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[00:44:22] <AzumaHazuki> the site's throwning http 500 errors
[00:44:26] <AzumaHazuki> throwing*
[00:44:53] <chromas> at least one server's full of shit; needs to be cleaned out
[00:45:14] <chromas> 1.5M free. Waiting for a staff to stop by and delete some things
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[00:45:38] <chromas> but for now, restarting other stuff barfed up a bunch of database errors
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[00:46:21] <chromas> oh the plus side, a site error always gets more people into irc :D
[00:46:36] <c0lo> "full of shit; needs to be cleaned out" you adms keep your porn stash there or what?
[00:46:43] <drussell> LOL
[00:47:23] <chromas> we fap to your comments
[00:48:26] * c0lo highly tempted to post ascii goatse on irc as an example of civility
[00:48:34] <drussell> Oh, out of space, is it? :)
[00:48:43] <chromas> should be fine as long as it's not 50 lines long
[00:48:57] <chromas> nobody's around to kick at the moment anyhow :D
[00:49:34] <c0lo> #kick chromas
[00:50:05] <c0lo> #in the butt
[00:50:17] <drussell> !current-uid
[00:50:23] <chromas> 3)o(Ɛ
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[00:50:45] <chromas> !uid
[00:50:56] <requerdanos> I am thinking that current-uid would come out of the database, currently vacationing in diskfullville
[00:51:07] <drussell> It must be down.... the database probably fell over
[00:51:18] <drussell> What he said
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[00:52:25] <c0lo> The !uid is the test for db being able.
[00:52:32] <c0lo> Its not.
[00:53:41] <chromas> I'm not sure how the servers are set up because while the wiki says neon's part of the ndb cluster, it doesn't have a script in /etc/init.d, even though helium does
[00:53:46] <requerdanos> test failed successfully.
[00:53:48] <chromas> but I don't know how mysql-cluster works
[00:53:50] <AzumaHazuki> makes me wonder what nefariousness is being gotten up to behind the scenes
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[00:54:06] <chromas> probably some spergout process
[00:54:30] <SoyCow6305> And just when I was about to post a witty comment....oh well, it'll wait.
[00:54:31] <chromas> Something like what my bot would do ;)
[00:54:44] <aristarchus> Ironically, I am getting the Forbidden error message.
[00:55:06] <AzumaHazuki> obviously you've been shadowbanned :V
[00:55:19] <c0lo> Same old, same old, aristarchus
[00:55:48] <SoyCow6305> You're not alone, I am getting the Forbidden error message too. Logged in, posting AC
[00:55:49] <aristarchus> Just prey that no one ever mods the same as you do, or you might be banned.
[00:55:58] <SoyCow6437> It says that more info might be available in the server error log.
[00:56:06] <SoyCow6437> Would someone post it please?
[00:56:14] <drussell> The server is out of disk space...
[00:56:20] <AzumaHazuki> i've got to see if there's a text-only dump of the Gab hack somewhere. Hallow shat himself at hypersonic speeds over the mere idle mention of it on my part
[00:56:24] <drussell> Please wait...
[00:56:29] <chromas> here's a tweest
[00:56:32] <chromas> helium has systemd
[00:56:37] <c0lo> there's no server log anymore, only porn
[00:56:44] <SoyCow6437> Well THERE'S your problem
[00:56:51] <AzumaHazuki> and keeps doing it. so now it's almost certain he's 1) got a Gab account and 2) is a seditious boi
[00:57:24] <SoyCow6437> AH you don't suppose he used the same username do you?
[00:57:37] <AzumaHazuki> i have no idea but it would be lulzarious (yes that is a word now) if he did
[00:58:06] <AzumaHazuki> and would fit his unthinking arrogance perfectly
[00:59:42] <AzumaHazuki> ever notice the loudest law'n'order types are the ones most likely to be involved in this? it's almost like they think the law applies along tribal lines or something, and justice is something you buy like groceries
[01:00:02] <drussell> After like 4 hours, how can they still not have any idea how many people are dead in Boulder other than at least one police officer?
[01:00:31] <AzumaHazuki> Who knows? this country's not exactly a shining beacon of internal competence...
[01:00:31] <chromas> They can't decide who died by bullet and who died by covid
[01:03:03] <c0lo> =w 'No Way To Prevent This,'
[01:03:04] <systemd> 'No Way To Prevent This,' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens is the title of a series of satirical articles from The Onion about the frequency - https://en.wikipedia.org'No_Way_To_Prevent_This,'_Says_Only_Nation_Where_This_Regularly_Happens
[01:03:41] <SoyCow6305> meanwhile back in NY State, a leading Cuomo opponent bites the dust -- https://www.nbcnews.com hoist on, as they say, his own petard.
[01:03:42] <systemd> ^ 03GOP Rep. Tom Reed apologizes, announces retirement amid misconduct claim
[01:04:23] <AzumaHazuki> which isn't to say Cuomo himself is clean...NY politics is dirty. i ought to know, i come from NYC
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[01:04:23] <chromas> hope he's not going into a nursing home
[01:04:30] <c0lo> meanwhile, back in my state, I don't need masks anymore https://www.abc.net.au
[01:04:31] <systemd> ^ 03Victoria eases COVID-19 mask rules and limits on private gatherings and AFL crowds - ABC News
[01:05:26] <aristarchus> But, how high is the water? Or is that south?
[01:05:57] <c0lo> the water is in Sydney and Queensland
[01:06:05] <chromas> Australia doesn't have water. Only spiders
[01:06:23] <drussell> NSW has extra water
[01:06:36] <chromas> So many spiders, they act like a liquid
[01:06:52] <aristarchus> Have you seen the photos of the spiders fleeing the water? And, snakes in trees, forcing out the dropbears.
[01:07:05] <chromas> Crisis actors, of course
[01:07:18] <chromas> it's all holographic moon cgi
[01:09:03] <chromas> so since the db server filled up with australian water, I think it's high tide we switched sn over to serverless infrastructure
[01:09:37] <c0lo> Wrong. Does have water with spiders on top https://www.youtube.com
[01:09:39] <systemd> ^ 03Clusters of Spiders Try to Escape Rising Floodwaters in Regional New South Wales
[01:10:24] <chromas> obviously computer-generated. you can see the green screen fringes around the spiders
[01:10:57] <chromas> so where's the water coming from? I haven't seen any newses about it
[01:12:08] <c0lo> Not enough tourists to feed them all, we had to rain to keep their life style level high.
[01:13:09] <chromas> dang it. we'll send some of our tastiest seattleites over right away
[01:13:34] <c0lo> chromas, a tropical front from NE hitting a high pressure system over Rassie and keeping all the rain over land areas.
[01:14:00] <c0lo> s/Rassie/Tassie/
[01:14:00] <SedBot> <c0lo> chromas, a tropical front from NE hitting a high pressure system over Tassie and keeping all the rain over land areas.
[01:14:27] <aristarchus> Spiders can be large, in some places https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com
[01:14:28] <Bytram> !uid
[01:16:03] <c0lo> Can't afford to keep them so large nowadays
[01:16:19] <chromas> 🎵millions of spiders, spiders for free🎵
[01:17:16] * drussell would rather have the peaches
[01:17:50] <Bytram> looks like that spider lost a leg
[01:17:55] <chromas> australian peaches are just spiders in a special configuration
[01:18:05] <drussell> With snakes
[01:18:28] <chromas> 🎵spiders and snakes, spiders and snakes🎵 [tune of Winnie the Poo]
[01:18:53] <Bytram> =yt I don't like spiders and snakes
[01:18:54] <systemd> https://youtube.com - Jim Stafford Spiders and Snakes (03:07; 2,409,157 views; 👍21,522 👎748)
[01:25:23] <c0lo> miami https://i.dailymail.co.uk vs NSW https://www.abc.net.au
[01:25:25] <systemd> ^ 03Lifesavers rescue cow that was swept onto beach during floods - ABC News
[01:25:40] <aristarchus> =sub https://www.techradar.com
[01:25:43] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Microsoft Exchange Servers are Under Attack Once Again" (10p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[01:25:50] <SoyCow6305> Hey, what was a SoyCow doing there?
[01:26:48] <c0lo> Where? in Miami?
[01:26:55] <chromas> I see page
[01:27:08] <chromas> Have to log in again though. I demand a refund!
[01:27:23] <drussell> That's not a soy cow, that's an actual real MEAT one!
[01:28:01] <drussell> Yeah, the main page loads again here now too...
[01:28:05] <aristarchus> Back up? Looks like I have been mod-bombed.
[01:29:35] <SoyCow6305> All back here, didn't have to log in again.
[01:30:12] <Bytram> back, too.
[01:30:16] <Bytram> cookies++
[01:30:16] <Bender> karma - cookies: 17
[01:30:16] <TheMightyBuzzard> aristarchus, only four by any single person today
[01:30:21] <chromas> TheMightyBuzzard++
[01:30:21] <Bender> karma - themightybuzzard: 418
[01:30:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> you're just popular
[01:30:30] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard++
[01:30:30] <Bender> karma - themightybuzzard: 419
[01:30:34] <chromas> just need two more for maximum dank
[01:30:37] <chromas> or danke
[01:31:09] <SoyCow6305> TheMightyBuzzard++ (does this work for SoyCows?)
[01:31:09] <Bender> karma - themightybuzzard: 420
[01:31:37] <TheMightyBuzzard> well in that case
[01:31:46] * TheMightyBuzzard steps out for a smoke break
[01:32:26] <SoyCow6305> Jane Fonda stops to look at her watch (Clute).
[01:34:48] <SoyCow6305> s/(clute)/(Klute)
[01:34:49] * SedBot offers SoCuw6305 a /
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[01:57:41] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Apple Told to Pay $308.5 Million for Infringing DRM Patent - https://sylnt.us
[02:16:36] <c0lo> =submit https://politics.theonion.com
[02:16:38] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Democrats Signal Openness to Restoring Filibuster to Original Form as Drawn-Out Striptease" (1p) -> https://soylentnews.org
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[02:34:08] <c0lo> =submit doing-it-for-only-for-the-lulz-your-honour https://www.forbes.com
[02:34:11] <systemd> ✓* Sub-ccess! "08Sidney Powell Argues Her Dominion Defamation Lawsuit be Tossed Because ‘No Reasonable Person’ Wo" (13p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[02:35:25] <c0lo> =w Chewbacca defense
[02:35:26] <systemd> In a jury trial, a Chewbacca defense is a legal strategy in which a criminal defense lawyer tries to confuse the jury rather than refute the case of the - https://en.wikipedia.org
[03:06:19] <Bytram> =yt ooey gooey rich and chewy insides
[03:06:20] <systemd> https://youtube.com - Nabisco's Fig Newtons - Ooey Gooey Rich And Chewy Inside (30; 8,152 views; 👍58 👎1)
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[03:14:53] <c0lo> https://www.npr.org
[03:14:54] <systemd> ^ 03You Literally Can't Believe The Facts Tucker Carlson Tells You. So Say Fox's Lawyers
[03:19:02] <TheMightyBuzzard> that's not a given for any news personality nowadays?
[03:20:08] <c0lo> Ctx for Sydney Powell going down the "Tucker Carlson defense"
[03:20:50] <c0lo> It may succeed if she never used them i court.
[03:22:25] <c0lo> Seems like everybody in US lie only for the lulz and it's culturaly acceptable to do it.
[03:23:54] <TheMightyBuzzard> i mean, only 40% of the US trusts the mass media "a fair amount" or more. the rest are "not very much" or "none at all" with "none at all" carrying a full 33%
[03:24:43] <c0lo> TMB, context, Sydney Powell working for the Trump campaign.
[03:25:05] <c0lo> You still don't see a problem with that?
[03:25:16] <TheMightyBuzzard> so if we expect them to be lying liar heads and believe little to nothing they say, it doesn't really hold up as slander.
[03:25:22] <Bytram> I have found using absolutist terms like "everybody", "nobody", "always", and "never" only extremely rarely works out.
[03:26:14] <TheMightyBuzzard> c0lo, i neither know nor care who that is
[03:26:18] <Bytram> read that: [almost] never
[03:26:53] <Bytram> https://www.theverge.com
[03:26:54] <systemd> ^ 03Verge
[03:27:52] <TheMightyBuzzard> Bytram, oh they probably tell the truth when it can't be avoided or there might be two genuinely ethical journalists in the MSM. but it's not worth even checking their stories anymore. the weather guy tells the truth more often.
[03:27:53] * c0lo ignoring TMB, his fingers speak without him caring about, just to keep him awake
[03:28:09] <TheMightyBuzzard> c0lo, i wasn't talking about powell, you were
[03:28:43] * Bytram is going to talk about going to bed
[03:29:06] <c0lo> Yes I was. And you're talking just because, totally unrelated to what I was saying, right?
[03:29:07] <Bytram> is getting late and my eyes are not wanting to remain open
[03:29:17] <TheMightyBuzzard> thas a fine idea. it'd be novel and interesting to get in bed before 2 tonight
[03:29:36] <c0lo> Gouge them out bytram that will teach em.
[03:29:42] <Bytram> just reset your clock!
[03:29:44] <TheMightyBuzzard> c0lo, i was talking about your npr link. idgaf about your beefs with trump flunkies.
[03:30:52] <c0lo> And I wasn't talkng about Tucker Carlson.
[03:31:08] <TheMightyBuzzard> what, you expect me to read all the backscroll?
[03:31:38] <c0lo> Go to sleep TMB you're wasting your time here.
[03:31:46] <TheMightyBuzzard> true and good idea
[03:37:48] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Richard Stallman Rejoins Free Software Foundation Board of Directors - https://sylnt.us - uncancelled
[04:17:51] <bacterium> in chess they call it castling
[04:19:03] <bacterium> another great example of this tactical twist is what putin and medvedev did
[04:19:13] <bacterium> chess++
[04:19:13] <Bender> karma - chess: 3
[04:19:19] <bacterium> satan++
[04:19:19] <Bender> karma - satan: 13
[04:20:45] <Runaway1956> Ugh - what a day, and the night hasn't started out any better . . .
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[04:26:03] <chromas> =g real mccoy run away
[04:26:04] <systemd> https://www.youtube.com - Real McCoy • Run Away (US Version) - YouTube
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[04:46:05] <c0lo> =yt _v-U3K1sw9U
[04:46:06] <systemd> https://youtube.com - The Next Pandemic: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) (20:29; 8,657,208 views; 👍194,393 👎12,143)
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[06:05:52] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Two Thirds of Google Searches End Without a Click - https://sylnt.us - our-IRC-bots-are-not-helping
[06:47:26] <chromas> Isn't that what all the newsies are complaining about?
[06:47:49] <chromas> Google returns the answer right on the page, so no need to click through to other ad banners
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[06:51:50] <chromas> aw
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[08:20:46] <FatPhil> 2:30 p.m. Mountain Time is about 1875, isn't it?
[08:24:54] <c0lo> Depends on DST, I guess :grin:
[08:30:00] <FatPhil> In the USA, it's always DST - Democracy Saving Time!
[08:31:33] <c0lo> Saving... like in economizing it?
[08:32:02] <chromas> We're saving it for later, just in case we need it
[08:34:31] <c0lo> That's what I mean... like putting it into a savings account, bearing no interest and with maintenance fees drawn weekly.
[08:35:07] <chromas> There's plenty of interest. You guys are always thinking of us :D
[08:39:55] <FatPhil> And you return the favour by repeatedly attempting to inject toxic elements into our royal family. We survived Mrs. Simpson, we'll survive Meghan Flarblegarble too!
[08:40:54] <chromas> >:)
[08:46:44] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - New Tool Can Help Predict the Next Financial Bubble - https://sylnt.us - double-double-toil-and-trouble
[09:48:11] <c0lo> =submit https://www.ansa.it
[09:48:14] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03First Strike of Amazon Workers in Italy - English" (1p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[09:49:16] <c0lo> =submit so-it-has-come-to-this https://www.politico.com
[09:49:18] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03U.S., Allies Announce Sanctions on China Over Uyghur ‘Genocide’" (12p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[09:53:32] <c0lo> Tee-hee! Tiananmen Square, Uyghur Court, Hong Kong Road and Tibet Hill. Those Brits know how to be annoying.
[09:53:35] <c0lo> https://www.theguardian.com
[09:53:35] <systemd> ^ 03Tiananmen Square, Uyghur Court: Tower Hamlets plans name changes in solidarity
[09:54:33] <c0lo> (proposed street names around the new Chinese embassy in London)
[09:58:23] <c0lo> =submit https://www.techdirt.com
[09:58:25] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Whistleblower Says AT&T Has Been Ripping Off US Schools for a Decade;" (19p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[09:58:30] <FatPhil> Lefties clearly don't think China's leftie any more.
[10:00:30] <c0lo> =submit https://www.independent.co.uk
[10:00:33] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Instagram is ‘Most Invasive App’, New Study Shows" (7p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[10:17:42] <c0lo> &name=small
[10:19:07] <c0lo> FatPhil, no the lefties want to reach marxism-covidism ... so the righties say https://pbs.twimg.com
[10:22:39] <FatPhil> hard to know if poe's law...
[10:23:18] <c0lo> I doubt it https://ballotpedia.org
[10:23:19] <systemd> ^ 03DeAnna Lorraine - Ballotpedia
[10:24:49] <FatPhil> and they said the left was no good at memes?
[10:27:47] <c0lo> How's Trump doing lately?
[10:28:31] <FatPhil> probably gone to pot
[10:30:45] <c0lo> Haven't had time to check on him. You saying he's training for the potty?
[10:33:35] <Ingar> Watching TV while Biden bombs Syria
[10:34:45] <c0lo> You have nothing better to do than watch TV, Ingar?
[10:35:03] <Ingar> Trump, not me
[10:35:07] <Ingar> I don't watch TV
[10:35:46] <c0lo> Trump plays snooker
[10:37:39] <FatPhil> And he's right up the cazoo right now, it seems
[10:42:21] <FatPhil> i see your aussie hairstyle disaster is up this afternoon
[10:44:24] <FatPhil> Dear charities, please use a more readable font with better keming in your adverts. It's fine to say "Feed the world with one click", but that's not what I'm reading...
[10:47:57] <c0lo> FatPhil, I really don't have time to check on them disaster hair style potting their balls.
[10:48:32] <c0lo> Keep me updated if you have time. Thanks.
[10:55:25] <FatPhil> lolwut?!?? https://www.startpage.com
[11:04:23] <FatPhil> Oh, man, I just did an image search for ``neil robertson hair'', and to be honest, I now feel sorry for him. He should just grow it long and do the 70s footballer thing, that's the only solution.
[11:14:18] <c0lo> His brother's hair style is better https://youtu.be
[11:14:22] <systemd> ^ 03Neil Robertson leads world snooker final ( https://www.youtube.com )
[11:15:49] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Who Defeated the Anti-Crypto-Coin-Mining Protection for Nvidia's "Gamers Only" RTX 3060? Nvidia. - https://sylnt.us
[11:15:52] <c0lo> Anyway, looks like the soft curls are natural https://imgresizer.eurosport.com(webp)/origin-imgresizer.eurosport.com/2012/01/23/802819-20701647-2560-1440.jpg
[11:25:07] -!- SoyCow6305 has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[11:25:35] <c0lo> Otherwise it's a very typical surfer hair style. Keeping him in UK doesn't do him good.
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[13:24:26] <FatPhil> Extra custard!
[13:45:33] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Attackers are Trying Awfully Hard to Backdoor iOS Developers’ Macs - https://sylnt.us - infected-delivery
[13:49:23] <TheMightyBuzzard> #submit https://hackaday.com
[13:49:24] <MrPlow> Submitting. There is a mandatory delay, please be patient.
[13:49:49] <MrPlow> Submission successful. https://soylentnews.org
[14:24:58] <Ingar> game is called: connect the dots
[14:32:51] <FatPhil> are you taking the pixels?
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[16:17:29] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - $16 Attack Shows How Easy Carriers Make It to Intercept Text Messages - https://sylnt.us
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[16:33:00] * chromas wonders what FatPhil's unloadable startpage link looked like
[16:58:08] <chromas> dang white supremacists https://heavy.com
[16:58:09] <systemd> ^ 03Ahmad Alissa: Boulder Shooting Terror Motive Unlikely, Reports Say
[17:15:38] <FatPhil> chromas: it was an aussie snooker player who usually has the most terrible hair*style* ever with *no* hairstyling, which is nearly as bad.
[17:16:58] <FatPhil> blame c0lo, he has terrible taste in snooker players.
[17:17:28] <chromas> ah. all I got was a redirect to the main page
[17:17:49] <FatPhil> startpage can be very annoying for several reasons
[17:39:44] <Runaway1956> https://www.independent.co.uk
[17:39:47] <systemd> ^ 03Boulder gunman described as ‘anti-social’ and paranoid by brother
[17:41:10] <FatPhil> Just your every-day American, I'd say.
[17:51:11] <pinchy> aww the brother was 34. 1 yr off
[18:29:06] <progo> have they figured out if anything fits the narrative, or this is no story?
[18:29:22] <progo> can we blame videogames or Oprah or something?
[18:29:51] <progo> oh, oops, wrong tone for this channel. sorry.
[18:30:43] <FatPhil> The Colorado shooter? I think we should blame Bill Gates and Windows.
[18:31:10] <progo> my last comment: babylon bee nailed it. https://babylonbee.com
[18:31:11] <systemd> ^ 03Unclear How Bad Mass Shooting Is Until Authorities Release Details Of Everyone's Skin Color
[18:31:24] <FatPhil> hahahah!
[18:31:55] <FatPhil> Women most affected?
[18:46:34] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Judge Grants Class-Action Status to MacBook Butterfly-Keyboard Suit - https://sylnt.us
[19:05:22] <Runaway1956> https://www.foxnews.com
[19:05:23] <systemd> ^ 03American Airlines passengers brawl over who gets to deplane first; witness shares video to Twitter
[19:05:25] <Runaway1956> lolol
[19:31:44] -!- isocelated [isocelated!~oh_hai@CanHazVHOST/isocelated] has joined #soylent
[19:31:58] <FatPhil> 'There were no reported injuries to passengers or crew as a result of the incident' - wasn't much of a brawl then
[19:53:38] -!- isocelated_ [isocelated_!~oh_hai@2317-3126-5s53-p776-7530-7159-nb8d-0o38.res0.spectrum.com] has joined #soylent
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[19:55:43] -!- isocelated has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[20:31:58] <Fnord666> Brawling isn't what it used to be.
[20:33:42] <Fnord666> If they don't find at least one missing tooth it wasn't much of a brawl.
[20:34:39] <chromas> or one hell of a brawl if they can't find the missing teeth
[20:35:06] <FatPhil> if noone's holding their temple saying "where are my spectacles", then it wasn't enough of a spectacle.
[20:36:30] <chromas> I couldn't see what you did there until they found my missing spectacles
[20:37:17] <FatPhil> The joke really did need to be carried out on a stretcher
[20:48:02] <inz> FatPhil++ for the appropriate use of the word keming
[20:48:02] <Bender> karma - fatphil: 110
[20:53:41] <FatPhil> doffs hat
[21:26:26] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - After Cracking the "Sum of Cubes" Puzzle for 42, Mathematicians Solve Harder Problem - https://sylnt.us - solving-the-puzzle-did-not-cause-any-harm-to-mice
[21:40:25] <Runaway1956> https://www.thedrive.com
[21:40:26] <systemd> ^ 03Nothing But Images Of Precision Guided Weapons Taken Just Before They Obliterate Their Targets
[21:42:05] <Runaway1956> =submit https://www.nextbigfuture.com
[21:42:07] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03After Four Years of Being Crushed by SpaceX, Europe Forms a Working Group" (1p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[21:43:38] <Runaway1956> =submit https://arstechnica.com
[21:43:41] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03FCC Wants to Hear From Americans Who’ve Been Ignored by Broadband Industry" (22p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[22:14:04] <Runaway1956> Black mask, white lettering, says "This mask is as useless as Joe Biden"
[22:14:06] <Runaway1956> love it
[22:31:18] -!- everdred has quit [Quit: WeeChat 2.3]
[22:31:23] -!- everdred [everdred!~everdred@Soylent/Users/110/Everdred] has joined #soylent
[22:58:25] <FatPhil> I hear that Biden wears a "Who The Fuck's 'Runaway1956'?" mask
[23:00:07] <Runaway1956> You should see an ear doctor if you're hearing imaginary voices - if he can't help, see a shrink for new shrinkwrapping
[23:01:27] <FatPhil> Runaway1956++ good response
[23:01:27] <Bender> karma - runaway1956: 32
[23:16:41] <Runaway1956> =submit https://futurism.com
[23:16:45] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Scientists Detect Chemicals Inside Pregnant Women They Can&#8217;t Even Identify" (9p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[23:25:46] <Runaway1956> =submit https://bigleaguepolitics.com
[23:25:48] <systemd> ✓* Sub-ccess! "08'Shock and Awe': Feds Admit They are Prosecuting Jan. 6 Capitol Protesters to Create Chilling Effect" (15p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[23:30:39] <Bytram> !uid
[23:30:39] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 14424, owned by TCRWPMRFZLYI36NR92BBERCT httpgoogle
[23:31:19] <Bytram> rolls right off the tongue!
[23:46:27] -!- AzumaHazuki [AzumaHazuki!~hazuki@the.end.of.time] has joined #soylent
[23:49:34] <Runaway1956> https://twitter.com
[23:49:34] <systemd> ^ 03Twitter
[23:49:58] <Runaway1956> How in the HELL do you get a ship stuck sideways in a one-way canal?
[23:50:10] <Runaway1956> Holeeeeeeeeee SHIT!
[23:50:39] <Bytram> shipornado?
[23:52:06] <Runaway1956> Something, Bytram - I certainly can't explain it without some supernatural or alien intervention
[23:52:59] <Runaway1956> Unless the crew just went to sleep - it takes hours to transit the canal, and there's not much to do or see along the way
[23:53:35] <Bytram> easy, actually. tides flow. there are currents. catch the bow ashore and have the current keep trying to pivot the stern into the opopsite shore
[23:54:37] * Runaway1956 remembers extremely calm waters, even on Great Bitter Lake
[23:56:34] <Bytram> calm, sure but there is a thing call tides as the earth, moon, and sun interact. 1 mph current is not much, but against the side of a 400 meter long ship -- once it gets away from ya -- good luck with that!
[23:57:29] * Runaway1956 wouldn't want to be a member of that crew!
[23:57:44] <Runaway1956> Israel will probably bomb it, lol
[23:57:47] <Bytram> https://youtu.be
[23:57:54] <systemd> ^ 03Salvage of sunken car carrier Tricolor ( https://www.youtube.com )
[23:58:00] <Bytram> https://pbs.twimg.com
[23:58:22] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - ~4,300 Publicly Reachable Servers are Posing a New DDoS Hazard to the Internet - https://sylnt.us
[23:58:23] <Bytram> ^^^ pic of the suez plug
[23:58:45] <Bytram> 400 meters long by 59 meters wide
[23:59:25] <Ellenor> nosferatu