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[00:17:50] <chromas> https://www.insider.com
[00:17:52] <systemd> ^ 03Oregon man who stole car with child in back seat scolds mom: police - Insider
[00:48:39] <FatPhil> now what's my kind of story
[00:49:09] <FatPhil> anyone who mentions his crime is technically performing whataboutism.
[01:00:33] <FatPhil> I recommend people to follow that link in a console browser (lynx/w3m/elinks), and see the utter abomination the internet has become.
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[01:48:36] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - How Many Galaxies are in the Universe? New Answer from Darkest Sky Ever Observed - https://sylnt.us - Are-there-more-stars-in-the-sky-or-grains-of-sand-on-Earth's-beache?
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[03:43:01] <c0lo> =submit https://apnews.com
[03:43:02] <systemd> Submitting "Census Bureau director to resign amid criticism over data"...
[03:43:24] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Census Bureau Director to Resign Amid Criticism Over Data" (22p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[03:46:51] <c0lo> https://apnews.com
[03:46:54] <systemd> ^ 03Hell to pay: Arson shakes a Church of Satan community
[03:47:34] <c0lo> ^^^ "The religion is based not on devil worship, but on atheist philosophies of individualism, liberty and self-fulfillment, Gilmore said. "
[03:48:14] <c0lo> "Religion based on atheistic philosophies".... rrrright.
[04:04:28] <c0lo> Some politicians aren't that bright https://apnews.com
[04:04:29] <systemd> ^ 03North Dakota lawmaker sorry for mass email of QAnon video
[04:05:53] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Tesla Recall is Due to Failing Flash Memory - https://sylnt.us - programmed-obsolescence
[04:10:26] <c0lo> =submit https://apnews.com
[04:10:28] <systemd> Submitting "Trump baby protest blimp enters Museum of London collection"...
[04:10:49] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Trump Baby Protest Blimp Enters Museum of London Collection" (7p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[04:15:58] <Runaway1956> The SN SJWs are slipping badly.
[04:18:50] <Runaway1956> There is no tribute to Martin that I can find. Not even a journal entry.
[04:19:09] <Runaway1956> I think they've all forgotten the good Doctor.
[04:20:15] <TheMightyBuzzard> they canceled him on account of he preached heresy like equal treatment under the law and not judging people by the color of their skins.
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[04:21:27] <Runaway1956> Well that's an awful message.
[04:21:44] <Runaway1956> It doesn't mesh well with critical racism.
[04:22:04] <TheMightyBuzzard> directly contradicts it in fact
[04:22:22] <TheMightyBuzzard> repudiates it even
[04:24:09] <TheMightyBuzzard> Bytram, found you a new gig. much more serenity to be found than your current one. and all the wiener jokes you can laugh at. https://notthebee.com
[04:24:09] <systemd> ^ 03Now's your chance! Oscar Mayer is hiring new Wienermobile drivers.
[04:24:55] <Bytram> hot dog!
[04:25:02] <TheMightyBuzzard> Bytram++
[04:25:02] <Bender> karma - bytram: 152
[04:25:36] <TheMightyBuzzard> i can't hear that phrase anymore without it being in jimmy stewart's voice
[04:25:51] <Bytram> huh?
[04:26:05] * Runaway1956 awaits the outrage over his new sig on the site
[04:26:37] <TheMightyBuzzard> it's a wonderful life. every time he made a wish and lit the lighter he said hot dog.
[04:27:09] <Bytram> =yt jimmy stewart hot dog it's a wonderful life
[04:27:11] <systemd> https://youtube.com - "You LIke Every Boy" from "It's a Wonderful Life" (01:48; 131,948 views; 👍1,108 👎19)
[04:27:13] <Runaway1956> #jimmy stewart
[04:27:18] <TheMightyBuzzard> Runaway1956, i am outraged that i have to click something to see it
[04:27:36] <Runaway1956> well you might be - it's outrageous is what it is
[04:27:59] <Runaway1956> https://soylentnews.org
[04:28:00] <systemd> ^ 03SoylentNews Comments | Brexit is Done ( https://soylentnews.org )
[04:29:14] <TheMightyBuzzard> yeah, that should annoy relatively effectively.
[04:29:51] <Runaway1956> It may even trigger someone.
[04:30:55] <Runaway1956> coffee++
[04:30:55] <Bender> karma - coffee: 5458
[04:30:55] <TheMightyBuzzard> that's a scam. throwing a fit is caused by not enough ass whippings as a child not anything you hear as an adult.
[04:32:00] <TheMightyBuzzard> okay, i gotta sleep. just wanted to check and make sure nothing had burned down today
[04:32:33] <Runaway1956> Oh my! You savage! If you spank a child you'll damage his spirit and his psyche, because mankind has evolved to keep them in his ass.
[04:32:49] <Runaway1956> Nighty-night Buzz
[04:36:17] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: Have a good night.
[04:36:33] * Bytram should not be far behind.
[04:37:01] * Runaway1956 warns Bytram that TMB hogs the blankies
[04:37:07] <Bytram> attempt at a nap this pm was interrupted by a phone call.
[04:37:26] * Bytram wonders how Runaway1956 knows that?
[04:37:40] * Runaway1956 remembers all the Buzzard chicks peeping in the cold
[04:37:43] * Bytram does NOT want to know
[04:38:26] <Runaway1956> Everyone should have a nest of buzzard chicks in their yard.
[04:38:35] <omgwtf> so nothing burned down today?
[04:38:43] <Bytram> ~grab Runaway1956
[04:38:48] <Bytram> !grab Runaway1956
[04:38:48] <Bender> Added quote 1021
[04:38:57] <Runaway1956> Not that anyone has noticed omgwtf
[04:39:03] <Bytram> day's not yet over
[04:39:06] <Runaway1956> if it had, everyone would blame it on Trump
[04:39:39] <Bytram> why? he's prolly out golfing... what harm could he do there?
[04:39:53] <omgwtf> well the whole story about magatards rioting and destroying the capitol has fallen apart
[04:39:53] <Runaway1956> Molotov golf balls!
[04:40:04] <Bytram> lol
[04:40:26] <omgwtf> so maybe antifa will wriggle out of their chains and head to d.c.
[04:45:54] <Bytram> =w antifa
[04:45:55] <systemd> Antifa (/ænˈtiːfə, ˈænti(ˈ)fɑː/) is a left-wing anti-fascist and anti-racist political movement in the United States. It is highly decentralized and comprises - https://en.wikipedia.org(United_States)
[04:46:58] <Bytram> so, more a movement than a group
[04:47:24] <Bytram> not to be confused with a bowel movement
[04:47:38] <Bytram> ba dum tish!
[04:53:21] <Runaway1956> Well, they can't group together until they slip their chains on the plantation.
[05:02:11] <omgwtf> lol
[05:02:51] <omgwtf> only ignorant fools and leftist liars try to say that antifa is a movement not a group
[05:03:19] <omgwtf> that's a great test for figuring out what kind of person someone is
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[05:19:56] <Runaway1956> I was going to say that wasn't very kind - but it was actually unkind.
[05:21:35] <Bytram> not to be confused with an un-Cola
[05:21:38] <Bytram> =w un-Cola
[05:21:39] <systemd> Coca-Cola Deutschland under the leadership of German businessman Max Keith. There are more than 100 flavors worldwide. Fanta originated as a Coca-Cola substitute - https://en.wikipedia.org
[05:21:57] <Bytram> =w unCola 7-up
[05:21:58] <systemd> pair of cola nuts in one hand and a lemon &amp; lime (used to flavor 7 Up) in the other hand and describes them as &quot;Uncola nuts.&quot; In 1987, 7 Up introduced - https://en.wikipedia.org
[05:22:46] <Runaway1956> koala nuts? Sounds kinky.
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[05:37:36] <Bytram> have a great night everybody!
[05:37:52] * Bytram shuffles off to bed
[06:36:11] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Traces of a Mysterious Particle Predicted Decades Ago May Have Been Detected - https://sylnt.us - not-saying-it's-axions-but...
[06:51:02] <c0lo> =submit https://apnews.com
[06:51:03] <systemd> Submitting "Woman ruled dead in 2017 fights to be declared alive"...
[06:51:25] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Woman Ruled Dead in 2017 Fights to be Declared Alive" (15p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[07:03:18] <pinchy> hello new birf certificate
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[09:06:33] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Samsung Heir Lee Jae-yong Sentenced to 2.5 Years in Prison for Bribery Scandal - https://sylnt.us
[09:18:01] <FatPhil> #weather
[09:18:05] <MrPlow> Apteegi, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia - Today: "Mostly cloudy throughout the day." 27/16F, Humidity: 94%, Precip: 11%, Wind ~12mph. Wed: "Snow (1–3 in.) overnight." 20/19F, Humidity: 93%, Precip: 36%, Wind ~15mph. Thu: "Rain in the morning and afternoon." 37/33F, Humidity: 99%, Precip: 74%, Wind ~12mph.
[09:19:36] <Ingar> #weather
[09:19:36] <MrPlow> No location found for Ingar
[09:19:45] <Ingar> right
[09:19:53] <Ingar> #weather brussels
[09:19:55] <FatPhil> under a dark cloud
[09:19:55] <MrPlow> Brussels Town Hall, Grand Pl 8, 1000 City of Brussels, Belgium - Today: "Rain in the morning and afternoon." 48/42F, Humidity: 90%, Precip: 95%, Wind ~20mph. Wed: "Rain in the morning and overnight." 48/44F, Humidity: 80%, Precip: 69%, Wind ~21mph. Thu: "Rain until morning, starting again in the evening." 46/40F, Humidity: 82%, Precip: 91%, Wind ~21mph.
[09:20:33] <Ingar> mmm, I wonder, does it do...
[09:20:37] <Ingar> #weather EBBR
[09:20:38] <MrPlow> Brussels Airport, Erpsestraat, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium - Today: "Rain in the morning and afternoon." 48/43F, Humidity: 89%, Precip: 95%, Wind ~20mph. Wed: "Possible light rain in the morning and overnight." 48/44F, Humidity: 78%, Precip: 64%, Wind ~21mph. Thu: "Rain until morning, starting again in the evening." 46/39F, Humidity: 81%, Precip: 90%, Wind ~21mph.
[09:21:41] <Ingar> it does! (EBBR is closer by than Brussels Town Hall)
[09:22:31] <FatPhil> I'm <200m from Apteeki, I don't think any optimisation is possible
[09:22:42] <FatPhil> #weather viru
[09:22:43] <MrPlow> Jüri 69, 65604 Võru linn, Estonia - Today: "Partly cloudy throughout the day." 19/7F, Humidity: 85%, Precip: 11%, Wind ~6mph. Wed: "Foggy starting in the afternoon." 16/15F, Humidity: 89%, Precip: 28%, Wind ~11mph. Thu: "Light rain in the morning and afternoon." 36/30F, Humidity: 96%, Precip: 72%, Wind ~10mph.
[09:23:03] <FatPhil> that's a different letter, you stupid bot!
[09:23:06] <FatPhil> bots--
[09:23:06] <Bender> karma - bots: -45
[09:35:22] <chromas> A poor workman blames his fool, when everything is a hammer it removes all doubt
[09:36:07] <chromas> Seeing this make the rounds on the internets https://medicalxpress.com
[09:36:08] <systemd> ^ 03Stop global roll out of 5G networks until safety is confirmed, urges expert
[09:36:18] <chromas> several sites with stories about it but the doi is fake news
[10:07:39] <FatPhil> loonies gonna loon, says expert
[10:14:35] <inz> 10 out of 10 experts agree
[10:25:11] <raxas> an expert is a man who came from another town
[10:36:18] <FatPhil> Perhaps I, as an expert, should enlighten you as to what makes an expert. An expert is someone who calls themselves an expert.
[10:36:55] <FatPhil> the doc behind that BMJ paper is a lumbar specialist. he probably knows nothing about EM
[10:37:21] <FatPhil> and he's using the negative-proving "but we can't be sure, we need more studies" argument.
[10:37:55] <FatPhil> Fuck, we can't even be sure there's a force of gravity, but 99.999999% of people agree there's no need for any more studies
[10:38:42] <FatPhil> s/there's/there is or isn't/
[10:38:42] <SedBot> <FatPhil> Fuck, we can't even be sure there is or isn't a force of gravity, but 99.999999% of people agree there's no need for any more studies
[10:38:44] <c0lo> I have lumbar pains and I hasn't even been exposed to 5G. That expert is on something (grin)
[10:39:17] <FatPhil> because we all know there isn't a force of gravity, sorry if I appeared ignorant of GR.
[10:39:26] <FatPhil> c0lo: sit on a phone!
[10:40:09] <c0lo> My old Pixel (the first gen) is not 5G capable.
[10:43:59] <c0lo> As for my DECT cordless Handset plugged... it's in the MHz band.
[10:44:12] <FatPhil> =doi 10.1136/jech-2019-213595
[10:44:13] <systemd> Error: DOI not found
[10:44:34] <c0lo> s/plugged/plugged in the wall socket/
[10:44:34] <SedBot> <c0lo> As for my DECT cordless Handset plugged in the wall socket... it's in the MHz band.
[10:52:56] <FatPhil> JECH have not heard of that 5G paper: https://jech.bmj.com
[10:52:56] <systemd> ^ 03Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (JECH)
[10:53:20] <raxas> I am not expert on gravity but I observe its numeric implementation is buggy, glitches often
[10:53:23] <raxas> https://www.liveabout.com
[10:53:23] <systemd> ^ 03The Incredible Powers of D. D. Home
[10:53:31] <FatPhil> So I think the whole story's quite possibly fake gnus.
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[11:11:23] <FatPhil> Ah, there's an "early" paper: https://jech.bmj.com
[11:11:25] <systemd> ^ 03Electromagnetic fields, 5G and health: what about the precautionary principle?
[11:11:42] <requerdanos> what about reality, tho?
[11:12:09] <FatPhil> it's not what it's cracked up to be
[11:12:35] <FatPhil> looking forward to Reality 2.0, gonna be an early adopter
[11:12:51] <FatPhil> never going to upgrade to Reality 3.11 for Workgroups
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[11:24:29] <FatPhil> Aww, I've never seen this before - it's a boat giving another boat a piggy-back: https://upload.wikimedia.org
[11:25:37] <FatPhil> Smaller boat crashed, I believe FloatAway1956 was captaining it, and was drunk at the helm.
[11:26:44] <chromas> that's pretty lewd man; probably shouldn't be posting such raunchy boat action in the main chan
[11:33:36] <FatPhil> Hot boat on boat action is taught in kindergartens nowadays.
[11:33:58] <chromas> the transatlantic agenda
[11:34:23] <FatPhil> the whole transport sector's responsible
[11:36:58] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - How and Why Some People Report “Hearing the Dead” - https://sylnt.us - I-hear-dead-people-here
[11:39:05] <raxas> =submit https://www.windowscentral.com
[11:39:06] <systemd> Submitting "'Nasty' Windows 10 bug can corrupt a hard drive by you looking at a file"...
[11:39:28] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03'Nasty' Windows 10 Bug Can Corrupt a Hard Drive by You Looking at a File" (13p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[11:39:55] <raxas> that one "Jonas L" guy is Jonas Lykkegård
[11:47:16] <FatPhil> not sure if I know his work, I've not been so into infosec recently
[11:47:20] <FatPhil> Sami is my hero
[11:47:34] <FatPhil> Nice hack, though: https://www.bleepstatic.com
[11:48:05] <FatPhil> looks like a classic case of control and data being squeezed into the same channel.
[11:48:45] <requerdanos> I know someone who totally isn't me who made a lot of free long distance phone calls due to exploiting in-band signaling
[11:50:17] <FatPhil> I know someone who isn't me who simply found a still-connected pair in a patch-panel in a basement, such that international phone calls could be made on an unbilled line.
[11:50:27] <FatPhil> that's not even hacking
[11:50:31] <requerdanos> some people have all the luck
[11:52:21] <FatPhil> Back in ATDP times, there was a bit of skill in tapping out the numbers greater than 9 so they'd be recognised. I never quite got the nack reliably.
[11:53:11] <FatPhil> I could whistle to turn a radio telephony system from voice mode to CSD mode though.
[11:53:35] <FatPhil> was unable to whistle the data that I wanted to send down the line though.
[12:00:32] <raxas> hacking faxes to spill the paper roll, don't say you didn't. a funny 16bit code
[12:00:48] <requerdanos> I, uh, never heard of that
[12:01:07] <requerdanos> ...which explains why I never.
[12:03:17] <FatPhil> I programmed a ?T9 (the CCITT fax encoding standard) encoder/decoder as my first job out of uni. No idea if the above was in a container, as I don't think it was in the T9 itself.
[12:04:24] <FatPhil> I do remember that a blank line was only a couple of bits, but that would still take a couple of thousand lines to do a whole page.
[12:07:55] <raxas> windows 286, that was. some api call or something. I used zortech c++ those days, best commercial compiler for dos
[12:12:06] <FatPhil> Yeah, loved Zortech, had the best inline assembler syntax.
[12:12:39] <requerdanos> the only compiler I used in those days was Microsoft Quickbasic (not qbasic)
[12:13:50] <FatPhil> Started on borland turbo C, then wiggled to Borland C++, but before windows was the be all and end all of PC programming.
[12:14:29] <FatPhil> After that I landed fairly firmly in the unix domain.
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[12:46:38] <requerdanos> good happy morning.
[12:47:14] <FatPhil> happy after previous time
[12:47:37] <requerdanos> $_STATUS_ $_DAYPART_
[12:48:14] <FatPhil> I'm gonna use that!
[12:48:24] <requerdanos> it works anytime, anywhere
[12:52:55] <AzumaHazuki> night shift! where today is tomorrow, yesterday is today, every day is Monday, and no one knows what day it is!
[12:56:22] <FatPhil> ... in Kiribati
[13:11:29] <AzumaHazuki> =submit https://www.telegraph.co.uk from the THIS-is-why-we-wear-a-mask dept.
[13:11:30] <systemd> Submitting "Almost a third of recovered Covid patients return to hospital in five months and one in eight die"...
[13:11:52] <systemd> ✓* Sub-ccess! "03Almost a Third of Recovered Covid Patients Return to Hospital in Five Months and One in Eight Die" (2p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[13:12:33] <Bytram> coffee++
[13:12:33] <Bender> karma - coffee: 5459
[13:30:40] <Bytram> !uid
[13:30:40] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 13933, owned by hudsonelias
[13:31:57] <FatPhil> more hudsons? are they breeding?
[13:41:14] <c0lo> Wrecks from hot boat on boat drunken action
[13:42:22] <c0lo> Like Kessler syndrome, but on S/N.
[13:44:23] <c0lo> AzumaHazuki - *night* shift, when the day doesn't matter.
[13:45:09] <AzumaHazuki> yeah...odd, i haven't seen the sun in over a month and i don't care at all. yet i had such awful SAD when working days
[13:46:04] <raxas> https://nationaltoday.com
[13:46:05] <systemd> ^ 03BLUE MONDAY - January 18, 2021
[13:48:41] <c0lo> Today it's Jan 20 for about 50 mins already, I shall slip into bed for the night.
[13:52:45] * c0lo goes to bed keeping in mind the words of Hamlet, with an Aussie accent: "Today, to sleep... mate"
[14:01:08] <FatPhil> Alas, poor Yozzo! I knew him Horatio, a fellow of infinite stubbies.
[14:01:26] <Bytram> break time
[14:02:30] * c0lo ain't breakin nothin, much less the time
[14:06:51] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Facebook and Google Collusion in Ad Marketplaces - https://sylnt.us - NeoGilded-Age
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[16:27:04] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Expired Domain Allowed Researcher to Hijack Country's TLD - https://sylnt.us - whoopsie!
[16:49:32] <Runaway1956> The flags were put there to ensure that no demonstrators would show up. Real Americans respect the flag, so they won't trample on that field.
[16:49:58] <Runaway1956> Ooops, wrong channel . . .
[16:53:28] <raxas> is this one a real or fake hyten https://t.me
[16:53:29] <systemd> ^ 03General Hyten
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[16:59:01] <shortstop> ?
[16:59:37] -!- Rasputin has quit [Ping timeout: 265 seconds]
[17:01:39] <Runaway1956> https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com
[17:01:40] <systemd> ^ 03Shootout Between California Home Owner and Attacker Caught on Video - The Truth About Guns
[17:10:03] * Teckla chuckles at https://www.timeanddate.com
[17:13:12] <raxas> my personal opinion on guns ownership is very strict: a sword does not run out of ammo
[17:23:58] <Ingar> The Enemy can not shoot a gun if you disable his hand
[17:35:01] <raxas> I am just always ready for postapo, for decades. since the first pershing II missiles were pointed on us from Bavaria
[17:36:25] <raxas> since then, I keep swords and axes in all of my properties, for survivability
[17:51:14] <pinchy> huh ol rodney king was a staged beating? all those riots for nothing
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[17:59:54] <raxas> riots are out. the next thing in is 0Day
[19:05:36] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - To Celebrate Wikipedia’s 20th Birthday, Try Editing It - https://sylnt.us
[19:16:11] <TheMightyBuzzard> raxas, that's part of why i have two swords within reach right now. the other part is "SWORDS!!!"
[19:21:15] <TheMightyBuzzard> https://babylonbee.com
[19:21:16] <systemd> ^ 03Study Finds Most Americans Support Making Wall Around Capitol Permanent To Keep Politicians In
[19:22:07] <progo> was it the Bee that proposed building a wall around San Francisco to keep Burning Man from returning from the desert?
[19:24:34] <raxas> vladimir vladimirovich https://ria.ru
[19:24:37] <systemd> ^ 03Крещенские купания в России
[19:27:45] <Runaway1956> https://asia.nikkei.com
[19:27:47] <systemd> ^ 03Nikkei Asia
[19:28:09] <Runaway1956> Don't pull up a map of Washington D.C. or the FBI will flag you as a potential terrorist
[19:28:31] <progo> I looked at the trap, Ray!
[19:37:25] <raxas> got something new https://ieeexplore.ieee.org
[19:37:26] <systemd> ^ 03IEEE Xplore Full-Text PDF:
[19:37:43] <raxas> takyon: ^^^
[19:43:44] <TheMightyBuzzard> Runaway1956, i'm an anti-authoritarian veteran. i've been flagged since Obama decided that was a more dangerous set of traits than anti-american muslim
[19:44:43] <Runaway1956> Exactly. We pretty much know where we stand as veterans. Either you join law enforcement, and kiss politicians asses, or you're a threat.
[19:46:18] <TheMightyBuzzard> honestly, i approve of that. they'd damned well better consider me a threat.
[19:51:27] <raxas> it's not a shame to be on fbi's watchlist. albert einstein was, for example https://vault.fbi.gov
[19:51:28] <systemd> ^ 03Albert Einstein
[19:52:30] <raxas> but what _is_ a shame, is to perform a crime or not to resist those who perform crime
[19:54:39] <TheMightyBuzzard> i'm too lazy to be arsed until it's time to just round them all up and shoot them. that's quick and very effective, none of this two steps forward one step back nonsense.
[19:55:01] <FatPhil> so you all have to think of the search term that everyone would search for, and the FBI would have to follow up every single one, but not have the time to...
[19:55:22] <TheMightyBuzzard> boobs
[19:55:39] <FatPhil> boob bombs
[19:55:42] <TheMightyBuzzard> no, wait, they'd enjoy that.
[19:56:43] <TheMightyBuzzard> anyway, all my bits hurt from painting all morning. ima go find food and somewhere comfortable to fall asleep.
[20:23:24] * Morpheus starts a fund for TheMightyBuzzard Fatbit tracker
[20:25:08] <Morpheus> https://duckduckgo.com
[20:25:10] <systemd> ^ 03how to bypass capital hill security during inauguration at DuckDuckGo ( https://html.duckduckgo.com )
[20:48:41] * chromas invents bumpstocks and 30-clip magazines for bastard swords
[21:12:03] <raxas> prior art ;) https://honkaiimpact3.gamepedia.com
[21:12:04] <systemd> ^ 03Betrayer - Official Honkai Impact 3 Wiki
[21:17:14] -!- isocelated has quit [Ping timeout: 265 seconds]
[21:30:29] -!- isocelated [isocelated!~Thunderbi@2362-3671-0l03-2621-a2fl-e01t-1322-u1s2.res0.spectrum.com] has joined #soylent
[21:35:57] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Census Bureau Director to Resign Amid Criticism Over Data - https://sylnt.us
[22:10:02] <Morpheus> https://www.cbsnews.com
[22:10:03] <systemd> ^ 03Fear grips Capitol Hill: "Untouchable? We're all touchable now"
[22:10:46] <chromas> It's alright; Epstein's gone now
[22:33:25] <raxas> Control Factor
[22:53:36] <Teckla> What do you folks think the crazies will do tomorrow? (Inauguration Day)
[22:53:55] <FatPhil> not enough
[22:54:07] <requerdanos> I'm hoping for "sit home and gripe and complain"
[22:54:11] <raxas> why is FCC pre-empting broadcast stations to EAS for 72 hours, that's 3 days, quite a long ceremony that be
[22:54:55] <FatPhil> It's pencilled in the history books as "the three day war" already
[22:55:36] <Teckla> Now the crazies are saying the COVID-19 vaccines have microchips with the Mark of the Beast on them. Sigh.
[22:56:19] <Teckla> The GOP sure did a great job creating a lot of nutters. Ugh.
[22:56:43] <FatPhil> not creating, beating, like in a grouse hunt
[22:56:57] <chromas> 'now'
[22:57:05] <chromas> they were saying that before we had vaccines
[22:57:36] <FatPhil> oh, politics chat -> #US_Election , please
[22:57:48] <requerdanos> "ferst they maikya take tha vaccine, then they come fer y'guns"
[23:00:47] <Teckla> FatPhil++
[23:00:47] <Bender> karma - fatphil: 98
[23:01:01] <chromas> is it a conspiracy theory if the They actually says they're gonna do it?
[23:01:06] <FatPhil> whaddidido?!?!?
[23:01:09] <Teckla> SN is already politics heavy, including this IRC channrl
[23:01:14] <Teckla> channel*
[23:01:46] <Teckla> You get points for mentioning the right place to discuss US politics. :)
[23:01:51] <FatPhil> there was a #politics channel already it seems, but most of the recent chat has been specifically for the election, and therefore the new chan was created
[23:02:05] <Teckla> Ah.
[23:02:11] <Teckla> I'm
[23:02:45] <Teckla> God, I fucking hate where they put the Send button on this iPhone IRC client.
[23:02:57] <FatPhil> many thanks for toeing the line and helping keep things (law and) ordered.
[23:03:37] <FatPhil> Well, my apostrophe's next to my enter key, so I'
[23:03:40] <FatPhil> ve been know to do this
[23:04:10] <Teckla> I'm kind of a channel topic Nazi. I was there as EFNet turned into an irredeemable dumpster fire.
[23:04:45] <requerdanos> EFNet, with no services, started its warm core as a dumpster fire and it just grew in stench, is all.
[23:04:56] <Teckla> Every channel taken over by off-topic garbage and trolls.
[23:05:06] <FatPhil> I was on EFNet in the early 90s, I don't remember it being so bad.
[23:05:40] <Teckla> requerdanos: ha! Accurate.
[23:06:02] <requerdanos> ...And from the early 90s I remember being hit with a DOS attack to blow my bots offline and take over my channel.
[23:06:22] <Teckla> FatPhil: Yeah, it was decent in the 90s. I was an ops in two very populated channels, #c and #c++.
[23:07:14] <chromas> Was IRC services a thing back then?
[23:07:22] <Teckla> requerdanos: Yeah. We had a bunch of people and multiple bots to try to retain at least one +o on the channels.
[23:07:32] <requerdanos> yes, just not on dumpster-fire efnet
[23:08:11] <requerdanos> it sounded like a good idea--let people care for their own channels--but it turned out not to be.
[23:09:45] <Runaway1956> Do real people do IRC from a handset? Who'da thunk it!
[23:12:05] <raxas> I think that's not possible :]
[23:14:09] * Runaway1956 thinks about starting #subversives where all us subversives can hang out
[23:15:17] <chromas> We used to be the subversives
[23:15:20] <chromas> fuck beta
[23:15:36] <Runaway1956> duck femocrats
[23:15:48] <chromas> czech your privilege mate
[23:16:09] <Runaway1956> lol - it's all the Euros,
[23:17:28] <FatPhil> Teckla: I was never on your chans back then, but i was lecturing C++ at the time, so maybe I should have been!
[23:17:51] <FatPhil> scar femtoducks?
[23:24:54] <raxas> now that's not politics, but rather law enforcement: about 3,500 of the 25,000 National Guard troops being deputized as U.S. Marshals
[23:27:46] <FatPhil> It's democrats worried about idiots with guns.
[23:29:59] <raxas> my bet is on military coup: In a national television interview, acting DC National Guard Chief, Major General W. Walker was discussing the guardsman's general preparedness for tomorrows activities in the capital. The interview is quite short but when asked if he had the resources he needed he then replied he believed he had everything needed for a peaceful transition to military power.
[23:32:47] <requerdanos> well known, no doubts, right?
[23:34:25] <chromas> when grammar missteaks become secret plots
[23:38:02] <raxas> does not look much secret, it's all open channels. but what's strange to me is the pompeo's tactics for last weeks. he was publicly very happy with all the situation. that's not normal
[23:52:45] <FatPhil> Q is dead. Long live R.
[23:59:04] <raxas> it's still going stranger and stranger
[23:59:31] <raxas> PBS lawyer fired after championing ‘REEDUCATION CAMPS’ for children of Trump supporters in latest Project Veritas sting
[23:59:48] <raxas> CNN airs guide to DEPROGRAM MAGA SUPPORTERS as cult expert claims ENTIRE country needs post-Trump help