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[00:14:48] <kyonko0> everything is back to normal, 28 days later
[00:25:50] <chromas> FatPhil: is the second one any good?
[00:53:41] <FatPhil> it's not terrible
[00:53:47] <FatPhil> it has a lot of callbacks
[00:53:59] <FatPhil> if you don't see it back-to-back you will miss a few
[00:55:21] <FatPhil> Wesley Snipes totally rules, I do like EM, but WS dominates every shared scene.
[01:01:35] <Bytram> What I remember from Coming to America is that Eddie Murphy talks too much and too fast (didn't like him as the donkey in Shrek, either)
[01:03:27] <chromas> Most people talk too slow. He's just making up for those people
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[01:04:54] <Bytram> chromas: what
[01:04:59] <Bytram> chromas: did
[01:05:03] <Bytram> chromas: you
[01:05:05] <Bytram> chromas: say?
[01:06:03] <FatPhil> Bytram: there are scenes - such as the barbershop - where it's absurd machine-gun dialogue, yes
[01:06:26] <FatPhil> not even dialogue - it's unidirectional sometimes
[01:07:01] <FatPhil> but some of my belliest laughs were at the quieter, more drawn out moments.
[01:07:13] <Bytram> I'd forgotten that scene until you mentioned it... yikes that was a mess
[01:07:14] <FatPhil> The breaking of the 4th wall was hilarious in both movies
[01:07:45] <Bytram> I saw it when it came out, so don't remember much of it.
[01:07:46] <FatPhil> the barbershop scenes weren't good scenes, certainly, apart from Saul's jokes
[01:08:02] <FatPhil> Saul = EM as the old Jewish guy
[01:08:15] * Bytram an picture the scene... and that's about it
[01:08:38] * Bytram can picture the scene... and that's about it
[01:11:23] <FatPhil> The first time I saw the original, I didn't know Saul was Eddie, it was only when the credits rolled it became clear.
[01:11:58] <FatPhil> his accent is all over the place there, but it is when he's pretending to be African as well.
[01:13:03] <FatPhil> One thing you'll learn from the sequel is that "africa" is, culturally, a single place.
[01:14:19] <FatPhil> There is such a thing as "african" culture. Oh yes. North, south, east, west, and central - all the same, totally! (not that I'm saying north central and south central are the same, don't misunderstand me)
[01:18:27] <FatPhil> NOBODY MENTION MADAGASCAR!!!!
[01:18:41] <FatPhil> oops, sorry, raps lock got stuck
[01:18:52] <Bytram> Having met folk from several different countries in Africa... I'm not following you. Yeah, depending on what country "colonized" them, there are certain commonalities, but even that is overstating things
[01:18:56] <FatPhil> never try a typo joke on a kbd that drops characters
[01:19:11] <FatPhil> should have been: "oops, sorry, craps lock got stuck"
[01:19:51] <FatPhil> I'm probably spinning too fast, not paying attention to my audience, as I don't even know there is one.
[01:20:19] <Bytram> FatPhil: I think you meant to say, previously: nvr try typ jk n kbd tht drps chrctrs
[01:20:30] <FatPhil> Bytram++
[01:20:30] <Bender> karma - bytram: 159
[01:20:35] <Bytram> =)
[01:20:55] <FatPhil> I nearly said "Bytram==" because my shift key is one of my worst
[01:22:28] <Bytram> have you tried inverting the kbd so the keycaps are downward facing and giving the whole thing a few good whacks on the table? It's amazing how many crumbs and things can come out.
[01:22:30] <FatPhil> Anyway, Coming 2 America does riff of this abstract concept of "African" too often.
[01:22:53] <Bytram> Oh, got it, now. tx!
[01:23:22] <FatPhil> I was sharing a house with a Nigerian when Princess Diana died.
[01:23:44] <Bytram> Africa is NOT homogeneous
[01:23:52] <FatPhil> I have shaken hands with Princess Di. He's been given an award by Prince Charles.
[01:24:33] <FatPhil> He was beating himself up so much hearing about the death. It was, shall we say, a caricature. But it was real.
[01:24:45] <FatPhil> My response was "I never voted for her mother in law"
[01:25:03] <Runaway1956> MADAGASCAR!!!!
[01:25:07] <Bytram> When was the accident?
[01:25:11] <FatPhil> Runaway1956++
[01:25:11] <Bender> karma - runaway1956: 30
[01:25:26] <Bytram> =g princess diana crash
[01:25:27] <systemd> https://en.wikipedia.org - Death of Diana, Princess of Wales - Wikipedia
[01:25:28] * Runaway1956 looks around suspiciously
[01:27:05] <Bytram> August 31, 1997
[01:27:37] <FatPhil> Yeah, I left Cambridge in 2000 and it was a couple of years before that.
[01:28:33] <Bytram> =g Monza
[01:28:34] <systemd> https://monzapizza.com - Monza Pizza Bar
[01:28:39] <Bytram> lol
[01:28:50] <Bytram> =g Monza grand prix
[01:28:51] <systemd> https://en.wikipedia.org - Italian Grand Prix - Wikipedia
[01:29:07] <Bytram> yeah, that's where I was when the crash happened
[01:29:27] <FatPhil> jeebus
[01:29:35] <FatPhil> f1fan, eh?
[01:29:52] <Bytram> was working on a special project for 'em
[01:29:58] <Runaway1956> Did they ever hang any of the papparazi for that crash?
[01:30:02] <FatPhil> Not ferrari?!?!?!?
[01:30:05] <FatPhil> get out!
[01:30:32] <Bytram> nope. Formula 1 -- the media side of things
[01:30:41] <FatPhil> Oh, OK
[01:30:59] <FatPhil> Otherwise, I'd have had to say "get out!"!
[01:31:45] <FatPhil> Been a fan of the sport since the first time I sat my arse in a go-kart.
[01:32:00] <FatPhil> It's one of the few sports I follow nowadays
[01:32:27] <Bytram> we were implementing a means to take a live video feed from the cameras along the track -- strictly the video with no telemetry at all -- and in real time replace a specially-crafted sign along the course with an advertisement
[01:33:11] <Bytram> To put it in perspective, this is back when the Pentium Pro has recently come out.
[01:34:37] <Bytram> The idea being that a single sign could be sold several times over. Feed going to Japan? Advert for Kirin beer. USA? Budweiser. etc. etc.
[01:35:35] <Bytram> So, I had a press pass which gave me virtually unrestricted access to the entire race course. =)
[01:37:10] <Bytram> Silverstone, Hockenheim, Nurburgring, Monza, Spielberg, Graz, and Jarez (If memory serves)
[01:38:26] <Bytram> Actually got to drive a lap around the Nurburgring! Not at speed, mind you, but still =)
[01:48:42] <FatPhil> I remember hearing about the tech at the time
[01:49:08] <FatPhil> it didn't appear on the screens for a couple of years
[01:49:31] <FatPhil> the stationary stadium sports got it first, as there was nothing to compute.
[01:49:58] <FatPhil> Got any photos?
[01:50:06] <Bytram> We started with using an SGI Indigo to do the video processing
[01:50:15] <Bytram> later updated to using an Octane
[01:50:53] <Bytram> the rack of equipment we were using was just insane, and a *tiny* part of the whole operation.
[01:51:18] <FatPhil> workstations weren't where the work occurred
[01:51:23] <Bytram> digital delay... with just a crapton of RAM
[01:52:11] <FatPhil> Fucking awesome
[01:52:12] <Bytram> broadcast quality analong and digital VCRs
[01:52:15] <FatPhil> Bytram++
[01:52:15] <Bender> karma - bytram: 160
[01:52:23] <Bytram> =g ultimatte
[01:52:23] <systemd> https://www.blackmagicdesign.com - Ultimatte | Blackmagic Design
[01:52:50] <Bytram> at least that's the name I remember...
[01:53:05] <Bytram> "green screen" technology
[01:53:20] <FatPhil> just add deviantart to the search terms
[01:53:53] <Bytram> to give some perspective the digital delay was like ~$30K
[01:54:06] <Bytram> digital tape deck about the same
[01:54:39] <Bytram> we're talking back in '97 so things are not so clear any more
[01:54:51] <Bytram> given me a couple minutes
[01:57:22] <AzumaHazuki> ..i think i may have triggered ol' runs-away again
[01:57:30] <FatPhil> that's not that expensive, to be honest
[01:59:19] <Bytram> FatPhil: Maybe not in *today*'s dollars... ;)
[01:59:24] <Bytram> found it!
[01:59:26] <Bytram> https://arstechnica.com
[01:59:27] <systemd> ^ 03A rare look inside F1’s tech center
[02:00:47] <Bytram> The building with "F1 Communications" on it? Yeah. That's the place where all the video feeds originated at a race.
[02:02:59] <Bytram> Oh, did I mention it was portable? If need be, the whole broadcast facility could be disassembled, shipped, set up, and ready to broadcast from in a new location in 3-4 days.
[02:03:47] <Bytram> I know this, because I remember our actually *doing* it.
[02:04:00] <Bytram> the pic does not do it justice.
[02:04:15] <Bytram> you're facing the front
[02:10:26] <Bytram> F1 was on the right, left-hand side was rented out to other broadcasters. On the RHS, were 5-6 'rooms'. On each side of each room were something like ~12 racks of equipment. Yanno, like for rackmounting equipment? And the racks were pretty-much filled up.
[02:11:21] <Bytram> Wish I could have taken pis but that was *strictly* forbidden!
[02:11:57] <Bytram> afk
[02:18:54] <FatPhil> Bytram++ for the story
[02:18:54] <Bender> karma - bytram: 161
[02:19:42] <Bytram> FatPhil: My pleasure! Brought back some wonderful memories!
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[02:20:06] <FatPhil> I've sat in Mika Hakkinen's - by youth - local pub, with his old karting racing suit behind me on the wall.
[02:20:07] <Bytram> didn't hurt that all my expenses in Europe were covered by F1!
[02:20:37] <FatPhil> As someone who loves the sport, I can't be more happy that it would go in such directions
[02:21:20] <FatPhil> he clearly lives in a much more sophisticated part of Finland. Namely Monaco.
[02:21:28] <Bytram> further perspective -- this was before AGP graphics made it to the PC
[02:21:48] <Bytram> lol
[02:21:59] <FatPhil> AGP was exactly when I moved to Finland
[02:22:26] <Bytram> If things had gone differently, I'd have gone to Japan, Australia, ajnd Brazil, too!
[02:23:00] <FatPhil> wow
[02:23:25] <Bytram> Something most folk don't think about is that the drivers are dealing with jet lag and different cuisines, too.
[02:23:45] <FatPhil> nowadays, that's al fixed
[02:23:55] <FatPhil> as are the times of day
[02:24:04] <FatPhil> they don't do time zones
[02:24:28] <Bytram> This was all *literally* bleeding-edge technology.
[02:25:23] <Bytram> Huh? Races were at ~2pm local time, IIRC
[02:25:53] <Bytram> I can't imagine their holding a race at 3AM local time.
[02:26:14] <FatPhil> plus or minus, but yes they were aiming things at the TV audience
[02:26:28] <FatPhil> hhaha
[02:26:32] <FatPhil> yeah
[02:27:01] <FatPhil> I think I have said something that you have misunderstood
[02:27:04] <Bytram> See all these cars driving around in the... DARK?
[02:27:53] <Bytram> Yes, I know about the 24-hours of le mans, etc.
[02:29:17] <Bytram> Strangest thing was to see all the private aircraft leaving after the race... I counted at least *60* planes and copters leaving Silverstone.
[02:29:39] <Bytram> I can't begin to imagine what it was like in Air Traffic Control
[02:46:56] <Bytram> Well! That was... strange! Firefox just up and crashed on me.
[03:23:05] <kyonko0> Irony
[03:23:25] <kyonko0> There can only be one, Billiam Gates
[03:23:34] <kyonko0> Game of Thrones for the chair of Soros
[03:27:12] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - How to Get and Install Windows 10 Starting from Win 7 Pro OEM License? Solved! [UPDATES 2] - https://sylnt.us
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[03:44:06] <chromas> What's a license?
[03:44:21] <chromas> Just run hwid and it's activated
[04:02:10] <kyonko0> why does he want windows 10?
[04:02:21] <kyonko0> its actually quite creepy windows 10 exists for 32 bit with PAE
[04:03:03] <kyonko0> eventually one day, windows 7 will stop working with tcp/ip and tls/ssl
[04:03:32] <kyonko0> lord knows it happened to me with linux mint "rosa"
[04:14:46] <Bytram> https://catless.ncl.ac.uk
[04:14:48] <systemd> ^ 03The RISKS Digest, Volume 32 Issue 52
[04:55:19] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - AnandTech Reviews Intel's i7-11700K "Rocket Lake" CPU Early - https://sylnt.us - notsogood-things-come-to-those-who-wait?
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[06:42:52] <kyonko0> ok, so what the fuck do these intel cpu's mean?
[06:43:15] <kyonko0> I'm about to try cygwin x11 on an ancient i7
[06:43:18] <chromas> Numbers go fast
[06:44:36] <kyonko0> Elon Musk should make Rocket Lake CPU in a FAB in texas
[06:44:56] <kyonko0> really ironic with what went down in texas this winter
[06:45:56] <kyonko0> he's obviously making end meet with cheap shit from mexico
[06:46:02] <chromas> But Rocket Lake is in Ontario
[06:46:06] <kyonko0> JIT sourcing from mexico
[06:46:29] <kyonko0> Sewage Lake is going to be soon in texa
[06:46:57] <chromas> I wonder why we can't get unlicensed Chinesium x64 cpus
[06:47:07] <kyonko0> oh like RMS likes them
[06:47:13] <chromas> or...can we?
[06:47:14] <kyonko0> his favorite MIPS laptop
[06:47:18] <chromas> Paging Dr takyon
[07:44:53] <kyonko0> cygwin is going to be installing all night long it seems
[07:45:02] <kyonko0> from a fast-ish usb stick
[07:47:12] <chromas> but how fast is the usb port?
[07:52:10] <kyonko0> its pretty fast
[07:52:27] <kyonko0> its like a manual back up with "cp"
[07:52:34] <kyonko0> a dd is way quicker
[07:52:47] <kyonko0> and I've shit go wrong with cp lol
[07:53:28] <kyonko0> checked all 3 dimensions of x y and z regarding "IBM PC" disk storage
[07:53:51] <kyonko0> I don't trust the cloud, or even have fast internet for it
[07:54:13] <kyonko0> sucks that there aren't paid for pop e-mail providors
[07:55:47] <kyonko0> I wonder if my voip is even up
[07:55:57] <kyonko0> PSTN VOIP, not discord
[07:57:11] <chromas> You can pay for outlook mail
[07:57:13] <chromas> and others
[07:57:32] <chromas> also pretty much any domain registrar or web host also sells mailboxes
[07:58:07] <kyonko0> heh "outlook"
[07:58:31] <chromas> that's what they call HoTMaiL now
[07:58:41] <chromas> all just to confuse you
[07:58:46] <kyonko0> I mean, pop3 was pretty nice, text-only with encoded attachments and you could have a nice chat with someone with server side storage for your offline time
[07:59:04] <kyonko0> just setting up my twttr
[07:59:20] <kyonko0> (I do not fucking remember "twttr" and I had a moto razr v3t at the time with WAP)
[07:59:44] <kyonko0> in other words, where the fuck did everything go wrong?
[08:00:12] <kyonko0> I remember when del.ici.o.us first began to pollute the web
[08:00:26] <kyonko0> reminded me of IRC in 1999
[08:01:19] <kyonko0> why the fuck is an HP chromebook with a celeron N4000 CPU expensive as fuck
[08:01:46] <kyonko0> celerons have always chugged
[08:02:30] <kyonko0> who would have ever bought a celeron in the 2000's for gaming
[08:02:43] <kyonko0> now I buy all the computers I couldn't afford ;)
[08:04:00] <kyonko0> eventually within the next five years, the starlinkers will move in to my area
[08:04:10] <kyonko0> the uberclass
[08:05:03] <kyonko0> they claim starlink can't mesh in LEO
[08:05:40] <kyonko0> they claim starlink needs a local downlink to whatever crap routing they have on the ground and over microwave towers
[08:08:32] <kyonko0> the whole point of starlink is the LEO skynet
[08:08:52] <kyonko0> and yeah, that fucker can't have LEO over the CIS/SCO nations, but whatever
[08:08:57] <kyonko0> fucking assclown musk
[08:09:38] <kyonko0> fuck grimes blockchain art
[08:09:55] <kyonko0> fuck just setting up my twttr
[08:18:00] <kyonko0> fuck thefacebook
[08:30:33] <AzumaHazuki> time for a little wayland experimentation...that LabWC project seems to be approaching usability
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[08:36:59] <AzumaHazuki> Neat. Wayland feels a little "slippery" somehow compared to X but i kind of like this
[08:41:27] <chromas> Does middle click to paste work?
[08:48:09] <AzumaHazuki> not sure, actually. let's see
[08:48:20] <AzumaHazuki> hazuki@titania ~ $ this is a test
[08:48:23] <AzumaHazuki> yes it does <3
[08:48:27] <chromas> noice
[08:52:46] <kyonko0> Wayland was "smooth" on a 2011 laptop with opensuse
[08:53:08] <kyonko0> I imaged that and installed linux mint 20 ulyana
[08:54:49] <kyonko0> I
[08:55:01] <kyonko0> ve heard Gecko Linux has true smooth fonts
[08:55:11] <kyonko0> If so, whats the use of this?
[08:56:46] <kyonko0> This laptop is still pretty powerful for being from 2011, but the web browsing, ugh, unpossible
[08:57:29] <AzumaHazuki> the Falkon browser works nicely for most things, though i notice it chokes on reddit and imgur
[08:57:42] <kyonko0> yeah, because nobody can code for shit
[08:57:54] <kyonko0> remember when you had to upload your website via ftp?
[08:58:05] <kyonko0> status updates were done by e-mail
[08:58:23] <kyonko0> imgur is a terrible website
[08:58:32] <chromas> Last time I went to imgur, each comment expansion caused it to use just a little more cpu
[08:58:39] <kyonko0> ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[08:59:16] <kyonko0> I guess either you get IRC or you don't, everything else is best left to SMTP
[08:59:26] <kyonko0> where. did. we. go. wrong?
[09:00:06] <AzumaHazuki> not lighting steve ballmer on fire and watch him running around screaming 20 years ago
[09:00:09] <AzumaHazuki> that's one place
[09:00:30] <kyonko0> how long has tim cook been ruining apple?
[09:00:46] <kyonko0> why did apple seriously walled garden the ipad
[09:01:05] <chromas> while onlookers encircle the fire, join hands and begin chanting "developers developers developers"
[09:01:24] <kyonko0> ok, so where do I get OS/2 and HPFS so I can install MINIX
[09:01:35] <chromas> apple went downhill with the original mac
[09:01:37] <kyonko0> HELP ME FLASH THE EEPROM ON MY HDD
[09:01:54] <kyonko0> ok, I bricked my Pentium II
[09:01:55] <chromas> or maybe before. the iigs or whatever was better than the mac but steve was butthurt about it
[09:02:29] <kyonko0> steve jobs as so elon musk with the black and white next station
[09:02:33] <kyonko0> black and white?
[09:03:01] <kyonko0> greyscale NeXT
[09:03:58] <kyonko0> so I got this floppy with fdisk /mbr and I put something to upgrade my BIOS so I can play WoW
[09:06:14] <kyonko0> install linux mint, wipe windows away
[09:06:25] <kyonko0> do it faggot
[09:07:23] <kyonko0> these chromebook peddlers on HSN are using onlyfans lights
[09:08:04] <kyonko0> good news lads! MS OFFICE ON CHROMEOS
[09:18:54] <c0lo> that's neither good nor news and we're not lads. Everythinh else is correct, but irrelevant.
[09:35:38] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Hidden Scenes in Ancient Etruscan Paintings Revealed - https://sylnt.us - Painting-restoration-over-millennia
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[12:29:02] <Teckla> I had one of the original Macs -- 512k version. It sucked.
[12:29:25] <Teckla> Teensy tiny monochrome display. A single floppy. Sky high price. It suuucked.
[12:29:34] <Teckla> It was a downgrade from the Commodore 64 I had previously.
[12:29:54] <Teckla> (I bought it used.)
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[12:46:43] <FatPhil> The only thing I remember about the Mac at university was attempting to hide this from the sysadmins: https://macintoshgarden.org
[12:46:45] <systemd> ^ 03MacPlaymate - Macintosh Garden
[12:49:07] <chromas> Helping Hands
[12:54:29] <FatPhil> oh, that and having to poke a paperclip into the hole below the floppy slot to activate the mechanical eject button that the drive did actually have, but didn't want you to have access to.
[12:58:20] <FatPhil> But before MacPlaymate was Custer's Revenge, for the Atari, apparently: http://www.8-bitcentral.com (NSFW?)
[12:59:16] <FatPhil> https://thenextweb.com
[12:59:18] <systemd> ^ 03The Next Web
[13:01:23] <FatPhil> What's $50 from 1987 now? That seems very expensive.
[13:01:42] <chromas> optical drives have those holes too. did they copy that innovation from apple?
[13:02:19] <FatPhil> covering the eject button was definitely a mac invention
[13:02:22] <chromas> or is that a secret illuminati reference to operation paperclip?
[13:02:42] <FatPhil> Oh - watched /General Magic/ last night.
[13:03:14] <FatPhil> A "documentary" about an apple spinoff that made a handheld that was ahead of its time, and flopped.
[13:03:28] <FatPhil> In reality it was mostly a circle-jerk
[13:03:42] <chromas> !grab FatPhil
[13:03:42] <Bender> Added quote 1029
[13:04:08] <FatPhil> I'm surprised I could hear what they were saying with each others cocks in their mouths for the first 20 minutes.
[13:04:24] <chromas> must've been a flop. I haven't even heard of it. And I've heard of everything of any importance
[13:04:31] <chromas> !grab FatPhil
[13:04:31] <Bender> Added quote 1030
[13:04:42] <FatPhil> I gave it 4/10 on IMDb, and I *love* documentaries. And I love tech-related stuff.
[13:05:03] <FatPhil> Yeah, the covered the flop aspect quite well.
[13:05:10] <chromas> Have you watched TNT's Pirates of Silicon Valley?
[13:05:30] <FatPhil> nope, will google if it's worth a watch
[13:06:18] <chromas> I think it's better than the more recent Steve Jobs movies even though I haven't seen them
[13:07:51] <FatPhil> Ah, OK, Gates vs. Jobs - how made up is it?
[13:08:09] <chromas> Dunno. Like most movies, it's based on a book
[13:08:18] <chromas> I think it was called Fire in the Valley
[13:08:35] <FatPhil> The good thing about General Magic was that there was ons of archive footage, so you could see how unsurprising the flop was!
[13:08:42] <chromas> lol
[13:09:26] <FatPhil> OS was crashing, but the "genius" engineer was busy animating coin flips rather than fixing bugs.
[13:09:57] <FatPhil> I suspect all the engineers had IQs over 150, but my god, the fucknuttery was epic.
[13:10:34] <chromas> Maybe management wanted them to do stupid things so they just dicked around instead
[13:10:34] <FatPhil> So it's worth a watch just for that ability to look down your noses at people who think they're gods.
[13:10:49] <FatPhil> they ditched their management!
[13:12:15] <chromas> hm, what's this? mingw-w64-openjpeg
[13:12:29] <chromas> a linux package for a windows-packaged linux program?
[13:12:56] <FatPhil> mingw is a compiler suite, isn't it?
[13:13:20] <chromas> I thought it was just for building stuff on windows
[13:13:21] <FatPhil> I used to create windows binaries for some of my linux programs using it, IIRC.
[13:34:25] -!- boru` [boru`!~boru@gymp-26-925-960-817.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #soylent
[13:34:28] -!- boru has quit [Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by boru`!~boru@gymp-26-925-960-817.dynamic.mnet-online.de))]
[13:34:30] boru` is now known as boru
[14:26:10] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - CDC Study Finds Mask Mandates Slow Coronavirus Spread; Dining Out Can Increase Cases - https://sylnt.us
[14:46:18] <AzumaHazuki> no one who needs to understand this is willing to understand it
[15:13:48] <FatPhil> the other thing that people don't seem to understand is that you don't need a particularly high level of effectiveness to have a dramatic effect on spread. The difference between R=1.2 and R=0.8 is huge, even if it's only a 33% reduction.
[15:14:38] <FatPhil> The straw man I see so often is that masks aren't perfect, with the conclusion that therefore they're useless.
[15:15:21] <FatPhil> Binary thinking from a 1-bit brain.
[15:15:50] <FatPhil> Anyway, how's life today Azuma?
[15:27:53] <AzumaHazuki> well...found out i'm anemic and may have thyroid trouble
[15:29:11] <AzumaHazuki> still waiting for thyroid results but my haematocrit, haemoglobin, and absolute erythrocyte counts are somewhat under the reference range
[15:31:02] <AzumaHazuki> given i'm not gaining weight the ol' thyroid's probably fine, but hypothyroid and iron deficiency feel almost exactly the same. on the upside i apparently have a younger heart than my chronological age
[15:35:39] <FatPhil> best to optimise such that all things fail simultaniously, no point croaking with any perfectly healthy parts!
[16:21:38] -!- c0lo has quit [Ping timeout: 265 seconds]
[16:51:00] <Teckla> Use it or lose it!
[16:58:50] <Runaway1956> https://s3.amazonaws.com
[16:59:10] <Runaway1956> it's an ugly URL
[17:09:42] <FatPhil> Blame Apple
[17:10:14] <FatPhil> they're the ones who thought that permitting spaces in filenames was a pretty neato idea.
[17:11:45] <FatPhil> However, the advert they placed in ~1996 as a newspaper centrefold was brilliant. It basically said just: C:\\NGRTLTNS.W95
[17:12:05] <FatPhil> Pure genius.
[17:13:14] <FatPhil> However, pure hubris, because Apple didn't invent that at all, Unix was doing long filenames since day one.
[17:13:47] <FatPhil> However, members of the Cult of Apple don't like being told that their amazing inventions were done way before.
[17:14:41] <FatPhil> A bit like the /General Magic/ thing - during the movie I was ranting "But Psion Organisers were doing that 7 years earlier!"
[17:15:49] <FatPhil> I still have my Psion V, utterly amazing bit of engineering.
[17:16:23] <FatPhil> (Disclaimer: The company I worked for had done some product development consultancy for Psion.)
[17:16:52] <FatPhil> But it was still awesome, and I bought mine at full price from a high street store, no gimmes.
[17:48:50] <FatPhil> #weather
[17:48:51] <MrPlow> Apteegi, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia - Today: "Windy in the morning." 28/21F, Humidity: 66%, Precip: 22%, Wind ~23mph. Mon: "Mostly cloudy throughout the day." 26/20F, Humidity: 63%, Precip: 13%, Wind ~11mph. Tue: "Overcast throughout the day." 33/15F, Humidity: 72%, Precip: 39%, Wind ~12mph.
[17:49:10] <FatPhil> yeah, sounded quite windy through the air vent in the sauna
[18:02:25] <FatPhil> TIL: Papua is "south east asia"
[18:46:13] -!- AzumaHazuki has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[19:06:44] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Comcast Hides Upload Speeds Deep Inside its Infuriating Ordering System - https://sylnt.us
[20:01:18] <chromas> is that what deep learning is?
[20:05:11] <kyonko0> Windows 7 has a lot of shenanigans behind being easy to use
[20:06:01] <kyonko0> if cygwin doesn't work (a lot of wasted time, like trying to get slackware to work) I'm going to have to re-image the partition
[20:21:27] <FatPhil> =asub https://www.reviewjournal.com
[20:21:30] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Crime-fighting Robot Patrols Las Vegas Apartment Complex" (16p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[20:22:08] <chromas> Where are the poop/needle robots?
[20:22:41] <chromas> Make Poop Dawgg Great Again!
[20:22:50] <chromas> =yt poop dawgg
[20:22:51] <systemd> https://youtube.com - Poo Dawg Melissa on Hallucinogens, Meditation & Why She Loves Playing Cash! - The Rake E064 (01:04:45; 1,374 views; 👍61 👎1)
[20:23:00] <chromas> dangit bobby
[20:35:01] <kyonko0> I'm not going to Las Vegas
[20:36:20] <kyonko0> 8.3 filenames, nice
[20:36:40] <kyonko0> FAT12, FAT16, FAT32
[21:14:17] <FatPhil> chromas: the poop/needle robots are called "humans".
[21:15:32] <chromas> they could save millions by getting digital bots
[21:15:53] <chromas> <FatPhil> chromas: humans are digital. in fact, they're base-20!
[21:27:16] <Runaway1956> Don't mess with the hooomans - they are omnivores
[21:36:00] <FatPhil> I prefer to view us a mixed radix, namely 4 and 5.
[21:36:52] <FatPhil> our local postal service renamed itself "omniva" a couple of years back. I wondered if they were trying to make excuses for swallowing parcels, or something.
[21:57:04] <chromas> https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net
[22:48:30] <kyonko0> sea is for seattle?
[22:49:08] <kyonko0> what the fuck is all that crap appended to the image?
[22:50:10] * kyonko0 bookmarks the meme
[22:52:28] <kyonko0> will this bookmarked meme still load in 5 years?
[23:03:24] <kyonko0> when will google chrome get rid of the url?
[23:21:18] <kyonko0> is it a swapfile or is a truecrypt volume?
[23:21:31] <kyonko0> -dontuse
[23:37:17] <kyonko0> https://soylentnews.org
[23:37:18] <systemd> ^ 03SoylentNews Comments | How to Get and Install Windows 10 Starting from Win 7 Pro OEM License? Solved! [UPDATES 2] ( https://soylentnews.org )
[23:37:21] <kyonko0> is that guy for real?
[23:42:46] <kyonko0> I tried to remember doing that, I know I did, but why?
[23:54:42] <kyonko0> what the fuck is "the global south"
[23:55:46] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Ventoy is an Open Source Tool to Create Bootable USB Drive for ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(X)/EFI Files - https://sylnt.us
[23:56:44] <kyonko0> I see.... but what is bootable compared to mountable?
[23:56:59] <chromas> everything is mountable
[23:57:01] <chromas> even your mom
[23:57:15] <kyonko0> yeah bj and bjj
[23:57:16] <chromas> Bytram could've used that article but it's too late now; use used woeusb
[23:57:32] <chromas> "use used". I can grammer
[23:57:51] <kyonko0> oh I eventually gave up with rufus and netbootin
[23:58:00] <kyonko0> now I go raw
[23:58:26] <kyonko0> many years ago, and I forgot why, I had to do some vudu removing the physical HDD before engaging in install magic
[23:58:42] <kyonko0> now the fuckers solder on the "C" drive
[23:59:15] <kyonko0> A and B drives can only be faked with makebootfat
[23:59:45] <kyonko0> I went around in circles with BSD untill it finally clicked