <Ethanol-fueled> No "busting karate kicks," as they called it.
[04:32:36] <Ethanol-fueled> Of course they were more civilized than big-city Mexicans, who get into fights like those described in the article, wtih the same results you see.
[04:34:56] <Ethanol-fueled> And with the same apologetic garbage spewing out the asses of ***-*** media.
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[04:38:03] <AzumaHazuki> that Ah say that boy's nuttier than a squirrel in a straitjacket </Foghorn Leghorn>
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[04:44:37] <AzumaHazuki> =submit https://www.psychologytoday.com from the brand-new-way dept.
[04:44:53] <AzumaHazuki> (this is sort of but not quite the same as another sub i did previously, so feel free to baleet one or the other)
[04:44:57] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Psych Today" (18p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[04:45:23] <AzumaHazuki> tl;dr: antidepressants fast and slow appear to be increasing brain-derived neurotrophic factor by activating tyrosine kinase type B receptors
[04:45:47] <AzumaHazuki> and the reason ketamine is quick and fluoxetine, for example, is slow, is that it takes longer for SSRIs to build up to active concentrations in the brain
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[04:54:08] <Runaway1956> fekkin power company - we had a storm, not real bad, but a storm. AFTER the storm died down, they blew a transformer to kingdom come
[04:54:20] <Runaway1956> No power for about 20 hours I guess
[04:59:56] <SoyCow4321> I miss power outages. The local grid is far too stable and reliable.
[05:20:53] <chromas> [Texas has entered the chat]
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[05:31:11] <progo> In Queens a few years ago a big transformer exploded on a foggy night and some people thought Ghostbusters was coming true
[05:31:26] <progo> I was a mile away and we only lost power for a minute
[05:32:24] <progo> I didn't see it. :^( apartment on floor 1 with a view of other walls of the tower and no street
[05:34:36] <AzumaHazuki> how long ago was that? i haven't been in Queens since late 2012
[05:34:51] <progo> 2018 I think
[05:35:09] <progo> I'm in Jersey city since almost a year ago
[05:36:48] <progo> The event made a lot of blue light for maybe a minute or two. Lots of good photos in the media from across the river
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[07:20:48] <Ethanol-fueled> Jews are trying to destroy America.
[07:21:45] <Ethanol-fueled> They are teaming up with their Chicom buddies to weaken us so that we can't interfere with their geopolitical plans while they pillage the private property of Canada.
[07:22:33] <Ethanol-fueled> By the way, congrats on going woke.
[07:24:06] <Ethanol-fueled> populists at least are allowed to talk, they can agree with populism and not have to publicly accept the more batshit aspects of the fringe such as, "the Earth is only 6000 years old and man walked the Earth with dinosaurs."
[07:25:08] <Ethanol-fueled> But when you embrace woke bullshit, you've made a deal with the devil. Except that deals with the devil usually involve some upsides, some good aspects.
[07:25:44] <Ethanol-fueled> "Well, gee, maybe socialized healthcare might be a good thing, but I don'
[07:25:54] <AzumaHazuki> do you ever sleep? seriously, that's not ethanol that's fueling you, it's gotta be meth
[07:26:40] <Ethanol-fueled> "Well, gee, maybe socialized healthcare might be a good thing, but I don't agree with the whole lighting businesses on fire thing"
[07:26:45] <FatPhil> I know, he gives alcohol a bad name.
[07:27:11] <Ethanol-fueled> Then 10 gazillion trannies jump all over your social media name and condemn you to hell.
[07:27:32] <AzumaHazuki> oh, but be careful, that was a pErSoNaL aTaTcK! yOu'Re BeInG uNcIvIl, FatPhil! YoU mIgHt GeT kIcKbAnNeD!
[07:28:20] <Ethanol-fueled> Venutians hate America.
[07:28:28] <Ethanol-fueled> Venutians tan't take criticism.
[07:28:39] <AzumaHazuki> ...and now he thinks there are aliens on Venus?
[07:28:43] <Ethanol-fueled> Guess that's White fragility.
[07:31:28] <Ethanol-fueled> What is "White Fragility?"
[07:32:09] <Ethanol-fueled> A black or Jewish kid bored on summer break draws a swastika on the sidewalk,
[07:32:27] <Ethanol-fueled> White people say it's dumb, maybe chuckle
[07:33:41] <Ethanol-fueled> Jewish people: Oy Vey, it's anuddah shoa! Jail all WHite people because they are White supremacists! *with 5 rabbis, 3 police chiefs, 3 sherrifs in front of the news camera*
[07:35:31] <Ethanol-fueled> Oh, and the Poway shooting involved a Rabbi who had been under investigation for fraud.
[07:36:02] <Ethanol-fueled> https://www.msn.com
[07:36:03] <systemd> ^ 03Chabad of Poway rabbi pleads guilty to tax, wire fraud
[07:36:16] <Ethanol-fueled> Lost his right index finger to the shooting.
[07:36:56] <Ethanol-fueled> must have been pretty fine shooting for an imaginary teenager.
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[07:43:11] <AzumaHazuki> that guy's missing a few buttons IMO
[07:58:22] <FatPhil> he needs to learn to zip it
[07:58:46] <AzumaHazuki> when he has a problem he must zip it? zip it good?
[08:38:29] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Astronomers Detect Extreme Flare from Proxima Centauri - https://sylnt.us - Nearest-star,-maybe-not-so-good
[08:38:33] <chromas> https://www.youtube.com
[08:38:34] <systemd> ^ 03When Fast Food Restaurants Give Out Toys
[08:42:25] <AzumaHazuki> M-type stars tend to flare like that a lot. it's one reason we're more likely to find life around a K-type, the next one up
[08:42:40] <AzumaHazuki> ironically, our G-type Sun may be an unlikely place to find life by comparison
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[09:54:30] <SoyCow9247> just submitted story/question/metacomment on the issue of trolls and moderation
[09:55:13] <SoyCow9247> I thought maybe someone would actually pay attention despite all the drama
[09:55:51] <SoyCow9247> if you run it, please don't butcher it
[10:02:28] <AzumaHazuki> personally i'd be fine with NCommander just nuking SN entirely at this point...we've failed to live up to our stated function
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[11:32:24] <c0lo> =submit american-anti-vaxxers-donate-theirs-to-india https://www.bbc.com
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[11:34:30] <chromas> infinite loop bot
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[11:34:41] <chromas> try #submit I guess
[11:35:13] <c0lo> bbc at fault or systemd no matter the site?
[11:36:01] <c0lo> =submit american-anti-vaxxers-donate-theirs-to-india https://www.forbes.com
[11:36:04] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Haunting Images From the Covid-19 Crisis in India" (23p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[11:38:51] <c0lo> =submit https://tribune.com.pk
[11:38:56] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03'Humanity First': Pakistan Offers Support to India in Covid Fight" (23p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[11:41:43] <c0lo> =submit https://abcnews.go.com
[11:41:46] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Mexico's Drought Reaches Critical Levels as Lakes Dry Up" (16p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[11:42:29] <chromas> Send them some California water
[11:44:40] <FatPhil> bbc's kinda at fault - we downloaded some snooker 2 days ago, and it turned out to be a documentary on northern ireland.
[11:45:50] <c0lo> chromas, there's an impregnable wall between them. Mexico even paid for it, the fools.
[11:46:04] <FatPhil> fortunately it was quite interesting, if predictably a bit biased (you could see they were at least attempting to reduce their usual bias, which was one of the more impressive things about it)
[11:46:53] <chromas> snooker coverage looking like a documentary is maximum bias
[11:47:22] <c0lo> =submit https://www.eff.org
[11:47:24] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Your Service Provider’s Terms of Service Shouldn’t Overrule Your Fourth Amendment Rights" (9p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[11:47:36] <chromas> c0lo: it's okay; california doesn't even have water!
[11:48:14] <c0lo> chromas, really? Picture me surprised.
[11:49:09] * c0lo enjoying La Niña this year. While it lasts
[11:50:42] <chromas> looks like eff is defending cp. the shame
[11:52:28] <c0lo> Yeah, that citation with the poor scoundrels as pioneers of liberty.
[11:53:44] <c0lo> =submit a-history-of-solar-panels https://www.theguardian.com
[11:53:46] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03‘Insanely Cheap Energy’: How Solar Power Continues to Shock the World" (50p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[11:54:26] <c0lo> =submit https://carbontracker.org
[11:54:29] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Solar and Wind Can Meet World Energy Demand 100 Times Over" (32p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[11:55:48] <c0lo> Oh, fuck!
[11:55:54] <c0lo> =submit https://www.theregister.com
[11:55:56] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Computer Security World in Mourning Over Death of Dan Kaminsky, Aged 42" (17p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[12:00:10] <c0lo> What? No guns? These guys aren't serious https://apnews.com
[12:00:11] <systemd> ^ 03Hundreds show up in Nebraska for fight over name Josh
[12:02:18] <chromas> No guns. They were only Joshing
[12:06:25] <c0lo> subsentient, oxygen-tube-soft-gore-porn for you. Guaranteed to disappoint you, but you'll survive (and they won't) https://apnews.com
[12:06:26] <systemd> ^ 03AP PHOTOS: Oxygen demand outstrips supply in India hotspots
[12:12:25] <AzumaHazuki> what a mess. i can't even comprehend this...
[12:55:01] <FatPhil> That a country wouldn't learn from another country's mistakes, what's incomprehensible about that?
[12:55:41] <FatPhil> I'd like to see the breakdown of the data into states, as each state has its own healthcare system.
[12:56:23] <FatPhil> Kerala was being heralded as a state that had done exceptionally well at preventing the spread, but that was last year. I wonder if it holds true still.
[12:57:06] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Hackers Are Exploiting a Pulse Secure 0-Day to Breach Orgs Around the World - https://sylnt.us - exploit-and-breach
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[13:50:27] <Bytram> !uid
[13:50:27] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 14736, owned by TIDMORE81
[14:24:47] <c0lo> millennials invade Texas (and other conservative states) and vote progressive https://apnews.com
[14:24:48] <systemd> ^ 03Young adults' relocations are reshaping political geography
[14:28:10] -!- khallow [khallow!~c7e5fa07@199.229.jkq.z] has joined #soylent
[14:29:14] <c0lo> Shitheads habitat not exclusive to Anglosaxon world https://apnews.com
[14:29:14] <systemd> ^ 03Spanish man charged with infecting 22 people with COVID-19
[14:31:19] <FatPhil> however, texans could invade nearby blue-ish states and start to pull their margins down to breaking point in return...
[14:32:48] <c0lo> Like Arkansas, FatPhil? Who strangled it?
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[14:35:53] <AzumaHazuki> lincoln should have burned the South to the ground, salted the ashes, then chugged a flagon of ale and taken a Presidential piss on said salty ashes
[14:35:54] <FatPhil> The Hallowed State of Clintonia as I like to call it.
[14:37:50] -!- khallow [khallow!~c7e5fa07@199.229.jkq.z] has joined #soylent
[14:43:31] <c0lo> chop your finger to spite your neighbors https://apnews.com
[14:43:33] <systemd> ^ 03Police arrest Arizona man after finding his severed finger
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[15:47:42] <FatPhil> "the owner of the finger" - do we really 'own' our body parts?
[16:03:31] <Bytram> Maybe he just got carried away with "giving someone the finger"?
[16:42:26] <c0lo> cue's naykid
[16:43:31] <c0lo> fatphil, what does your own mind tell you?
[16:44:38] <FatPhil> It tells me I've detected equivocation.
[16:46:59] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Russia Plans to Launch Own Space Station After Quitting ISS - https://sylnt.us - with.blackjack.and.hookers
[16:56:09] <c0lo> If you can sell a kidney, you own it
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[17:33:03] <Runaway1956> So, why is 'Zumi hating on the south again? That woman hates more people than any ten white supremacists.
[17:34:24] -!- SoyCow7310 has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[17:36:17] <Runaway1956> That story in Maricopa county is bogus - that finger belonged to a Democrat trying to destroy evidence of vote tampering!!
[17:36:24] <Runaway1956> QQQQQQQQ!!
[17:37:05] <Runaway1956> But, I suspect that fool will one day regret cutting ties to his body parts.
[17:41:21] -!- AzumaHazuki has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[17:55:20] <bacterium> looks like dc wants to be a state now
[17:56:29] <Runaway1956> D.C. has been convinced by the Dems that their power will increase if they become a state
[17:56:55] <Runaway1956> I don't think they can constitutionally become a state
[17:57:05] <Runaway1956> better luck with Puerto Rico
[18:01:11] <Bytram> Yes, they can. They are the only American citizens living in North America who have no representative in the US Congress or Senate. Remember the Boston Tea Party? No taxation without representation. They've been trying to persuade congress for close to a century by now.
[18:02:49] <Bytram> =g commrade
[18:02:50] <systemd> https://www.linkedin.com - Rachel Commrade - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach - Thriving ...
[18:02:56] <Bytram> =g comrade
[18:02:57] <systemd> https://comradebrewing.com - Comrade Brewing | Denver - Craft Beer, Brewery, Best IPA in Colorado
[18:03:02] <Bytram> =w comrade
[18:03:03] <systemd> The term comrade is used to mean 'mate', 'colleague', or 'ally', and derives from the Spanish term camarada, literally meaning 'chamber mate', from Latin - https://en.wikipedia.org
[18:03:16] <Bytram> =w commrade
[18:03:17] <systemd> Comrade is a Bengali drama film directed by former Trinamul Congress student leader Shankudeb Panda. This film was released on 21 July 2017. The music - https://en.wikipedia.org(2017_film)
[18:25:56] <FatPhil> =g tovarisch
[18:25:57] <systemd> https://en.wikipedia.org - Tovarishch - Wikipedia
[19:08:31] <chromas> Bytram: Did the Boston Tea Party end with us being more Bri'ish?
[19:13:40] <FatPhil> Not at all, dear boy, not at all.
[19:13:49] * FatPhil crooks his little finger as he drinks
[19:31:38] <chromas> DC should have the same result
[19:31:48] <chromas> Let it be its own thing while we mock it from a distance
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[20:52:34] <Runaway1956> Mehhh, D.C. was never meant to have a congress critter - they have a unique position in 'Murican politics.
[20:52:54] <Runaway1956> The mayor of D.C. has as much authority already as a governor.
[21:23:39] <FatPhil> Statehood for Puerto Rico!
[21:23:57] <FatPhil> Double-statehood for Guam!
[21:24:08] <FatPhil> Triple-statehood for American Samoa!
[21:24:28] <FatPhil> That's the only way you'll ever win at Rugby.
[21:27:53] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Computer Security World in Mourning Over Death of Dan Kaminsky, Aged 42 - https://sylnt.us - RIP
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[22:02:39] <Runaway1956> TBH, FatPhil, I don't know what the status is for statehood for either Samoa or Guam
[22:02:49] <Runaway1956> Have never considered it, never looked into it
[22:03:09] <Runaway1956> but Puerto Rico could be a state next year, or 20 years ago, if they just voted for it
[22:04:44] <Runaway1956> @ Bytram - I've just uninstalled Folding from the computer with the fast GPU
[22:05:01] <Runaway1956> Keeps crashing, runs hot, wife complains, blah blah blah
[22:05:41] <Runaway1956> I may diddle with it later, when she's not home to watch over my shoulder, but I don't think it's going to run on that card anymore
[22:13:45] <chromas> Don't forget to bj that computer
[22:14:18] <chromas> Also, how old is the card? It might need new thermal jizz
[22:33:38] <Runaway1956> That card is only about 17 months old
[22:34:52] <Runaway1956> Getting time at home alone with that computer is difficult - if wife isn't on it, one of the kids are
[22:50:04] <Subsentient> c0lo: Thanks, but not actually a fan of human suffering. I mean, unless they deserve it, which these guys clearly don't.
[22:50:46] <c0lo> subsentient, noted
[22:51:06] * c0lo redefining domain limits for subsentient
[22:52:01] <Subsentient> c0lo: Irl I'm more of a Jim Carrey Grinch type character with more severe depression.
[22:54:29] <c0lo> subsentient, I had insufficient data on you misanthropy. Very likely it will vary, the maximal values were poorly defined. Apologies, no offence intended
[22:55:07] <FatPhil> chromas: who *doesn't* need new thermal jizz?
[23:05:09] <chromas> 🎵Nobody doesn't need thermal jizz!🎵
[23:05:16] <chromas> [/Sara Lee theme song]
[23:05:31] <Subsentient> I love this channel sometimes.
[23:07:20] <chromas> just don't touch the sticky
[23:07:22] <chromas> DJ Jizzy Jeff and the Fresh Prints
[23:08:37] <Subsentient> Runaway1956: Yeah I had to restore my AMD system to stock settings because it kept crashing from F@H
[23:08:56] <Subsentient> Run it at a 300Mhz overclock for a long time with no issues but F@H manages to make it explode
[23:09:14] <chromas> Need moar cooling
[23:09:20] <Subsentient> Needs more thermal jizz
[23:09:32] <chromas> Do it The Verge-style
[23:09:45] <chromas> smooth juzz-on-jizz action
[23:10:10] <Subsentient> creamy
[23:10:35] <chromas> Subsentient: Have you tried using cooling it with a pony jar?
[23:11:11] <Subsentient> chromas: Yeah but there wasn't good enough thermal contact between the mason jar and the CPU. I guess the glass has too much thermal resistance.
[23:11:42] <chromas> Gonna have to let the pony out of the jar
[23:11:50] <Subsentient> So I just used it for a 1 guy 1 jar thing instead
[23:12:45] * chromas wonders about the IOPS
[23:27:49] <c0lo> =submit https://apnews.com
[23:27:52] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Out of the Cave: French Isolation Study Ends After 40 Days" (18p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[23:28:33] <c0lo> I'd read a book authored by the participants ^^^
[23:37:52] <c0lo> =submit you-can-leave-your-mask-on https://torontosun.com
[23:37:55] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Vegas Topless Bars to Reopen but Strippers Must Wear Masks" (14p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[23:44:48] <Runaway1956> FWIW, you can get Mason jars down south, but up north you have to use Dixon jars.
[23:45:29] <Runaway1956> The import taxes are so high, you don't see them moving across the border very often
[23:49:34] <c0lo> =submit https://www.channelnewsasia.com
[23:49:37] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "0340 Healthcare Workers in Malaysia Who Had Both Doses of Vaccine Test Positive for COVID-19" (0p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[23:58:34] <Runaway1956> Everyone loves an internet mystery, don't they?
[23:59:00] <Runaway1956> Also love Kuala Lumpur mysteries!